11 Best AI Video Editor Tools & Apps to Accelerate Your Video Editing & Creation

The list of the best AI video editor tools includes Descript, Wondareshare Filmora, Adobe Premiere Pro, Fliki, InVideo Wisecut, VEED.IO, FlexClip, Clipchamp, Canva, Kapwing, and Simplified. Which will you choose?

Planning and shooting a video is a tough task and after shooting the most difficult part left is video editing. And we all know that editing starts with pain. Yes! Sitting in front of a system or mobile for a very long time just to edit a video is so horrible. 

I know that because I have been there myself. 

Now you are tired of editing videos and shorts for your social media platforms.

Still, you probably want to make videos, why? In today’s world, people are more likely to be attracted to and engaged with video. We all know  YouTube is the largest video-sharing platform where over 122 million daily active users watch videos. 

If you create engaging videos then people will be more likely to watch you. It doesn’t matter what platform, people like to watch videos.

Now you want something that can ease your work like any AI writing tool and can help you in your journey of making your online presence. Right?

I feel an AI video editor can help you edit your videos for publishing in just one go, you don’t even need to give extra effort. You can easily and quickly generate captions, and short videos to get your editing done as soon as possible. AI can even help you enhance your video or clip by removing unwanted silence and filler words to ease your work as much as possible. 

11 best AI video editing tools to help you get stunning edited video in seconds

Reduce your stress level of editing video with 11 top AI video editing tools that can help you save hours of editing. It can give you all the support to ease your work and let you do only the fun part. 


AI video editor - Descript
Remove filler words in just a click from any video using the AI video editor, Descript. [Source – Descript]

A ready-to-use complete toolkit that you need for editing your videos and podcasts. You can write, record, edit, transcribe, collaborate with others, and share your videos and podcasts. 

Descript allows you to record high-quality videos, and auto-edit to publish your videos. No need to go through file management or backup anymore on your own because the cloud backup model of Descript can automatically save changes immediately without hassle.

Key features of Descript

✅ With confidence, share your recordings, Descript allows you to remove filler words ‘‘um, uh’ ’in just one click to make your recording with zero error.

✅  You don’t need to spend a single second writing transcription. You can auto-generate transcripts of your recordings to get instant AI-created audio-to-text.

✅ Clarify the message more promptly when you automatically add text elements in your video such as introduction, title, and captions with the AI.

✅ You can convert your text into your own voice without waiting by using AI to engage your audience for more time. 

✅ You can use templates to instantly make your video shine. You can even get access to millions of images, music, sound effects, and graphy GIFs to make your videos more personalized.

✅ Make your videos ready to be posted on your social media quickly with transcripts, customizable captions, animations, and images using Descript. 

✅ No green screen is needed to remove the background from your video, You can easily remove the background and add any media or use 100+ stock backgrounds, photos, videos, and illustrations available in Descript.

✅ Enjoy the workflow in a collaborative workspace with Descript to and ensure all members are on the same page when leaving or replying to comments on projects to make immediate changes and share the projects. 

Pricing module of Descript

Free at USD 0

Creator at USD 15

Pro at USD 30

Enterprise plan at custom price

Ratings & reviews of Descript

  • 4.5 out of 5 (347 reviews) on G2
  • 4.8 out of 5 (165 reviews) on Capterra.

Wondershare Filmora

01 AI video editor - Wondershare Filmora
Get your video editing done easily using a drag-and-drop interface, use AI for video editing with Filmora. [Source – Filmora]

If you are an editing person who is looking for a tool that can help you convert your video into a piece of art then Filmora is for you. It allows you to play with your video and use the drag-and-drop interface to make it simple.

You can use Filmora as an AI content creation tool for videos by getting flawless edits.

Key features of Filmora

✅ With Filmora, you can add effects of transitions, titles, stickers, intro, and outro in your video to scale the engagement more swiftly.

✅ Do smart work, automatically get a cutout of yourself from any video and add background to it using AI smart cutouts and AI portrait tool.

✅ Save your time from manually setting the music let AI Audio Stretch to fit the song in any length of video with any song. You can also auto-duck to easily fade the background music to make your dialogue poke out.

✅ Filmora can help you set music that best fits your video by using an auto-synchronization tool. 

✅ Make your video more focused by auto-canceling the noise of the background from any video with AI Denoise. You can also auto-cut all the unnecessary silence from your clip to make it crisp.

✅ Give your clip a new look by changing your video frame to resize it quickly and simply by using Auto-Reframe. 

✅ Enjoy 10+ billion free stock media that you can use in your video to never touch the boundary of the limit to adding your favorite media. You can get instantly your video ready in a few clicks with the edited 200+ presets to make it amazing but quickly.

