Best AI Marketing Tools to Capture The Industry In 2024 and Beyond

Marketing does not have to be tedious! Here are the best ai marketing tools that will not only make marketing easy for you but also fun! Who doesn’t want to have a little fun while working? So get, set, and roll, with AI marketing tools.

From one marketer to another, take my word that your work profile is not limited to what your title says. You might be responsible for bringing organic traffic, but you never know when you might have to work on social media, or provide support during an ads campaign, or maybe help out with an email campaign. 

That’s the reality of marketing, you might be an expert in one thing but you need to be aware about other aspects as well. As fun as it is to grow in the field, it also becomes challenging if you are just doing hard work and not smart work alongside. 

Now what do I mean by smart work? I mean leveraging the right tools and the latest technology to speed up your work process, get more done in less time, and level up your productivity. 

Most of the time marketing is the game of trends and everytime an opportunity presents itself, you need to have a solution to grab it. AI marketing tools are that solution. Be it hopping on a social media trend quickly or getting engaging content for an email campaign – AI tools for marketing are what you need to do it all without much hassle. 

I have been in the marketing industry for over 5 years and I have been able to get my work of 7 hours done in four with the help of AI marketing tools. 

Today, I am going to give you my list of treasure, because at Unrola we do not gatekeep, rather we help you make AI work for you. 

Best AI marketing tools to become a top marketer in the industry 

Nonge into this holistic list of AI tools for marketing, ranging from AI social media tools to automation tools. There is a little something for everyone. 

Jasper – All things content marketing ✍

Jasper - ai content marketing software
Generate content that ranks and matches your brand’s voice with one of the most loved AI marketing tools, Jasper. [Source – Jasper]

If you are looking for an AI marketing software which can handle all kinds of content then Jasper is the one. This is the only tool you need be it for SEO content or for engaging ad copies. 

Jasper ensures that the content it is giving you, is specifically for your brand and not just another generic piece of non-value adding BS! It gives you the content that converts and thus you should not turn a blind eye towards this marketing gem. 

Key features of Jasper

  • Jasper’s brand voice feature helps it mimic your brand’s voice and style thus ensuring that you convey the message consistently on all channels and in congruence with your brand’s reputation in the market. 
  • It has 70+ pre-built templates to help you get a jumpstart in your marketing projects and just in case these are not enough then you can always have custom templates designed as per your brand. 
  • It can train on vast data and also save the insights regarding your brand to ensure that the content it is giving aligns with your goals. Also, it can further refine your already written content by suggesting improvements, paraphrasing it, and making it more engaging. 
  • It has a chrome extension as well so that you can utilize it’s AI capabilities on the go along with your favorite apps like Gmail and LinkedIn. 

Pricing of Jasper

  • Pro – USD 59/month/seat
  • Creator – USD 39/month/seat
  • Business – Custom pricing, feel free to connect with their team for the same

Rating and reviews of Jasper

  • 4.7 out of 5 (1236 reviews) on G2
  • 4.8 out of 5 (1824 reviews) on Capterra

Grammarly – Level up marketing content

Grammarly - free ai marketing tool
Unlock your marketing potential with Grammarly, one of the best AI tools for marketing needs that delivers error-free content and offers valuable suggestions! [Source – Grammarly]

Once the content is done, you also need a tool to improvise it with the highest standards possible. Grammarly is just the free AI marketing tool you need for it. 

It is an AI-powered writing tool that improves your writing skills by identifying grammatical errors and offering solutions for content enhancement. It can improve the quality of written communication, including emails, social media posts, marketing materials, and customer service responses.

The precision with which Grammarly detects my content’s grammar errors is truly impressive. It not only catches obvious mistakes like misspellings and punctuation errors but also identifies more complex grammatical issues such as subject-verb agreement, tense consistency, and sentence structure. 

This is exactly the reason why I am using it at all times even for writing a simple LinkedIn post. The confidence boost it gives is uncanny because you know your content cannot be touched grammatically and it is engaging as well. 

Key features of Grammarly

  • Grammarly increases the consistency of your writing style by making sure that the content is compatible in terms of tone, style, and formatting. 
  • Another aspect that sets Grammarly apart is its accessibility. It can be used across various platforms and applications, including web browsers, Google Docs, Gmail, and even social media platforms. Just think of a tool, and I assure you that Grammarly would work with it! 
  • It also has a plagiarism detector feature which detects whether the content is original or copied from some other source thus ensuring that your reputation is never compromised with. So go ahead and publish your content with dignity. 

Grammatical errors and poor tone can truly change how you are perceived in the industry so watchout for this tool! 

Grammarly - AI content marketing tool
Checkout the AI suggestions given by Grammarly, my personal favorite AI content marketing software, to improve the content. [Source – Grammarly]

Pricing of Grammarly

  • Free plan 
  • Premium plan starts at USD 12/month (Individual)
  • Business plan starts at USD 15/month (Team)

Rating and reviews of Grammarly

  • 4.7 out of 5 (5747 reviews) on G2
  • 4.8 out of 5 (6960 reviews) on Capterra

Ocoya – Social media redefined

Ocoya - ai marketing platform for social media
Effortlessly boost your social media presence with one of my favorite AI marketing tools – Ocoya. 
[Source –

Ocoya is one of the best AI marketing tools in the market for social media marketing and I can voice for it. If you have Ocoya then you need no other tool out there. From social media content creation, to designing graphics, to keeping an eye on the trends, to tracking performance – Ocoya will do it all for you. 

