Best AI Tools & Software for Project Management to Help You Succeed in 2024

Are you tired of managing multiple tasks, tracking team members, and overseeing processes? Well, AI project management tools are here to help! These tools create timelines, assign tasks to the right people, and provide real-time updates. It helps your team stay organized and continue to scale your business.

Hear me out okay! Hear me out! 

You cannot progress on your projects unless you are managing them. 

Louder for the people at the back meme

You can plan, you can execute but you won’t progress unless you are managing your projects and keeping an eye on your planning and execution. I know it sounds tedious and it also is. 

You and I are both here for one thing and those are project management tools. But I did my research and I found a way better solution which is AI project management tools. It’s okay, don’t bother thanking me, I’m just helping a fellow peer out here. 

I went one step further to help you make an easy decision and picked out top AI project management tools. So you do not have to spend even a minute surfing the internet to find a solution and you’ll also find some underrated tools here, which are not talked about enough but are amazing tools!

The top-tier 17 AI project management tools that you need to scale your business or as an individual

You can trust me blindly and pick any tool from the following list whichever suits your needs best because I tried and tested all of them individually and I have laid all the benefits in detail for you. 

Most of all, this is the no crap version of all the other lists you will find on the internet. Here, every single tool I mentioned is driven by AI so you can go ahead and try them all! 


Taskade - AI based project management tool
Manage your tasks with ease, by using Taskade’s in-built AI project management tools to organize your and manage your workflow. [Source – Taskade]

If you are looking for a tool that not only helps in project management but also helps your team get productive, then stop your search because you have found it. Taskade is the AI project management tool that can do both these things through its one centralized platform. 

It is a combination of five features in one that not only help you and your team in managing the projects but also support in brainstorming and building mind maps. It acts more like your second brain, which can organize everything for you while also giving you new ideas. 

Key features of Taskade  

  • You can deploy ‘AI Agents’ or can call it your virtual workforce. These agents can help you speed up up to 10x by acting as project assistants to get your work done and even design the best workflows for your team. 
  • You can chat with different AI about your tasks and projects by customizing their personas as per the expertise that you need. 
  • Just go ahead and jot down what is on your mind and Taskade, an AI project management tool will organize it just how you would like in your brain. It will also sync it with your notes in real time and finally, build connections and hierarchy within the docs to help you find them easily. 
Taskade- AI project management tool for teams
I generated an entire outline to write a blog using Taskade’s AI. Project management has never been easier as it is now! [Source – Taskade]

Pricing of Taskade  

  • Free!! 
  • Taskade Pro – USD 8 per user/ month, billed annually
  • Taskade for teams – USD 16 per user/ month, billed annually

Ratings of Taskade 

  • 4.6 stars (48 reviews) on G2
  • 4.7 stars (64 reviews) on Capterra


Zenhub- AI project management tool for SaaS brands
Zenhub – A top AI project management tool, specifically designed keeping SaaS companies and developer teams in mind. [Source – Zenhub]

Among all the AI based project management tools, Zenhub is one of the best out there especially if you are a SaaS company who wants to maximize the output of your team. With Zenhub you will be able to focus on the work that truly matters and leave the manual administrative and management tasks to it. 

It helps you improve your efficiency but working smarter and not harder. 

Key features of Zenhub  

  • It has sprint views and planning processes, as the name suggests these help you speed up your tasks. You have a daily sprint view feed where you can check everyday tasks on the go, get a summary of the tasks and also see how your previous sprints have been. 
  • You don’t need to micromanage your team as with its AI run project management software you can give reviews, take feedback, and also have an AI powered acceptance criteria to reduce dependency on each other. 
  • It provides you with real-time roadmaps, you do not have to manually track anything. Just check your roadmap and find out where you are in terms of completing the projects and which projects are at risk so you can mitigate the risk automatically. 
  • Leave the guess for something else because with Zenhub’s AI project management capabilities you get detailed insights into your work progress and where you can improve. It can be shared if you are running behind targets or doing better than expected. 
  • Your development team never to leave GitHub and deal with the frustration of switching context and tools. They can stay within GitHub and yet plan, track and share reports on their work. 

