Best AI Lyrics Generator Tools to Add Meaning to Your Music Melodies in 2024

Want your song lyrics to be as meaningful as Charlie Puth’s but unable to find the right words? Maybe it is time you try some AI lyrics generator tools that will help you get the sass and fun in your lyrics. Find out the best AI tools that will take your lyric games one notch up.

“Did you know that there’s a tunnel under Ocean Boulevard?
Mosaic ceilings, painted tiles on the wall
I can’t help but feel somewhat like my body marred my soul
Handmade beauty sealed up by two man-made walls”
— Lana Del Ray

Aren’t those lyrics beautiful! 

Have you ever wondered who pens the song lyrics? Maybe you were also very curious to know who wrote the lyrics. But now you probably know the answer is a songwriter who makes an effort to write a song with the right words so that we can feel the song and enjoy it. 

I wanted to make my version of a song. But for this, I assume I need to sit alone in a room and think about some words and put the words together to create a perfect line then one stanza will come out from that engaging line, and then finally write an entire song using a few stanzas. 

It will take a lot of time, energy, and effort. Maybe my result won’t satisfy me even after putting in a lot of effort!  

Or if you are a producer, songwriter, or singer you may struggle with brainstorming for new song lyrics and ideas. Sometimes you are just stuck in a part of a line or don’t know what should be the next line, or maybe you are missing an engaging line between two lines of your lyrics.

For all these problems I have a smart solution for you, in today’s world AI is thrilling and you can have stunning AI lyrics generators to craft your customized lyrics quickly and easily. 

13 AI lyrics generators to empower your song’s writing journey

This blog talks about the best 13 AI songwriter tools that will help you enhance your songwriting mood. Give your audience memorable songs without worrying about the language and topic barrier. These tools have more to explore, let’s jump to the tools’ details.

Junia AI

AI lyrics generator - Junia AI
Fill in the fields and get the rhyming lyrics quickly with an AI lyric generator, Junia AI Lyrics Generator. [Source- Junia AI Lyrics Generator]

Junia AI lyrics generator by Junia is a cutting-edge tool that creates unique and expressive lyrics that can bring your musical vision to life. It crafts optimized lyrics for SEO to enhance your song’s online presence on search engines. It offers you 50+ templates to find your perfect words and save you time.

Junai Free AI Lyrics generator has a user-friendly interface because you can generate lyrics by just entering your chosen keywords, genre, and language and Junia will do the magic for you to craft lyrics.

Key features of Junia AI Lyrics Generator

✅ You can describe the topic how you want your song lyrics to so that you can get high-quality results as per your needs. 

✅ If you want your lyrics in specific keywords then you can add more than one keyword to get you the most relevant results. 

✅ It provides you with a wide range of genres, including pop, rock, country, and more that allows you to match your lyrics to the specific genre you’re working on and ensures that your lyrics are a perfect fit for your musical style.

✅ Generate lyrics in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, French, and more so that you can create lyrics that are tailored to your audience, no matter where they are in the world.

✅ You can customize your lyrics by specifying the length by words, tone, and theme of your lyrics which gives you complete control over the content of your lyrics, and allows you to create lyrics that are truly unique and expressive.

✅  Junia AI can produce more than 1 output at a time so that you can choose and compare different versions and select the best result that suits you.

✅  Junia AI  can generate short lyrics that can be perfect for your social media posts, video marketing, and other use cases where brevity is key. This feature allows you to create catchy and memorable lyrics that will grab your audience’s attention.

✅ Easily share generated lyrics with bandmates or fellow creators for feedback and brainstorming.

Pricing of Junia AI Lyrics Generator


Creator at $19/month

Pro at $39/month

Ratings and reviews of Junia AI


AI lyric generator - LyricStudio
Easily craft your own version lyrics line-by-line with LyricStudio. [Source- LyricStudio]

LyricsStudio is an AI song lyrics generator that focuses on allowing you to craft your lyrics by yourself but using AI tools. You can work with other songwriters by inviting them to edit and contribute to your creations. You can access tutorials and songwriting tips through the LyricsStudio community and learning materials that will make you more convenient with AI, how you can improve your lyrics using AI and many more. 

Key Features of LyricStudio

✅ Offers you genre presets to choose from various genre-specific settings to influence the style and vocabulary of your lyrics.

✅ You can select one or two topics (like Soul, Love, Crazy, Joy) to get relevant lyrics and song based on those topics.

✅ Drag-and-drop chord progressions ease the build of the musical foundation for your lyrics using pre-made or custom chords.

✅ It offers you lyrics start with, rhythm with, and end with options that allow you more customization of the lyrics.

✅ LyricsStudio allows you to refine individual lines within your generated lyrics which allows you more customization.