It offers several interesting integrations as well as Shopify which enables you to promote your product directly on social media. The tool has redefined the world of marketing by centralizing every task you can think of when it comes to social media management. 

Key features of Ocoya

  • Ocoya offers real-time insights, audit tools, and automation capabilities to ensure that you are getting the most out of your efforts.
  • It has an RSS feed where you can follow fields of your interest, keep track of the news and trends, and take inspiration from it to include in your social media strategy. 
  • It has the easiest drag-and-drop graphic design builder along with several pre-designed templates to give you a headstart. 
  • You can generate social media copies and captions within a minute by giving it the prompts as per your requirements. 
  • Finally, when all your tasks are done, just schedule the social media posts for multiple channels in one go and stay ahead of time with your targets. 

Ideate, design, publish all through one single dashboard and nail your social media strategy! 

Ocoya- One of the best social media tools
Automate your social media marketing tasks with AI marketing software, Ocoya. [Source – Ocoya]

Pricing of Ocoya

  • Bronze plan for individuals – USD 15/month, billed annually
  • Silver plan for growing teams – USD 39/month, billed annually
  • Gold plan for scaling businesses – USD 79/month, billed annually
  • Diamond plan for large organizations – USD 159/month, billed annually

Rating and reviews of Ocoya

  • 4.7 out of 5 (169 reviews) on G2
  • 4.6 out of 5 (330 reviews) on Capterra

Zapier – Automate up to half your tasks

You are not not a real marketing until you have had days of frustration from doing the same, tedious, manual tasks over and over again.

This frustration is what exactly makes you a marketer, because that;s when you start thinking of how you can speed-up this work or get rid of it altogether. Automating these tasks helps you do that and Zapier is the AI marketing assistant that helps you in automation. 

Zapier helps you automate repetitive tasks between two or more apps. There is no need for coding. When an event happens in one app, Zapier tells the other app to perform a particular action.

Even if you don’t have any technical knowledge, you can quickly design the automated workflows known as “Zaps”, without writing a single line of code. 

From sending automated email campaigns to getting alerts for lead generation, automate it all in just a zap! 

Key features of Zapier 

  • You can integrate a whoping number of 6,000+ apps to automate workflows between your CRM, email, social media, and so much more. Just go and explore right away! 
  • It provides real-time notifications and updates, based on your set triggers, keeping you informed about the status of your Zaps and ensuring smooth operations.
  • You can build entire marketing funnels with it by designing a workflow to nurture leads and finally converting them into customers. 
  • You don’t have to worry about data inconsistency anymore as it keeps your data synchronized on all platforms. 

So let the zaps handle your repetitive tasks while you focus on building your marketing strategy. We at Unrola are already doing it and thus growing exponentially. 

Zapier - one of the best AI marketing tools
 Zapier is one of the top-rated AI tools for digital marketing needs, as it automates repetitive tasks and boosts your productivity. [Source – Zapier]

Pricing of Zapier

  • Free!!
  • Starter – USD 19.99/month, billed annually
  • Professional – USD 49/month, billed annually
  • Teams – USD 69/month, billed annually
  • Company – You can reach out to their team for the same

Rating and reviews of Zapier

  • 4.5 out of 5 (1204 reviews) on G2
  • 4.6 out of 5 (2770 reviews) on Capterra

Pictory – A video generator for everyone

Pictory- one of the best AI mrketing tools
Transform words into captivating videos with Pictory AI and watch your business grow. [Source – Pictory]

Pictory was a surprise for me. I kid you not, I am so poor with designing aspects of marketing, that I straight up became the technical marketing girlie. However, fate has different plans for me and then I got Unrola as one of my projects and now I have to be a creative marketing chick as well who knows her designs and videos, and also knows how to get it all done. 

Well, it was a task, then I found Pictory, and now my videos are just as good as a pro video designer with the help of this AI marketing software. 

Do not believe me? Well it’s features will make you believe. 

Key features of Pictory

  • This AI tool for marketing can convert scripts into videos in no time, making your videos look so professional as if they have been meticulously designed. 
  • It has an AI powered video editing feature which can make your long videos into snippets for your social media and also remove filler words from it. 
  • It has a huge library of videos, audios, images, and music that are all royalty free!! 
  • It allows you to do voice narration or you can generate human AI voices as well if not in the mood. 
  • It can also generate auto-captions for your videos, literally leaving no task for you to do manually when it comes to video creation. 

Pricing of Pictory

  • Stater – USD 19/month, billed annually
  • Premium –  USD 39/month, billed annually
  • Team –  USD 99/month, billed annually

Rating and reviews of Pictory

  • 4.7 out of 5 (75 reviews) on G2
  • 4.7 out of 5 (79 reviews) on Capterra

Surfer SEO – Automate SEO efforts

Surfer- AI marketing tool
Surfer SEO stands out as the best AI tool for digital marketing, providing in-depth analysis and revealing the content score like no other. [Source – Surfer SEO]

SEO is one of the toughest branches of marketing and also the hardest to nail. Well, some of the best AI tools for marketing simplified it a bit. Surfer SEO is one of those tools. 

