I Found Out What My Future Baby Looks like with AI Baby Generator – You Can Too!

Discover the incredible accuracy and joy of predicting your baby’s face with the help of artificial intelligence using AI baby generator tools. Have fun knowing what your future baby might look like!

It might sound funny but at some point, we all have once thought about what our child would look like. I mean who wouldn’t? At least I am very fond of knowing what my baby might look like.

Here AI baby generators come and play a vital role in predicting a baby’s face.

Caption- She is just like me, sorry not sorry we are just two excited people! 😝

With AI baby generators by your side, you can know your baby’s look before the birth. With just a few clicks, you can explore endless combinations of features, from chubby cheeks to button noses, and watch as the AI combines them into a delightful vision of baby cuteness.

And the best part?

You can share these delightful creations with family and friends, sparking conversations and debates about whose eyes or smile the baby inherited. And answering the most asked questions.

“Who does the baby look like?”

This one redditor tried one of the free AI baby generators and she is thrilled beyond expectations! You could be too. 

Free AI baby generator results on redit
Find out what your future baby will look like with AI baby generators for free! [Source – Reddit

So, whether you’re eagerly awaiting the arrival of your little one or simply looking at the joy of imagining the future, AI baby generators are your go-to companion on the journey to parenthood. Get ready to be mesmerized by the magic of potential and the beauty of tomorrow’s smiles!

11 top AI baby generators to predict your future baby’s face

Let’s explore the highly-rated AI baby generators to predict your future baby’s face and enhance the endless possibilities of joy while doing it with your partner.

  1. BabyGenerator Guess baby face – Create family collages along with your future baby’s photos, available on both Android and iOS
  2. OurBabyAI – For realistic baby photos, available through web
  3. MakeMeBabies – For customized baby images, available through web
  4. AI Baby Generator – Get detailed report along with baby images, available through web
  5. BabyPredictor – Enjoy the journey of your kid from childhood to grown up, available on Android
  6. BabyGen – for customized yet realistic results, available as Android app
  7. BabyMaker Predicts Baby’s Face – Determines inherited physical traits of your kid, available on Android  
  8. Baby Generator App – Gives customizable and shareable baby photos, available on Android
  9. Fotor – Gives highly accurate predictions, available on Android, iOS and web 
  10. BabyAC – Free forever AI baby generator, available as Android App 
  11. Remini – To see your child version as well as your future kid, available on Android, iOS and web 

We have our list of AI baby face generator lists, let’s get into creating our future baby’s face now!

BabyGenerator Guess baby face

BabyGenerator- One of the best AI baby generators in the market to know your future baby_s face
Discover how your baby will look in future using BabyGenerator.  [Source – BabyGenerator]

Just like other baby face generators, BabyGenerator also analyzes your and your partner’s photos to predict your future baby’s face.  

Using advanced algorithms, it analyzes characteristics such as eye shape, nose structure, and mouth proportions to finally give you a visual representation of what the baby might look like.

While it’s meant for entertainment purposes and isn’t guaranteed to be accurate, it offers an interesting glance at your future. You can upload photos and generate a digital supply of your hypothetical baby’s face, sparking curiosity and expectations about what’s to come. 

Key benefits of BabyGenerator Guess baby face

  • It has a collage creation that helps you create photo collages of your family, save memories and share photos with friends.
  • It has a facial features analyzer that analyzes your photo and generates predictions or gives an idea about your future baby.

Pricing of BabyGenerator Guess baby face

  • Monthly subscription – 3.99 USD
  • Every 3-month subscription – 7.99 USD
  • Annual subscription – 19.99 USD


Ratings of BabyGenerator Guess baby face


OurBabyAI- See your future baby face with one of the best AI baby generator
Receive two sets of baby photos within an hour with one of the best AI video generators. [Source – OurBabyAI]

OurBabyAI is one of the most beloved baby face generators because it gives you close to accurate results. You get to input the features into its system and it takes around an hour to generate the baby faces. Well as they say, good things take time so wait for it and contain your curiosity until OurBabyAI molds your features into your baby’s face. 

Over 1270+ have already found out what their baby might look like, you could be next. 

Do you know? OurBabyAI has already generated 46,382 images, making it one of the top AI baby generators with a 90% match rate.

