27 Best AI Tools for YouTube to Help You Grow Your Channel Faster in 2024

Accelerate your YouTube growth by making content creation efficient and streamlined with the best AI tools for every stage of creating your YouTube videos.

YouTube is a huge part of our everyday lives be it watching funny videos or learning how to make delicious spaghetti. As the quantity and quality of content on YouTube increases people are starting to prefer having YouTube as their main source of entertainment, information, and news. As a matter of fact, I prefer to watch my favorite creator play video games over any reality shows broadcasted on mainstream media.

With over 2.70 billion active users as of 2023, 720,000 hours of content uploaded every day with 122 million daily visits YouTube truly is an influential part of our lives. The constant content being uploaded is not possible without the content creators uploading it.

If you are a budding YouTuber like me wanting to start and grow your new YouTube channel or someone wanting to grow their already existing channel you must be familiar with any of the biggest names on YouTube like MrBeast, Pewdiepie, T-series, Cocomelon, Sidemen, or Dude Perfect.

MR Beast youtube channel growth with AI tools
MrBeast is the most subscribed individual on YouTube with over 200 million subscribers.

Now remember all these great channels started for the same place you did, so it’s possible for you to grow your channel like them as well. To make things better you have the help of modern AI to make it easy for you to consistently upload quality content to grow your channel.

So why wait let’s discover the AI tools that will help you find success in your YouTube career.

27 Best AI tools for YouTube to help your channel grow faster

With my experience as a content creator on YouTube, I’ve put together a list of the 27 best AI tools to help you grow your YouTube channel faster. 

These AI tools will help you with every stage of publishing your video on YouTube like generating your video ideas ▶️ writing your video script ▶️ making the video ▶️ editing the video ▶️ creating thumbnails ▶️ analytics and optimization ▶️ creating shorts to promote your video through viral short clips.

Generating video ideas and video script

All good YouTube videos first start as an idea. Finding unique video ideas that can go viral is a challenge and an even greater challenge to come up with an engaging video script for that idea.

This is where you can leverage the uses for AI to make things easier. Here are the tools that can help with generating video ideas and video scripts.


ChatGpt an AI tool for Youtube
ChatGPT is a free AI tool for YouTube that you can use to generate video ideas and scripts. [Source – ChatGPT]

Following trends to make viral videos is not always possible, and with an increasing number of talented content creators what can set you apart from the rest is creative and unique video ideas. Now I understand coming up with video ideas is one of the hardest things to do. 

This is where you can use Chat GPT, an AI-powered language model developed by OpenAI, capable of generating human-like text. With ChatGPT you can simply ask ChatGPT to give you creative video ideas related to your niche. 

After finding a video idea you can even ask it to write a YouTube script for that video idea.

Key features of ChatGPT

  • It lets you generate unlimited ideas and scripts for your videos, which means you can ask it to generate more ideas until you find ones you are satisfied with.
  • You can ask it to tweak and change your scripts as you please thanks to its advanced AI capabilities.
  • The natural language processing makes it an easy-to-use tool and you can have a normal conversation with it to ask for video ideas or scripts.
  • The free-to-use version is highly capable and more than enough for most content creation needs 


  • Chat GPT is Free to use 
  • Chat GPT plus is for $20/month


4.7/5 on Product Hunt (409 reviews)

Logic Balls

Logic Balls is a great YouTube video idea generator as it’s designed to help you come up with creative and compelling ideas for your video content. You can simply put in the keywords you want your video to be about and the tool will generate video ideas with a little preview of what your video could be. This eliminates those frustrating days that you spend trying to come up with new video ideas for your audience.

Logic_balls an AI tool for Youtube scripts and ideas
Logic Balls is one of the best AI tools for YouTube that lets you create video ideas with just a keyword.

Key features of Logic Balls

  • Human-like content that can help create engaging and relatable videos that your audience would enjoy.
  • Has the ability to generate video ideas with just a keyword, making it easy for you to generate multiple video ideas that fit your niche in one go.
  • Gives you a short description of what your video could be about along with the title making it easy for you to create scripts and film the video.
  • It lets you create titles and scripts in multiple languages to help you connect with a global audience.


