Edit, Summarize, and Create Engaging Content with the Best AI Writing Tools

The 11 AI writing tools can help you with every aspect of content creation including ClickUp, Rytr, Copy.ai, Copymatic, Writerly, Sudowrite, Hopy Copy & more. Are you ready to choose one?

I know what you are here and I am going to give you just that in another two minutes. Until then, read what I have to say. 

You are looking for AI writing tools then I am assuming that either you have a time crunch and want content at speed, or you just don’t want to research and get your work done ASAP. 

Either way, AI writing tools are a party for us lazy people. But these tools are not always going to give you top tier content, most of the time it is just plagiarized or repurposed content from the internet. 

And that’s a huge red flag!

Not all AI writing generators are going to fetch you an A grade on your homework or promotion at work. But the ones that I am going to share with you will. 

So let’s get started! 

7 top AI writing tools for quality and unique content 

I have been in the field of SEO and content for the last 5 years and one insight I could give you is that content is the king and it has to be top-notch. Here I am listing my favorite AI writing tools that will never disappoint you. Binge ahead. 


Copy ai - one of the best ai writing tools
Grab your customers’ attention with unique content while making it with the Copy.ai writing tool. It has templates and workflows for everything! [Source – Copy.ai]

This AI writing tool is top on my list and is also on top of my preference. Why? Because it has made writing so easy that I do not even have to lift a finger. From brainstorming ideas to repurposing the content for various channels it can do it for you. 

Along with AI writing, it also manages your workflows and your documents in an organized manner so you would never lose any piece of content that you have written using it. If you are working in marketing or sales and you haven’t tried Copy.ai then you have no idea what you are missing out on. 

The tool has integrated your marketing and sales activities and has automated content for them as well all in one platform. You can retrieve lead details from LinkedIn and then automate a cold outreach email system as well. If not answered, then you can automate follow-ups too. 

So the work processes are automated and so is your writing, what more can you ask now? 

Key features of Copy.ai ✍

  • With Copy.ai, you can write a detailed long form SEO friendly article which you can use for your website to engage your consumers while providing knowledge and driving more traffic.
  • It has a chat interface where you can chat with an AI bot, get creative new ideas or even order it to generate content for you. 
  • It has a 90 + pre-built template library that enables you to auto-generate outlines and briefs so that you can utilize the content that matches your keywords’ search intent.
  • With its AI translation software, you can now easily translate your content in 30+ different languages, making your content relevant for a global audience and enhancing your brand reach. 
  • With Copy.ai, you can repurpose your in-depth blog post into snippets of content tailored for each of your marketing channels. Turn that long-form post into social media captions, email newsletters, landing pages, and more. 
  • You can write sales and marketing content as well within seconds, just instruct it about what you need and the results will surprise you. 
Copy AI - one of the best AI writing softwares for SEO optimized content
Give directions and keywords to AI writing tool Copy.ai and it will return you with SEO optimized content.
[Source –

Pricing of Copy.ai

  • Free – Free forever for 1 seat
  • Pro – USD 36/month for 5 seats
  • Team – USD 186/month for 20 seats
  • Growth – USD 1,000/month for 75 seats
  • Scale – USD 3,000/month for 200 seats

Ratings and reviews of Copy.ai

  • 4.7 out of 5 (177 reviews) on G2
  • 4.5 out of 5 (60 reviews) on Capterra


Sudowrite - AI writing assitant for fiction
Incorporate the Sudowrite AI writing tool in your content writing process to make your content more creative and engaging than ever! [Source – Sudowrite]

Sudowrite or pseudo-write? Guess we’ll never know because this AI writing tool helps us write pseudo content, aka fiction. You can take my word as I say it, Sudowrite is the best AI writing assistant out there for writing fiction stories. 

It helps you with hefty tasks like exploring story plots to even minute tasks selecting character names. If you are fan of writing fiction, maybe try Sudowrite for your next book. You never know it might become a bestseller! 

But this is not the only thing this ai writing software is good for. Its features and creativity can be used beyond just writing fiction. You can get your homework done for school as well, or use it to generate creative blog posts and amazing copies and captions for social media. 

