Best Art Prompts to Create Your Dream Art Piece within Seconds with AI

Join me in unlocking the secrets to crafting the ultimate AI art prompts. Together, we’ll learn how to structure prompts for breathtaking digital art from AI. Ready to unleash your creativity? Let’s dive in and start creating a masterpiece!

Imagine loving art, but not being able to make it. Imagine having tools at your disposal that can make art for you, but you lack the skill to give them the right instructions. Well, it sucks to be in that situation. 

I can tell because I have been there. You can stop smirking now, no judgements okay, we all have our difficult times- just like Victoria Beckham did because her parents were from a ‘working class’ and her dad owned a Rolls Royce in the 80s .

It’s equivalent to saying I could not achieve my desired art even though I had AI tools available for free! 

Anyway, jokes apart, even after everything at my disposal, I struggled to get good designs with the help of AI. It honestly resulted in a lot of disappointment but then I found out that it takes a certain set of skill and knowledge to be able to give the right prompts to AI. 

Furthermore, I found out that prompt engineering is a real job and people are making up to USD 300k as salaries through that. But I am going to teach you that for free because hey I am just nice in general!

Thank me later! 

So, I am going to take you through the entire process of writing AI art prompts, and how to get your desired image within seconds. Do not forget the key to getting stunning images from AI is giving it the right instructions and you can do that only when you are clear with the basics. 

That is what we are going to start with! 

AI art prompts basics: What – Why – How 

AI art prompts are the detailed instructions that you give to the AI art generator to get your desired image. You instruct the AI tools as if you are instructing an artist only and thus, you need to be clear, precise, and most importantly be innovative! 

How do prompts for AI art generators work? 

First things first, you need to remember that AI art generators are robots, not humans. It does seem obvious but we often tend to forget. For instance, if you tell a human to draw an elephant, they already have a trunk, tusks, the color as well. While an AI won’t know what an elephant might look like until you have described it in detail. 

Will, this is a vague example, since now AI is highly trained so it already might know what an elephant looks like. The whole point of it is that AI art generators work on precision. You cannot ask them to draw a face with a “beautiful nose.”  Think this through, how would I know what a beautiful nose looks like? 

Gencraft-AI Gnerated a funny image with a vague prompt
Haha, this image is the result we got for the prompt – ‘A pretty nose.’ No doubt it is a stunning nose but this is definitely not what I had in mind. [Source – Gencraft

In short, AI art generators work on the basis of datasets they have been trained on and of course your prompting. The more detailed and clear you are in giving instructions the better your results would be. 

Let’s look into a few AI art prompts and the results they gave to get an understanding of how to write prompts to get results.

Interesting AI art prompts [Examples with images]

Here are some of the art prompts that I tried myself to show the magic that giving right prompts can create. Enjoy the stunning visuals created by AI as per exclusive prompting practices. 