✅ Expand and enjoy more with eye-popping plugins like NewBlue, Boris FX plugins, or the limitless effects of  Filmora to make your video more engaging and vibrant.

Let me tell you, I was amazed by its AI portrait and lens correction features. I used an AI portrait to remove the background and literally, it gave me the result within 2 seconds.

02 AI video editor - Wondershare Filmora

Pricing module of Filmora

Subscription plan at USD19.99/user per month

Cross-platform plan at USD 59.99 annually

Perpetual plan for an individual at USD 79.99 – One-time payment

Filmora Team at USD 155.88/user/annually

Student plan at USD 19.99/user per month

Filmora Business & Educator plan at custom pricing

Ratings & reviews of Filmora

  • 4.4 out of 5 (297 reviews) on G2
  • 4.5 out of 5 (666 reviews) on Capterra.


01 AI for video editing - Kapwing
Click on repurpose content and start editing your long-form videos into small clips using an AI video editor, Kapwing. [Source – Kapwing]

An online AI video editing tool, Kapwing can help you trim the unwanted parts of your video. You can edit video based using text to automatically generate subtitles and transcriptions in your video.

It can be one of the best AI tools to grow your YouTube by editing videos in a short time and efficiently.

Key features of Kapwing

✅ No need to trim your video manually, use AI to trim your videos. You just need to delete your unwanted text sections from the generated transcript to get your edited video.

✅ Don’t make your viewers bored with silence in your video. Let the Smart Cut tool auto-remove the silence from your video in less time to save your energy.

✅ You can quickly generate subtitles in over 60+ languages to make videos engaging and understandable at a global level. 

✅ Remove background noise to improve the quality of your audio using the Kapwing Clean Audio tool. You can also remove filler words to make your videos more seamless. 

✅ You can generate text-to-speech to get AI voiceover in your videos that can make your videos more engaging in a few clicks.

Pricing of Kapwing

Free plan at USD 0

Pro plan at USD 16 per month

Business plan at USD 50 per month

Enterprise plan at custom price

Ratings and reviews of Kapwing

Adobe Premiere Pro

AI for video editing - Adobe Premiere Pro
Has an advanced AI editor for your seamless editing of Adobe Premiere Pro AI assets. [Source – Adobe Premiere Pro]

One of my friends has a very good taste in anime web series. He always suggests web series like Code Geass, Death Note, Platinum End, Steins, and more. I usually take his suggestions with a grain of salt, but this time, something about his recommendation of Death Note intrigued me.

After just one episode, I found myself deeply submerged in the world of anime characters. This newfound fascination led me to dive even deeper, and I started covering my entire room wall with stunning anime characters that I’ve generated using an AI anime art generator by giving text. I know you’re probably wondering why I am telling you all these things.

Well, because after this, I realized that I could be a graphic designer or video editor. And Adobe Premiere Pro becomes my AI video editing partner, which helps me edit and trim my video to create stunning visuals. Additionally, it offers eye-catching effects and transitions to make my video more engaging and outstanding!

Key features of Adobe Premiere Pro

✅ You don’t need to wait for long to start the video creation process as the tool comes with handy mobile features to allow you to shoot, edit, and share video at any time from anywhere.

✅ Add more vibrant font colors and meaningful emojis within the video to catch your viewers’ eyes more easily by using Premiere Pro.

✅ Edit audio tracks and remove background noises to fine-tune your video with Adobe Premiere Pro and provide an awesome experience to your viewers be it a podcast, coaching video, or any other purposeful videos.

✅ Remove filler words from your video footage in bulk with the filler word detection of the tool and keep the audio flow more professional and more natural. 

✅ To scale your video creation process more smoothly, Adobe Premiere Pro enables you to integrate Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, and Frame.io with it.

Pricing module of Adobe Premiere Pro

Free 7-day trial

Premium Pro at USD 20.21 per month

Team plan at USD 32.74 per month

Ratings & reviews of Adobe Premiere Pro

  • 4.5 out of 5 (1,553 reviews) on G2
  • 4.7 out of 5 (464 reviews) on Capterra.


AI video editor - InVideo
Fill the fields and generate customized videos to ease your work using InVideo. [Source – InVideo]

No need to edit your video manually for tweaks, just give the commands to InVideo-  whatever you want to do for your video. It will automatically do the magic for you to get an amazing video. InVideo is an AI video editor that helps you generate and edit videos using text.

You can use this tool as an AI marketing tool to create and edit your marketing content in no time. 

Key features of InVideo

✅ Easily craft and edit videos using text prompts. Additionally, you can create customized scenes on any topic using InVideo’s AI graphic tools.

