Best AI Tools for Business That Can Help You Grow Faster

Are you struggling to grow your business? AI tools for business and solve your problems. Artificial Intelligence offers a range of advantages, including increased efficiency, improved decision-making, and enhanced customer experience. So, find out how you can use these tools for business.

2024 is an exciting year for your business. Business trends are changing rapidly, and technology is advancing at an ever-increasing rate. It is essential to stay up-to-date with the latest tools and strategies to ensure success in the coming years.

Imagine you are operating a retail store. You have recently made the decision to expand your business by introducing online shopping. However, in order to succeed, it is crucial to effectively meet the needs and demands of your customers.

For instance, you must regularly inform them about new products that have arrived. Moreover, you should engage with them by sending personalized messages, images, or videos. There are numerous tasks that need to be accomplished. How will you handle all of these responsibilities?

No worries. AI is here to assist you. It can automate manual tasks and quickly create captivating content, images, and videos. All you have to do is provide it with cool AI art prompts, video prompts, and engaging content prompts.

Now you may have a good question: how can I find the best tools? No worries; in this article, I’m going to share 11 AI tools that you can use to make your business grow faster and smoother. Let’s dive into detail.

Why is it essential to consider AI tools to grow your business?

Utilizing AI tools is crucial for business growth due to its ability to automate tasks, improve operational efficiency, and provide valuable insights.

Moreover, there are tools like AI-based CRM tools that can manage your customers. AI marketing tools assist you in improving your marketing campaigns. AI project management tools help manage your routine business tasks and provide you with real-time tracking, so you do not have to manually follow up with your team. AI graphic design tools help provide attention-seeking images for your business, and so on. Overall, AI tools can streamline processes, reduce human error, and increase productivity, leading to cost savings and improved customer experiences.

For instance, a well-known brand like Walmart has successfully leveraged AI to personalize recommendations, optimize logistics, and enhance customer service, resulting in significant growth and a competitive edge in the e-commerce industry.

Wallmart offers personalized product recommendations and enhance customer service
Walmart uses best AI tools to collect its customer data and offers personalized recommendations. [Source- TechCrunch]

11 must-have AI tools to accelerate your business growth

Here is the list of most valuable AI tools that can help your business to grow 10x faster.


Jasper- One of the best AI tool for business growth
Jasper is one of the best AI tools for your business to generate high-quality content. [Source –Jasper]

Jasper is an AI writing assistant tool. It helps you to create high-quality content for your business such as creating your blog posts, social media posts, and marketing materials. Jasper uses artificial intelligence to create content according to customer’s needs. Jasper gives both informative and engaging content to target your audience.

Best features of Jasper

Jasper has a tone of voice overs to add to your content.

It has a document editing feature that will help you to edit your document.

Jasper has a variety of customizable templates that you can use in your business enterprise.

Jasper integrates with apps such as Zapier, SurferSEO, Google Sheets, Google Docs, Google BigQuery, Make and Webflow.

Jasper- One of the best AI tool for growing business that smoothly works on other apps
Jasper is one of the best AI tools for your business as it effortlessly integrates with various applications. [Source- Jasper]

You can easily generate content for your multiple-channel campaigns quickly.

Pros of Jasper

  • It has a user-friendly interface that enables you to use this tool without any learning curve.
  • Jasper offers a wide range of possibilities for its usage.
  • Jasper is highly efficient in producing content rapidly.

Cons of Jasper

  • Junk content can be expensive.
  • Jasper’s technical topics can be a bit challenging.
  • Additional costs apply to the plagiarism detection service.

Pricing of Jasper

Starter – $40/month.

Bose Mode – $82/month.

Reviews and ratings of Jasper

  • 4.7 out of 5 (1236 reviews) by G2.
  • 4.8 out of 5 (1824 reviews) by Capterra.


Grammarly - One of the best AI tool to grow up business by using plagarism checker and produce original content
Grammarly’s ability to verify the originality of content positions it as a top-notch AI tool for your business. [Source- Grammarly]

Grammarly is a digital writing assistant. It is an extremely useful Al-powered communication tool that will benefit your content by suggesting error-free content. Moreover, it works on Gmail, Docs, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and any other app you use to grow your business platform.

Grammarly’s AI tools have become an indispensable companion in my writing journey, consistently providing me with valuable feedback and helping me become a more confident and proficient writer.

One instance where Grammarly proved to be invaluable was once I was writing. Grammarly’s AI algorithms detected various grammatical errors and spelling mistakes and even suggested alternative vocabulary choices to enhance the clarity and impact of my content. This not only saved me time but also ensured that my writing was error-free and conveyed my ideas effectively.