  1. Create a busy metropolis city with large skyscrapers shining in warm hues of orange and pink as the sun sets. Make it futuristic as well.
City landscape generated by AI art prompt
[Via –]
  1. Illustration of a jungle of the future where robotic animals coexist with cybernetic birds, electric butterflies, and metal-clad jaguars.
Modern jungle through AI art prompt
[Via –]
  1. Illustrate a cosmic surfer riding waves of stardust and cosmic energy through the vastness of space. Use vibrant sparkly colors and swirling patterns.
Surfer in space created by AI art prompting
[Via – Artguru]
  1. Envision a steampunk airship soaring through fluffy clouds, running on intricate gears and powered by steam. Highlight the contrast of metal and sky.
Aircraft and sky generated by AI art prompts
[Via – Artguru]
  1. Picture a time-traveler in futuristic gear exploring ancient Egyptian ruins. Blend historical elements with advanced technology.
Mixuture of modernity and egyptian image generated with AI art prompts
[Via – OpenArt
  1. Create an anime scene of a neon-clad samurai engaged in a fierce battle with futuristic, cybernetic dragons amidst a neon-lit Japanese landscape.
Anime art generated by AI art prompts
[Via – Neutral.Love]
  1. Illustrate a magical forest where every plant and creature emits a soft, enchanting glow. Showcase mystical beings and vibrant, luminescent flora.
AI art prompts helped me generate unique garden images
[Via – OpenArt
  1. Depict the intersection of parallel universes with dynamic visuals. Experiment with surreal landscapes and distorted realities merging.
Mysic art created through AI art prompts
[Via – StarryAI]
  1. Design a cyberpunk street market with pixelated neon signs, holographic displays, and futuristic stalls selling high-tech goods.
Ai art prompt generated street art
[Via – OpenArt
  1. Create a dreamlike celestial observatory with floating platforms, intricate telescopes, and a backdrop of cosmic wonders.
Innovative image of space generated via AI art prompts
[Via – Artguru]
  1. Imagine a surreal desert with islands casting shadows on the sandy dunes. Populate the scene with fantastical creatures.
Desert image geenrated by AI art prompts
[Via – Wepik]
  1. Blend traditional Renaissance portraiture with modern AI elements. Create a subject adorned with futuristic accessories and digital enhancements.
Renaissance art generated with ai art prompt
[Via – OpenArt
  1. Craft a mystical space portal emerging from a canyon in the desert. Experiment with cosmic energies and ethereal lighting.
Mystical art generated with AI art prompts
[Via – Wepik]
  1. Illustrate astronauts surfing on waves of solar winds in space. Emphasize the beauty and intensity of solar flares.
Creative graphic generated with AI art prompt
[Via – Wepik]
  1. Visualize biomechanical creatures emerging from a dimensional portal, showcasing a fusion of organic and mechanical elements.
AI art prompts helped in creating a biochemical creature of the modern age
[Via – Wepik]
  1. Design a breathtaking scene of floating islands suspended in the sky, held together by magnetic forces. Experiment with gravity-defying landscapes.
Creative art generated through AI art prompts
[Via – Wepik]
  1. Picture a cybernetic mermaid navigating a virtual ocean filled with holographic fish and digital corals.
Unique art peice generated iwth the help of AI art prompts
[Via – Artguru]

18. Farm of mango trees where gardeners are relaxing in a sunny field under the shade of a lush green tree, with abundant sweet-smelling mangoes scattered around them. 

Image generated with prompts for AI art generator
[Via – Gencraft]

19. A stunning oil painting, featuring a young girl with flowing hair and an ethereal expression, interacting with fancifully patterned lasers dancing across a futuristically designed room.

A detailed art prompt helped me generate to the point image
[Via – Gencraft]

20. A photo of a black girl with amazing afro hair and beautiful long eyes with golden makeup and golden jewelry looking ethereal. 

Generated a beautiful black women using AI art ptompts
[Via – Gencraft]

21. A futuristic pink and yellow sky with bright UFOs flying in the air. 

AI art style prompts help you generate futuristic and art with vision
[Via – Davinci]

22. An oil painting of desert landscape with sand dunes in different pastel hues with sun shining overhead. 

Create realstic art with cool AI art prompts
[Via – OpenArt

23. A portrait of a little boy with golden eyes, freckles on nose and curly blonde hair. 

openart-image - little boy with golden eyes
[Via – OpenArt

24. An illustration of a park with futuristic robotic animals playing around with kids. 

Generate funky images by trying cool AI art prompts
[Via – OpenArt

25. A painting of the mountains with swan and white iceberg melting from its tip to form a river. 

realistic image generated with best AI art prompts
[Via – OpenArt

26. A graphic of a blue whale taking a dive into the water in the middle of the sea. 

Generate cool AI art by giving interesting AI art prompts
[Via – OpenArt

27. An image of a village in Greenland with pink sky hues and empty roads. 

use best AI art prompts to generate hyper-realistic images
[Via – OpenArt

28. An image of a dog wearing sunglasses and posing. 

Cool AI art prompts to try to get funky results
[Via – OpenArt]

4 tips for AI art prompts to try to get effective results

Now that we have seen a few examples, let’s get into the details of how to give prompts for AI art generators. These tips are not any hard and fast rules for you to follow, you can play around as well.