Key features of Sudowrite ✍

  • Sudowrite collaborates with one of the best AI image generators – Canva. It works like a digital drawing board where you can include character descriptions, context, and images for its article writer to use when creating content. 
  • You can rearrange sections easily to plan out your entire book in one spot. The more details you provide in this section, the better the AI content tool’s outcomes will be.
  • Sudowrite offers tone shifts such as Ominous, fast-paced, Upbeat, Authoritative, Conflicted, Romantic, Sensual to customize as it helps you change the style of your writing and make your content more crisp to your readers.
  • Features like “Describe” allow you to add more context and “Expand” to add more scenes to your story so that readers don’t lose interest while pacing up. 
  • In your generated/ written content, it automatically highlights the areas that you need to correct or add some lament too. 
  • It has a re-writing feature as well which gives you various options for your content like rephrasing, shorter, more descriptive, show, not tell, more inner conflict, and make it more intense. 
Sudowrite - AI writing tool to brainstrom
Brainstorm ideas for your story with AI writing software – Sudowrite.
[Source –

Pricing of Sudowrite

  • Hobby & Student: – USD 10/month
  • Professional – USD 22/month
  • Max – USD 44/month

Ratings and reviews of Sudowrite


Frase- An AI writing tool for SEO content
Thrive in SERP searches with authentic content that is written by Frase.io, one of the best AI tools for writing.
[Source –

“I want content which ranks, but I do not want to write it myself, but the content I am getting from AI writing tools is not rank worthy. What to do?” 

Use Frase.io! 

That’s it, that’s all you need to do. Fraise is one of the best writing tools of 2024 and it is being loved by everyone for being able to understand SEO aspects within the content. The tool combines SEO research with AI’s intelligence to make a comprehensive content that matches Google’s SERP guidelines.

Key features of Frase.io ✍

  • It is the tool for unified content creation, you can research, build your outline, write, and eventually also analyze your content for SEO insights all in one place. 
  • It offers integrations to optimize your content in WordPress and Google Docs and further helps you in organizing your content into folders based on clients, projects, and topical maps. 
  • Frase.io allows you to gain valuable insights from analyzing your competitors’ SERP. It offers a complete overview of existing content, helping you understand your competitors’ strategies and identify areas where your content can stand out.
  • You can auto-generate outline briefs of your blog and copywriting content from your given prompts with Frase.io and save your time in figuring out a unique content writing perspective.  
  • Fraise is an AI writing software that understands the implications of SEO and thus, it is always on its toes, ready to adapt to any new updates that Google throws its way in terms of SEO. 
Frase- AI writing software
Analyze the performance of your content as per AI writing assistant Frase’s SEO analytics and insights.
[Source –

Pricing of Frase.io

  • 5 day trial started at USD 1
  • Solo – USD 14.99/month
  • Basic – USD 44.99/month
  • Team – USD 114.99/month

Ratings and reviews of Frase.io

  • 4.8 out of 5 (293 reviews) on G2
  • 4.8 out of 5 (332 reviews) on Capterra


Rytr- best AI writing tool
Get blog ideas, content outline and customize your blog efficiently with Rytr.
[Source –

Rytr says that it gives you original content that sounds like ‘you’ and not another robot. I can vouch that it is true and so can 8,000,000+ marketers, writers, and entrepreneurs who have used it. 

Its features like grammar check, text improvisation, and rewording content is what makes Rytr stand out in the very saturated market of AI writing tools. 

Also, did you know Rytr uses AI essay writers like OpenAI’s GPT3 API? 

This integration further helps you generate SEO-friendly content articles, copywriting scripts, and social media copies for your websites.

Key features of Rytr ✍

  • You can effortlessly write content in around 35+ languages and use over 20 different tones that makes your content unique and quickly reach your readers.
  • This AI writing tool helps you auto-generate ideas and outlines for writing blogs, emails, ads, newsletters, and copywriting and ensures they are value adding and ready to be used instantly. 
  • Rytr provides you with an impressive text editing feature so that you can auto-write the next sentence, auto-complete the last sentence, quickly expand or shorten content with appropriate words, and create a summary.
  • If you are struggling to write SEO-optimized meta descriptions and meta titles then you can definitely give a try to Rytr as it can do both for you! 
Rytr- Top AI writing assistant
Chat with one of the best AI writing tools – Rytr, to get creative ideas and suggestions.
[Source –

Pricing of Rytr

  • Free Plan!
  • Server Plan – USD 9 /month
  • Unlimited Plan: USD 29/month

Ratings and reviews of Rytr

  • 4.7 out of 5 (783 reviews) on G2
  • 4.5 out of 5 (18 reviews) on Capterra

Hypotenuse AI

Hypotenuse-AI writing assistant
Create content for each kind of niche with one of the top-notch AI tools for writing named Hypotenuse AI & thrive in the market. [Source – Hypotenuse AI]

When your plate is so swamped that you do not even have the space for dessert, that’s when you know you need to optimize your work process or maybe even automate a few tasks. 

Content writing and creation is one of the tasks you can automate however, content is all about quality and not every AI software for writing gives you that. But Hypotenuse AI is different. It not just gets you quality but also adequate quantity and with SEO optimization. 