Key benefits of OurBabyAI

  • It allows you to share generated baby faces on any social media platform. So let your network know what features of yours your baby might imbibe.
  • It provides you with high resolution images – 4 photos of a boy and 4 photos of a girl on your email within an hour. 

Pricing of OurBabyAI

  • It’s now providing a limited-time offer for 9 USD (One-time payment).


Ratings of OurBabyAI

No standard ratings as of now, but it is one of the most loved tools out there!


Use the step by step process of AI baby generator called Baby Maker
If you are looking for the simplest and free AI baby generator tool then MakeMeBabies is for you! [Source – MakeMeBabies]

MakeMeBabies is just like an AI image generator which uses the face recognition technology to generate photos of your future baby. Best part is you do not have to wait much longer as it generates baby face images for you within seconds all you have to do is upload the images of you and your partner and viola you are done. 

Not only that, but you can also have fun making babies with featured celebrities or even send invites to your friends to do the same.

Key benefits of MakeMeBabies

  • Get a high-quality image of your baby’s face and share it all around the internet for free.
  • It works on a step-by-step process for easy navigation and also to get the most realistic virtual baby of yours. 
  • It asks for your preferences for your baby like gender and skin tone to get you desired results. 
Customize your baby's features using free ai baby generator MakeMeBabies
Select your preferences to get the closest results to what your future baby might look like with AI baby generator MakeMeBabies. [Source – MakeMeBabies]

Pricing of MakeMeBabies

It has a Free 3 day trial followed by a USD 9.99 weekly fee. 


Ratings of MakeMeBabies

No standard reviews are available.

AI Baby Generator

AI Baby Generator- one of the best baby generator
Predict your future baby’s look by submitting the order form of your preferences and get a unique baby photo with AI Baby Generator. [Source – AI Baby Generator]

With AI Baby Generator you can reveal your baby’s realistic look by inputting your image along with text prompts. It then analyzes your image feature and generates your future baby’s art look as per your prompts.

Take my word, you will get hyper-realistic baby photos too within 24 hours and they also claim to have 93% facial features matching rate. Also, if you are not satisfied with the results you can also ask for a refund within 2 days of order delivery. 

Key benefits of AI Baby Generator

  • It provides 7-page in-depth reports of your future baby’s characteristics and features such as sign & love language, personal quirk & special talent. Not just that but also Myers-Briggs personality type & details, personality & traits, likes & hobbies, and your relationship with your future child. 
  • You can see your baby’s face with various settings like primary photo, variations, outside background, snowy winter, and reading in his room.
  • You get high resolution PNG files of your baby’s photos which you can easily download and share on other platforms as well. 
Give custimized prompts to your baby generator to get desired features in your babies face
You can also give customized prompts to AI Baby Generators to get your desired features in your future child.  [Source – AI Baby Generator]

Pricing of AI Baby Generator  

  • Basic – 9 USD (One-time payment)
  • Premium – 17 USD (One-time payment)
  • Delux – 27 USD (One-time payment)


Ratings of AI Baby Generator


BabyPredictor- An AI baby generator App
Seamlessly generate your baby’s look by using the AI Baby Generator app. [Source – BabyPredictor]

Do you want to know what your little one looks like?

BabyPredictor AI baby generator could be your go-to tool as it scans yours and your partner’s face and analyzes facial characteristics to build a prediction about your baby’s face. 

You just need to follow three simple steps to generate your baby’s face by choosing photos of yours and your partner and then selecting the desired gender and age and hitting the heart icon the result will appear soon.

Key benefits of BabyPredictor

  • It allows you to make a photo collage of your small family image and also lets you download and share it with your friends and family.
  • BabyPredictor allows you to customize your child’s look by personalizing the gender and age.

Pricing of BabyPredictor

  • Its in-app purchasing price is 5.31 USD per item


Ratings of BabyPredictor


BabyGen- AI baby generator, know what your baby will look like at different ages
Curious to know your baby’s face no worries, BabyGen got you covered go and predict your baby’s look. [Source – BabyGen]

Get to know your future baby’s appearance in a fun and interactive way with BabyGen. BabyGen is an AI baby generator that designs unique baby photos to share with your family and friends and allows you to explore the journey of your baby’s face with different gender and age combinations.