Pricing of Zenhub  

  • Teams Plan – USD 8.33 per user/month 
  • Enterprise plan – Please connect with their team to get more details

Ratings of Zenhub

  • 4.3 stars (34 reviews) on G2
  • 4.4 stars (34 reviews) on Capterra


Mem - AI project management tools to organiuze notes
Manage your notes without actually having to organize them manually using AI project management tool Mem. [Source – Mem]

I am a highly disorganized person, who is always frolicing here and there, and writing things on the go as the idea strikes me. Creativity and ideas cannot be thought of, they need to be written right away. But then comes the question of how to manage these and interlink there, or find these at the time of need? 

The answer is use Mem, a project management tool with AI that is capable of managing your thoughts, organizing them, and eventually helping you find them. 

Mem is a note-taking app that organizes your ideas and thoughts as you keep writing them. Best part? You do not have to bother about putting them in respective folders, since it can understand the context and create connections between your new note and the existing ones. 

Key features of Mem  

  • You can dig up any note you want no matter how long back or you write it or how big or small it is. Just ask Mem the right questions and what you need and it will dig it up from your notes in the form of answers and summarization and even original content, as you need it. 
  • Your notes do not have to be related to each other to be found out, you never have to manually organize your notes, yet you will be able to see all the related notes side by side with Mem AI project management tool. 
  • No need to remember your tagging system or organized folders, as Mem can do it for you and build organized collections and can give in time suggestions as well when in need. 
  • It offers real time sync even when working offline, and you can also build a collaborative space to share your ideas. 
  • You do not have to worry about your previous notes stored in your other note taking apps, you can simply import from them be it Notion or Evernote, Mem can import your notes with ease. 
  • Best of all it also has a native iOS app so you can use it on the go as well. 

Pricing of Mem  

  • Mem – USD 14.99/month
  • Mem Teams – Please connect with their team to know the pricing. 

Ratings of Mem

Forecast App 

Forecast App - AI project management software
With one of the best AI project management tools, Forecast App, don’t just manage your projects but also resources and finances. [Source – Forecast App]

A well managed project is the one where you are not just getting the project completed but also getting it completed with the right budget keeping resources in check. However, when working in flow it is understandable we lose the grip of what we have spent, at that point you need a tool that puts you in the right direction again. 

Forecast App, one of the best AI project management tools, helps you in doing that. It helps you not only manage your projects but also your resources both human and financial. Track the work progress and along with that, get insights on it as well in terms of finances as well as team work. 

A holistic AI project management platform, ready to be used is out there and you have just found out about it, so gear up and start working on your next project right away. 

Key features of Forecast  

  • Get risk warnings at the right time so you can optimize your workflow before your project goes downhill. This AI based project management tool proactively highlights the red flags in your process helping you stay on track. 
  • You can upload files, run projects, and set priorities for what needs to be done, so that your team is always aware of the direction they need to work in, thus, improving their focus. 
  • You can pull out real time reports anytime to know your baseline, where you are standing, and the profit and loss margin. Stay ahead of your spendings to plan better. 
  • Forecast App AI project management tool gives you a centralized platform to manage your team. You can plan the workload of your team members, keep in check their capacity and performance, and also know when you need to hire so you are not spending redundantly. 

Pricing of Forecast App  

They have one pricing plan called Core, providing all the features. To know about the details of pricing you can connect with their team. 

Ratings of Forecast App  

  • 4.5 stars (61 reviews) on GetApp


Fireflies- AI project management tool
Fireflies, an AI project management tool to manage meetings well so you can manage your projects better. [Source – Fireflies]

Can any project be managed without meetings?

Hell no! 

Meetings are the core of project management and thus Fireflies should be the core of your meetings. Fireflies is one of the best AI project management tools specially designed for your meetings. It can join your meetings like just another member and record and transcribe you for them, while you indulge in brainstorming and ideation sessions. 

It organizes all your meetings in one place and creates a collaborative database for your team. Not just record and transcribe it can also understand the sentiments, emotions, and tone used in the meetings by your team members to help you improve your meeting communication. 

