Get Professional and Attractive Photos with AI Headshot Generators

If you want your social media traffic to soar then you need to try AI headshot generators without fail. Here is a comprehensive list of them curated specifically for you to get attractive AI headshots for your social media profiles to shine!

Choosing a random headshot for your social media profile may not work as well as you think. Especially, if you think a headshot is only about your face. 

It’s more than just showing your face or randomly picking any image from your gallery, it actually represents who you are and most importantly, how you see yourself. 

But why? Let me give you a short answer, if you have an attractive headshot then people are more likely to click on your profile which can help you get new opportunities for your career.

We also know how hard it is to create a perfect headshot, we need to dress up, find a clean background indoors and outdoors, and make lighting adjustments. Among all this the hardest but also the most important thing is still left and that is your facial expressions and poses that help you get the perfect headshot.

And, this process takes our entire day. I can tell because I have been there. 

Are you also struggling to create a professional-looking headshot?

Let me tell you, AI headshot generators can help you get impressive photos that suit your profile with minimum effort and in less time than you will take to create your headshot. 

Binge on the list! 

Handy 11 AI Headshot generators to help you create an eye-catching profile

Don’t limit yourself to creating more than one headshot at a time. Explore the best 11 AI headshot generators to create your impactful profile on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, or any social media platform. One of them can be an important AI business tool to help you grow faster and increase your profile’s traction.

PFP Maker

AI headshot generator - PFP Maker
Get instant headshots with different style backgrounds using an AI, PFP Maker.  [Source – PFP Maker]

Headshot generation is so much easier with PFP Maker, you can instantly create 36x more interactive profiles for any online platform. You can get your headshot ready with any picture you don’t even need to click perfect to create a perfect photo with perfect expression. 

Using PFP Maker was an awesome experience! I randomly uploaded an image on it, and within a few seconds, it generated more than 20 headshots with different backgrounds. When I clicked on a headshot I got two options, one download so that I could easily download the image and another one was an edit option.

 When I clicked on the edit icon, I got so many customization options like replacing photos if I wanted to. Or an outlining option, I applied the outline in the image around and it turned out perfectly.  It had many other options like background change and adding filters and shadows. Trust me that is more than you need for a headshot. 

Using PFP Maker is as simple as using any AI tool for image generation

Free AI headshot generator - PFP Maker
Edit your AI-generated headshot to customize your profile as you want with different features like filter, transform, shadow, background, and outline using PFP Maker. [Source – PFP Maker]

Key features of PFP Maker

✅ Craft your dream headshots like a famous professional by uploading one of your pictures to PFP Maker, within a few minutes the AI will create 20+ realistic portraits with different styles that you can use anywhere.

✅ Get a customized background to make your picture more attractive on your profile by choosing from a variety of background colors with gradients, creative, professional customizable options or you can upload your own background.

✅ If you want a professional picture for your resume that you don’t want in a circular shape, easily generate a profile in square, rounded corners, and extra rounded corner shapes so that you can use your headshot anywhere you want. 

✅ No photo shoot is required to create an eye-catching profile for you, use your old picture, and PFP Maker will auto-enhance the portrait and generate headshots instantly.

Pricing of PFP Maker

Free to use

Ratings and reviews of PFP Maker

AI headshot generator - Media io
Upload your at least 5 pictures to and get your professional-quality AI-generated headshots in just minutes. [Source –]

Grow your social media and make a great impression through your resume or email marketing by using stunning life-like headshots, generated by It can create headshots that you are more likely to choose for your profile if you want 100% professional headshots. can be your go to AI marketing tool for creating your professional headshot that can help you market yourself. 

Key features of

✅ Have your realistic headshots by uploading just 5 pictures and get the images as you want. It works hard around 25 minutes to generate the headshots that are tailored to your expectations and notify you via your email once your headshots are ready.

✅ You can get you a profile photo as you want, you can choose your favorite style option from’s 52+ styles including profile picture and business headshot to have your best profile.

✅ Get your awesome headshots in diverse expressions and poses to set the profile you want or related to your profession that better suits you.

✅ No need to adjust the lighting of your profile photo it automatically generates headshots with various lighting.

✅ If you are worrying about your clothing for your profile then don’t worry about it, generates profile pictures with different clothes as you want in your headshot.

Pricing of

Weekly plan at USD 6.99

Yearly plan at USD 29.99

Ratings and reviews of

  • 3.9 out of 5 stars (138 reviews) on Trustpilot

AI professional headshot generator - Argon ai
Get customized eye colored and hair colored with an AI headshot generator for realistic profile pictures, [Source –]

A realistic AI headshot generator, can generate eye-catching and very realistic profiles in very little time. It provides special headshot AI tools for students, teachers, doctors, lawyers, salespeople, and real estate agents so if you are one of these options you can have a more relevant headshot according to your profession.

