11 Best AI Translation Software and Online Tools You Can Use for Free

The best AI translators help you translate content in the multilingual form while maintaining quality, synchronizing meaning, adjusting tones & adding value.

Imagine a scenario, where you come across some amazing people while traveling abroad. However, an unwanted language barrier creates obstacles in your way to get familiar with them and create a wonderful memory.

Do you have any idea how to overcome the situation?

Well, the coolest and most reliable solution today is a translator. Hey! Don’t think that I’m talking about a human, rather I’m highlighting an AI translation software that you can carry around for free.

How? Most of these online AI translators come with a microphone that records your speech and simultaneously auto-types the translated content in your preferred language. Not only that but you can also utilize these tools to translate the context from images, videos, websites, and text.

And, now if I tell you that you can experience the same free of cost, will you be surprised? Umm, you may. So, why wait? Let’s have a walkthrough in the article to simplify your process of understanding any global language and make a ton of new homies aka best friends! 

The best 11 free AI translators that can transcribe in multiple languages

From understanding the intent within content from speeches or written pieces to translating in a way that maintains readability and synchronizes the context, these 11 AI translators have all capabilities. Read here for more details

Google Translate

01 AI translator - Google Translator
Automate your task of translating content in multiple languages with Google Translate which is the top-rated free AI online translator. [Source – Google Translate]

Google Translate is one of the well-known free online translators that uses AI intelligence to automate conversion from one language to another and this tool is really important in my daily work schedule.

If you ask me why? Then let me explain. As I’m a content creator, I need to work for multiple content creations that are aligned for a variety of purposes. And, sometimes it becomes really hectic to understand the intent of poorly structured sentences that too in a language which I am not fluent in- especially when I do my research.

Thankfully, Google Translate helps me to understand it when it translates the content without breaking sequences. Also, this tool is highly accessible with its intuitive dashboard, where I can upload content and convert the same very easily.

02 AI translator - Google Translator
I translated the Unrola web page language from English to French, you can also translate any website with Google Translator. [Source – Google Translate]

It helps me to auto-detect the language of the content that I mention in the text, autotype the content of my speech, and pronounce the same if I need it.

And, do you know Google Bard now Gemini can also translate your text into different languages?

Key features of Google Translate

➡️ The core feature of Google Translate AI translation software is to translate around 133 different global languages within the blink of an eye. All you need to do is enter the text only and enjoy the output.

➡️ If you upload a photo, the tool can translate the story of the image into 37 different languages.

➡️ This tool comes with a live video translation feature and allows you to translate the video imagery into 27 languages via augmented reality mode.

➡️ Enter any URL to the Google website translator to get your web page into another language.

➡️ With the tool, you can build your own phrasebook, where you are allowed to store multiple key phrases for further recommendation. Also, you can save the entire history of translation.

Ratings & reviews of Google Translate 

  • 4.8 out of 5 stars (480 reviews) on G2.
  • 4.5 out of 5 stars (592 reviews) on Capterra.


01 Translator AI - ChatGPT
Break the barrier of poor understanding of global languages while utilizing ChatGPT which is a free online AI translation software. [Source – ChatGPT]

ChatGPT is the name of the new AI revolution and its free translator is the one that breaks the linguistic barrier. This tool can easily translate the content from text, programming codes, charts, etc., and make it readable in your preferred languages with a single click.

02 Translator AI - ChatGPT
Enter your content in any language and ask ChatGPT to auto-detect the text to translate it into your desired language. [Source – ChatGPT]

You just need to write or paste the content that you want to translate with suitable instructive prompts. ChatGPT can also be referred to as an AI tool to increase your productivity and save hours of work in translation.

Key features of ChatGPT

➡️ ChatGPT can understand different dialects or colloquialisms easily, which makes it a versatile AI translation software.

➡️ Its translation model can be integrated into your system so that you can review and edit the output if needed.

➡️ As ChatGPT is pre-trained with a natural language processor, it emphasizes ChatGPT’s capability for contextual understanding which is really important for you to get accurate translation.