Best features of Grammarly

Grammarly has a content checker feature. It will be helpful for you to check content without any grammatical mistakes.

It allows you to check plagiarism of your content and help you produce original content.

Grammarly gives automatic suggestions for you by ensuring you are more convenient to use it.

Grammarly- One of the best AI tool for growing your business that gives suggestion for your grammatical mistakes
Grammarly seamlessly checks grammatical mistakes in your content and provides suggestions, making it one of the best AI tools for business. [Source- Grammarly]

Pros of Grammarly

  • Can be used within a short amount of time.
  • It offers helpful suggestions for learning.
  • It grants instant checking in real-time.
  • Grammarly offers free of cost service.
  • Includes an embedded tool for identifying plagiarism.
  • Identifies and corrects numerous punctuation mistakes.
  • Identifies and corrects various misspelled words.

Cons of Grammarly

  • Unable to function with Google Docs.
  • Suggestions can be less than 100% accurate.
  • It is not possible to edit offline.

Pricing of Grammarly

Free – $0/month.

Premium – $12/month (Individual).

Team – $15/month (Team).

Reviews and ratings of Grammarly

  • 4.7 out of 5 (5747 reviews) by G2.
  • 4.8 out of 5 (6960 reviews) by Capterra.


Pictory- One of the top rated AI tool for business that changes long format content into storytelling video
Pictory is one of the best AI tools for your business to convert content into engaging snippets. [Source- Pictory]

Pictory is one of the best AI video generators that can help you create engaging videos without requiring any video editing experience. Using artificial intelligence, Pictory generates videos from text, allowing you to create professional videos quickly and easily for your business presentations.

Pictory also offers a variety of templates and features, so you can customize your videos that fit your brand.

Best features of Pictory

Pictory maintains auto-captioning into your video content in a short period.

It has an auto-summarized long video feature that enables you to convert long-form videos into engaging highlighted videos for social media channels.

Pictory allows you to edit your video using text format so that you can create text content into video.

It provides voiceovers and highlights to add to your videos.

Pictory generates scripts into videos in a very short time.

Pictory- One of the top rated AI tool for business to gernerate content based video
Grow your business with Pictory, one of the best AI tools for generating content effortlessly! [Source- Pictory]

Pros of Pictory

  • It offers a broad variety of features.
  • Generate a video by pasting a script.
  • Incorporation of Getty Images.

Cons of Pictory

  • The selection of relevant images by AI is not always accurate.
  • The response time of technical support is not very fast.
  • It is not possible to utilize multiple audio tracks in one video.

Pricing of Pictory

Standard – $19/month.

Premium – $39/month.

Team – $99/month.

Reviews and ratings of Pictory

  • 4.7 out of 5 (75 reviews) by G2.
  • 4.7 out of 5 (79 reviews) by Capterra.


Transform your business with ChatGPT, one of the best AI tools for your business, to turn searches into captivating content in no time! [Source- ChatGPT]

ChatGPT is an AI chat-bot. it will give you an automated reply service and also act as a search engine. If you search for something to create a summary about any topics for your website or blog or code for your program or work-related research, whatever you search, it will quickly generate results through a list of content or related content by analyzing its database.

I would like to share my experience of utilizing the ChatGPT tool to enhance my marketing strategies. This AI-powered tool has been incredibly helpful in providing valuable insights and suggestions. For instance, when I was brainstorming ideas for a new campaign, ChatGPT helped me generate creative taglines, refine my messaging, and AI social media tools helped me to execute that campaign successfully. Its ability to analyze customer data and trends also assisted me in identifying target audiences and tailoring my marketing efforts accordingly.

Best features of ChatGPT

ChatGPT works on multiple languages, this will help you to create the same content in different languages.

It has the best feature of conversion continuity by ensuring you are more convenient.

ChatGPT will help you to save time by deriving faster content.

It produces an automatic summarisation of the given topics.

ChatGPT also provides ideas to generate content.

Pros of ChatGPT

  • Lowering the costs of human resources.
  • ChatGPT’s main advantage lies in its ability to generate rapid responses.
  • ChatGPT is an effortless natural language processing tool that can effortlessly generate text.

Cons of ChatGPT

  • ChatGPT is great at quickly and accurately generating content on simple topics, but struggles with complex concepts or issues.
  • Plagiarism is completely unacceptable due to the risk involved.
  • Using ChatGPT for website content will not have a detrimental effect on SEO as long as it remains relevant to users.

