Best AI Tools for Social Media to Increase Your Brand Engagement in 2024

Get analytics, schedule posts, monitor social media activity, and generate content ideas with the best social media AI tools to increase your social media presence. These tools help you stay ahead of trends, engage effectively with your audience, and manage your social media strategy.

How is it that everytime you think of coffee, Startbucks comes to your mind? Because Starbucks is more than just coffee, now it is a statement. But how? Through their very solid social media campaign. They have made themselves synonymous with coffee through it. 

Everytime a customer posts a picture with their cup in hand, they would repost that photo, giving exposure and a shout out to the customer as well. This pushed people to post about them often and thus they stand where they are now. A renowned brand. 

Starbucks building branding on the basis of social media
Build your social media presence like Starbucks using AI tools for social media. 

Social media can truly flip your business especially when done right. However, to ace social media today you not just need content but also speed because trends are changing by the minute and as a human you can only do so much. 

Fret not, I have the perfect solution for you to blend work speed and quality content together. 

Drumrolls! The solution is AI tools for social media. These tools not just help you track your performance but also in content creation within seconds. Creative copies, captions, hashtags, you get it all from these tools. 

You can thank me later because I am sharing my personal list of all the best social media AI tools that I have tried, tested, and loved so far! 

AI tools for social media to spike audience engagement! 

From ideation to brainstorming and creation to measuring success, the best social media AI tools can do it all for you. Here are all the tools you need to take your social media game a level up but with lesser efforts. 


Hootsuite is one of the leading AI tools for social media
Elevate your social media strategies with one of the best social media AI tools Hootsuite by swiftly engaging your audience. [Source – Hootsuite]

Hootsuite is a ‘suite’ full of tools that you can use for social media growth. It is the tool that any and every brand can use for their social media management. With it you can leave all your worries behind as the tool helps you in everything from ideation like an AI story generator to scheduling posts and finally tracking their performance. It can do it all for you. 

It has its OwlyWriter AI that can help you plan your post ideas and their copies as well. Along with it, Hootsuite also has a full package of free tools that you can use to automate your social media tasks. This bundle has a free tool for everything from Instagram SEO to TikTok SEO to hashtag generators and ROI calculators. 

It is exactly the kind of treasure you need for social media growth. 

Key features of Hootsuite

  • It allows you to use a content calendar, where you can schedule your social media content along with date and time for automated publishing.
  • You get suggestions for the highest engagement time so that you can prioritize positing at that time and watch your engagement soar. 
  • With its AI writer assistant OwlyWriter, you can generate personalized captions and post ideas which can match the current trend of social media.
  • The tool enables you to explore social listening, where you can set up feeds and streams to monitor hashtags and keywords that people are extensively searching for and create content based on those results. 
  • To measure the organic and paid growth of your social media campaigns, it provides you with in-depth data analytical reports.
  • The social inbox of Hootsuite gives you a centralized place to manage all your past and present communication in one place from multiple channels. 
Hootsuite- AI tool for social media management
The overview of Hootsuite social media AI tool’s potential. [Source – Hootsuite]
Free AI soaicl media tools from Hootsuite
Hootsuite has a bundle of over 50+ free social media AI tools. [Source – Hootsuite]

Pricing of Hootsuite  

  • Professional: USD 22.99/month/user
  • Team: USD 90.52/month/3 users
  • Enterprise: You need to request a demo for this customized plan

Ratings of Hootsuite

  • 4.2 out of 5 (4,123 reviews) on G2
  • 4.3 out of 5 (3632 reviews) on Capterra


One of the best social media AI tools - buffer
Auto generate effective ideas for social media and maximize the impact with Buffer, an AI tool for social media. [Source – Buffer]

This is my personal favorite tool and I love it so much that I will throw hands at anyone who says it is not good enough. Anyway, keeping the violence down, let’s get into why I love this one. 

Buffer is one of the most popular AI social media tools that uses AI from content creation to repurposing it for different platforms which I personally used frequently. If you ask me about my experience with it, then my simple answer would be ‘just superb’. 

And here’s why! 

First of all, I can add or remove any of my social media accounts at any time be it Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram. Next, whenever I struggle with fresh content ideas, its built-in AI comes with creative approaches that help me from content creation to edit the same either by expanding or summarizing. 

Also, with Buffer, I’m always having a chill mode because it auto-posts the social media content as my pre-set preferences thus, maintaining the consistency in posting time. And, the most amazing part is that I can do it all at a very meager cost. 