Fireflies play a major role in project management and speeding up your workflow, it can auto generate meeting notes, action items, and outline the entire meeting with time stamps. 

Meeting notes automatically generated by Fireflies AI project and meeting management tool post an informational meeting with my team. [Source – Fireflies
Fireflies simplified my job by generating action items right after the meeting, and all my team has to do was get started with the project! [Source – Fireflies
Not just notes and action items, Fireflies AI project management tool also gave me an outline of the entire meeting that too as per time stamps. [Source – Fireflies]

Key features of Fireflies

  • It can be integrated with your CRMs and within your workflow, add tasks for you on voice command, and keep your entire team in loop. 
  • It can quickly summarize the meetings for you, getting you a glimpse into one hour long meeting within 5 minutes. 
  • It can create minutes of the meetings and soundbites for you and your team to get started on your projects. You can also share these meeting notes easily on your communication apps like Notion, Slack, and Asana. 
  • This is a dynamic AI based project management tool which can be used across various industries including sales, engineering, recruiting, education, marketing, and even podcasts and media. 
  • It comes with a Chrome extension to automatically capture calls from apps like Google Meet, Loom, and Bubbles and has its API as well to process audio and calls. 
Fireflies- AI based project and meeting management tool
Get minutes of the meeting from your AI project management tool for meetings – Fireflies. Discuss and start executing while Fireflies builds action points automatically for you. [Source – Fireflies
Get an overview of the entire meeting within 5 minutes through the meet summary generated by Fireflies, AI project management tool. [Source – Fireflies
I missed out on important bits during the meeting so Fireflies offered to generate sound bites for me, what more could I ask for now? [Source – Fireflies]

Pricing of Fireflies

  • Free!! If you re just starting out 
  • Pro – USD 10 per seat/month billed annually
  • Business – USD 19 per seat/month billed annually
  • Enterprise – USD 39 per seat/month billed annually

Ratings of Fireflies

  • 4.8 stars (380 reviews) on G2
  • 4.2 stars (9 reviews) on Capterra


Motion - AI based project management tool to organize your day
Your AI personal assistant, Motion, is one of the best AI based project management softwares to plan your team’s tasks and priorities throughout the day. [Source – Motion]

Looking for an efficient assistant you do not bug you every now and then and automatically plans your day based on your priorities, then stop and try Motion out. Motion is an AI project management tool that ensures your projects are on track by planning your entire day based on your priorities. 

Your team no longer has to spend time manually building their to-dos and planning their calendars, motion can do it for them. 

Key features of Motion  

  • It understands the importance of time and individual planners, thus it gets you everything ready before the beginning of the day. It can also dynamically optimize your schedule dozens of times in a day based on your activities keeping you up-to-date automatically. 
  • Reduce ambiguities and know exactly what to do next and turn a huge task into a plan that just needs to be executed without worrying about time management and deadlines, Motion will take care of those. 
  • Motion has its own algorithm called ‘​​The Happiness Algorithm’, they named it such because once motion is done sorting your day, you feel happy, accomplished, and satisfied. It is a one a kind algorithm, and definitely worth trying. 
  • You can combine multiple calendars with Motion to build a highly functional to-do for the day. 
  • It can help you arrange meetings in a second. It builds meeting scheduling pages for you showing your availability based on your calendar. 
Motion - AI project management assistant
Motion, an AI project management tool, can set your to-do and everyday calendar based on the deadline of your tasks and can prioritize them accordingly. [Source – Motion]

Pricing of Motion  

  • Individual – USD 19 per month, billed annually/ USD 34 billed monthly
  • Team – USD 12 per user / month, billed annually/ USD 20 billed monthly

Ratings of Motion  

  • 4 stars (87 reviews) on G2
  • 4.3 stars (44 reviews) on Capterra


ClickUp- AI project management tool for collaboration
Click Up your workflow with ClickUp, everyone’s favorite AI project management tool. [Source – ClickUp]

If you are looking to scale and you are looking to scale at an uncatchable speed then there is no better tool than ClickUp for you. It has automated everything down to point zero and along with it has provided AI assistance to you- making it one of the best AI tools for business

What more can we even ask for at this point? 