Ratings & reviews of ChatGPT 

  • 4.7 out of 5 stars (420 reviews) on G2.
  • 4.5 out of 5 stars (36 reviews) on Capterra.


01 Best AI translator - Bing
Utilize one of the best free AI translation tools named Bing & experience its extensive knowledge of translating any type of content. [Source – Bing]

The extensive knowledge of translation in Bing is powered by Microsoft. At present, this AI translation software is supported by 12 speech recognition systems. Whether you look to translate from images, voice, text, or website links, this tool simplifies your process while providing value and enhancing your experience.

02 Best AI translator - Bing
Enter your text here to get your translation of the text with Bing Translator. [Source – Bing]

Key features of Bing

➡️ Its syntax-based translation feature can optimize various elements in sentences, rather than focusing on a single word or string of a sentence. So that it can auto-combine words accordingly to create phrases and transform phrases into sentences. 

➡️ Microsoft Bing’s bitext word alignment can help you translate one language to another without compromising the quality and meaning.

➡️ It can be used as your AI business tool that can help you translate and create your web pages in 105+ languages so that you can make pages or websites that reach your audience.

➡️ You can instruct this tool to use multiple phrases to change the tone of your sentences while utilizing phrases from its pre-built library of variants such as social, basics, emergency, technology, and so on.

Ratings & reviews of Bing

  • 3.7 out of 5 stars (1,029 reviews) on G2.


01 Deep AI translator - DeepL
Translate long forms of content of any kind of file formatting with the DeepL AI-powered translator. [Source – DeepL]

The next best option in your free AI-powered translator list is DeepL which is equally beneficial for you whether you’re in a personal or professional need. It provides you with a seamless experience in both the web and iOS/Android versions. 

DeepL has encrypted cloud storage to help you see the previous translation history and adjust the content if it optimizes anything similar between now and then.

02 Deep AI translator - DeepL
Select any file from your device to translate it into any language and get your translated document with an AI translation tool. [Source – DeepL]

Key features of DeepL

➡️ With the tool, you can apply for alternative translations while saving time from searching for different phrases, idioms, or more engaging words. It can be done when you choose from alternative options and the output is automatically adjusted based on your choice.

➡️ Whether you have a PDF, PowerPoint, or a Word file, it can work smoothly with any type of file format.

➡️ With DeepL Pro, you can simply bypass the word or character limitation for translation, rather you can translate as much as you want.

➡️ This tool helps you with 31 various global languages to understand the content. Also, you can adjust the tone of your translated content and update the same with relatable words.

Ratings & reviews of DeepL 

  • 4.6 out of 5 stars (45 reviews) on G2.
  • 4.8 out of 5 stars (128 reviews) on Capterra.


01 AI translator - HIX.AI
Detect the language of your given content & transform it into your preferred language with HIX which is a free AI online translator. [Source – HIX.AI]

HIX.AI, another important free AI translation software, is the innovation of Open AI. It not only allows you to translate the content but also enables you to play with the tone of the content while applying ranges from standard to academic.

HIX.AI is an ai online translation software
Get your translation of any content in any language to convert it into any language with HIX.AI. [Source – HIX.AI]

Apart from its extensive translation capability, it comes with numerous features, likely AI writing, summarizing, and paraphrasing which you can also use in editing translated content.

Key features of HIX.AI

➡️ The tool is powered by GPT 3.5 and GPT 4 versions, which help you get high-quality translated content.

➡️ With the tool, you can translate your content into over 100 languages and simultaneously fine-tune the speech with 7 different tones.

➡️ This tool allows you to rephrase your content after making the first translation to improve the quality and maintain the sequence of the content.

➡️ In one go, you can utilize a maximum of 5000 characters for translation and make the output editable at your preference with its built-in AI writing tool.

Ratings & reviews of HIX.AI

This tool doesn’t have any ratings, but I think this AI translator can help you as it is one of the best free AI translators.