Key features of

✅ Upload your six images, and will generate amazing headshots using its effective AI tool for graphic design in less than a minute for your professional and personal uses.

✅ Generate impactful headshots with interactive backgrounds. creates profiles with different backgrounds, so you can easily choose a background.

✅ It provides you with a variety of natural poses so that you can get a headshot as you want that can help you select a profile as per your profession.

✅ For your perfect realistic headshot generation, it gives you a few options for selecting your eye color, gender, age, hair color, and ethnicity so that you can get customized results.

Pricing of

Starter plan at USD 35

Basic pan at USD 45

Premium plan at USD 75

Customizable team plan

Ratings and reviews of


Best AI headshot generator - Fotor
Click on ‘Generate a headshot’, upload your pictures, and get your AI-created professional headshots with Fotor. [Source – Fotor]

Make your social media, business profile, and resume stand out by using HD-quality headshots created by Fotor that generate professional and photo-realistic headshots. 

Key features of Fotor

✅ It can help you improve your headshot from text, you can simply type a description of your desired headshot including background, facial features, hairstyle, and clothing.

✅ You can customize the style of your headshots including creative, business, and trending so that you can get a headshot as you want.

Pricing of Fotor

20 images at USD 6.66 one-time

40 images at USD 9.99 one-time

80 images at USD 13.33 one-time

Ratings and reviews of Fotor

  • 4.6 out of 5 stars (402  reviews) on Capterra.
  • 4.2 out of 5 stars (301 reviews) on G2.


AI professional headshot generator - StudioShot
Generate premium-quality headshots according to your profession with an AI headshot generator, StudioShot. [Source – StudioShot]

If you want to create premium-quality headshots then StudioShot is for you. It can help you generate a high-quality profile and make your social media, business card, and email signatures more attractive by generating eye-catching and unique headshots.

StudioShot is an AI tool to accelerate the work of your small businesses to generate impactful headshots for email signatures and pamphlets.

Key features of StudioShot

✅ Get your gorgeous headshots ready within 2 business days by letting StudioShot generate attractive headshots for you.

✅ You can choose the photography style created professional photographer so that you can get impactful headshots. You don’t need to do lighting setup, background, and aesthetic, each style is uniquely designed with all these setups.

✅ Get variations of headshots, StudioShot crafts 50+ headshots so that you can easily select the best headshot for you.

Pricing of StudioShot

For 1-9 members at USD 29 per person.

For 10-49 members at USD 21 per person.

For 20+ members custom bulk pricing.

Ratings and reviews of StudioShot


Headshot AI generator - HeadshotPro
Get multiple AI headshots with different backgrounds, poses, and clothing to select your best from different styled headshots generated by Headshot.
[Source –

A professional headshot AI generator, HeadshotPro can give you a variation of a headshot with different location backgrounds and clothing options. It helps you get a professional headshot with an AI photographer. 

Key features of HeadshotPro

✅ Receive over 120+ unique headshots at once generated by AI just by uploading a close-up selfie to help you find the best profile for you.

✅ You can get headshots with different locations as you have the option to choose desired background in your headshot to match your brand or your preference.

✅ It generates high-quality results to provide you with realistic and professional-looking profiles.

✅ Choose from a large variety of clothing including suits, blazers, shirts, T-shirts, and dresses to match your brand or your preference, and get your headshot ready to be uploaded. 

✅ No need to upload a picture with your best pose, HeadshotPro can auto-generate headshots with different poses that can help you find the ideal photo. 

Pricing of HeadshotPro

Starts at USD 29 per person

Ratings and reviews of HeadshotPro


AI headshot generator - Dreamwave
Get AI-generated headshots with unlimited scenes, hairstyles, outfits,and more using Dreamwave. [Source – Dreamwave]

You can get your different hairstyles and outfit headshots using Dreamwave. You just need to upload 5 to 8 of your pictures and let the AI do the magic for you. If you have a YouTube channel then Dreamwave AI tool can help you in your YouTube growth by generating a variety of headshots for your thumbnail. 

Key features of Dreamwave

✅ Save hundreds of hours of shooting headshots for your social media, Dreamwave can generate your unique headshot in just 1 hour. 

✅ No need to go anywhere to shoot your picture, you can get unlimited scenes for your headshot’s background. 

✅ Posing is a very difficult task, let AI make it simple for you by letting you generate unlimited headshots with different poses and the most flattering angle. 

✅ Selecting an outfit and getting ready yourself just for a perfect headshot is very irritative. You can use Dreamweaver which provides you with thousands of outfits, makeup, jewelry, and hairstyles so that you can easily generate headshots.