  • Free plan
  • Premium plan for $16.66/year
  • Business plan for $83.25/year


5/5 on Product Hunt (12 reviews)


CopyAI utilizes natural language processing (NLP) models to generate marketing copy and content. It works similarly to ChatGPT so you can ask CopyAI to come up with creative and engaging video ideas in your niche. After finalizing the video idea you can use CopyAI to write your YouTube script for that idea.

Copy_ai an AI tool for Youtube scripts
Use the power of Copy.ai a free AI tool for YouTube to make compelling video scripts!

Key features of Copy.ai

  • You can create amazing unique video ideas within seconds by just giving the necessary prompts or keywords that fit your niche.
  • Help you create human-like scripts to make engaging videos that your audience would enjoy.
  • Has unlimited uses meaning you can generate as many scripts and video ideas as you want.
  • Gives you the ability to change or tweak the content either with the AI or manually by yourself.


  • Free Plan
  • Pro Plan for $36/month billed $432/year
  • Team Plan for $186/month billed $2,232/year
  • Growth Plan for $1,000/month billed $12,000/year
  • Scale Plan for $3,000/month billed $36,000/year


4.7/5 on Product Hunt (226 reviews)

Creating and editing videos

The next step after creating a video script is to create the video and edit it. While IRL content can be shot in the traditional way with a camera, explanatory videos or videos that don’t require real-life content can be easily made with AI. 

Irrespective of the type of videos they would require to be edited to be made ready. I as a content creator, feel that editing is the most crucial yet time-consuming task when it comes to video creation, and I’m sure you might agree as well.

To save time and make video creation and editing easy you can use the tools I am about to tell you about.


Now that you have your video idea and script ready you can start making the video. Making the video is also made easier with tools like Lumen5 which employs AI algorithms to analyze text content and transform it into video format. 

With Lumen5 you can paste your script and it will automatically select visuals, suggest video clips, and generate voiceovers to create an engaging video based on the text you provided.

Lumen5 an AI tool for Youtube video creation
Lumen5 is a great AI tool for YouTube that lets you convert your blogs and texts to videos.

Key features of Lumen5

  • It lets you create videos based on your text. You can simply paste your script and Lumen5 creates visuals that suit your script.
  • It gives you some creative freedom by letting you choose the style and theme of your videos.
  • It also gives you the ability to edit or change your videos and even add music if you like.
  • It also lets you add media if you have any watermark or intro templates that you might want to add to your video.


  • Basic Plan for  $19 USD per month, billed yearly
  • Starter Plan for  $59 USD per month, billed yearly
  • Professional Plan for $149 USD per month, billed yearly (Save 25%)
  • Enterprise Plan for which the pricing is based on your requirements


4.5/5 on Product Hunt (46 reviews)


Another creative tool that lets you convert text to video is Descript. A cool feature of Descript is that it transcribes audio and video files, making them searchable and editable like a text document. You can also manipulate audio and video elements using the transcript, and the changes are reflected in the media.

descript an AI tool for Youtube video editing
Convert and edit your text to create engaging edited videos with Descript a free AI tool for YouTube content creators.

Key features of Descipt

  • It lets you convert your script into video within minutes making video creation extremely easy.
  • It also transcribes your video into text form for you to edit it, you can simply change the text or remove the text to edit the video.
  • You can see the changes made with a live preview on the side to give you an idea of the output you will receive.
  • It also lets you add media, edit timelines, add animation, and voice-over to the video.


  • Free Plan
  • Creator Plan for $12 per user/month, billed annually at $144
  • Pro Plan for $24 per user/month, billed annually at $288
  • Enterprise Plan offers custom pricing based on your requirements


4.5/5 on Product Hunt (117 reviews)


InVideo is yet another AI-powered video generator tool that has an automatic text-to-speech feature that lets you convert your script to video. Its automated video creation is based on templates and intelligent scene suggestions which makes it an excellent tool if you want to make explainer videos with animations.

invideo an AI tool for Youtube video editor
Simply copy your video script to make your next viral YouTube video with Invideo a free-to-use AI tool of YouTube.
Invideo an AI tool for Youtube creator
Video created by Invideo using the AI script from Chat GPT.

