Best AI Tattoo Generator Tools to Get Funky Tattoo Designs

Artguru, BlackInk, and LightX, are some of the best AI tattoo generators you can use to bring your most crazy tattoo ideas to life, just the way you want! Give them a try and get a virtual tattoo right away.

I am a newbie when it comes to the world of tattoos but I am surrounded by friends who are like tattoo veterans with 3-4 tattoos and on their way to get more. Watching them get inked does fascinate me and I also get tempted to get a tattoo. 

But then the reality hits, and tattoos seem like a huge commitment. 

What if I don’t like it later? 

What if it does not suit my body part? 

What if that is not my style? 

These are the common questions that I get clouded by and what makes it even worse is the study that says that 78% of people regret their tattoos. I do not want to be one of them. 

So what to do? Well, technology is reaching new heights every day, and all this technology for what if it cannot even save me from tattoo regret? 

This thought or more like the fear of making a huge mistake in the form of a tattoo got me to discover AI tattoo generators. 

Whoever said that ‘there is an AI for everything’ was right. I found a way to get tattoos on me without actually getting them on me and now I am sharing that with you. Not just that, but this list is also full of tools that will help you get your crazy, sassy, out of the box tattoo ideas to life. 

Let me tell you that this list has been curated after trying 15+ AI tattoo generators and each and every tool here made the cut only because of the features it offered. 

Find your personal tattoo style with 11 of my favorite AI tattoo generators 

If you are a tattoo fanatic or even a novice like me, you need an AI tattoo generator to get your next design. If you have not tried one yet, then trust me you are missing out on a lot but you won’t anymore! Here is the list of all the tattoo generators that you need for any and every kind of tattoo. 

BlackInk AI

If you are tired of scrolling through Pinterest all day long to find the perfect tattoo to get inked then BlankInk is the tool for you. Why? Because it gets you a unique tattoo design within seconds and has a million tattoo designs for you to choose from. 

In the end if you are still not satisfied with that, then it can get your unique tattoo-imagination to life as well. 

The best part about the tool is that you can give it a try for free. I took the opportunity and got a few tattoo designs for myself. The tool has 3 main products within the AI tattoo generator. 

AI Generated tattooes by BlackInk AI
I got my serpent tattoo design in dotwork style from BlackInk AI tattoo generator. [Source BlackInk AI

The AI tattoo designer is from where you can get tattoo designs within seconds, all you need to do is give the prompt and also the style or kind of tattoo style you want and you will have a tattoo design with you within 30 seconds. It is as simple as using an AI image generator

BlankInk AI also has one more cool feature called ‘Upload + Tattooify.’ With Upload + Tattooify, you can convert your favorite photo into a tattoo art.If you want your pet’s face imprinted on your hand, go ahead and give this tool a try to get a hyper-realistic tattoo. 

AI Tattoo Idea Generator - BlackInk AI
BlackInk AI tattoo generator not only gets you tattoo designs but also tattoo ideas and prompts to get perfect designs. [Source – BlackInk AI

Oh there is more! The tool also has a tattoo idea generator, if you have a clumsy tattoo design in your head and you are unable to point a finger on what you want then do this-  just add your favorite things, your profession, things you like within the tool and you’ll have plenty of tattoo design ideas to choose from. 

Key features of BlackInk AI

You have multiple artistic styles to choose from such as dotted, black, geometric and sketches to choose from to ensure you get the closest or exact tattoo design as you desire. 

You get everything- from tattoo ideas and inspirations to full fledged designs within 30 seconds, all you have to do is find a tattoo artist now. 

Every single design generated is unique, even if you have given the same prompt and ideas, the results will be 100% unique and specifically ‘for you.’

You can get literally anything converted into a tattoo with the Upload + Tattooify feature- Upload the images and get a tattoo design in seconds,

Pricing of BlackInk AI

Monthly Annually 
💰USD 15💰USD 72

Customer ratings of BlackInk AI

The tool might not have enough reviews online, but I assure you that this is one of the best AI tattoo generators and you should not miss out on this one. 