Key features of ClickUp  

  • It helps you accelerate your projects as it can automate your manual tasks with AI. For instance, it can auto generate sub-tasks from the task description and comment threads and even give updates autonomously. 
  • You can summarize your long notes and even meeting notes within 30 seconds and further get action points generated all within seconds. 
  • The AI also helps you brainstorm ideas. From campaign ideas to event planning, you can get it all. Maybe even ask ClickUp AI to devise a strategic workflow for project management. That would be smart! 
  • They have done their homework and have an inventory of 100+ handcrafted and well researched tools that are specifically designed for various job profiles and roles.
  • You get 15 FREE project management templates to get a kickstart. Combine those templates with the power of ClickUp AI and you will be unstoppable.  
Get a list view of your progress with ClickUp AI project maagement Tool
Get your tasks organized in a tabular manner and on the basis of priorities to keep things on track with AI project management in ClickUp. [Source – ClickUp]
ClickUp- AI project management tool for collaboration
Add details of the task that needs to be taken up by your team and let AI generate the summary for you in ClickUp AI project management tool. [Source – ClickUp]

Pricing of ClickUp

  • FREE forever – For personal use 
  • Unlimited – USD 7 per member/monthly 
  • Business – USD 12 per member/monthly
  • Enterprise – Please connect with sales team for desired information 

Ratings of ClickUp

  • 4.7 stars (9,405 reviews) on G2 
  • 4.7 stars (4,022 reviews) on Capterra 


Get overview of all your task progress with Notion AI project management tool
Get an overview of all your workspaces in one click with Notion, one of the best AI project management tools. [Source – Notion

AI is no joke- it is the future and we all can see it already! From creating life-like images from AI art prompts to getting answers to all your questions, AI has everything in store for you.  

Notion has taken it very seriously and the tool goes up a notch every time I try it out. We all know it captured the market when it came. It is aiming to do the same again with the AI features and assistance that it has started providing. 

Brace yourself because you are going to be baffled since now you can plan, execute, and manage all in one place but at a faster pace with AI. 

Key features of Notion AI  

In their own words they are providing ‘out of the box functionality’ and I couldn’t agree more. 

  • Generate meetings summaries, follow ups, projects updates and make your work process efficient yet speedy with the AI autofill feature. 
  • Create a strategy with their project management functionality and build the outline and brief for your team using the Notion AI. 
  • To write a project plan you can take assistance from Notion AI to conceptualize or come up with new ideas. 
  • Keep your team informed about takeaways and growth with Notion AI, list your learnings and feedback in one place in a retro doc and help your team level up together. 
Manage your propeject pipeline with Notion AI project management tool
Of course I wasn’t gonna share the company data with you, what did you think huh!? Anyway, coming to the point, with Notion you can customize your AI project management workflow as you please. [Source – Notion
Manage individual tasks and projects with Notion AI project management
Add subtasks within your main task in the form of a checklist and go on with clearing tasks from your card as you keep completing them and keep your workflow on track with AI project management tool Notion.
[Source –

Pricing of Notion AI

  • Free – Best for personal use 
  • Plus – USD 10 per member/monthly
  • Business – USD 18 per member/monthly 
  • Enterprise – You need to connect wit the sales team for further information

Ratings of Notion AI

  • 4.7 stars (5,210 reviews) on G2 
  • 4.7 stars (2,122 reviews) on Capterra 


Create-organize-manage your tasks with Wrike_s AI based project management tool
Streamline your tasks with Wrike’s AI based project management tool. [Source – Wrike

Change the way you work forever with Wrike- because once you use the tool, you won’t be able to go back! Talking from experience, I am addicted to the tool. 