Pricing of ChatGPT

Totally free to use.

$20/month for subscription.

Reviews and ratings of ChatGPT

  • 4.7 out of 5 (412 reviews) by G2.
  • 4.6 out of 5 (35 reviews) by Capterra.


Frase is one of the best AI tool you can use to grow business
Frase is a best AI tool that helps your business by providing high-quality SEO optimized content quickly. [Source- Frase]

Frase is an intelligent automation and content optimization tool that provides you with comprehensive insights, target keywords, keyword research tools, and content scores, to grow your business and content creators. It delivers detailed SEO-optimized content in a short period.

Best features of Frase

Frase can give ideas and recommendations for your captions.

It automatically optimizes your content and gives you the best results.

Frase has a technical SEO feature that allows you to know about your audience and traffic in your business.

It automatically checks your content score and provides you with analytics.

Frases analyzes your content and provides you with a well-researched outline.

Frase is one of the best AI tool to grow business faster that analyze content and gives outline
Level up your content game with Frase, one of the best AI tools for your business to create an outline. [Source- Frase]

Pros of Frase

  • The tool helps generate high-quality content by providing relevant information and suggestions.
  • ‌Frase assists in optimizing content for search engines, increasing visibility and organic traffic.

Cons of Frase

  • Frase may have certain limitations in terms of customization options, which may not cater to specific business needs.
  • ‌Although Frase is designed to be accurate, there is still a possibility of occasional errors or inaccuracies in generated content.
  • Frase AI may come with a subscription fee or pricing plan, which you need to evaluate based on your budget and ROI expectations.

Pricing of Frase

Sole – $14.99/month.

Basic – $44.99/month.

Team – $114.99/month.

Reviews and ratings of Frase

  • 4.8 out of 5 (294 reviews) by G2.
  • 4.8 out of 5 (332 reviews) by Capterra.


MarketMuse- One of the top tool for business to make data drive decision
Elevate your business with MarketMuse, one of the best AI tools that helps you produce top-tier content effortlessly! [Source- MarketMuse]

MarketMuse is a content marketing and keyword research planning tool that is powered by artificial intelligence. It recruits machine learning and advanced algorithms to survey your content, propose relevant topics to your address, and generate outlines that can assist your brand in producing good quality content and help you make more objective decisions.

Best features of MarketMuse

MarketMuse will research all your keywords and provide the volume of the search intent.

MarketMuse will help you to track SERP rank and traffic analysis to do best practices of SEO and provide insights.

MarketMuse - One of the top best AI tool for business as it helps in creating optimized content
Level up your content strategy with MarketMuse SERP insights, one of the best AI tools that guarantees high-quality content for your business. [Source- MarketMuse]

It has a categorization/grouping feature which will help you to separate each content efficiently.

It helps you to visualize your data by enhancing your whole content.

MarketMuse suggests topics to cover and develops briefs to help your brand or agency create better content.

Pros of MarketMuse

  • MarketMuse improves content by providing insights and recommendations for higher search engine rankings.
  • ‌MarketMuse’s comprehensive keyword research attracts more organic traffic.
  • ‌It generates content briefs quickly, saving you time in content creation.

Cons of MarketMuse

  • You may need time to understand and utilize all functionalities.
  • ‌Accuracy relies on the quality and relevance of provided data.

Pricing of MarketMuse

Free – Single user.

Standard – $149/month.

Premium – $999/month.

Reviews and ratings of MarketMuse

  • 4.6 out of 5 (208 reviews) by G2.
  • 4.6 out of 5 (27 reviews) by Capterra.


Synthesia- One of the best tool for business - seamlessly generate text into video
Synthesia is one of the best AI tools you can rely on for your business to turn text into captivating videos! [Source- Synthesia]

Synthesia is an AI tool that enables you to create highly realistic and personalized video content. This innovative platform utilizes artificial intelligence to generate lifelike videos that can be customized to suit individual needs.

With Synthesia AI Tools, you can create engaging and impactful videos in a matter of minutes, without the need for expensive equipment or technical expertise.

My experience with Synthesia AI tools was truly remarkable as it transformed my video creation process. For instance, I recently used Synthesia to create a video advertisement for my product. With its user-friendly interface and advanced features, I was able to easily customize the video by adding captivating visuals and text overlays.

Moreover, the plenty of templates and examples provided by Synthesia made the entire experience even more seamless, allowing me to explore various styles and concepts effortlessly. The result was a visually stunning and impactful marketing video that effectively conveyed my message to the target audience. Synthesia has undoubtedly played a crucial role in elevating the quality of my marketing videos and has significantly contributed to the success of my campaigns.