✅LyricStudio provides you AI suggestions of lines based on your topics and genre that allows you to choose the next line to craft your lyric according to you.

Pricing of LyricStudio

Free at $0

Pro plan not available

Gold plan not available

Ratings and reviews of LyricStudio

  • No ratings and reviews yet

Masterpiece Generator

AI lyric generator - Masterpiece Generator
Customize your song lyrics with many options to get the best song using Masterpiece Generator. [Source- Masterpiece Generator]

AI Lyrics Generator by Masterpiece Generator helps you generate customized lyrics based on your inputs, It provides you with a lot of options to get fully unique lyrics to get original content. You can also let the AI surprise you with lyrics based on entirely random words for unexpected creativity and it can help you in brainstorming.

Key features of Masterpiece Generator

✅ Choose from models specializing in various genres like Pop, Rock, Hip-Hop, and even Country.

✅ You can experiment with mimicking the styles of specific artists like Taylor Swift, Drake, or The Beatles for inspiration.

✅ It provides you with the song length option that allows you to decide the length of your song.

✅ You can choose chorus like shallow and sickly or meaningful or even you can choose none if you don’t want.

✅ It allows you to choose random shoop-shopping options if you want it in your lyrics.

✅ Masterpiece Generator offers you an option to choose a narrative viewpoint to get your lyrics exactly as you want.

✅ Additionally, it provides you extra options to customize your lyrics like what occupation, an adjective to describe, two words you like to use, etc.

I tried this AI lyrics Generator and got a stunning result. First I chose Ariana Grande in style then I went to fill the required fields with random ideas. I replaced some opinions with my thoughts which helped me save time and the song I got was a banger! 

Pricing of Masterpiece Generator

  Free to use

Ratings and reviews of Masterpiece Generator

  • No ratings and reviews yet

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Rytr AI Song Lyrics Generator

AI lyric generator - Rytr
Use this AI lyrics generator to craft lyrics in English, Hindi, or 30+ different languages, Rytr. [Source- Rytr]`

Rytr is a very popular AI writing platform that provides a lyric generator AI tool capable of easily understanding your emotions, allowing you to choose an appropriate writing tone according to your needs. All you have to do is provide the prompts in text form, and it will generate ear-soothing lyrics for you. Using Rytr for lyric generation is as simple as using an anime AI artwork generator to create anime characters.

Key features of Rytr AI Song Lyrics Generator

✅ You can customize your lyrics by specifying the writing tone, and theme of your lyrics which gives you complete control over the content of your lyrics.

✅Rytr offers more than 40 writing templates to meet your expectations in lyric quality.

✅ You can write your own custom use case to get satisfied and relevant results and it will help you save time.

✅ Generate lyrics in 30+ languages, expanding your creative reach and audience potential.

✅ Rytr offers you rewriting, expansion, and grammar diagnosis functions to help you refine your lyrics and ensure that they are error-free.

✅ You can choose the number of outputs between one to three which can allow you to compare the versions.

✅ It can generate quickly and efficiently, freeing up your time to focus on other aspects of your music creation.

Pricing of Rytr AI Song Lyrics Generator

Free plan

Saver plan at $9/month

Unlimited plan $29/month

Ratings and reviews of Rytr AI Song Lyrics Generator

  • 4.7 out of 5 ( 787  reviews ) by G2.
  • 4.6 out of 5 ( 18 reviews ) by Capterra.

Writesonic Song Lyrics

AI song lyrics generator - Writesonic
Input the fields and get 3 unique song lyrics using lyrics generator AI, Writesonic Song Lyrics. [Source- Writesonic]

Writesonic Song Lyrics is a song lyrics generator AI that produces amazing lyrics based on your input. Writesonic AI uses advanced GPT-4 and GPT-3.5 technologies to generate lyrics that give premium quality lyrics.

Key features of Writesonic Song Lyrics

✅ You can get three unique song lyric options based on your input, allowing you to compare and choose the best fit.

✅ Writesonic song lyrics provide you with topic and genre control to specify the theme and style of your song to generate relevant lyrics. Choose from pop, rock, rap, country, and more.

✅ Create lyrics in multiple languages, catering to a wider audience because it offers you 24+ languages to choose your lyrics output.

Pricing of Writesonic Song Lyrics

Free trial up to 10,000 words/month with limited features.

Small team plan for $13/month

Freelancer plan for $16/month 

Enterprise plan starts at $500+/month

Ratings and reviews of Writesonic Song Lyrics

  • 4.7 out of 5 ( 1909 reviews ) by G2.
  • 4.8 out of 5 ( 1950 reviews ) by Capterra.