Key features of Buffer

  • Whether it’s to create new ideas or to repurpose old content without compromising the value it has, Buffer AI assistant can auto-write for both creatives and free you from finding fresh ideas. 
  • Its advanced analytics help you to compare the performance of your organic and paid social media campaigns. It means you can easily modify your social media strategies whenever it’s needed.
  • You can plan, schedule, and enjoy automated posts for every social media platform in one go and save your time for other activities.
  • Buffer’s Start page enables you to build a landing page where you can store all your best content along with your bio and share the link in your every social profile when it comes to personal branding.
  • It offers integrations with apps like Canva and Dropbox, which further helps you in streamlining your work process and making it less time consuming. 
Buffer_s AI assistant for social media
One of the free AI tools for social media, Buffer, has an AI assistant which can write captions for you.
[Source –
AI tools for social media to engage with your audience - Buffer
You can also engage with your audience and address their comments and queries on your individual posts using Buffer. [Source – Buffer]

Pricing of Buffer  

  • Free: USD 0/3 channels
  • Essentials: USD 6/month per channel
  • Team: USD 12/month per channel
  • Agency: USD 120/month/10 channels. 

Ratings of Buffer  

  • 4.3 out of 5 (997 reviews) on G2
  • 4.5 out of 5 (1,465 reviews) on Capterra

AI tool for social media to create content within seconds - Predis ai
Utilize eye-appealing templates of – an AI social media tool & to grab your followers’ attention for smooth engagement. [Source –]

If there’s a tool that can handle all your social media needs, it’s It’s the best AI social media post generator, creating not just static posts but also engaging videos and memes, all customized to your brand identity.’s powerful AI video generator tool lets you create unique and visually-appealing video content that will grab attention on social media.

The growth you will get with Predis is uncanny because you can not only keep track of your social media performance, but also of your competitors. You can find out the things which are working for them and then pick out the best ones from it to implement in your strategy. 

Key features of

  •’s advanced algorithm helps you to create copies for your paid social media campaigns that can potentially drive conversions.
  • With this tool, you can create branded content with customized designs while streamlining your brand persona. 
  • With the content scheduler of, you can easily plan and schedule your social media posts and publish those on multiple platforms in automation. It is an AI tool to help you become productive by saving your time for crucial tasks. 
  • With its AI intelligence, you can auto-generate hashtags, auto-select images, instantly change background color, create reels, videos, and carousel posts from blogs, and do much more. 
  • It has built in AI chat as well using which you can ask questions, get creative ideas, and even brainstorm with. 
One of the best AI tools for Social media - Predis AI
One of the top AI social media tools,, has the open chat feature as well where you can brainstorm or get creative ideas for your social media content. [Source –]
Create social media post from blogs content with Predis AI
With’s capabilities you can also convert a blog’s content into a social media post, just like I did here. [Source –]
With ai social media tool Predis, you can convert multiple content types into a social media post
You can convert multiple content types into a social media post with social media AI content creator [Source –]

Pricing of  

  • Free: USD 0/month/brand
  • Solo: USD 29/month/brand
  • Starter: USD 59/month/2 brands
  • Agency: USD 139/month/brand

Ratings of

  • 4.8 out of 5 (81 reviews) on G2
  • 4.7 out of 5 (181 reviews) on Capterra


All in one social media AI tool - ContentStudio
Make social media optimization easier by modifying your next steps to stay on trend with one of the best AI tools for social media- ContentStudio [Source – ContentSudio]

ContentStudio is your all in one tool for social media. From Ideation, to curation, to tracking metrics – it offers everything. It is one holistic and centralized AI project management platform for all your social media needs beginning to end. 

Along with the right set of AI tools for social media it also has a content feed which you can scroll and surf for ideas. Find out the best posts that are working for others and performing well, and implement those strategies or trending topics within your social media strategy. 

Key features of ContentStudio

  • To automate your content research and build a full-fledged content marketing strategy for social media, It auto-generates fresh content ideas that are in trend.
  • Its AI bot allows you to auto-create captions, hashtags, and image ideas that are aligned with your story. Also, it helps you to rewrite, rephrase, and repurpose any social media content.
  • The tool optimizes the important metrics related to social media campaigns, likely, engagement rate, conversion rate, click-through rate, bounce rate, customer satisfaction store, and many more. After that, it generates a detailed report with extensive analysis to help you modify your next strategies.
  • ContentSudio’s discovery engine helps you in content curation, automate the publishing, and also assists you in influencer outreach to find the right as per your brand’s identity. 
  • It also has a mobile app, making it accessible anywhere on the go! 
ContentStudio, AI social media tool_s content feed for inspiration
Scroll the feed of ContentStudio, social media content creator AI, to take inspiration to create content for your own social media handles. [Source – ContentSudio]
generate content with AI tools for social media - ContentStudio
ContentStudio is one of the best AI tools for social media, using which you can not only simplify your social media management but also create content for your social media channels. [Source – ContentSudio]

Pricing of ContentStudio  

  • Starter: USD 25/month
  • Pro: USD 49/month
  • Agency: USD 99/month

Ratings of ContentStudio

  • 4.6 out of 5 (336 reviews) on G2
  • 4.7 out of 5 (668 reviews) on Capterra


Best AI social media tool - SocialBee
Sayonara to brainstorming social media ideas on your own & auto-generate effective suggestions with SocialBee – an AI social media software. [Source – SocialBee]

Do you need to switch between different tools to create content and maintain aesthetic consistency in graphics?