01 Translator AI - Linguee_
Translate text to files with Linguee, one of the best free AI translators & build understanding in a better way. [Source – Linguee]

Linguee is an innovative AI translation software that is powered by DeepL and comes with a precise bilingual dictionary. It not only provides you with the translated content but also allows you to explore the context of alternative translation so that you can utilize the best output. 

02 Translator AI - Linguee
Use Linguee to translate the language and get detailed information about your text. [Source – Linguee]

This tool can be beneficial for you irrespective of your knowledge base in multiple languages, proper pronunciation, or synchronizing the context. It comes with a user-friendly dashboard where selecting a particular language, and receiving translation becomes easy for you.

Key features of Linguee

➡️ Linguee provides you with a bilingual translation feature, where you can back and forth between two selective languages.

➡️ It mainly supports global languages so that you can easily understand the content and reply well to your global audiences.

Ratings & reviews of Linguee 

This tool doesn’t have any reviews online, but this AI tool can be helpful to you as it is one of the best free AI online translators.

Yandex Translate

01 AI translator - Yandex Translator
Instantly translate the content of your given image with Yandex Translate which is one of the coolest free AI translators. [Source – Yandex Translate]

Yandex Translate which is a Russian-based AI company is quite popular when it comes to global language translation. It offers you various aspects of services apart from translation including search engine, web analytics, and machine learning features. With the power of AI, it can build your translated content without breaking the contextual sequence or the flow of readability.

Yandex Translate can be one of the best AI tools for content writing translating for content without changing formatting and contextual sequence.

02 AI translator - Yandex Translator
Drag your file or images and change the entire language of the document or the image with an AI translator online tool, Yandex Translate. [Source – Yandex Translate]

As you can see above, when I used this tool, I changed the language from English to Russian to see how it works for image translation in real-time and experienced instant transformation.

After using this tool, I feel like now I can easily understand any image text that I may find attractive but it’s somehow difficult to understand the given language. 

Key features of Yandex Translate

➡️ With this tool you can translate content from both sources, your text input, and a website link, whichever you want.

➡️ It has a pre-built phrasebook, which you can utilize to improve the quality of your translated content.

➡️ You can access its dictionary filled with synonyms and more engaging words to fill the gap between your understanding and hard words.

➡️ Yandex Translate helps you understand the story of images, where you just need to mention the image URL, or you can upload an image with a drag-and-drop feature.

➡️ Also, it comes with a text-to-speech facility so that you can learn the proper pronunciation of the translated text.

Ratings & reviews of Yandex Translate 

  • 4.1 out of 5 stars (37 reviews) on G2.
  • 4.5 out of 5 stars (2 reviews) on Product Hunt.


01 AI translator - MateCat
Utilize the Chrome extension of MateCat’s free AI translation tool & translate any web content within seconds. [Source – MateCat]

With a slight variation from the rest, MateCat free AI translator is available with a Chrome Extension to simplify your process of translating web content. Its additional supportive feature comes with pro pronunciation assistance to make you understand with accents. 

Also, its language detection feature helps you to understand the language of your given content. MateCat can be an  AI tool to ease the work of teachers by translating the entire file in just one go. It can help you to get an instant translation of any document. 

02 Best AI translator - MateCat
Get translation in an understandable format with the MateCat AI translation tool. [Source – MateCat]

Key features of MateCat

➡️ MateCat translator supports working in a collaborative environment, where you and your team members can simultaneously work on multiple projects without any intricacies.

➡️ With this tool, you can not only translate text but also upload any type of file format such as PPT, .docx, .xlx, etc for long translation.

➡️ This tool utilizes its automation intelligence to thoroughly check the poor sequence and formatting issues to provide you with quality translated content.

➡️ It has its own Translation Memory which is used for providing suggestions if there are any similar or identical segments appearing in the flow, as it stores the previous translation history.

Ratings & reviews of MateCat

  • 4.0 out of 5 stars (13 reviews) on G2.