Key features of InVideo

  • IT lets you convert your text to engaging creative video within minutes making it easy to create explainer videos especially.
  • It gives you the ability to edit your video inside the software itself making your post-production job a walk in the park.
  • It gives you a video preview before exporting to make any final changes if necessary.


  • Free Plan 
  • Plus Plan for $20/month
  • Max Plan for $48/month


4.1/5 on Product Hunt (230 reviews)


Magisto by Vome an AI tool for youtube
Magisto, an AI tool for YouTube uses text-based editing to edit your videos using the script.

Let’s say you are happy with the script created by AI but want to be old school and shoot your own video, you still have to edit the video to make engaging content right? 

To take some weight off your shoulders Magisto which is a part of Vimeo employs AI to analyze your raw video footage and apply automated editing techniques to create high-quality engaging videos. It can select the most exciting moments, apply transitions, add effects, and add music, resulting in professional-quality content. It can also use text-based editing to help edit your video by simply editing your script.

Learn how to use Magisto’s powerful AI to edit your YouTube videos!

Key features of Magisto

  • It lets you edit your raw footage with ease by employing AI to suggest changes that will make the video engaging.
  • The advanced AI-recommended edits will make your videos have high retention rates on YouTube.
  • Magisto analyzes your video and storyline to make changes, edit content, and perform color correction to get your final product ready within seconds.
  • Magisto also lets you edit your video inside the software like making cuts, adding transitions, slight color grading, and more.


  • Free Plan
  • Starter Plan for $12 per seat/month, billed annually
  • Standard Plan for $20 per seat/month, billed annually
  • Advanced Plan for $65 per seat/month, billed annually 


4.6/5 on Product Hunt (54 reviews)

Voiceover for narration

The next step after rough cuts and actually editing your video is adding a voice-over to your video. Be it an explainer video or a cinematic video a voice-over gives a sense of life to the video and you love to have a high percentage of audience retention in your videos right? 

Now some of us are not gifted with an engaging voice like Morgan Freeman so this is where AI comes into play to help you out. 

Amazon Polly

If you are making a video that is storytelling in nature, a human-like voice that has some depth to it is necessary and Amazon Polly can do exactly that by employing deep learning techniques to convert text into lifelike speech. 

amazonpolly an AI tool for Youtube voiceover
Create engaging voiceovers with Amazon Polly, an AI-powered voice-over tool for YouTube!

It doesn’t matter the type of video or the language your video is in as Amazon Polly offers a wide range of voices and supports multiple languages, making it useful for voiceovers and text-to-speech applications 

Key features of Amazon Polly

  • Has multiple voices that you can use to make your videos engaging and lively.
  • Provides human-like voices that your audience will find friendly and relate with increasing your retention rate.
  • Provide voiceovers in multiple languages and voiceovers with accents based on the region.
  • Lets you edit your text input without affecting your processed audio.


  • Amazon Polly has a free plan but also offers a pay-as-you-go modeled paid plan.


4.6/5 on Product Hunt (30 reviews)

Google Text-to-Speech

Google’s Text-to-Speech technology is one of the most commonly used text-to-speech tools. It uses AI to convert text into natural-sounding speech. Which can be used as a voice-over for your video. An additional advantage of using Google text-to-speech is that it is easily accessible to mobile devices so you can create voiceovers for your video on the go.

google_text_to_speech an AI tool for Youtube
Create natural-sounding AI voiceovers for YouTube with Google text-to-speech.

Key features of Google Text-to-Speech

  • Lets you create voiceovers with text in just seconds saving you plenty of time and speeding up your video-making process.
  • It lets you choose from multiple voices available giving you a variety of voice options for your video.
  • It lets you correct and change the speed and pitch of your audio to best suit the style and pace of your video.
  • Lets you choose the voice tone through the voice type drop-down menu to find the perfect fit for your style of video.