AI lyric generator - Beatopia
AI lyric music generator to produce engaging and high-quality lyrics with Beatopia. [Source- Beatopia]

Beatopia is a stunning lyrics generator AI that can deeply understand your emotions and gives you lyrics that are more relevant to your emotions to tailor your expectations. 

Key features of Beatopia

✅ Generate lyrics in different genres, including pop, rock, rap, metal, country, and more to create customized lyrics for you.

✅ Beatopia analyzes your existing lyrics or musical style to create lyric suggestions that meet your expectations.

✅ Start with a lyrical concept like mood, theme, or story, and let Beatopia suggest lyrics that match your vision and can save you time.

✅ Get several lyric options for each section (verse, chorus, bridge) to compare and choose the best fit.

✅ It provides you with editing tools for refining generated lyrics with built-in tools like rephrasing, synonym suggestions, and emotion control to save you time.

Pricing of Beatopia

Free 7-day trial

Subscription at $15/month

Ratings and reviews of Beatopia

  • No ratings and reviews yet

AISEO Song Lyrics

AI song lyrics generator - Aiseo
Get song lyrics by only inputting a topic with AI lyrics generator, AISEO Song Lyrics. [Source- AISEO Song Lyrics]

AISEO Song Lyrics is a rap and song lyrics generator AI that generates human-quality lyrics that avoid AI-generated text flags. AISEO has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for you to input keywords and explore options.

Key features of AISEO Song Lyrics

✅ Fast generation to get you lyric drafts in seconds, saving you time and effort.

✅ You can provide keywords or a theme, and let AISEO suggest lyrical ideas for keyword-based generation.

✅ AISEO offers multiple output formats so that you can choose from Verse, Chorus, Bridge, or full song formats to save you time and meet your needs.

✅  Input emotional tone for your desired emotional tone in your lyrics (e.g., happy, sad, angry) with AISEO.

✅ You can use AISEO alongside your songwriting process for additional inspiration.

Pricing of AISEO Song Lyrics

Grow plan $24/month

Scale plan $44/month

Team plan at $79/month

Ratings and reviews of AISEO Song Lyrics

  • 4.7 out of 5 ( 502 reviews ) by G2.
  • 4.4 out of 5 ( 40 reviews ) by Capterra.

AI Songs Lyrics Generator 

01 AI Song lyrics generator - AI Song Lyrics Generator
Choose three topics and get lyrics with AI Songs Lyrics generator. [Source- AI Songs Lyrics gernerator]

AI Songs Lyrics generator is an AI lyrics generator free to use and it also works best as an AI lyric rap generator. It has a user-friendly interface because all the options/fields are easily visible to the interface. 

I liked AI Songs Lyrics Generator because it was very easy to use and I just needed to fill a few options. 

  • First I chose the pop-in style/genre option. 
  • Then I selected 3 topics (Love, Friendship, Power). 
  • I entered 3 keywords (Distance, Forever, friend).
  • Lastly, I chose 2 emotions (Happiness and Contentment). 

The result I got was beautiful. 

So should I release my album?!!

02 AI Song lyrics generator - AI Song Lyrics Generator
You can also produce song lyrics using a lyrics AI generator like me with AI Songs Lyrics generator. [Source- AI Songs Lyrics gernerator]

Key features of AI Songs Lyrics Generator 

✅ You can select up to 3 specific topics for tailored lyrics.

✅ Choose from libraries tailored to styles like Pop, Rap, Rock, Country, and more. Get lyrics that match the style and conventions of your chosen genre.

✅ Even within genres, customize the feel with subgenre-specific generators for Trap, Drill, or Soul.

✅ AI Songs Lyrics Generator offers you a keyword option where you can enter up to 10 words to get relevant lyrics.

✅ You can enter up to 3 emotions words to describe the emotional journey of the song e.g., happiness, anger, contentment, etc.

Pricing of AI Songs Lyrics Generator

  Free to use

Ratings and reviews of AI Songs Lyrics Generator 

  • No ratings and reviews yet

Staccato AI Lyrics

AI lyrics generator - Staccato AI Lyrics
Enhance your songwriting skills using the AI lyrics generator, Staccato AI Lyrics. [Source- Staccato]

Staccato provides AI lyrics where you find a Lyrics generator and an AI rap generator that gives you a few extra options to customize your lyrics like sentiment analysis, syllable count, etc. It can help you generate lyrics as well as perfect tunes.

Key features of Staccato AI Lyrics

✅ Staccato can generate lyrics based on keywords, moods, or existing lines to craft lyrics for you.

✅ You can experiment with different styles and genres you may not have tried before it will help you expand your creative horizons.

✅ Staccato provides you with a rewrite option to get you different variations of your existing lyrics, helping you refine and polish your work.