It is a cloud-based on-page optimization tool that helps you to analyze and differentiate your pages against what currently ranks on the SERPs. This tool offers an insightful and extensive analysis of what is exactly missing from your page, site, content, and more.

It works by analyzing the content of a page against “500+ on-page” signals. It also has a built-in keyword research tool to help you build topical authority by helping you discover and cluster keywords.

Key features of Surfer SEO

  • With Surfer SEO, you can analyze your competitors’ websites and gain a competitive edge by identifying areas for improvement.
  •  Surfer SEO offers a comprehensive backlink analysis, allowing you to monitor and improve your website’s link profile.
  • It helps you optimize your content by suggesting relevant keywords and providing guidance on keyword placement.
  • It can also do an overall site audit to help you find out what is lacking and what you can improve. 
Surfer- ai marketing software
Catch the wave of success with Surfer SEO. One of the best digital marketing AI tools that automates your content and SEO tasks. [Source – Surfer SEO]

Pricing of Surfer SEO

  • Essential – USD 89/month
  • Scale – USD 129/month
  • Scale AI – USD 219/month
  • Essential – USD 399/month, billed annually

Rating and reviews of Surfer SEO

  • 4.8 out of 5 (469 reviews) on G2
  • 4.9 out of 5 (375 reviews) on Capterra

Manychat – To automate customer communication

Manychat - one of the best AI tools for digital marketing
Create interactive chatbots that engage, answer queries, and offer personalized experiences with one of the best AI marketing tools for your marketing needs. [Source – Manychat]

It is time that you stop responding to frequent queries from customers manually and free up your team’s time to focus on handling more complex queries. 

Manychat is the AI marketing tool that will help you do that. 

How? Let’s find out! 

Manychat is a cloud-based tool that helps you automate your conversations with customers and can handle frequently asked queries from your customers. 

Manychat sends target messages and collects leads to drive user engagement on platforms like Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook. Thus, saving you a ton of time and helping you invest your resources in converting the customers. 

Key features of Manychat

  • It helps you automate your conversations on multiple platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and SMS and also allows you to manage multi-channel campaigns all in one centralized platform. 
  • This is a code-free solution and you can build your entire workflow with visual drag-and-drop builder.
  • It helps you segment your audience and then send personalized and highly targeted messages to each segment thus, increasing your conversions 

Pricing of Manychat

  • Forever free!!
  • Pro plan – USD 15/month
  • Premium – Custom pricing

Rating and reviews of Manychat

  • 4.6 out of 5 (140 reviews) on G2
  • 4.6 out of 5 (69 reviews) on Capterra

Browse AI – For data extraction and monitoring

Browse AI - straight from top ai tools for marketing
Extract and monitor any data with one of the top AI marketing tools – Browse AI. [Source – Browse AI]

The insights that you give to a brand to grow are what define you as a marketer. These insights can make or break a business, thus you constantly need to monitor certain pieces of data to ensure that you suggest the right step at the right time. 

But the question here is, how do you do that? Well for starters use an AI marketing assistant like Browse AI and then put your brains to use.

Browse AI has no-code web automation software that extracts and monitors structured data from any website on the internet. With Browse AI, you can train a robot to extract data by pointing and clicking.

Whether you’re tracking login information or want geolocation data, the tool is adaptable to various digital marketing needs, making it one of the best AI tools for you to expand your databases.

Key features of Browse AI

  • Browse AI can extract specific data from any website in the form of a spreadsheet that fills itself. Its AI can also automatically identify and capture the specific data you need, adapting to website changes.
  • It can run data extraction tasks for thousands of web pages simultaneously, saving you time.
  • Browse AI is also an AI tool for project management that simplifies collaboration by offering a whopping 7,000+ integrations with popular tools like Google Sheets, Airtable, Zapier, Pabbly, and many more.
  • Furthermore, Browse AI can mimic human interaction patterns to bypass anti-bot protections on websites making it an ideal tool to extract data. 

Pricing of Browse AI

  • Starter – USD 19/month billed annually
  • Professional – USD 99/month billed annually
  • Team – USD 249/month billed annually

Rating and reviews of Browse AI

  • 4.8 out of 5 (29 reviews) on G2
  • 4.4 out of 5 (39 reviews) on Capterra

AI tools for marketing to ‘market’ faster and better! 

If you are reading this, just know that once you start using these AI tools for marketing, there is no going back. These are addictive mostly because they make your life easier and get quality work done in no time. 

So try these at your own risk! 

You have the list of my favorite tools, I would suggest you try these out, and along with that explore some others too. AI is ruling the marketing industry, every single brand is adapting to it and so are marketing experts. 

So before it gets too late, hop onto the AI train and start performing better today with the best AI tools for digital marketing. 

Don’t worry, you don’t have to thank me.

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