  • Google text-to-speech offers a custom price based on your use.


4.5/5 on Product Hunt (21 reviews)

IBM Watson Text-to-Speech

IBM’s Watson Text-to-Speech is a great tool if you are making cinematic explainer videos. It utilizes AI to create human-like speech from text input which gives life to your videos and increases the retention rate.

Let’s say you are making an explainer video titled ‘The best cameras for wildlife photography in 2024’ having a human-like voiceover that explains each feature of the cameras can give a sense of relatability to your audience when compared to a robotic voice. 

This can increase the engagement on your video and boost your retention rates which is a key factor for YouTube to suggest your videos to more users.

IBM_Watson-Text-to-Speech-Demo an AI tool for Youtube
Easily create human-like voices for YouTube from text using IBM Watson, an AI tool for content creators.

Key features of IBM Watson Text-to-Speech

  • It lets you easily create human-like voiceovers by simply pasting your script in the space given.
  • It has multiple languages and dialects to choose from which can make your video feel authentic.
  • You can change the tone of voice to best suit the style and theme of your video.
  • You can also adjust the speed and pitch of the voice-over to suit your video.
  • The tools make it easy to review and edit the voice-over with a user-friendly design.


  • Lite for $0 500 minutes per month
  • Plus for $0.02 USD per minute for 1 – 999,999 minutes per month
  • Plus for $0.01 USD per minute for 1,000,000+ minutes per month


5/5 on Product Hunt ( 2 reviews)


ElevenLabs uses AI and deep learning to convert your script to a voice-over. It has numerous voice options that are dynamic and human-like to give your videos a personal touch. The natural-sounding speech gives your videos a professional feel. 

This natural-sounding speech can make your users feel like this content is made by humans. This is important to build relatability with your viewers which can be key to turning them into your loyal subscribers. 

ElevenLabs an AI tool for Youtube voiceover
Easily convert your script to a voice-over using AI for your YouTube video with Eleven Labs

Key features of EventLabs

  • It lets you choose from a wide range of languages that can help you cater to a global audience and increase your views.
  • You can create dynamic human-like voiceovers within seconds by just pasting the text in the space provided.
  • It lets you choose from a wide range of voices that best suit your video.


  • Free Plan
  • Starter Plan for $5/month
  • Creator Plan for $22/month
  • Independent Publisher Plan for $99/month
  • Growing Business Plan for $330/month
  • Enterprise Plan offers custom pricing based on your requirements.


4.7/5 on Product Hunt (7 reviews)

WellSaid Labs

Wellsaid Labs lets you create voiceovers from text in real time using AI. It has a wide range of voices that are best for narrating a story in an engaging way to keep your audience watching. 

Let’s take kids’ story narration for example, it is important to have a soothing and enthusiastic voice to encapsulate the children WellSaid Labs provides such voice-over abilities to convert your story script to an engaging narration that increases your retention rates.

WellSaid-Labs an AI tool for Youtube voiceovers
Use the wide range of voices available at WellSaid Labs to create engaging voiceovers for YouTube.

Key features of WellSaid Labs

  • It has a  5000-character limit which means you can create long audios without needing to paste new text often.
  • It has a wide range of voice options that can suit any type of video style
  • You can choose from a wide range of language options to create voiceovers in multiple languages at the same place.


  • Free Trail
  • Maker for $44/month
  • Creative for $89/month
  • Team for $179/month/user
  • Enterprise Plan offers custom pricing based on your requirements.


3/5 on Product Hunt (2 reviews)

Genny by lovo.ai

Genny is the ultimate generative AI tool for any type of voice-over. You can generate human-like voices by simply giving it your video script that you generated. It can also translate to do voiceovers in different languages.

English is just the 3rd most spoken language in the world, the first two are Mandarin and Spanish. So it is a wasted opportunity to just make your explanatory videos in English. Using Genny by Lovo.ai you can create human-like voiceovers in multiple languages. With this, you can publish the same video in multiple languages thus increasing the number of views you get by a mile.

Genny_lovo_AIan AI tool for Youtube voiceovers
Easily create multiple human-like voiceovers using Genny, an AI-powered tool for YouTube.