✅ It offers you real-time next-line AI lyrics suggestions to help you brainstorm and craft songs quickly.

✅ You can easily get syllable stresses in your lyrics to get a perfect tune for your song.

✅ It provides you with a syllable count option that will help you save time manually adding the rhythm and tone of the lyrics.

✅ Sentiment analysis option to explore mood and receive suggestions, on how to stay true to the sentiment of your lyrics. 

Pricing of Staccato AI Lyrics

  Starter plan at $0

  Lyrics plan at $7.99/month

  Music plan at $11.99/month

  Pro plan at $14.99/month

Ratings and reviews of Staccato AI Lyrics

These Lyrics Do Not Exist

lyrics AI generator - These Lyrics Do Not Exist
Input one topic only and select two options to generate your own rap with the AI rap generator, These Lyrics Do Not Exist. [Source- These Lyrics Do Not Exist

These Lyrics Do Not Exist and provide you with the best lyrics in less time with only a few steps. It has a user-friendly interface that can help you explore the tool and craft a song faster.

Key features of These Lyrics Do Not Exist 

✅ From pop and rock to country and hip-hop, there are many genres to choose from.

✅ You can choose the mood that best suits your song.

✅ These lyrics Do not exist offer you input topics like Love, loss, hope, and celebration or you can input a human name e.g., Jennifer, Bob, etc to give you lyrics of your type.

Pricing of These Lyrics Do Not Exist

  Free to use

Ratings and reviews of These Lyrics Do Not Exist

BoredHuman Lyrics Generator

AI lyrics generator - BoredHumans
The best and quickest way to get lyrics using AI is with[Source- BoredHumans]

Lyrics Generator by BoredHuman is an easy-to-use tool where you only input two fields or you can completely generate lyrics for brainstorming. It can best fit for you to take ideas and expand your ideas for crafting your lyrics.

Key features of BoredHumans Lyrics Generator

✅ You can input your desired topic to get personalized lyrics.

✅ It offers you the style of the field where you can input any singer/style/brand name if you wish to have a song on their versions. 

Pricing of BoredHumans Lyrics Generator

  Free to use

Ratings and reviews of BoredHumans Lyrics Generator

  • No ratings and reviews yet


01 lyrics generator AI - ToolBaz
Create your lyrics with a user-friendly interface AI lyrics generator free, ToolBaz tools. [Source- ToolBaz]

ToolBaz is a platform that provides AI rap generator and AI lyrics generator tools that generate lyrics quickly and simply. It has an easy-to-use interface because the tool’s field is easily visible. 

Key features of ToolBaz

✅ It offers you only one input field in which you just have to enter a phrase or few words to get your rap lyrics or your song lyrics.

✅ You can choose the creativity level to customize your song.

Although it has only one input field I was curious to see its results. I only entered “Friendship” as input and set 10 at the creativity level and the result I got was amazing. I feel it can be a perfect tool for instant brainstorming for English songs. 

Honestly I got super excited after getting the results! 

02 AI lyrics generator - ToolBaz
Fill in one field and get the lyrics with ToolBaz AI Lyrics Generator. [Source- ToolBaz]

Pricing of ToolBaz

  Free to use

Ratings and reviews of ToolBaz


AI lyrics generator - WriteME
Get your lyrics faster and easier using the WritMe Song Lyrics Generator. [Source- WriteMe]

Song Lyrics Generator by WriteME is one of the best song lyrics generator AI that helps you craft lyrics easily and quickly by doing only 4 steps. It has an easy-to-use interface that allows you to create song lyrics simply. 

Key features of WriteMe

✅ You can get 20+ writing toned (convincing, etc.) so that it can help you create customized lyrics according to you.

✅ WriteMe song lyrics generator allows you to describe your song idea or topic of your song and can help you to input whatever you want to write in input.

✅ Choose from 40+ various songwriting use cases (Rap lyrics generator, Song topic generator, Freestylelyrics generator)  that allow you to craft different styles of lyrics.

✅ Supports lyrics in more than 30+ different languages to give you flexibility in generation.

Pricing of WriteMe

  Free to use

Ratings and reviews of WriteMe 

Get song lyrics done in less time than listening to a song 

Collaborating with AI can provide you with exciting results and help you to experiment with the song.

AI lyric generators are very powerful tools for musicians, songwriters, or if you’re looking to create original music for your company or yourself. These tools are similar to AI-based business tools, which have a range of features and capabilities, from generating lyrics and genres based on your input to providing you with personalized recommendations and creative inspirations.

Empower AI song lyrics generators to enhance your lyrics and get songs done faster. Grab the amazing song tools to craft your song easily with Artificial intelligence. 

Now go and get your own song!

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