Streamline Your Daily Teaching Workflow with the Best AI Tools for Teachers in 2024

ChatGPT, ClassPoint, Gradescope, Turnitin are few of the many AI tools for teachers to save time, focus on imparting knowledge and student’s progress.

If we look at the teaching processes five years ago then they were poles apart from what we see today. Teaching has evolved overtime with new advancements in technology and so have students. If you have been in the teaching biz for a long time then you know exactly what I’m talking about. 

If you are a veteran in teaching then I am certain you have witnessed drastic changes in the process in the last few years. I am certain it has not been easy especially with online teaching becoming the new trend. There is an entire Reddit thread to discuss edtech challenges and how it is affecting the classroom teaching and how students are taking advantage of the technology. 

But just like students leverage technology to their advantage, what if teachers started doing the same? 

The tables would flip and some of your students might as well! 

Kids are smart so you need to be smarter and AI tools for teachers are the perfect solution for it! 

I am not the one saying it, but it is the teachers loving AI teaching tools themselves. 

Feeling left out? Perplexed? Want to ride the wave as your contemporaries and ace teaching? 

Here are all the teacher AI tools that will help you achieve your targets while also saving time and imparting knowledge. 

Best AI tools for teachers to adapt with students and their needs in edtech era

Dive in to over smart the smart kids of today. Teach them in the language they understand – the language of technology, fun, and AI. 


ClassPoint an AI tool for teachers to make learning fun
ClassPoint is one of the free AI tools for teachers to present visually appealing and student engaging presentations. [Source – ClassPoint]

ClassPoint is an innovative AI tool designed specifically for you to enhance your teaching experience. Not just students but teachers are also a fan of AI in powerpoint presentations because it eases their work load and makes studying fun! 

ClassPoint helps you create interactive presentations, engage students through quizzes and polls, and even provides real-time feedback on student performance.You can also add stopwatch, timers, and explain concepts to students easily with drag and drop features. 

Key features of ClassPoint

  • It allows you to annotate and highlight important points directly on the presentation slides, making it easier to emphasize key concepts.
  • It also enables you to receive real-time feedback from students, allowing you to understand and adjust your teaching accordingly.
  • The tool also provides analytics and data insights, helping you track student progress and identify areas that need improvement.
  • You can collaborate with your fellow teammates as well with ClassPoint and design a collaborative curriculum and lesson plans. 
  • It integrates with Microsoft PowerPoint itself and enhances the possibilities to play around with teaching students and creating engaging presentations with quizzes and polls. 
ClassPoint- AI tool for teachers to engage students
Engage your students by making studying as fun as a game with ClassPoint. [Source – ClassPoint]

Pricing of ClassPoint

  • Free plan- USD 0 with limited class size and features.
  • Pro plan- USD 8/month.
  • The organization plan is available based on your request.

Rating and reviews of ClassPoint

  • 4.9 stars (32 reviews) by G2
  • 4.8 stars (232 reviews) by Capterra

LessonPlans AI- one of the best AI tools for teachers is one of the best AI tools for teachers as it effortlessly generates lesson frameworks for teaching. [Source –]

Creating a ton of lesson plans and managing them is always a hassle. I know that because my mum’s a teacher and I saw first hand how frustrating and time consuming it can get. Then one day I taught her to use Now she works at lightning speed and gets her work plan sorted for an entire month within a few hours. 

Think of as your AI based project management tools for the classroom. It provides a library of pre-built templates and resources, allowing you to customize your lesson plans according to your specific needs and objectives.

The tool also offers features like collaborative planning, assessment tracking, and real-time feedback, making it an invaluable resource for you to enhance your teaching practices and maximize student engagement.

Key features of

  • offers automated scheduling and reminders, helping you stay organized and on track with your lesson plans.
  • It provides analytics and insights, allowing you to track student progress and make data-driven decisions to improve your teaching strategies.
  • It helps you streamline your plan by making it a step-by-step process from the description that you submit. 

Pricing of

Pro plan- USD 49/year, but currently they have an offer running and you can get it for USD14.70/ year! 

Rating and reviews of

5 stars (8 reviews) on Tenere Team

Education Copilot

Educartion Copilot an AI teaching tool
Generate lesson plans and study materials with Education Copilot, an AI tool for teachers.
[Source –
Education Copilot]

Education Copilot, an AI tool for teachers, utilizes artificial intelligence to provide personalized support and guidance. It assists you with lesson planning and curriculum development, and offers real-time feedback on student performance, aiming to enhance the teaching experience and improve educational outcomes.

It makes its cut in my list as one of the best tools for teachers because of how holistic it is and how it can assist you by taking up multiple time consuming tasks that you have to do.  

Key features of Education Copilot

  • It has a template for everything! From lesson plans to educational handouts and student reports it has everything in its template inventory. 
  • All you need to do is give it a prompt and you can get an educational and informative handout for your student regarding any topic. 
  • It supports English and Spanish language and claims to generate templates in seconds. 
  • It has 10+ other tools within it that help you save time beyond classroom practices. 

Pricing of Education Copilot

  • For teachers- USD 9/month
  • For school and school districts you need to connect with their tem to get a customized version. 

Rating and reviews of Education Copilot

  • 4.6 stars (72 reviews) on G2
  • 4.7 stars (108 reviews) on Capterra


Gradescope - AI teaching tool

Review and grade your student assignments anywhere and anytime with Gradescope! 

It supports various question types, including multiple-choice, short-answer, and even programming assignments, catering to a huge range of subjects and assessment formats. 