Key features of Genny

  • The text-to-speech is extremely fast which means you can get your voiceover ready within seconds.
  • You can add multiple voiceovers to a timeline to make one long audio or to make a conversational-style voiceover.
  • You can cut, edit, and export your audio from within the software to save you time and effort.
  • You can choose from different vices, languages, and dialectics that best suit your video style.
  • You can also use the AI writer feature to enhance your script before generating voiceovers.


  • Free Plan
  • Basic for $29/month/user
  • Pro for $39/month/user
  • Pro+ for $175/month/user



Making your thumbnails

You can have a great video idea and an amazingly edited video to accompany it but if you don’t have the right thumbnail you won’t get any views due to minimal CTR(click-through rate). A thumbnail is the first impression a user gets about your video, it should be inviting enough for them to click it. 

Now making such a is very tough and requires extensive photo editing and Photoshop skills, this is where you can leverage the power of AI to make relevant and compelling thumbnails for your videos.

AI tool for youtube makes thumbnails
You can use the best AI tools for YouTube to make colorful and engaging thumbnails that increase your CTR. Source –Canva


VEED’s AI Thumbnail Maker is a great tool if you are a content creator looking to design captivating YouTube thumbnails. Its AI-powered image generator takes your video reach to the next level by creating thumbnails that drive more clicks and views. It creates images based on your text so there is no limit to the image that can be generated.

veed_io an AI tool for Youtube image generation
Quickly create images for YouTube thumbnails using the AI-powered tool, Veed.IO

Key features of Veed.io

  • You can create high-quality copyright-free images by just writing a prompt.
  • You can change the resolution of the image to best suit your thumbnail needs.
  • It lets you create images in different styles and themes that can be helpful in designing a creative and engaging YouTube thumbnail.


  • Free plan
  • Basic for $25/month
  • Pro for $38/month
  • Business for $70/month/user


4.8/5 on Product Hunt (120 reviews)


With thumbnail.ai, you can easily generate visually appealing and engaging thumbnails by just providing the prompts. It eliminates the need for you to be skilled in graphic design AI tools, as thumbnail.ai already has par in this and makes your job quicker and easier. It gives you the option to add text to your images too, which is a necessity for thumbnails. You can even customize the suggested templates to your needs and preferences.

Thumbnai_AI an AI tool for Youtube thumbnails
Create a creative YouTube thumbnail with Thumbnail.ai, a free-to-use AI-powered tool for YouTube.

Key features of Thumbnail.ai

  • It lets you create thumbnails by providing the title or some prompts to generate images.
  • You can add text and edit them within the software saving you plenty of time.
  • It also lets you add your media if you want, like your photo or your brand logo as a watermark.
  • If you choose to make a thumbnail from scratch without using the AI you can do that as well.


  • Free to use




ClickGen.io is an AI-powered thumbnail generator specifically designed for creating your YouTube Thumbnail. With ClickGen.io, you can easily generate high-quality and eye-catching thumbnails for your YouTube videos by just typing in a relevant prompt. Clickgen lets you create 4k resolution arts and images as you wish by giving detailed and best AI art prompts. With this tool, imagination is your limit.

Clickgen_io an AI tool for Youtube thumbnails
Increase clickthrough rate with Clickgen.IO’s AI-powered creative thumbnails for YouTube.

Key features of Clickgen.io

  • This tool lets you give very detailed prompts that will be used to generate high-quality images.
  • You can create images in different styles like cartoons. anime, realistic, and more.
  • The thumbnails generated are specifically designed for YouTube so you can have a high CTR.


  • 25 Thumbnails for $10
  • 50 Thumbnails for $18
  • 125 Thumbnails for $40



Magic thumbnails

This AI tool generates YouTube thumbnails based on your video title and description. A great YouTube thumbnail has creative text and a face that creates curiosity or stirs emotions for the user. Magic thumbnails let you create creative and interesting thumbnails with simple prompts to increase your CTR and make your video appear more often in the recommended section of YouTube. 