✅ Make TikTok videos, YouTube shorts, Instagram reels, or any kind of short videos for social media with text using InVideo AI’s unique AI video editor on any topic.

✅ You can easily command video AI in simple text from deleting scenes to changing voiceover that allows you to edit easily and quickly.

✅ 16 million+ images and videos that you can use in your video for additional creative or use for your brainstorming.

✅ Edit clips or edit media, texts, and transitions in a few clicks that allow you to edit fast and simply.

✅ Increase your video attractiveness by using human-sounding voiceover to make your videos engaging. 

✅ If you want to edit with your friend then InVideo welcomes your friend to edit with you by collaborating in real-time with multiplayer editing.

Pricing module of InVideo

Free at USD 0

Plus plan at USD 25 per month

Max plan at USD 60 per month

Ratings & reviews of InVideo

  • 4.5 out of 5 (153 reviews) on G2.


AI video editor - Wisecut

Export your video, select the features and get your edited video with AI video editing platform, Wisecut. [Source – Wisecut]

If you are looking for an AI video editing tool that can edit your entire video, only by uploading a recording then Wisecut is for you. It edits your video and once it is done editing, it automatically updates you through email. 

You just need to choose a language and select the features if you want to add it to your video, it’s that simple.

Key features of Wisecut

✅ Save your time and reduce your headache for cutting and editing your videos by using AI to ease your editing.

✅ Give a glance of your long video to your audience in a shorter version generated by AI with impressive music, subtitles, and auto-reframed for any social media platforms.

✅ Wisecut can auto-remove the silence and remove background noise from the video so that your audience can pay more attention to your video.

✅ Increase your audience interaction by adding captions and subtitles in your video using Wisecut AI.

✅ Make your video more engaging let AI automatically pick the best song for your video to save you time and give you the best editing experience.

✅ Easily balance the audio in your video by using automatic audio ducking to automatically lower the music when you are talking in the video.

Pricing module of Wisecut

Free at USD 0 

Starter at USD 15 per month

Professional at USD 57 per month

Enterprise at a custom price per month

Ratings & reviews of Wisecut

  • 4.6 out of 5 (40 reviews) on G2.
  • 4.7 out of 5 (56 reviews) on Capterra.


AI-video editor - VEED.IO
Edit your with the help of AI and video templates using VEED.IO, an AI editing tool. [Source – VEED.IO]

Editing feels like fun with VEED.IO, a video editing platform with AI editing tools including an auto-subtitle generator and auto-transcribe generator.

VEED.IO is a top-tier video editing tool that will sweep you off your feet with the features it has to offer. It is one of my personal favorites and here are all the reasons listed why. 

Key features of VEED.IO

✅ You can easily add animations and animated texts to your video, and use AI to generate animation.

✅ Edit your video in a theme like birthday video maker, business video maker, and intro video maker to easily design your clips with relevant results.

✅ If you do not like to add your voice but want to add voice in your video then you can use a text-to-speech generator to create voiceover in different accents.

✅ Save your time on manually adding subtitles, you can generate auto-subtitles in 125+ languages in your video to make it engaging.

✅ Cancel the background noise from your video to make it listenable and also remove the filler words using VEED.IO AI.

✅ If you don’t want the background in the video then you can replace it with solid colors, images, or even video without needing the green background. 

✅ You can use highly customizable templates to quickly start and get your video ready in short time for publishing.

✅ VEED.IO can transcribe the audio and can be your AI translation tool for 100+ languages to help you reach globally.

Pricing module of VEED.IO

Basic plan at USD 42.08 annually

Pro plan at USD 86.72 annually

Business plan at USD 217.16 annually

Enterprise plan at a custom

Ratings & reviews of VEED.IO

  • 4.6 out of 5 (373 reviews) on G2
  • 3.4 out of 5 (46 reviews) on Capterra.


AI video editing - Flexclip
Get ready your video with the help of the AI editing tool, Flexclip. [Source – Flexclip]

Revolutionize the way you edit your video by using Flixclip to make your recordings into amazing videos. You can easily get a script for your video using the Fexclip tool and it has many other tools that can help you like AI text-to-speech, AI-image generator, AI text-to-video, trim, compress video tools, and more tools.

Key features of Flixclip

✅ You can generate and edit your videos or you can use thousands of templates to edit the videos for your social media with the help of AI.

✅ Quickly use AI-generated subtitles in your videos to make ensure that the audience is able to understand your content well. 

✅ Convert your boring video into an enjoyable video by adding AI voice from text in 400+ voices and in 140+ languages. 

✅ You can add transitions, motion graphics, and music to your video and clip to improve your video. 