It uses advanced facial recognition algorithms to combine the facial future of you and your partner and delivers eye-catching, photorealistic baby portraits role playing as an AI art generator tool

Key benefits of BabyGen

  • BabyGen allows you to choose the gender of your future baby. 
  • It allows you to generate high-quality images of your baby’s looks at various stages of their life, from child to an adult and beyond.
  • It comes with an intuitive interface with a simple uploading process that takes your and your partner’s image, analyzes their features and tones, and immediately does its magic by cultivating the new baby look. 

Pricing of BabyGen

  • Its in-app purchasing price is from 2.05 USD to 5.31 USD per item


Ratings of BabyGen

BabyMaker Predicts Baby’s Face

Know what you future baby will look like with baby generator BabyMaker Predicts Baby's Face Apps-on-Google-Play
Have fun finding out what your future child might look like with one of the top baby generators. [Source – BabyMaker Predicts Baby’s Face]

Over 5,000,000 people have already discovered the answer to everyone’s favorite question – What will my baby look like! 

BabyMaker Predicts Baby’s Face uses only the latest and advanced AI tech to provide you a glimpse into the future and provides you with potential appearances of your future children!

You can generate a range of options for your children’s faces. The tool aims to capture their real-life resemblance as closely as possible. Its utmost priority is to bring a smile to your face and uplift your spirits!

Key benefits of BabyMaker Predicts Baby’s Face

  • The tool’s advanced algorithms carefully examine the facial features of the parents to determine the inherited traits and also the distinctive features of the child’s face. 
  • You can even customize the outcome by specifying your preferences- the gender of the child, their age, which parent they should resemble more, preferred hair and eye color, and much more! 

Pricing of BabyMaker Predicts Baby’s Face

  • Its in-app purchasing price is from 1.81 USD to 5.07 per item


Ratings of BabyMaker Predicts Baby’s Face

Baby Generator App

Know what your future child will look like with AI baby generator app
Predict your future baby look in your desired gender by using one of the top-rated AI baby generators, the Baby Generator App. [Source – Baby Generator App]

Wondering what you and your loved one’s baby will look like but couldn’t find the answer? 

Then try out the Baby Generator App

It is a fun tool that predicts what your baby’s face might look like. This application uses advanced technology to combine the characteristics of your and your partner’s images to create a digital image of your potential offspring.

Key benefits of Baby Generator App

  • It provides high-resolution images with good lighting conditions and allows you to share with your family and friends.
  • You can choose from a variety of customization options such as eye shape, hair color, and facial expressions to create the perfect baby face that you desire to see.
  • You can use this AI tool to create a baby face for social media posts, a project, or just for fun. 

Pricing of Baby Generator App

  • It’s in-app purchasing price is from USD 3.95 to USD 10.18 per item


Ratings of Baby Generator App


Fotor- One of the best baby generator for predicting baby a face
Seamlessly predict the future baby’s face with one of the best AI baby generators, Fotor. [Source – Fotor]

Know your future baby’s appearance instantly using Fotor’s baby generator. Predict how your baby will look by uploading photos of you, your partner, crush, or even a celebrity.

The accuracy of the Fotor baby generator is truly extraordinary as it analyzes features such as facial structure, skin tone, eye color, and hair color and also it combines inheritance patterns to predict the baby’s face.

Key benefits of Fotor

  • It creates your baby’s face based on your text prompts and desired features like gender, race, and appearance and it will seamlessly generate a visually appealing baby’s face.
  • Fotor has an inbuilt face combiner feature that ensures that the baby’s face will be similar to your and your partner’s facial structure adding more uniqueness to the baby’s face.

Pricing of Fotor

  • Fotor Basic – It’s free
  • Fotor Pro – 1 USD /month, billed annually
  • FotorPro+ – 2.31 USD /month, billed annually


Ratings and reviews of Fotor

4.1 stars (6.72 L views) on Google Play


Baby generator AI for free - BabyAC
Discover how babyAC AI baby generator predicts baby face instantly. [Source – babyAC]

If you are looking for a free AI baby generator for predicting your baby’s face then babyAC is absolutely for you! By uploading your and your partner’s image within a minute it predicts your baby’s face and also it allows you to edit the image to make it more realistic as per you and your partners features. 