The progress reports and 360 degree overview of the risk factors involved is what has kept me hooked to the tool. Watch out because this is just the start and it has a lot more to offer, thus also making the cut to be one of the top AI productivity tools in the market

Key features of Wrike 

  • The AI keeps providing you insights to mitigate the risk factors so that you and your team can prevent delays, utilize the resources judiciously, and never lose sight of timelines. 
  • AI can get you action points laid out within seconds just by going through your meeting and project notes. Not just that but it can also get subtasks from your notes and lay down a systematic task list. 
  • It provides automatic intelligent suggestions to make your workflows more efficient and change them as per your goals’ needs so as to achieve your targets at speed. Nothing ‘sluggish’ is allowed here! 
  • Their work assistant is also the educational wizard that has questions to all your answers. The intelligent search is even a step further and helps you optimize and minimize the steps in your research steps. 
Get Gannt charts view of your progress with Wrike AI project management software
Get the view of your task progress in the form of Gantt charts with AI project management software Wrike. [Source – Wrike
Get overview of your entire month with Wrike AI project management tool
Get an overview of your tasks in a calendar view with one of the best AI project management tools Wrike. [Source – Wrike

Pricing of Wrike

  • Free – For teams getting started 
  • Team – USD 9.80 per member/monthly
  • Business – USD 24.8 per member/monthly 
  • Enterprise – Connect with their sales team for further info
  • Pinnacle – Wrike’s sales team can provide you with more information

Ratings of Wrike

  • 4.2 stars (3,636 reviews) on G2 
  • 4.3 stars (2,590 reviews) on Capterra 

Asana Intelligence [Asana] 

Asana- One of the best AI project management tools
My personal favorite AI management software Asana has all the features you need to pace up your team and grow. [Source – Asana
Manage daily-weekly-monthly tasks with Asana AI project management tool
Add subtasks within your tasks, set a due date, and give a detailed description of your tasks to ensure your team is always on track with Asana. [Source – Asana

‘A smarter way to work.’ 

Asana has taken this one notch up with their Asana Intelligence. As if the tool wasn’t already doing enough. Huh! Asana has been giving a tough competition to all the project management tools already and with Asana Intelligence it is now making everyone tremble. 

Now Asana is not just a project management tool, but also an AI tool for sales that guarantees growth

Asana Intelligence helps you set smart goals, smart status updates, gives smart answers and overall, makes your growth steady and well- smart!  

Key features of Asana Intelligence  

Asana sums up everything with one word – Smart so don’t blame me if you see that too much while you are here. 

  • Set smarter goals by giving a quick glimpse of what you want to achieve and AI will get you realistic goals to achieve as per your earlier performances. 
  • Get quick and smart answers from Asana regarding updates, insights about projects, and next steps by asking questions in simple language. 
  • Damn what! You don’t even have to spend time designing the workflows. Just tell AI what you need and it will get you a smart workflow designed that matches exactly what a specific goal needs to be achieved. 
  • Its smart digests feature helps you get a summary of tasks so you can track where you are standing, what more you need to do, and pace up accordingly.  
  • Most of all, reduce the hassle of onboarding and training. Use the smart onboarding feature in Asana that will help the new member get up-to-date with what is happening within the team, on Asana and drive them to make an immediate impact. 
Asana Intelligence - for AI project management
Manage your onboarding with AI project management tool Asana. [Source – Asana
Enhance cross-functional collaboration with Asana Intelligence AI project management software
Streamline your work processes from beginning to end by adding customized fields with Asana Intelligence AI based project management software. [Source – Asana

Pricing of Asana Intelligence

  • Starter – USD 10.99 per member/monthly 
  • Advanced – USD 24.99 per member/monthly 
  • Enterprise – Asana’s team can provide your with more information

Ratings of Asana Intelligence

  • 4.3 stars (9,777 reviews) on G2 
  • 4.5 stars (12,406 reviews) on Capterra 


AI project management tool Spinach gives you an overview of upcoming meetings
Get an overview of your meetings and also invite Spinach to make notes and summaries to improve your project management process. [Source –

Just like spinach is healthy for your health and soul, is healthy for your project management. Spinach is a smart tool for your meetings which helps you regulate and manage your projects by automating the process of attending meetings, making notes, and then finally deciding the agenda for them. 

It simplifies your project management in a unique manner and thus, it made the cut in my very precious list!