Best features Synthesia

Synthesia has more than 150 AI video avatars and 120 language accent animations.

Synthesia gives you the ability to create your custom avatar.

Synthesia- One of the best AI tool for business that cutomizes avatar
Craft unique avatars for your videos and leave a lasting impression on your viewers by using one of the best AI tools, Synthesia. [Source- Synthesia]

Synthesia allows you to clone your voice and add it to your custom AI avatar.

Synthesia grants you to collaborate on videos with your team, get feedback, add comments.

It gives access you to import PowerPoint presentations.

It will convert your typed text into video within a minute.

Pros of Synthesia

  • By eliminating the need for hiring actors or video production teams, Synthesia AI tool reduces expenses associated with video creation.
  • ‌The tool allows you to customize videos with your own branding and messaging, creating a more personalized experience for your customers.

Cons of Synthesia

  • You may need to invest time in learning how to effectively use the tool, especially if you are not familiar with AI technology.
  • ‌Synthesia AI tools may not support all languages, limiting its usability for businesses targeting diverse markets.
  • ‌The videos are generated by AI, they may lack the emotional connection that human actors can bring.

Pricing of Synthesia

Personal Plan – $30/month including 10 Video Credits.

Corporate plan – It offers custom video credits. You can contact the sales team for further information.

Reviews and ratings of Synthesia

  • 4.7 out of 5 (1228 reviews) by G2.
  • 4.7 out 5 (121 reviews) by Capterra.


ConvertKit- One of the best AI tools for growing business that enbles you to send personalized messages
Level up your email marketing with one of the best AI tools, the ConvertKit! Automate tedious tasks and focus on engaging with your audience. [Source- ConvertKit]

ConvertKit is a valuable asset for your business if you are looking to enhance email marketing efforts and achieve greater success in your marketing campaigns.

With the ConvertKit, you can easily analyze your email list and segment it based on various factors such as engagement levels, purchase history, and demographics. This enables you to create highly targeted campaigns that are more likely to convert and generate a higher ROI. 

Best features of CovertKit

CovertKit has a build system to grow your audience and reach across channels.

It will connect your audience and email with deliverability you can rely on.

It saves time by putting your best campaigns in auto-pilot mode.

It monetizes to sell your digital products and integrates additional platforms for sales insights.

ConvertKit- One of the best AI tools for growing business that seamlessly integartes with other apps
ConvertKit is one of the best AI tools for your business operations, ensuring seamless collaboration. [Source- ConvertKit]

Pros of ConvertKit

  • It uses AI to analyze customer data and create personalized email campaigns, increasing the chances of conversions.
  • ‌ConvertKit automates various aspects of email marketing and helps you engage with your audience.

Cons of ConvertKit

  • While ConvertKit offers various templates and customization options, it may not provide the same level of flexibility as some other email marketing tools.
  • ‌Depending on your business size and needs, the cost of using ConvertKit is a consideration, especially for smaller businesses with limited budgets.

Pricing of CovertKit

New creator – $0/month for 1,000 subscribers.

Creator – $15/month 300 subscribers.

Creator Pro – $29/month for 300 subscribers.

Reviews and ratings of CovertKit

  • 4.4 out of 5 (191 reviews) by G2.
  • 4.6 out of 5 (196 reviews) by Capterra.


Semrush- One of the top AI tool for business that helps you covert more traffic
Take control of your search engine rankings and maximize your website’s potential with Semrush, one of the best AI tools for your business. [Source- Semrush]

Semrush is a comprehensive SEO tool that serves as an all-in-one writing assistant. Semrush provides valuable information such as website traffic, keyword research analysis, SEO ranking, click-through conversion, and more.

By analyzing this data, Semrush generates organic search results that benefit your business. Semrush AI tool enables you to optimize your SEO, PPC, and content marketing efforts, and gain a competitive edge in respective industries. 

Best features Semrush

Semrush allows you to know your competitor’s business traffic.

It is helpful to know the rank of your business website so that you can compare your rank with other businesses.

It is a tool to search and know the website traffic, clicks, conversions and other stuff related to your business.

Semrush analyzes your business SERP position regularly and allows you to convert more traffic for your site.

It helps you to find valuable keywords for your business. Moreover, you can check which keyword has more volume.

Semrush- One of the top AI tool for business that offers keyword research overview
Unlock the keyword density magic and gain a holistic online performance overview by using one of the best free AI tools, Semrush. [Source- Semrush]

Pros of Semrush

  • ‌Provides valuable insights and data-driven recommendations to improve online visibility and search engine rankings.
  • ‌Helps identify and analyze competitors’ strategies, allowing you to stay ahead in the market.
  • ‌Offers comprehensive keyword research and analysis, enabling you to target the right audience and optimize your content.