This AI writing tool is very versatile, supporting multiple content types and ensuring that your brand voice is kept intact throughout. 

Key features of Hypotenuse AI ✍

  • Its feature called Content Detective helps you research data in real-time to support your content with facts and figures and eliminate vagueness or inappropriate parts.
  • With its Hypodoc feature, you can just upload a PDF file and let the AI read the content on your behalf and give the answers that you seek. Thus, getting you your research ready within seconds. 
  • Hypotenuse AI lets you generate high-quality original images from scratch based on descriptive words that you provide. You can use the images to align with your content and eliminate the boredom of reading.
  • It supports 20+ types of content creation, including blog articles, product descriptions, social media copies and ads. 
  • You can generate content in bulk and customize it in your preferred tone. Moreover you can include the SEO keywords into your content and make your content optimized for search engines.
Hypotenuse AI is one of the top AI writing tools in the market
Hypotenuse is an AI writing software that gets you SEO optimized yet creative results based on your prompts. [Source – Hypotenuse AI]

Pricing of Hypotenuse AI

  • Individual – USD 29/month for individual creators and marketers
  • Team – USD 59/month for teams collaboration across projects 
  • Enterprise – For this plan, you need to book a demo

Ratings and reviews of Hypotenuse AI

  • 4.1 out of 5 (7 reviews) on G2
  • 5 out of 5 (143 reviews) on Capterra


Writerly- AI writing tool, to create content for every field
Create engaging content for anything and everything with the Writerly AI writing tool.
[Source –

If there could be an AI writing assistant for everyone, from your support team to even your operations team then it would be called Writerly! 

You heard me, Writerly has something for everyone. Be it business or an individual, it will get you your individual or collaborative workspace as per your needs. The platform is optimized for different devices and is available to be used on the go with the help of its Chrome extension.

Key features of Writerly ✍

  • You can integrate Writerly with Gmass to speed up your workflow and make changes then and there in emails while setting up email campaigns.
  • Writerly’s workspaces allow you to create, edit, share, and organize multiple content pieces like product descriptions, job descriptions, ad copies, press releases in one single place.
  • It supports over 25 + different languages and allows you to create content for a global audience.
  • Writerly has an AI chatbot tool that lets you save and store your past chats so you can pick up right where you left off.
Writerly-AI writing tool with templates
Get templates for various spectrums within one segment from one of the best AI writing softwares Writerly. [Source – Writerly]

Pricing of Writerly

  • Nimbus AI Business Cloud – USD 69/month, paid monthly
  • Stratos AI Business Cloud – USD 129/month, paid monthly
  • Cirrus AI Business Cloud – USD 2199/month, paid monthly
  • Enterprise AI Cloud – For this plan, you need to contact their team

Ratings and reviews of Writerly

  • 4.7 out of 5 (13 reviews) on G2
  • 4.8 out of 5 (17 reviews) on Capterra


Copymatic- one of the best AI writing tools
Become a pro editor with the well-known AI writing tool named Copymatic & make every bit of content error free. [Source – Copymatic]

Copymatic is an all-in-one AI tool that can act as an AI writing tool as well as an AI art generator. You can generate content for anything and everything with it ranging from social media ads and copies to e-commerce product descriptions. 

It also has an in-built stack of 50+ tools, powered by AI, working together, to get your creative content rolling. 

Key features of Copymatic ✍

  • It can paraphrase your content to repurpose and supports overall 25+ languages. 
  • Copymatic AI writing tool uses the GPT-3 AI language model which generates your content with a natural, unique, and creative tone to engage your target audience.
  • To eliminate grammatical and spelling errors, it has an in build grammar check tool that makes your content ready to go live. 
  • With its natural language processing capabilities, Copymatic understands the intent within your sentence and provides you with rewrite suggestions with appropriate words that can provide value. Also, if your content is incomplete then it can autocomplete the rest.
Copymatic- AI tool for content writing
From social media posts to detailed blog content, Copymatic AI writing tool helps you get everything within seconds. [Source – Copymatic]
Copymatic- AI writing assistant
Not just content, but AI writing software also helps you generate images to elevate your content. 
[Source –

Pricing of Copymatic

  • Pro – USD 29/month/user
  • Team – USD 49/month/5 users
  • Enterprise – USD 99/month/25 users

Ratings and reviews of Copymatic

  • 4.7 out of 5 (30 reviews) on G2 

Give your content the pump it needs with AI writing tools

Writing content is very fun, just not when you are on a strict deadline of two hours and you have to run your brain like an engine to get the content rolling. 

That’s the point you start dreading it. But instead of dreading the writing process, you need to optimize it and I have provided you just what you need to do that! 

I use all of these AI writing tools on a regular basis, so you can have faith in me and try these out right away!

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