Key features of Spinach  

  • It attends the meeting like you and I and makes our job 10X easier by automatically generating summaries and sharing them in your team spaces or groups. You also have the control to edit your summaries before Spinach shares them. 
  • It also notes down the action points and can turn action points into tickets by integrating with your project management tools. 
  • It does not rupture your existing workflow, rather becomes a part of it and facilitates project management by integration with your CRM, communication tools, and other project management tools like ClickUp, Asana, and Notion. 

You can add Spinach to your daily meetings to take summaries and make project management easier.
Invite Spinach to your meetings as you please and make it take notes for you and give you action points for the same later on. [Source –
You can integrate spinach with your Slack account as well to keep everyone on same page about meetings and project management.
Spinach can also be integrated with the widely used communication tool Slack. What more are you looking for? Go and try it out. [Source –

Pricing of Spinach

Free – For basic use with multiple limitations 

Pro – USD 49 per month 

Enterprise – it is for very large teams and you need to connect with your sales team for more information

Ratings of Spinach

  • 4.6 stars (25 reviews) on G2 
  • 4.9 stars (33 reviews) on Product Hunt


Kanban View in Trello for AI project management
Manage your pipelines in Kanban boards with Trello and automate your workflow up to 30%. [Source – Trello

Trello is my ultimate favorite! Why? The tool’s interface- the Kanban board view is what has kept me hooked to Trello. I use it not just for my team’s task but to keep a track of my own progress as well as various options that it has like adding checklists, adding due dates. 

These are some classic features that make Trello pretty much everyone’s favorite tool but today what makes it even better is the Strategy AI power up that it offers- making it a generative AI tool for work management. Once you try it out, you can reduce your dependency on Excel sheets and manual reporting. 

Key features of Trello  

  • You can bring your strategies to life and deliver results by using what they refer to as strategy profiling. In this, it builds your strategy profile on the basis of tasks, projects, project releases, and your team’s workload. It then returns your scores in the form of strategy alignment score. 
  • Maintain a work cycle in which you prioritize strategically, and put revenue generating tasks on priority. 
  • It gives you insights on your burn down rates both cyclic and strategic. 
  • You get clear insights of the workload that your team has and you can adjust tasks accordingly for each member of your team. 
AI project management tool- Trello to add due dates and labels on tasks.
Keep close track of your tasks by setting due dates, and watching the cards. You can even automate notifications to give a reminder about the due tasks to the assignee. [Source – Trello

Pricing Trello

  • Free- For small teams
  • Standard- USD 6 per member/monthly
  • Premium- USD 12.50 per member/monthly
  • Enterprise- USD 17.50 per member, per month but billed annually

Ratings of Trello

  • 4.4 stars (13,493 reviews) on G2 
  • 4.5 stars (23,109 reviews) on Capterra top AI project management tool
Get a glimpse of your entire workflow in the same dashboard with AI powered project management tool. [Source –
Set priority for your projects with AI project management software
Set and track your tasks on the basis of their priority and manage workflow accordingly with AI project management tool [Source –

You know why made it to my tool list for AI project management because it makes your Mondays better. 

I know I made you chuckle, but I am not kidding, the tool truly does make your Mondays better when you see your entire workflow streamlined. All updates are on your fingertips and your entire team is on track for their tasks. 

This does not end here, now the tool also offers an AI assistant that makes everything better with its suggestions. One click and you are done!

Key features of  

  • You can get a kickstart in your tasks everyday of week with its AI feature that turns your project ideas into actionable tasks. 
  • Before you drop a comment or connect with the colleague, let the AI assistant proofread your texts and also improve them for you so that you can convey exactly what you intend to say. 
  • If you dread writing emails then is going to be your favorite tool because its AI offers email template suggestions as per your desired response. 
  • You can get large documents summarized into small key points so you don’t have to spend time skimming through to find the right points. 
Choose integrations to automate your AI project management with
Automate your workflow by manifolds with 60+ integrations offered by, an AI based project management software. [Source –