Magic_Thumbnails an AI tool for Youtube thumbnail creation
Quickly make YouTube thumbnails based on your video title and description using the AI-powered tool, Magic thumbnails.

Key features of Magic thumbnails

  • This tool lets you create engaging YouTube thumbnails with just your video title and description of what happens in the video.
  • You can choose to use stock photos in your thumbnail or your face in it depending on your preference.
  • It creates thumbnails along with relevant text which is an important factor that determines YouTube CTR.


  • $5 for 35 Thumbnails


5/5  on Product Hunt (1 review)

SEO and optimizing your content

Right, so you now have your video created and edited with the thumbnail ready to go, is there something you should do before publishing?

Absolutely, your thumbnail and the video title you have might sound perfect and share-worthy to you but it is always better to use some tool to make sure it can beat the competition.

To choose the right title and to analyze your thumbnails you can use these tools I’m going to talk about. 

Creator ML

Creator ML is a game-changing AI tool that lets you make your videos better before they are even uploaded. It is a YouTube Video Title and Thumbnail View Ranker, which gives you a prediction of your video performance like how many views your video could get and the CTR of your video. It does this by simply analyzing your video title and thumbnail to give you a prediction before you upload your video.

Creator_ML an AI tool for Youtube for Thumbnails
Predict your video performance with Creator ML, a great AI tool for YouTube.

Key features of CreatorML

  • You can get an idea of how your video will perform by just inserting your thumbnail file and filling in some relevant details like video tiles, language, tone of voice, video duration, and more.
  • You get a prediction on the potential views, CTR, impressions, and other key metrics.
  • It also provides suggestions to make to optimize your video as a whole.


  • Starter for $99/month
  • Professional for $249/month
  • Champion for $999/month




VidIQ is a popular easy-to-use-to-use tool that analyzes your YouTube video data using AI to provide recommendations for optimizing titles, descriptions, and tags. It helps you improve your video SEO and increase your video visibility. You can use the keyword research tool it offers to find the right title for your next video. 

Choosing keywords with high volume and less competition can increase your chances of ranking on the YouTube search results page. With optimized titles, you can increase the impression your video gets to enhance the chances of being clicked by a user.

VidIQ an AI tool for Youtube analytics
Use AI to optimize your YouTube video and increase its reach with VidIQ

Key features of VidIQ

  • It has a keyword research tool to find the right keywords for your video and helps you choose an optimized video title.
  • It gives you SEO suggestions like adding end screens, cards, closed captions, and more.
  • It gives you detailed analytics on your video and provides AI-powered insights to make your YouTube videos perform better.


  • Basic for free
  • Pro at $5/month
  • Boost at $5/month
  • 1-on-1 Coaching at $5/month


4/5 on Product Hunt (3 reviews)


TubeBuddy is an amazing tool that offers AI-powered features such as video performance tracking, keyword research, and competitor analysis to assist you in optimizing your YouTube channel and videos for better search rankings.

With the keyword research tool, you can find the right keywords for your video title, and with their analytics feature that also gives you insights you can continue to optimize your video regularly to ensure that your impressions and CTR are high.

Keyword explorer by Tubebuddy an AI tool for youtube
Gain deep insights through Tubebuddy’s keyword research tool.

Key features of TubeBuddy

  • It has a comprehensive keyword research tool that you can use to find the right keywords for your YouTube video title.
  • It provides AI-powered suggestions for tags to use in the title to increase your video’s visibility.
  • It gives detailed reports on your video’s performance and actionable insights that can elevate your video’s performance.


  • Pro at $3.99/month
  • Legend at $15.20/month




BuzzSumo uses AI to analyze content popularity and trends in your niche or industry. It helps you identify what’s currently trending with audiences and provides insights for creating such content that your audience is much more likely to watch at this moment.

tubics an AI tool for Youtube competitir analysis
Understand your YouTube niche with BuzzSumo an AI tool made for YouTubers.

Key features of BuzzSumo

  • It gives you detailed reports on your niches to help you find trends and tags that are performing well.
  • Gives you detailed reports on the keywords you are interested in like average views, average video duration, and more. Using this you can alter your content strategy.
  • It helps you make data-driven decisions when it comes to your YouTube video creation.