Pricing of Dreamwave

Starter plan at USD 35 per month

Normal plan at USD 59 per month

Best value plan at USD 99 per month

Ratings and reviews of Dreamwave

Dreamwave doesn’t have any ratings and reviews yet, but I can say this AI headshot generator is all you need to get amazing headshots with ease. 

Secta AI

AI professional headshot generator - Secta AI
Upload your selfies and get a customizable headshot with different expressions with Secta AI [Source – Secta AI]

Secta AI can generate customizable headshots with different expressions, backgrounds, and clothes. You can even get variations of any particular generated headshot to have more pictures and choices in a minimal time. It can help you improvise your resume with your best headshot.

Secta AI can be used as an  AI tool to help you build your resume by generating one of your best headshots.

Key features of Secta AI

✅ You can create 10 new headshots in just 2 minutes by letting AI generate headshots quickly.

✅ Get headshots with customized expressions and poses so that you can get the picture how you want. You can easily customize the expression and poses of any generated headshot.

✅ Choose the style of clothing, you wish you were in the picture using Secta AI. You can also change the color of the generated headshot to customize it more even after generations.

✅ Select the background location to get your picture background based on that location could be a park, or a city, or whatever you want it to be. You can also change the background of any already generated headshot.

✅ You can upscale and resize any image to get high-resolution images without damaging the facial expression.

Pricing of Secta AI

Personal plan at USD 49 once-off payment

Ratings and reviews of Secta AI

The Multiverse AI

AI professional headshot generator - The Multiverse AI
Get multiple headshots with different styles and clothing with The Multiverse AI. [Source – The Multiverse AI]

If you are looking for variations of headshots then The Multiverse AI can help you get 120 headshots. You can also generate custom AI headshots with your own prompts for 20 profile photos. 

Key features of The Multiverse AI

✅ You can receive 120 headshots with different styles, professional clothing, and backgrounds in just 2 hours.

✅ The Multiverse AI can generate 100 professional headshots with their ideas and 20 customized headshots according to your AI art prompts.

✅ It can help you get high-resolution images to make your headshot more sharp.

Pricing of The Multiverse AI

120 headshots at USD 24

Ratings and reviews of The Multiverse AI

Profile Bakery

AI headshot generator - Profile Bakery
Start making your social media profile attractive with high-quality headshots generated by AI, Profile Bakery. [Source – Profile Bakery]

Maintaining your profile is important with a high-quality headshot to make your social media stand out. You can generate premium quality headshots with Profile Bakery, a headshot generator that can make your social pages into an attention-grabbing profile to create an impact.

Key features of Profile Bakery

✅ Get your high-quality and stunning headshots in 2 hours after just uploading your 6 to 15 photos. You will receive your headshot via your email.

✅ 100+ styles that can help you find your perfect style of headshot.

✅ You can choose from multiple backgrounds to get your desired and catchy background and specially designed backgrounds for LinkedIn and dating profiles.

Pricing of Profile Bakery

AI mini at USD 20 for 30 pictures.

AI regular at USD 39 for 70 pictures.

AI pro at USD 69 for 96 pictures.

Ratings and reviews of Profile Bakery

  • 4.2 out of 5 stars (11 reviews) on G2.


AI professional headshot generator - ProPhotos
Generate your customized professional-looking headshots according to your profession by using an AI headshot generator, ProPhotos. [Source – ProPhotos]

If you are a busy professional person and you don’t get time to click or have a shoot for your profile picture then is for you. It can help you generate headshots in very little time like wearing your professional costume and clicking a perfect picture.

ProPhotos can be a smart AI tool for teachers and real estate agents as well because it can get customized headshots according to your profession.

Key features of ProPhotos

✅ You can upload your existing photos or selfies and let the AI generate fresh headshots for your LinkedIn, resumes, and other professional profiles.

✅ You can have your professional-like headshot as ProPhotos generates images based on your profession including executive, doctor, chef, firefighter, pilot, and astronaut or whichever industry you work in. 

✅ No need to wear your suit, you can upload your photo without your professional costume. automatically generates a headshot with the clothing based on your profession.

Pricing of ProPhotos

Basic at USD 25 for 40 headshots

Professional at USD 55 for 80 headshots

Premium at USD 155 for 160 headshots

Ratings and reviews of ProPhotos

Grab your audience’s attention in just a second with a catchy profile photo generated by AI

Shooting a headshot feels like modeling and then editing the image is art. It sounds fun, but not really when it comes to implementing it.

We know how important headshots are for our social media, so take the help of AI and ace at it. Your connections won’t stop asking where did you get your headshot from because it is going to be awesome!

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