Describe what kind of image you are looking for & the subject you want 

Art is a free flowing thing, and it has multiple variations, types, and categories. You need to be precise about what content you are exactly looking for. 

Here are a few prompts for you to get started with it. 

  • An illustration of …
  • A graphic of …
  • An oil painting of …
  • An anime art of …
  • A photograph of …
  • A pencil drawing of …
  • A sketch of …

Once you have given the clarity to AI regarding the kind of art you want, the next step is to tell you about your subject. Your subject can be anything – name, place, animal, thing, or even abstract.  

Just be precise of what you are looking for. For example, I got photographs of Angelina Jolie. They do look hilarious but the prompting worked! 

Image generated with AI art prompts
Angelina Jolie might not be too happy seeing these, but hey our AI art prompts worked! [Source – DreamStudio]

Add as many details as possible 

This is one of the most important steps when it comes to giving prompts to the AI. Why? The more details you add the closer AI will be able to reach your vision. These details could be anything from colors, to the size, to shape, to texture, to emotion, as I said – anything!

Sharing a few prompts with you to start with. 

  • An illustration of a wolf with pink ears …
  • A photograph of a boat on lake with sun shining over it 
  • An oil painting of a study table which is yellow in color 

For instance, I want an illustration of an elephant which is pink in color and has pearl white tusks. Let’s give the prompt and see how that goes. 

Prompt – “Illustration of an elephant which is pink in color and has pearl white tusks.”

Elephant image generated with AI art prompts
Another intricate yet creative image designed with AI art prompts. [Source – Gencraft]

I don’t know about you, but it looks pretty good to me and is as the prompt I gave. Let’s try a few more images with some very specific details. 

Here is another image with specific details and we got fantastic results! 

Prompt – “Oil painting of a girl with white hair, peacock princess in the garden.”

Art generated through AI art prompts with Adobe Firefly
Adobe never disappoints, it gave us amazing results as per our AI art prompt. [Source – Adobe Firefly]

Define form, style, and resolution 

You and I both know that art is fluid, thus we need to mention the specifics when we are describing our vision to AI graphic designers. You need to tell them the kind of style you are looking for in your art. 

These days, most of the AI art generators offer you the option to choose the style from so you do not even have to go through the hassle of writing it. 

Similar is the case with the resolution. You need to clearly define your resolution as per your needs. But AI art tools are getting more handy day by day thus they offer an option to select the resolution as well. 

But just in case you do not have the option to select either, here is how you can describe your needs to AI art generators. You can further add your resolution to the prompts, so go and play around with it. 

  • An illustration of a sparrow with yellow feathers flying in a pink sky in the style of abstract painting. 
  • A photograph of a Titanic poster in modern art style. 
  • A photograph of a matte black car with tinted glass and red rims in surreal effect captured from a prime lens.

Here is the result from one of the prompts that we tried out. 

Prompt – “A photograph of a matte black car with tinted glass and red rims in surreal effect captured from a prime lens.”

AI art generated with precise AI art prompts
Got a unique car design with an AI art prompt. [Source – NightCafe Creator]

Explore the features of the tool

Every tool is unique in its own way. The AI tech has been progressing day by day and so are the features being provided by AI art generators. If you want your art piece to stand out then make sure that you explore the tool you are using to the fullest. 

Some tools offer distinctive painting styles to choose from, some offer artist style to choose from, while some others allow you to add negative prompts as well. The awareness about the tool that you are using allows you to use the best of its features to generate your desired image by giving specific art prompts to it.

Bonus tip: Have fun with it! 

Loosen up a little, straighten your back, ease your mind, and now start creating art. Art needs space, you might not be creating it, you are describing your vision so that aso needs some space. 

The best way to get amazing AI art is by getting laid back and having fun with the process. Get creative, give funny, weird, out of the box prompts and enjoy the process. If you feel that giving these prompts is too tedious then don’t worry because I got you covered there as well. 

You can take assistance from the best AI chatbots as well, ask them to give you instructions or an entire prompt to get desired art generated. 