If so, then, SocialBee, one of the best AI tools for social media, is here to give you relief. Because the easiest graphic designing tool Canva can be integrated with the SocialBee AI tool for social media. From crafting the written content automatically into a graphic, to working on different designs, to remixing your content with current trends, you can do it all in its dashboard.

Key features of SocialBee

  • It streamlines the collaboration with your social media team members, where you can work together from the same thread while viewing, editing, and sharing content and comments.
  • The Copilot of SocialBee is an AI assistant that frees you up from making strategies. Because with this you can receive valuable suggestions based on recent trends, and curate full fledged social media strategies. 
  • It helps you manage all the comments from any social media platform and also all the messages through its common social inbox. 
  • To tremendously level up your productivity and get better at workflow management, it offers integration with several AI graphic design tools like Canva, Giphy, and Unsplash. 
SocialBee AI social media tool to generate images and content
Take a quick glance at how the SocialBee AI tool for social media can work for you by generating catchy graphics. [Source – SocialBee]
One of the top AI tools for social media, SoaiclBee to generate captions
SocialBee is a social media AI content creator that you can use to generate captions and caption templates as well. [Source – SocialBee]

Pricing of SocialBee

  • Free trial: It’s available for 14 days
  • Bootstrap: USD 24/month/5 social profiles
  • Accelerate: USD 40/month/10 social profiles
  • Pro: USD 82/month/25 social profiles

Ratings of SocialBee

  • 4.8 out of 5 (367 reviews) on G2
  • 4.6 out of 5 (36 reviews) on Capterra


Publer - one of the top AI social media tools
Publer is one of the top free social media AI tools where you can create and schedule your social media posts and even take inspiration from its RSS feed. [Source – Publer]

Imagine having free social media AI tools at your disposal. Well, you have one now so it’s not just an imagination but a reality. Publer is that tool! 

I can schedule my entire month’s calendar through it and my posts will keep on going live – all for free. I loved it. However, you will have to pay some bucks to access its advanced features. But till then enjoy the free features while you can because they might become paid as well, soon! 

Key features of Publer

  • It enables you to schedule your social media posts in the calendar so that you don’t need to invest any time in publishing content one-by-one. 
  • It allows you to upload 500 social media posts at a time while utilizing a CSV file so you don’t have to do that all one-by-one. 
  • You can access its built-in visual library, where you can store images, video, GIFs, and customized content and allow your team members to modify them and share the comments.
  • To find out the evergreen content that has been performing well and which one you need to change, Publer helps you to understand the same with its optimization functionality.
  • It comes with RSS feeds where you can get an easy overview of recent trends which are covered by magazines, websites, social media posts, and more to stay up-to-date. 
  • It also has an AI chatbot like AI assist feature using which you can auto generate your captions for social media posts. 
Publer is a free AI tool for social media with which you can generate captions
Just give prompts to publer’s AI social media tool and you can instantly generate a caption for your post. [Source – Publer]

Pricing of Publer 

  • Free
  • Professional: USD 12/month/3 social accounts
  • Business: USD 21/month/3 social accounts

Ratings of Publer  

  • 4.8 out of 5 (281 reviews) on G2
  • 4.8 out of 5 (536 reviews) on Capterra


One of the best AI soaicl media tools Buyzzsumo
Stay on the social media trend & create an everlasting buzz with BuzzSumo’s AI social media tools.
[Source –

The anxiety of constantly producing and coming up with new and creative social media content ideas is very real. And, I have found one of the best AI tools for social media to do it for you – BuzzSumo is the tool you need. 


It extensively optimizes the shared content in social media platforms ranging from Pinterest to Youtube and gets you new creative content suggestions by taking inspiration from them. 

Not just this, it is a smart business AI tool that helps you find the right influencers that will align with your brand’s identity and get you the recognition and traction your business deserves. 