Pricing of

  • Basic – USD 9 per member/monthly 
  • Standard – USD 12 per member/monthly 
  • Pro – USD 19 per member/monthly 
  • Enterprise – Connect with their sales team to know more and better 

Ratings of

  • 4.7 stars (10,578 reviews) on G2 
  • 4.6 stars (4,652 reviews) on Capterra 


The very fun and inituitive dashboard of AI project management tool Ayanza
The colorful and quirky dashboard of Ayanza is not just good to look at but also good to use to streamline your AI project management from A to Z. [Source – Ayanza]  

If you want the warm, fuzzy, cuddly feeling for yourself and your team members then Ayanza is the tool that can provide you with that. Their selling point is that they help teams build a culture of learning and support by managing projects in a manner where goals are crystal clear and everyone’s ideas shine. 

The classic Ayanza helps you stay focused by streamlining your project flows and by managing your task, the evolved Ayanza provides you with added support through AI. 


Key features of Ayanza   

  • It offers several templates for managing workflows and also to manage team’s health they have templates under the umbrella called Rhythms. These rhythms set the rhythm straight for your team members as well. 
  • It offers the Newsfeed feature that helps you stay on top of all the things your team is doing. 
  • The AI teammate is going to be your bestie and your favorite colleague as it helps you brainstorm ideas, can think for you, write for you, and answer all your queries as well. 
  • The OKR modules keep everyone on track. All the teammates know what to prioritize and thus their actions are focused in the right direction. Thus, Ayanza is an ideal AI tool for small businesses to scale faster
  • Your relationship might be a mess but your work does not have to be. Communication is the key, and Ayanza knows it. It keeps your communication links to your tasks and projects through their chat and channels feature. 
Manage projects based on priority with Ayanza AI based project management tool (1)
Add tasks in the form of cards and manage them on the basis of priority and due dates with Ayanza, project management tool. [Source – Ayanza
Manage team health with Rhytyms in Ayanza an AI project management software
AI project management also manages your team’s health and mental well-being with Ayanza’s Rhythms that help your team members share their feelings to help them progress both personally and professionally. [Source – Ayanza
Conect with Ayanza AI and get answers to all your questions and make project management easy
Connect with Ayanza’s AI assistant and get answers to all your questions to speed up your work and submission and ace AI project management. [Source – Ayanza

Pricing of Ayanza

  • Free – Up to 5 users and 200 docs 
  • Premium – USD 6 per member/monthly 
  • Ultra – USD 15 per member/monthly 
  • Enterprise – Just like others, you need to connect with their team to know better 

Ratings of Ayanza

  • 5 stars (1 review) on G2 
  • 4 stars (1 review) on Capterra 


Basecamp- Top AI project management tool
Keep an eye on everything your team is managing with Basecamp’s easy to manage dashboard.
[Source –

“Not everything under the sun, just the stuff to get things done.” – Basecamp Team 

They don’t have everything yet they have everything to get your work done.  Basecamp is an AI project management tool that helps you glide through your work and finish it like a pro! Unlike many other tools in the market, it is also not in the business of minting money. 

These features are what makes it the favorite tool for all SMBs as well as enterprise level businesses. Because it can streamline a small project with 2 branches and also a vast project with 1000 branches. 

No doubt my team and I are also users of Basecamp! 

Key features of Basecamp 

  • It has the Kanban view on its board that helps you scroll through your pipeline easily. You can add timelines, mention your team in comments and connect with them as well 1:1 keeping communication top-notch.
  • It gives you a lineup of all your tasks, day wise, that helps you know what you need to put on priority thus automatically keeps your teammates on track. 
  • It does not have AI features within it because they believe in keeping things simple and hey, we love that here! But it offers a ton of integrations that can help you automate your reporting with AI. Not just that but they also offer integrations on the basis of industries as well. 
Keep track of all activities easily with Basecamp AI based project management tool
I never miss a notification because Basecamp’s activity section helps me stay on top of all the things my team is taking care of. [Source – Basecamp]  
Keep track of your Individual assignements with AI project management tool Basecamp
With Basecamp’s AI based project management tool, I can manage my individual tasks as well just by opening ‘my stuff’ section which gives me an overview of everything I have to work on today and also the following days. [Source – Basecamp