  • Content creation at $199/month
  • PR and Comms at $299/month
  • Suite at $499/month
  • Enterprise at $999/month


5/5 on Product Hunt (15 reviews)


This tool uses AI to gather and visualize data from search engines. It generates content ideas based on the most frequently asked questions related to a specific topic or keyword, helping you create relevant content. This can be your one-stop tool to get all the information you need to create an SEO-optimized video title that can rank both on YouTube and the SERP of search engines.

Answer_the_public an AI tool for Youtube keyword reserch
Use the elaborate data of Answer the public keyword research to optimize your videos.

Key features of AnswerThePublic

  • It lets you find the right title by providing the most searched queries for a specific keyword.
  • The keyword research feature helps you choose a niche with high volume but less competition.
  • It helps create optimized titles that can rank on the YouTube SERP.


  • Indicidual at $5/month
  • Pro at $49/month
  • Ex[pert at $99/month


5/5 on Product Hunt (1 review)


Keywordtool.io employs AI to generate a list of relevant keywords for any topic you give or your niche. These keywords can be used for SEO optimization and planning your content accordingly. 

Using the suggested keywords feature you can choose the best keywords with high volume and low competition. With those keywords, you can create an amazing title for your video that can help you rank on the search results page.

keywordtool_io an AI tool for Youtube keyword research
Grow your channel rapidly by pairing  Keyword.io with other AI tools for YouTube.

Key features of Keywordtool.io

  • The keyword research tool helps you find the right keyword for your video to ensure maximum visibility.
  • The suggested keywords section helps you create an SEO-optimized video title that can help you rank on the YouTube SERP.
  • It provides trending hashtags that you can use in your video to increase visibility.


  • Pro Basic for $69/month
  • Pro Plus for $79/month
  • Pro Business for $159/month


4.1/5 on Product Hunt (13 reviews)


Tubics offers AI-driven recommendations to optimize your YouTube videos for better search rankings. It analyzes your video content and provides insightful suggestions. With the help of these suggestions, you can optimize your video by changing titles, and thumbnails, and updating closed captions.

This can ensure that your videos stay on top of the competition and always remain the first choice for both the results page and suggested videos. This optimization can also increase the impression and CTR of your videos.

tubics an AI tool for Youtube competitir analysis
Use Tubics an AI tool for YouTube to gain insights to optimize your videos

Key features of Tubics

  • It provides detailed reports to help you understand your videos’ performance.
  • The AI-powered optimization provides suggestions that you apply to optimize your video further.
  • It helps you see the place you rank for a specific keyword which you can use to optimize your video titles.
  • It also gives a metric to analyze the impact of your optimization efforts to see if it has worked.


  • Standard for $490/month
  • Growth for $890/month
  • Enterprise for $1990/month


5/5 on Product Hunt (5 reviews)

Bonus tip

If you’re still reading, I’d like to say ‘thank you.’ I hope you’ve become familiar with idea and script generation, voiceover for narration, thumbnail creation, and SEO-optimized content. Managing all of this can be tough, am I right? So, what’s the solution? Well, you can use AI project management software to smooth your content workflow. But how?

  • AI software helps categorize tasks, making it easier to manage your content pipeline.
  • With automated reminders and scheduling, you’ll never miss a deadline again.
  • Streamline communication among team members, ensuring everyone’s on the same page.
  • You get valuable insights into content performance that will help in building future strategies.

By integrating AI project management software into your workflow, you’ll streamline operations, boost productivity, and ultimately produce better content.

So why not give it a try? It could be the key to unlocking your content creation potential!

Promoting your videos through YouTube shorts

Now that you have your video uploaded optimized you can promote your video using YouTube shorts which are short-form vertical videos that have quicker and easier reach than regular videos. You don’t have to worry about re-editing your video in a different format for shorts and there are smart AI tools that do that for you, let me tell you about a few.