Artguru AI

Artguru- Free AI Tattoo Generator
Artguru AI has an extremely easy to use AI tattoo generator, using which you can get the design and size of your tattoo as per your requirements. [Source – Artguru AI]

If you are looking for sassy yet colorful tattoo designs, Artguru AI is the tool for you. All you need to do is give your vision to it and the tool will do wonders in getting you a tattoo which is highly customized as per your prompts. 

Also, you never know it might even surpass your expectations and surprise you! 

Artguru- Generate AI tattoos in no time
Realistic rose tattoo design generated by AI tattoo generator Artguru AI as per my prompt. The tool also gave me some suggestions for prompts to improve my design. [Source- Artguru AI]

Key features of Artguru AI

You get highly personalized results within seconds based on your inputs about the kinds of tattoo you desire. 

You have limitless color options, from classic stark black to vibrant reds, you can choose any for your tattoos. Along with that you can choose the ratios as well of your tattoos to ensure everything is close to perfection in your design. 

The tattoo generation is time efficient, it might take a minute or two sometimes but hey good things take time! 

Get precise AI art prompt recommendations if you are not sure how to guide the tool. You can use those recommendations as it is or customize them as per your style. 

Pricing of Artguru AI

Monthly Annually 
💰USD 9.99, 1000 Credits💰USD 39.99, 12000 Credits

Customer ratings of Artguru AI

Not enough reviews are there for the tool, looks like people are missing out on an amazing tool, but you are not one of them anymore. 


Fotor- AI tattoo Generator
You can figure out that I am obsessed with dark tattoo designs, but the credit goes to Fotor’s AI tattoo generator for getting me on point tattoo designs. [Source – Fotor

2024 is the year of customizations and there is no reason why you should be copying and getting the same few famous tattoo designs. This year explore more options and get unique designs for you to get inked. Fotor is the tool that will help you with just that! 

Fotor is one of the best graphic design AI tools that branches into tattoo generation as well. With it you can visualize and customize both text and image tattoos and keep doing that until you are satisfied. 

I am talking from experience only. I gave the tool a try and it took me 1 minute total to get a design ready. I gave the laziest prompt ever and I got one of the most creative tattoo designs that will catch anyone’s eye and make my personality outshine in the room. 

It’s an easy to use tool so just let your creativity flow and get all your chaotic tattoo ideas on paper. 

Key features of Fotor Tattoo Generator Tool

You can get tattoos within less than a minute both on your desktop as well as your phone with the Fotor app. 

You can turn a picture as well into a tattoo, just upload and get your customized tattoo design ready to be imprinted on you. 

You can get ‘text’ tattoo designs as well with different fonts all you need to do is input the right prompts. 

Pricing of Fotor

For VersionMonthly Annually 
Fotor Pro 💰USD 2.21💰USD 9.63
Fotor Pro+ 💰USD 4.81💰USD 22.15

Customer ratings of Fotor

  • 4.2 out of 5 stars (300 reviews) on G2.
  • 4.6 out of 5 stars (363 reviews on Capterra


AI-powered Tattoo Generator- TattoosAI
TattoosAI bring your unique vision to life in no time. Just Give a prompt, pick a style and color and voila! [Source – TattoosAI]

Tattoos AI refers to itself as the ‘personal tattoo artist’ and there is nothing I would agree with more. They already have a base of 3500+ happy customers and you could be next because the tool does not disappoint. 

Just enter your idea, choose from the multiple styles offered, pick a color and keep generating tattoos until you are fully satisfied. I kid you not but this tool is nothing less than a tattoo studio! 

It is like an AI story generator that brings your story to life in the form of a tattoo. 

AI Tattoo Generator with versatile styles- TattosAI
You can select from 18+ tattoo design styles and get your customized tattoo with TattoosAI. [Source – TattoosAI]

Key Features of TattoosAI

Every single tattoo is 100% unique. Even if you are giving almost similar prompts the results you will get would still be different. No two tattoos you ever get will be the same. 

The tool has multiple tattoo styles to choose from, be it the water color effect or the tribal effect you, abstract, negative space or even Japanese, they gave it all. 