Key features of BuzzSumo

  • You can free yourself from finding infinite creativity for social media posts because this tool always auto-suggests ideas based on the latest viral social media trends.
  • To help you in content research, it thoroughly researches social media posts and articles from your competitors’ sites and notifies you whenever a new link is added with the latest posts. 
  • It comes with a Chrome Extension so that your navigation process across multiple channels becomes hassle-free. 
  • It monitors social trends, tracks hashtags, captions, chats and reviews, optimizes the current scenario, and helps you build your next campaign strategies with its analytical reports.
AI tool for social media to generate content ideas
With BuzzSumo AI social media tool, you can find the trending topic to make social media content on along with keywords and most searched topics. [Source – BuzzSumo]
AI social media tool BuzzSumo to find influencers
Through BuzzSumo you can also find the right influencer on different channels to collaborate with, that aligns with your brand. [Source – BuzzSumo]

Pricing of BuzzSumo  

  • Content Creation: USD 199/month/user
  • PR & Comms: USD 299/month/5 users
  • Suite: USD 599/month/10 users
  • Enterprise: USD 999/month/30 user 

Ratings of BuzzSumo  

  • 4.5 out of 5 (102 reviews) on G2
  • 4.5 out of 5 (141 reviews) on Capterra


Ocoya- AI social media tool
Create aesthetic images along with content with Ocoya, a social media AI tool. [Source – Ocoya]

Ocoya is one of the top AI tools for social media and can be counted in your list as a smooth social media post-scheduling software. You can create posts, add emojis, Gifs, images, and hashtags to make a bland post more engaging, and take it to live at your preferred time but in automation. 

Well, this tool comes with a wide array of templates that you can use to ask questions to your followers and send your brand’s messages. 

Key features of Ocoya

  • With Ocoya, your copywriting creativity can flourish more because it comes with 28 different languages which you can utilize while automating text generation and synchronization ideas with AI.
  • To create social media content that can potentially get you a high conversion rate, its AI assistant can help you find ideas, rewrite, and rephrase the content. 
  • You can auto-generate the images based on your prompt, so your task of creating the content as well is taken care of by its AI image generator
  • Ocoya also comes with an API, which allows you to seamlessly integrate any third-party apps and streamline your workflow to maximize productivity.
Ocoya- one of the top AI tools for social media
Along with social media management Ocoya is also an AI for social media content creation that helps you generate images and also captions along with them. [Source – Ocoya]
Ocoya- AI tool for social media integrations
Ocoya, the AI social media tool offers over 30 integrations to streamline your workflow and improve your productivity. [Source – Ocoya]

Pricing of Ocoya  

  • Bronze: USD 15/month for individuals
  • Silver: USD 39/month for growing teams
  • Gold: USD 79/month for scaling business
  • Diamond: USD 159/month for large organizations

Ratings of Ocoya  

  • 4.7 out of 5 (169 reviews) on G2
  • 4.7 out of 5 (335 reviews) on Capterra


FeedHive- AI tool for social media to create content at scale
Ease your process of repurposing the content creation from the existing one with Feedhive which is one of the top-notch social media AI tools. [Source – FeedHive]

Oh these AI tools for social media are full of bees and hives, well here we have another one! 

If you are in need of an AI assistant to craft fresh engaging content, repurposing the old one, and posting the same on social media, FeedHive can work on your behalf. 

When your existing audience seeks a fresh vibe within your brand, you just simply serve them the exact things to satiate their thirst with FeedHive. 

How? With its plenty of features that combine AI project management tools’ features with AI content creation into one single dashboard for your social media content to soar. 

Key features of FeedHive

  • Its white-label solution allows you to customize the brand name, logo, color, and fonts when you’re hosting this tool from your own domain.
  • The AI writing assistant of FeedHive searches ideas and creates posts on your behalf while ensuring the content will grab your audience’s attention.
  • Whether it’s your social media team members or your clients, you can easily share valuable opinions and work on content improvement together from its collaborative dashboard.
  • You can easily prepare your social media posts by utilizing drag-and-drop features within the content calendar to pre-schedule content to go live.
  • If your presence is on multiple social media channels, no worries, because with FeedHive’s single social inbox, you can view, reply, like, and comment on any post to keep the engagement going. 
  • To discover the trendy social media patterns and find better opportunities to create emotional engagement, it allows you access to its simple, detailed, and actionable analytical report.
FeedHive- one of the best AI tools for social media
An overview of everything that one of the best AI tools for social media, FeedHive, can do for you.
[Source –

Pricing of FeedHive

  • Creator: USD 19/month, best for individuals
  • Business: USD 29/month, best for startups and small brands
  • Brand: USD 99/month, best for businesses and organizations
  • Agency: USD 299/month, best for agencies and multiple clients

Ratings of FeedHive  

  • 4.7 out of 5 (152 reviews) on G2
  • 4.9 out of 5 (83 reviews) on Capterra

Enjoy the journey of social growth with the best AI tools for social media

In Napoleon Hill’s words, “Strength and growth comes only through continuous efforts and struggle.”

Yeah, the words are so true especially if you’re in the way to create your brand image through social media presence. But the work you need to put in for it is just too much! 

What if I did it for you? 

Well, you’ve already gained the knowledge of how AI can rigorously work from bidding words into sentences to aesthetic illustrative image creation and routing the traffic in your social media accounts.

So, stop doing everything on your own and just curve a winning social media path with AI especially, and don’t forget to keep watch on Unrola to find a modern AI solution!

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