02 Best AI translator - Papago
Explore the AI translation capabilities in Asian languages with Papago which is a free AI translator. [Source – Papago]

Papago is counted on the list of AI translation tools which is developed by Naver and is immersively working on Asian languages from Korean to Chinese. The fascinating feature of this tool is that it comes with a ‘word interpretation’ feature which can auto-generate detailed explanations of individual words if you want.

02 Best AI translator - Papago(1)
Convert the language of any website with the Papago AI translator. [Source – Papago]

Key features of Papago

➡️ With Papago, you can translate 3000 characters of any content at a time and in 13 global languages, like Korean, English, Japanese, Russian, and so on.

➡️ It comes with two types of translator, web, and document, where either you can mention a website link or upload the text with any file format to get the transcripts.

➡️ Papago supports the text-to-speech feature, where you can listen to every bit of each sentence and get familiar with the pronunciation.

➡️ As it supports the cross-platform feature you can utilize this tool in the app or web mode from any device.

Ratings & reviews of Papago 

Papago is one of the best free AI translators but it doesn’t have any online reviews. But, I used this tool and I am very much satisfied with its results so you can also give it a try.


01 Translator AI - QuillBot
Translate your content without breaking contextual sequence with QuillBot which is considered one of the most reliable solutions for free AI translation software. [Source – QuillBot]

QuillBot is one of my preferred AI translators which comes free of cost and instantly translates any type of content within seconds. Well, to use its translation feature, I simply pasted my pre-written content in the field of text. I got my translated content within a second. 

Also, you can use this tool without downloading the app separately.

02 Translator AI - QuillBot
Auto-detect language translator to help you convert text into your desired language with an AI translator, Quillbot. [Source – QuillBot]

Unlike other tools, it does not come with translating content from a website link. QuillBot comes with different tools including a plagiarism checker, paraphraser, and citation generator to enhance my translated content quality. 

It can be a toolkit of AI tools for students to help in their writing journey.

Key features of QuillBot

➡️ This free AI translator comes with over 30 supportive languages while translating each word, phrase, and sentence accurately and without breaking the sequence.

➡️ You can enjoy this tool completely free while translating 5000 characters in one go and without having ad interference.

➡️ This tool helps you with the integration of other Quillbot writing suites so that you can edit text and cite sources at the same time.

Ratings & reviews of QuillBot 

  • 4.5 out of 5 stars (134 reviews) on Capterra.


01 AI translator - SmartCat
Explore the CAT feature with SmartCat free AI translator & allow team members to work on a collaborative space for multiple projects. [Source – SmartCat]

Smartcat is a translation platform that provides a range of functionalities, from translating files in nearly any language and format to offering full project management automation using AI. It is particularly well-suited for various tasks, such as translating websites or documents. If you’re looking to streamline your workflow and collaborate, Smartcat is a go-to tool. 

02 AI translator - SmartCat
Paste the UR of any website and get your translated view of the webpage by using SmartCat. [Source – SmartCat]

Key features of SmartCat

➡️ SmartCat provides you with a wider range of language variations for translation including over 280 global dialects.

➡️ With SmartCat, you can translate a file or you can mention a source link of a website to easily understand the content within it.

➡️ To make the content shareable, you can easily collaborate with the team and allow them to access the content while inviting them via email or link.

➡️ Also, this tool provides you with a workspace named Translation Memories so that you can see who made the changes in your team.

Ratings & reviews of SmartCat 

  • 4.6 out of 5 stars (115 reviews) on G2.
  • 4.5 out of 5 stars (139 reviews) on Capterra.

Understand the global content or share your content with the world with AI translator tools

Once Grass Gunter said, “Translation is that which transforms everything so that nothing changes.”

It simply means the intent will be the same when you’re translating from one language to another. And, the process becomes faster as well as smoother with the intelligence of AI’s machine learning. 

However, if you want to go beyond translation, the power of AI enables you to play with tweaks while enhancing the quality of translated content with its pre-built library of words, phrases, and tones. 

Then what are you waiting for? You already have a well-curated list of free AI online translators, just go and try whichever you want. 

But before that, have an eye on Unrola and check if there are other tools too that you may want and make AI work for you!

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