What makes this even better is that you can integrate the tool within your existing learning management system like Blackboard, Brightspace, Moodle, and Sakai. 

Just remember, it is not always going to be a swift sale with Gradescope, because your students always have the option to ask you for re-evaluation. 

Well, you need to give them a fair chance, afterall AI is just AI! 

Key features of Gradescope

  • Gradescope uses artificial intelligence to automatically grade assignments, saving your valuable time and effort. You can also customize the grading system within it with the flexible rubric system. 
  • It provides detailed analytics and insights, allowing you to identify patterns and trends in student performance.
  • With customizable rubrics you can ensure consistent and fair grading.
  • Gradescope supports various assignment types, including multiple-choice, short-answer, and coding questions. 
  • It supports multiple subjects as well like Physics, Computer Science, Mathematics, and Economics. 

Gradescope is being loved by teachers, it is time you give it a try too.  

Pricing of Gradescope

Gradescope offers pricing options based on your requirements. You can contact their sales team for further information.

Rating and reviews of Gradescope

  • 4.1 stars (6 reviews) on G2
  • 4.6 stars (3 reviews) on Capterra


ChatGPT - One of the top AI tools for teachers
Even ChatGPT says that you should utilize it for teaching, so what is stopping you?  [Source – ChatGPT]

ChatGPT has been amazing for writing emails to parents or creating quick announcements! Have been able to optimize a lot of my work. Sometimes I upload rubrics and optimize them according to responses.

A teacher on Reddit

You need to come out of your den if you are unaware about how you can utilize ChatGPT for teaching! It is talk of the town and all the teachers are going gaga over it. There are endless possibilities on how you can use chatGPT as a teacher. 

With ChatGPT, you can have interactive conversations and get instant assistance. It can ask questions, seek explanations, and even get suggestions for teaching strategies.

ChatGPT - best free AI tool for teachers
[Source – Twitter User]

Key features of ChatGPT

  • ChatGPT provides customized suggestions and recommendations based on your specific needs, helping you save time and effort in lesson planning and content creation.
  • You can collaborate with other educators over ChatGPT and how you can use it. Sharing ideas and strategies of best practices to enhance your teaching methods.
  • ChatGPT is equipped with a vast database of educational resources, thus giving you access to relevant information and learning materials instantly.

Pricing of ChatGPT

Paid plan – USD 20/month

Rating and reviews of ChatGPT

  • 4.7 stars (420 reviews) on G2
  • 4.6 stars (36 reviews) on Capterra

Why should only your students have all the fun with ChatGPT? 


Turnitin- AI tool for teachers
Turnitin is an AI teaching tool for teachers as it helps in assessing the originality of student projects.
[Source –

If you have access to AI tools then you know your students do, and the biggest threat these days is that students might plagiarize and thus their learning process will be affected. However, Turnitin reduces this threat for you. 

It is one of the top AI apps for teachers as it analyzes the content of the submitted work and compares it to a wide database of academic sources, online publications, and student papers.

Questions are being raised and so are eyebrows, but with Turnitin, you can prevent it all!

Key features of Turnitin

  • It generates detailed reports that highlight the originality of your student’s work, providing insights into potential sources of plagiarism.
  • It allows you to provide personalized feedback to students, making the grading process more efficient and effective.
  • Turnitin seamlessly integrates with various learning management systems like Canvas, Microsoft Teams, Moodle, and Sakai, making it easy for you to access and manage student submissions.

Pricing of Turnitin

Based on your requirements, they offer different pricing options. If you want to know more, you can get in touch with their sales team.

Rating and reviews of Turnitin

  • 4.3 stars (121 reviews) on G2
  • 1.8 stars (15 reviews) on Trustpilot 


Century - AI tool for teaching
Century, an AI tool for teachers to enhance teaching methods and help students learn faster and better. [Source – Century]

Century AI tool is a game-changer in the education sector. By utilizing the power of artificial intelligence, it offers a comprehensive and easy-to-use platform that allows you to deliver personalized learning experiences to your students. 

Century saves you valuable time and effort by creating interactive lessons, quizzes, and assignments that are aligned with the curriculum.

Key features of Century

  • It grants you access to a vast library of educational resources, making it easier for you to find relevant materials for your lessons.
  • With its detailed analytics and tailored recommendations, you can identify areas of improvement, track student progress, and adapt your teaching strategies accordingly.
  • Century is designed to adapt to each student’s individual needs and learning style. They can analyze data and provide personalized recommendations and resources to help students improve their understanding and performance.
  • It can assess student’s progress and provide real-time feedback. They can identify areas where students are struggling and suggest targeted interventions to address those challenges. This helps you to better understand your student’s strengths and weaknesses and update your teaching methods for them. 

Pricing of Century

They provide pricing choices that match your needs. For more details, you can reach out to their sales team.

Rating and reviews of Century

  • 4.5 stars (3 reviews) on G2
  • 3.2 stars (121 reviews) on TrustPilot

Upgrade your methodologies with AI teaching tools! 

According to the survey, 50% of teachers say they use generative AI as part of the lesson-planning process. This involves collecting relevant information and brainstorming captivating concepts for their classes.

Join the forces with AI and level up your teaching practices while also engaging your students. Kids love innovation and AI helps you bring that on board. Utilize the AI tools for teachers and become your student’s favorite mentor. 

For more tips, tricks, and tools, stay tuned with Unrola and make AI work for you.

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