You have ‘unlimited’ ideas and options to choose from that are also highly customized as per what you need. All they ask for are detailed inputs. 

Pricing of TattoosAI 

7-Day Pass 30-Day Pass
💰USD 9.99 💰USD 24.99 

Customer ratings of TattoosAI


The variety of designs offered by Phot.AI is what makes it the go-to AI tattoo generator for most of the artists. [Source – Phot.AI]

Phot.AI is my personal favorite when it comes to AI tattoo generators. I am a growing tattoo geek. Not only do I get classic yet unique tattoo designs for myself but also for my friends.

No doubt I am their go to person for tattoo design inspirations but little do they know that I depend on Phot.AI to bring their passion to life through tattoo designs. 

It generates tattoo designs within seconds and that too with a variety of lively colors so go forward and give it a shot. 

AI tattoo generator- Phot.AI
I got my own wolf design Tattoo from Phot.AI. Even though the prompt given by me was not very descriptive (eh I am lazy sometimes) the designs generated were still on point. [Source – Phot.AI]
Create beautiful designs with AI Tattoo Generator Phot.AI
If Phot.AI can give designs even for my lazy prompt, then it can do anything! [Source – Phot.AI]

Key Features of Phot.AI

You can generate tattoo designs and patterns not just for your body but also for your walls, your vehicles, your clothing, product packaging and even your websites. There are endless possibilities. 

They offer a variety of pattern styles from minimalist to abstract. There is everything you need to generate the tattoo design of your dreams. 

Get rid of your creativity block with the help of their tattoo gallery that offers you unlimited designs to choose from. 

The tattoo designs and patterns developed are very detailed from a dot within the design to intricate lines, all the designs have uncanny details which makes them even more flattering. 

Pricing of Phot.AI

Phot.AI PlanMonthly Annually 
Basic💰USD 9.03💰USD 86.74
Pro💰USD 19.84💰USD 189.62
Unlimited💰USD 99.38💰USD 953.69

Customer ratings of Phot.AI


Simplified the Free AI Tattoo Generator - Create Amazing Tattoos in Seconds
Simplified AI tattoo generator aims for perfection just like you and me, so it’ll be a shame if you did not give this tool a try. [Source – Simplified]

Simplified lets you unleash your imagination and make the chaos in your head look beautiful as a tattoo. Whether you are a tattoo novice, or a veteran or an artist, Simplified is the tool for you if you want a design that aligns with your personality. 

Not just that but this tool also acts as an AI tool to increase your productivity if you are a tattoo artist, because it gets you a tattoo design within seconds. 

Tattoos with personal style and story are the new trend, so get your unique tattoo design through a simple process with Simplified. 

Simplified- An Easy to Use AI Tattoo Generator
As I said, Simplified aims for nothing less than perfection, and this AI generated tattoo design on arm is a result of that. [Source – Simplified]

Key features of Simplified 

Simplified gets you a tattoo design that feels like an extension of yourself. There is no guesswork involved and the tool gets your tattoo designs detailed as per your preferences down to styles, sizes, and even placement. 

Save time by generating a design in less than a minute. 

The tool offers tattoos with colors as well as the classic black tattoos. Get your favorite ink within a blink! 

Pricing of Simplified 

Simplified PlansMonthly Annually 
Pro 💰USD 15💰USD 108
Business 💰USD 30💰USD 216

Customer ratings of Simplified 

  • 4.7 out of 5 stars (231 reviews) on Capterra
  • 4.6 out of 5 stars (3,694 reviews) on G2.


InkTune - Your dream AI tattoo generator
InkTune gets you colorful tattoos with sass, quirk, and an element of ‘you.’ [Source – InkTune]

If you are looking for an AI tattoo generator that understands your vision with the least possible manual effort then InkTune is the tool you need. 

It not only helps you get a customized design but also helps you in customizing the aspects like sizing and placements. InkTune helps you generate high quality tattoo designs with great resolution which are nothing less than perfection. 