It uses an AI generative tool named StyleGAN to generate images of the future baby’s face. StyleGAN is an extension of a learning model named GAN which makes image processing simple by analyzing the image characters in-depth and combining your faces into a high-resolution baby’s image.

But the best thing about babyAC is you do not need to worry about the safety and security of your uploaded images as it automatically removes your images from its server within 24 hours. 

Key benefits of babyAC

  • It allows you to upload your images both in JPG and PNG formats. Thus, making the tool more accessible. 
  • It can predict your baby’s face at six different ages, from birth to adulthood.
  • It can be integrated with Twitter as well so you can share the journey of your baby’s face with your Twitter community too. 
  • It is available on Google Play store and Apple Store as well so you can try it out on your phone as well right away. 

Turns out this free AI baby generator is now my favorite tool because it helped me see what the babies of my favorite celebrity couples would have looked like! I can’t keep calm, because I also know what my future baby might look like and all thanks to babyAC for it!

set preferences in babyAC to make your child look more like mother or father
You can select who your baby looks more like, the mother or the father in babyAC baby generator. [Source – babyAC]
babyAC a free ai baby generator generated image of kids of celebirity couple
Delena fans unite because what The Vampire Diaries did not give us, I found it. This is how Eelena and Damon’s kid would probably look using babyAC free AI baby generator. [Source – babyAC]
babyAC- best ai baby generator to predict_s baby_s face for free
If superman actor Henry Cavill and Miss World Aishwarya Rai would have had a child and this is what it would have looked like! Thanks to babyAC, AI baby generator for free, that helped us meet this cutie. [Source – babyAC]

Pricing of babyAC



Ratings of babyAC

1.6 stars (129 reviews) on Google Play


Remini- AI baby face generator with Baby Me feature
Looking to predict your baby’s face? Remini AI baby generator is your go-to companion as it gives you baby photos of you giving you a glimpse into the future.
[Source –

I am sure the tool name must sound familiar. Never know you might have used it earlier as well for sharpening and editing your photo, but today you are going to learn how to use it to generate your baby’s photo. 

Remini’s baby me feature is not exactly an AI baby generator, but it does give you the ‘probable’ results. It helps you convert your face into the baby you and takes you down the memory. There are high chances that your future baby will look alot like the baby you thus, it gives you a glimpse into your future as well.

Key benefits of Remini

  • It is a multi-device application, thus can be used both on your PC, and personal device be it android or iOS
  • It is a multi-language tool thus you can use it in English, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, and Thai.

Pricing of Remini

It provides pay-as-you-go pricing options so you can save good! 


Ratings of Remini

Take a tour of future by predicting your baby’s face

I have given you all that you needed to know what your future child will look like – just have fun with it now! Step into the bundle of joy with your wholesome family.

Without wasting even a minute, know your future baby’s face and experience the rays of sunshine.

Of course we all know that our child will not look like how an AI tool predicted it to be, but what is the harm in having some fun?  

Thank me later!

Need more such fun AI tools? Stay tuned with Unrola.


I know you are eager to see your future baby’s face, so here are all your frequently asked questions answered. 

Is there a free AI baby generator to use without sign ups? 

Yes, there are plenty of free AI baby generators. BabyAC and SeeYourBabyAI are two of the best free AI baby generators that allow you to predict your future baby’s face for free and also without any sign up all you have to do is upload your and your partner’s photo. 

How accurate is an AI baby generator? 

AI baby generator’s are tools that generate your future baby’s photos by mixing and matching your and your partner’s features. So all the results you get are purely hypothetical. AI baby generator’s results might be close but they cannot be 100% accurate. So for now, just have fun! 

What will my baby look like with an AI generator? 

AI baby generators use your and your partners photo and then pick up features from each to add to your future baby’s faces. Your baby will look a lot like the combination of the photos that you submit to the AI generator. The results can sometimes be very surprising and close to accurate as well. 

Looking for the best AI generator to see what your baby will look like? 

BabyAC, Remini, Fotor, and ​​SeeYourBabyAI are some of the best AI generators to see what your baby will look like. They closely analyze your and your partner’s photos to give you near accurate results and predict your future baby’s face. 

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