Cons of Semrush

  • Relies heavily on data and algorithms, which may not always capture the nuances of human behavior and preferences.
  • ‌The pricing structure may be expensive for small businesses or startups with limited budgets.
  • ‌Requires a learning curve to fully utilize all the features and functionalities of the tool.

Pricing of Semrush

Free – $0.00/month.

Pro – $129.95/month..

Guru – $249.95/month.

Business – $499.95/month.

Reviews and ratings of Semrush

  • 4.5 out of 5 (1878 reviews) by G2.
  • 4.6 out of 5 (2175 reviews) by Capterra.


Tome- One of the best AI tool to grow business - as it smoothly works on multiple devices
Tome is one of the best AI tools that effortlessly operates on various devices. [Source- Tome]

Tome is a storytelling tool that enables you to create and share immersive narratives quickly and easily. The platform combines an interactive canvas with an AI storytelling partner that can help you to generate presentations, outlines, or stories with one click, complete with text and images. Tome creates responsive presentations that can easily be viewed on mobile, tablet, or desktop devices.

Best features of Tome

Tome can create video narration for your entire video. It is very useful while presenting videos.

Tome has tons of templates for your business to use more effectively.

It builds a powerful story with any content within a minute by analyzing the given topic then generating visualized images.

Tome- One of the best AI tool to grow business - as it generates content into image
Tome is one of the best AI tools you can utilize for your business by transforming your text into a visualized image. [Source- Tome]

Pros of Tome

  • Improved customer experience with personalized recommendations and tailored interactions.
  • ‌Enhanced productivity and efficiency through automation of repetitive tasks.

Cons of Tome

  • Limited customization options compared to developing a fully customized AI solution.
  • ‌Potential learning curve for employees to adapt to the new tool and its functionalities.
  • ‌Initial setup and integration may require technical expertise and time investment.

Pricing of Tome

Free – Lifetime free access to the platform, 500 free AI credits, and up to two users per account.

Pro – $8/month per person, unlimited credits for individuals and workplaces.

Custom – It also offers a custom pricing solution for enterprises with huge requirements.

Reviews and ratings of Tome

  • 4.7 out of 5 (88 reviews) by Product Hunt.
  • 4.8 out of 5 (20 reviews) by G2.

Fireflies- One of the best AI tool to grow buisness that automates meetings and helps take notes on meeting is one of the best AI tools for your business, as it provides you with meeting automation capabilities. [Source-] play a significant role in boosting business growth. With its advanced features and capabilities, streamlines and automates various business processes.

For instance, it can assist in scheduling meetings, transcribing important conversations, and extracting valuable insights from customer interactions.

By utilizing AI tools, you can save time and effort, improve productivity, and make data-driven decisions to enhance your overall performance and achieve sustainable growth.

Best features of

You can measure your performance and improve your sales, recruiting, and internal processes. capture your video and audio, and it generates transcripts in minutes.

It helps you to interpret, take notes, and complete actions during your meetings.

Pros of

  • The tool can help improve collaboration within your team by automatically generating meeting summaries and action items, ensuring everyone is on the same page.
  • You can easily streamline meeting schedules, take notes, and interpret conversations with ease.

Cons of

  • On the downside, you may require some initial setup and training to fully optimize its features for your specific business needs.
  • While the AI tool offers a free trial, the full version comes with a subscription fee, which may be a consideration if you have a tight budget.

Pricing of

Free – $0/month for individuals.

Pro – $18/month for individuals and small teams.

Business – $29/month for fast growing businesses.

Custom – For large scale enterprises (Annual pricing available).

Reviews and ratings of 

  • 4.7 out of 5 (182 reviews) by G2.
  • 4 out of 5 (6 reviews) by Capterra.

Utilize AI tools to drive business expansion

AI has been shown to be a major driving force in the next era of technology. As per a survey, companies are embracing AI technology to enhance customer satisfaction. For example, in March 2020, McDonald’s invested a substantial amount of USD 300 million to acquire an AI start-up in Tel Aviv.

This investment aimed to offer customers a customized experience through the use of artificial intelligence.

To make the most of AI, it’s important to use the right tools. We’ve discussed a selection of AI tools that can take your business to new levels. Now it’s up to you to make wise choices that fit your business needs. Stay connected with Unrola for further insights on artificial intelligence.

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