I love generating AI art mostly because the results can be so crazy! Here are a few fun images that I ended up generating while randomly having fun with AI. 

Prompt – “Kangaroo carrying a corgi in cartoon style.”

Funny image with AI art prompts
[Via – Picsart]

You can’t tell me that you do not find this cute! 

Prompt – “An illustration of an electric tower with birds sitting on it.” 

Illustrations generated with AI art prompts
[Via –]

This is so realistic and beautiful, it is making me want to visit this imaginary place generated by AI. 

Ideas for best prompts for AI image generator 

Want to implement the AI art prompting strategies? Then go ahead and try it out yourself, here are a few prompts for you to have fun with. 

  1. An image of a flamingo which is white in color drinking water with a tiger on the lake side. 
  2. A mermaid deep underwater playing with fishes which are robots. 
  3. A kid watching a movie sitting on a cloud on another cloud as a screen. 
  4. A large landscape from the future with robots serving humans inside a greenhouse. 
  5. An image from the age of renaissance of 5 girls dancing together. 
  6. An oil painting of a dolphin coming out of water with a frog on top of it. 
  7. A red colored elephant sleeping inside a hut. 
  8. A portrait of Lucifer during the 1700s. 
  9. A futuristic land with roads made of plastic and flying vehicles in the sky. 
  10. An image of a robot taking care of a human child. 

The results are going to blow your mind, have fun generating art!  

Dos and Don’ts for AI art generator prompt ideas!

By now I believe you have learnt plenty about How to give art prompts to AI. Even better if you already tried making some art pieces. But there’s more! To get the right image from AI you need to understand a few more things before you start conversing with AI.

Here are a few crucial things to remember while conversing with AI art generators. 

✅ Use easy to understand words 

I have said it before I am going to say it again – AI is not human and it won’t understand your complicated words. For instance, ‘pretty’ might have a meaning for us, but for ai it is a vague term, as how will it implement the description of pretty into an image ? 

❌ Don’t make your prompts lengthy and sour 

Duh! Isn’t it obvious? Keep your prompts short, sweet, and to the point. Try to make it descriptive yet short. You don’t want to overwhelm your AI help with all those complicated words and long sentences. 

✅ Use meaningful adjectives 

The more the merrier, especially when it comes to describing your subject or image to AI. But the catch here is that you need to give meaningful adjectives that AI would understand. For instance, ‘big black colored eyes’ would make the perfect description. 

But, ‘gorgeous eyes’ will not make sense to AI because how will it implement the word gorgeous in the form of an image. 

❌ Don’t settle with just one option 

You are getting hours of work done in minutes, so might as well spend 5 minutes extra to explore the options and select the best one out of it. Use the hit and trial method to see what works and what doesn’t. 

✅ Know the tool you are using in depth 

Every AI art generator is curated very intricately. Each one of them has different features and a lot more to explore than what you just see at surface level. So to get the best designs generated, explore your tool and get to know about them in depth. 

❌ Don’t give contradictory terms to AI to work on 

There is a fine line between being innovative and being foolish. Do not become the latter by giving opposite meaning to AI to create art. For instance, asking it to make a realistic image which is also cartoonist is not something even a robot can get you in one image. 

✅ Give negative prompts 

“Srishti negative prompts, what are those?” 

Negative prompts are the prompts that you give to the ai tools regarding what you do not want in your image. 

For instance if you want an image of a mango tree but without any mangoes on it, then you can tell it to the tool. Most of the AI art generators have the option to give negative prompts, if they do not then you can add yourself. 

Get amazing AI art with easy-peasy AI art prompts

To be better at writing in AI art prompts one of the important things to do is keep experimenting with the templates provided and observing how the digital art changes. It is not only intriguing but also fun. So, do not miss out on it! 

Now, you have all the basic knowledge of writing a structured prompt, how the AI tools work, and how AI art generators work. Keep practicing and being productive by using AI tools to eliminate the hassle of doing tasks manually.

If you want to be ahead of others and keep yourself upgraded in the world of Gen-AI tools and to make AI work for you, stay tuned with Unrola.

Happy prompting!

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