Different Tattoo styles in InkTune AI tattoo generator
InkTune AI tattoo generator offers a variety of styles to choose from for your tattoo design. [Source – InkTune]
Vibrand color options offered by AI tattoo generator InkTune
There are 20+ Colors to choose from in InkTune to get your AI generated tattoo. [Source – InkTune]
InkTune offered multiple tattoo artist options to generatate AI tattoos
Choose from various artists to get your tattoo designed in their style only with InkTune AI tattoo generator. [Source – InkTune]

Key features if InkTune

If you are not happy with the results then fret not! InkTune is a tool that cares about your needs and preferences. You can use the same prompt and get a different tattoo design generated in no time. 

You can keep a history of the designs you have generated, and even mark a few as your favorites. So you can sleep on these designs and make a decision tomorrow or maybe help out your clients to give some inspiration. Thus, acting like an AI project management tool but for tattoos. 

It has 20+ artists’ portfolio and reviews from both contemporary artists as well as the forever cherished artists like DaVinci. You can choose them as your preference if you want to get your tattoos generated in their art style. 

Boring tattoos are a thing of the past and InkTune perfectly understands that. Which is why it has 20+ vibrant colors for you to choose from so you can bring out your personality through your tattoo. 

Pricing of InkTune

7 day pass1 month pass Lifetime pass
💰USD 15.70💰USD 19.70💰USD 47.77

Customer ratings of InkTune

No viable ratings found, but hey the tool is fun to try and reliable as well in terms of generating a tattoo design. 


AnimeGenius- Anime style AI tattoo generator
AnimeGenius is one of the best AI tattoo generators out there to get anime style tattoos designed. You see that sun with flames? That is my creation! [Source – AnimeGenius]

Looking for a tool to personalize your tattoo down to a point where even a straight line within the design is dictated by you? Then you can thank me later because I have found one for you. 

AnimeGenius is an AI anime art generator and also a tool that gets you unique tattoos generated within seconds. Be it floral designs, animal art, symbols or even just words. 

It helps you generate versatile designs in anime style for your body parts like neck, arm, back, legs or wherever you want to get inked. Not just that but these designs generated are also highly realistinga and give you a comprehensive vision of what the tattoo might look like on your body.  

AnimeGenius- AI tattoo generator_s prompt liberary and dictionary
AnimeGenius also offers its own prompt dictionary to help you get the right prompt for your next AI generated tattoo. [Source – AnimeGenius]

Key features of AnimeGenius 

The tattoo might look good on screen but might not sit right on the body- It is a genuine concern. But AnimeGenius got it covered by providing you with the preview feature. You can check how a tattoo will look on a specific body part. 

To highly customize your tattoos, right after adding the prompts, you get plenty of tattoo designs to choose from. These models range from ‘anime’ style to ‘hyper-realistic’ tattoos. 

If you are unable to get the desired results even if you are doing everything right then maybe it is time to add a negative prompt. With AnimeGenius, you can add negative prompts for tattoo designs and tell the tool about the elements that you do not need in your tattoo. 

It has the feature of CFG scale, which dictates to AI how strict it has to be with your prompt. If you want your prompt to be followed word by word and get you a sharp design then you can increase the level accordingly. 

You have no bounds when it comes to customization. If you want to get a tattoo generated from a picture, then even that is possible with AnimeGenius’s ‘image to image generator.’ 

You also get access to a prompt library where you can do hits and trials with different prompts and get your tattoos ready. 

Pricing of AnimeGenius 

💰The tool does not believe in breaking your bank so it is absolutely FREE! 

Customer ratings of AnimeGenius

The tool claims to have 4.9 stars out of 5 from 29,097 voters. However, as amazing as the tool is there is no way to verify it, so why not give the tool a try and see if it works well for you. 


Visualise yourself with tattoos with the help of ImagineMe AI tattoo generator
See yourself with a tattoo without actually going through the pain of getting one- This unique proposition offered by ImagineMe is what makes it one of the must try AI tattoo generator tools. [Source – ImagineMe

If you want to get a tattoo but dread the pain that comes with it and want to make sure that whatever you get inked on you is worth it then give a try to ImagineMe. 