Pricing of Basecamp

  • Pro Unlimited – Everything unlimited just in USD 58 billed annually

Ratings of Basecamp

  • 4.1 stars (5,278 reviews) on G2 
  • 4.3 stars (14,427 reviews) on Capterra 


Mailbutler AI project mangement tool and inbox declutterer
Manage your entire inbox with just a few clicks using Mailbutler, a smart AI project management tool.
 [Source –

To manage your projects well you need to manage your inbox well. If your inbox is cluttered your projects will be too and that’s something you cannot afford. So to solve this problem, I bring you MailButler that helps you sort out your inbox and speed up email management. 

It is an extension, loved by all and here are all the reasons why. 

Key features of Mailbutler  

  • It ensures that you never miss a task by creating the task in your Gmail, outlook, and apple mail and turn it into actionables for you. 
  • If you do not want to address an email right away then you can add the due date to it and move it into to-dos for later. 
  • You can automate your tasks by setting triggers for instance, a mail automatically gets removed from to-do if responded to already. 
  • It can also be integrated with a ton of other tools that you are using in your workflows thus further simplifying your project management. 

Pricing of Mailbutler

  • Tracking – USD 4.95 per user/month 
  • Professional – USD 8.95 per user/month 
  • Smart – USD 14.95 per user/month 
  • Business – USD 32.96 per user/month 

Ratings of Mailbutler

  • 4.8 stars (86 reviews) on Capterra
  • 4.4 stars (62 reviews) on G2


One of the best AI project management tools - BeforeSunset
Sunsetters never miss a sunset because AI project management tool BeforeSunset helps them close all their tasks before the day ends. [Source – BeforeSunset

The name of all the project management tools are making me crack up. But BeforeSunset has set new heights. Hah! 

“Okay Srishti hold your horses and start talking about it now, we love the name, tell us about the tool.” 

Well just as its name suggests, the tool intends to get your work done ‘before sunset’- pun intended. The tool is crazyyy good! I think the number of ‘y’s are giving it away how much I like the tool. 

Guess why? Because the tool not only helps in managing your work flows but also makes you more focused. It can keep track of how much time you spent on which hour, it has a focus mode as well, the cherry on top is the team feed where you can track the activities of your teammates as well. 

If you aren’t sold already then don’t worry because that’s not it, there’s more! 

Key features of BeforeSunset

  • Their AI helps you plan your entire day in just one click. It can get your calendar ready keeping in mind the priorities, breaks, as well as the time required for a certain task. 
  • You can have your personal as well as collaborative tasks lined up all at one place but give access to only what concerns your team members so your privacy is intact. 
  • They have a well defined analytics page as well which gives you clear insights on your individual progress, team progress, as well as comparative data. 
Let BeforeSunset AI project management tool help you plan your day
BeforeSunset planned my entire day for me in calendar format so I can set my priorities straight and work accordingly. Thanks to its AI based project management software. [Source – BeforeSunset
Track project progress with analytics from BeforeSunset AI project management tool
Track your work progress through AI generated analytics by BeforeSunset that make your AI project management easier than ever. [Source – BeforeSunset]

Pricing of BeforeSunset

  • Free – Free forever valid for small teams 
  • Personal Pro – USD 49 lifetime deal 
  • Team Pro – Starting USD 99 lifetime deal 

Ratings of BeforeSunset

  • 4.8 stars (32 reviews) on G2 
  • 5 stars (6 reviews) on Capterra 

Ace the pace with AI project management tools in 2024 

Things are so fast these days that I blinked my eyes and I lost a product while I was just proceeding to checkout. Small misses result in big losses. I just lost a top, but if you are not moving mast enough you might lose your dream project. 

To move fact you need to manage better and to manage tasks better you need support of AI. Because when everyone around you is leveraging the tech, then you need even better tech! 

Well, now you have the best of tech at your disposal to organize and complete your tasks at speed. Sit and scale while AI does the hard chore.

Stay tuned with Unrola because we help you make AI work for you!

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