QuickVid.ai is a platform that allows you to create YouTube shorts from your longer videos. The tool has a library of templates that can be used to create videos quickly by analyzing your video and creating shorts with moments in the video that are viral-worthy. You can customize the created shorts with stickers or even add subtitles as you wish. This can be a great feature as dynamic subtitles are a great way of keeping the user engaged to increase retention rates.

QuickVid an AI tool for Youtube shorts
Quickly create and edit YouTube shorts with QuickVid an AI tool for YouTube shorts creation.

Key features of QuickVid

  • It lets you create shorts by placing the YouTube video links
  • You can customize and edit your video from within the software.
  • You can add dynamic subtitles for better engagement with your shorts.
  • You can preview your video before exporting to make any final changes if necessary.
  • It lets you add your own media to the video.


  • Free to use




This is an AI-powered tool that allows you to maximize your reach extensively and grow your subscriber base by extracting short clips from your long videos and repurposing them for YouTube shorts which you can easily promote with the right title and hashtags. 

You can simply paste the link of a YouTube video and this tool analyzes the high points of the videos and creates shorts for those specific moments. This can be very useful to create shorts for promoting your videos through the shorts feed as this tool helps create shorts within seconds without much effort.

2short_AI an AI tool for Youtube
Easily create YouTube shorts by simply pasting your video link on 2Shorts.AI an AI tool made for YouTube video creation.

Key features of 2Shorts.AI

  • You can create engaging shorts by simply pasting the YouTube video link
  • You can edit the shorts it creates giving way for easy customization.
  • It uses AI to find the high points in the video to make them into YouTube shorts, this can help create viral videos that can become trending.
  • It creates multiple shorts from the same video giving you a wide range of shorts to choose from.


  • Free Plan
  • Lite for $9.90/month
  • Pro for $19.90/month 
  • Premium for $49.90/month



Spikes Studio

Spikes Studio is an AI-powered clip generator that enables you to transform your long videos into viral clips for platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Instagram Reels, and more. You can simply paste the YouTube video URL and it creates short-form videos in the 9:16 format. 

These videos can then be uploaded to other social media platforms like YouTube shorts, Instagram reels, and TikTok. All this can be done within minutes and with very little effort making this a vital tool for content creators wanting to promote their content.

Spikes_Studio an AI tool for Youtube
Quickly repurpose your long videos into YouTube shorts using AI with Spikes studio

Key features of Spikes Sudio

  • It creates short-form videos with ease, you just need to paste the YouTube video link.
  • It allows you to edit the short-form video you created.
  • You can also upload a long video from your computer instead of a YouTube video link if you want.


  • Free plan with the option to upgrade.


4.9/5 on Product Hunt (55 reviews)


This is an AI-powered tool that will let you easily repurpose your YouTube videos. You can create compelling and engaging YouTube shorts by simply pasting the video link in Vizard. It will automatically analyze the content and create shorts which you can edit if needed. With this tool, you can truly take your channel reach to another level.

Vizard an AI tool for Youtube shorts

Key features of Vizard

  • It lets you repurpose your YouTube videos by creating engaging YouTube shorts that can boost your channel’s visibility.
  • You can also use the AI to create shorts from video files that aren’t on YouTube.
  • You can add subtitles and edit the created shorts if you wish to from within the software.


  • Free Plan
  • Creator for $16/month
  • Pro for $32/month
  • Custom plan with pricing based on your requirements.


4.7/5 on Product Hunt (23 reviews)

Create YouTube magic with AI

With YouTube as our daily go-to for entertainment, education, and news content creation and consumption is at an all-time high. Being a YouTube content has never been easier thanks to the advanced AI tools available today which make the whole content creation process simple, easy, and efficient.

If you are a fellow YouTuber like me trying to make it big on YouTube here is my suggestion for you. Using the AI YouTube tools I talked about, can surely help you grow rapidly.

But remember the key to success in YouTube like any field is consistency and quality content, when this is paired with these modern-day AI tools you can truly be unstoppable in the YouTube world.

One quote that actually inspires me to do more videos is!

It is perfectly okay to write garbage — as long as you edit brilliantly.

C. J. Cherryh

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