✅ Ease your work, use AI to auto-remove the background from your video to get a clean cutout. 

Pricing module of Flixclip

Free plan at USD 0

Plus plan at USD 19.99 per month

Business plan at USD 29.99 per month

Team plan at a custom price

Ratings & reviews of Flixclip

  • 4.3 out of 5 (28 reviews) on G2
  • 4.7 out of 5 (107 reviews) on Capterra.


01 AI video editing software - Clipchamp
Use AI and customizable templates to make your video publish faster, using Clipchamp tools and templates. [Source – Clipchamp]

Your good-to-go AI video editor, Clipchamp for easy and quick editing with AI editing assets. It’s a tool that can help you brainstorm with its template and can help you edit your video with AI tools like auto-captions and auto-compose. 

Clipchamp can be your AI tool for your social media growth by helping you edit viral videos. It provides you with a mobile app for iOS devices, a desktop app, and in-browser use so that you can use it anywhere. 

Key features of Clipchamp

✅ Quickly generate engaging and viral shorts for your social media using an AI video editor.

✅ You can select the video style from the template and add your photos and videos to let Clipchamp create and edit videos for you.

✅ Add AI lifelike voice in many languages to your video or clips to make it speak. You can also adjust the pitch, pace, and tone according to your needs.

✅ You can generate accurate subtitles in 100+ languages with custom font, color, size, and alignment using Clipchamp.

I can recommend this tool as your good-to-go editing tool. I used Clipchamp for adding auto-captions to a 7-minute video, and guess what I got my editable subtitles ready in less than 3 minutes. You just need to click on the caption in the top right corner and then in one click get your captions ready.

02 Video editing AI - Clipchamp

Get your captions ready in just two clicks in less time using an AI tool, Clipchamp. [Source – Clipchamp]

Pricing module of Clipchamp


Premium plan at USD 10.84 per month

Ratings & reviews of ClipChamp

  • 4.2 out of 5 (31 reviews) on G2
  • 4.4 out of 5 (76 reviews) on Capterra.


Video editor AI - Canva
Edit your videos with Canva AI tools to improve your video recording. [Source – Canva]  

Canva is a well-known tool for editing, but you can also use it as an AI video editor. It provides you with many AI tools like an auto-video background remover and a short video creation tool like an AI video generator tool that can help you edit and generate ready to go live videos. 

Key features of Canva

✅ Instantly generate share-worthy edited videos by uploading your own videos and images. You can generate engaging short videos with customizable elements. 

✅ Add automatically generated captions to make your videos more understandable to your audience.

✅ You can remove the background from any of your videos with no green screen required which can help you get a personalized background.

✅ Smoothly add transitions and animations to your videos to make it of perfect time by using the Magic Animate tool.

✅ If you want you share the same video to different platforms including TikTok and Facebook then let the Canva Magic Switch tool resize your video.

 Pricing of Canva

Pro at USD 6.02 per month

Team plan at USD 12.04 per month

Ratings and reviews of Canva

  • 4.7 out of 5 (4,542 reviews) on G2.
  • 4.8 out of 5 (825 reviews) on Product Hunt.


AI video editor online - Simplified
Edit your videos using AI tools to remove videos, audio, and more tools to ease your video editing with Simplified. [Source – Simplified]

Simplified can help you edit your recordings and ease your editing process. It can also help you convert your videos into GIFs, change video formatting, and reverse video, and more tools that can edit your videos.

Key features of Simplified

✅ Generate attention-grabbing and accurate captions in trending styles for your videos using AI. You can also customize your captions with your brand’s color, style, and font.

✅ You can craft clips by clicking the text you want to keep in your clip. It can help you repurpose your long content into a short video.

✅ Record your own voice or generate AI text-to-speech to add AI voiceover in 20+ languages to make your video more attractive.

✅ You can also remove the background from your video so that you can set the background you want.

Pricing of Simplified

Free plan

Pro at USD 9 per month

Business plan at USD 18 per month

Custom price for Enterprise

Ratings and reviews of Simplified

  • 4.6 out of 5 ( 3517 reviews) on G2.
  • 4.7 out of 5 ( 229 reviews) on Capterra.

Save your hours and energy by letting AI do tedious work for you

Video editing is an art and oh, not everyone can be an artist. 

Sorry but it is what it is! So what do people like me who do not even know the ABCD of video editing do? 

One thing that we should not do is post horribly edited videos online. 

Secondly, put AI to use, especially now that I have given you my entire treasure trove of video editing tools. 

Lastly, stay tuned with Unrola because there are plenty of problems out there that it can help you resolve by ‘making AI work for you.’

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