This is the tool that gets you a tattoo on your body without pain (virtually of course). The tools help you visualize what a tattoo design will look like, so the possibility of you not liking it (just in case) is not there. 

All you have to do is upload a few pictures of you and start getting the results. 

Key features of ImagineMe

It helps you make decisions, that too the right one! You have a huge canvas to explore with, try out different colors, different designs, and finally figure out what you want. So your next tattoo would be nothing less than perfection.

Find your personal tattoo style and also the designs that bring out the best in you and accentuate your features. You never know a serpent coming out of your eyebrow might just be the element you need to showcase your persona. 

Having commitment issues? ImagineMe got you covered. It might not be able to help you experience what being in a committed relationship feels like. But it can definitely help you see what you might look like with an arm tattoo without actually getting one. 

Pricing of ImagineMe

💰USD 5 per 10 photos with tattoo visualization.

Customer ratings of ImagineMe 

No ratings found for the ImagineMe AI tattoo generator. Looks like the tool is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered, hopefully this article would help in its discovery. 


Free AI Tattoo Generator Online _ LightX
LightX gives you a quick preview of what a tattoo would look like with its ‘AI Replace’ feature. See how she has a tattoo on her collarbone? That’s LightX’s creation for me, I might get one too now. [Source – LightX]

Get inked but virtually! There are a very few decisions that are more permanent than a tattoo, so make sure you have no regrets when you get one. 

LightX helps you in making sure that 5 years later you are not getting a gut-wrenching pain while getting your tattoo removed. It helps you see how sassy or foolish you might look with a particular design and helps you make the perfect decision by acting as an AI art generator but for your body. 

Key features of LightX

Discover the tattoo trends and also check out how they might look on you. Be it a rose vine at the back of your neck or a stylish back tattoo on your rib- you can witness it all on yourself. 

The tool also has an application both for iOS and Android, you can checkout yourself with tattoos on the go. 

You get very realistic results from the tool. Just upload your high quality images to improve the quality of the results. 

Oh, did I mention that you can also go ahead and even post images generated with LightX on your social media and see how your friends and family like your tattoo?

Pricing of LightX

💰Currently FREE but you never know when they might start charging a bag. 

Customer ratings of LightX


Get AI generated tattoos in no time with Ink-spiration
Ink-Spiration is the tool you try when you want the most chaotic thoughts in your mind to be converted into a tattoo. This AI tattoo generator is designed to accommodate your craziness. [Source – Ink-Spiration

‘Nothing is too crazy’ – This is what the tool Ink-Spiration says. Well, that is all the assurance you can ever need from an AI tattoo generator. 

As their name suggests the tool indeed provides you with Ink-spiration and saves you from tattoo regrets later in life. It helps you generate tattoo designs within seconds and also allows you multiple revisions within your designs. 

Key features of Ink-Spiration 

Every single design generated is a result of algorithmic combinations, thus no two designs will ever be the same even if you are writing the same prompt twice. So uniqueness ensured- 100%. 

You can highly customize your designs by selecting the styles like traditional and minimalistic and by selecting the variations within the colors as well, from the famous black to vibrant colors, you can choose it all. 

You can get endless revisions in your tattoo designs, generate different variations, save them all and finally compare to make an informed decision.  

Pricing of Ink-spiration

15 Generations 100 Generations 1000 Generations 
💰USD 3💰USD 15💰USD 150

Customer ratings of Ink-Spiration

No ratings found on my search, but you can take my word, as I have tried the tool myself and I can vouch for it. 

Life is too short to get a tattoo that does not make you feel ‘YOU’! 

Tattoos are an art and art is all about personal style. You and I both know that getting tattoos is a huge commitment and ‘post tattoo regret’ is the last thing anyone would want. 

AI tattoo generators are that smart technology that saves you from making dreaded tattoo mistakes, all you have to do is start utilizing them. 

If you need more such life saving lists of AI tools, stay tuned with Unrola, we are here to help you make AI work for you!

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