Best Generative AI Tools for Improved Work Processes in 2024

Earlier when AI was not that much popular. Creators have to produce content by their knowledge and experience. The rise of generative AI has changed the ways of creating content. These AI tools help creators automate tasks, from content generation to decision-making, using their data, deep learning, and algorithms.
Srishti Panwar

AI is still a hot topic, and it is going to be for a very very long time. However, with so many AI tools coming up everyday it has now become harder to choose an AI tool than it is to choose a dish from a 100 page menu. 

No matter how many generative AI tools might come in the market, ChatGPT and Gemini are going to be the OG tools forever. But no matter how green these tools are, they are now old news, and we need tools that are now making a mark in different fields. 

That is why, I have curated this list of generative AI tools which might not be very well known but they are crazy awesome!! 

18 Underrated generative AI tools that you need in 2024

Sharing my list of top 13 generative AI tools which are more like a hidden gem, some are new, some are old, and some are still in the process to be launched. 

Starting with the newly launched Google’s suite of AI tools, this list has all the tools you will ever need for all your tasks. 


Claude - one of the best generative ai tool
Claude is one of the best generative AI tools in the market that can generate responses in multiple formats for you. [Source – Claude]

Just like ChatGPT Claude generative AI tool is also based on reinforcement learning, it is considered different from ChatGPT and more than ChatGPT’s alternative, it is considered as its competitor. 

Why so? 

Because neither of the generative AI tools can replace each other because of the different capabilities and features they offer. 

Claude is another brilliant chatbot in the generative AI market which has earned some extra feathers in its hat because of how helpful it is specifically in the realm of research and development. 

Key features of Claude

  • With Claude you can summarize the content of any file within seconds. You can upload a file in various formats like PDF and Word Documents and it will scan through them to finally give you a summary which is crisp yet detailed. This is why it is one of the most preferred tools in the research dept. 
  • Claude is capable of handling long conversations and can also remember the context from the previous conversations that you have had with it. This makes your experience with Claude more personalized and well, it also offers ease of communication. 
  • Just like it can summarize documents for you, it is also capable of summarizing links for you. You can share the page link and it will generate a detailed summary for you to know everything there is to know about. 
Claude - best generative ai tool
I got my answers from the generative AI tool Claude, thus, evident that Claude can understand and comprehend what is there in the images. [Source – Claude]

Pricing of Claude

  • Free to use! 

Rating of Claude

  • 4.7 out of 5 stars on G2


chatgpt - generative ai tool
ChatGPT is one of the best generative AI tools that help you in getting answers to all your questions. [Source – ChatGPT]

There is no way for me to build my list of favorite generative AI tools and not include ChatGPT. 

At this point ChatGPT does not even need an introduction, but there is just one thing everyone needs to know – ChatGPT is the tool that brought the generative AI revolution into existence and it won’t be wrong to give it its due credit. 

There would be plenty of generative AI tools that will come and go, some might even be better than ChatGPT and yet it will always have its place in the market as a ‘revolutionary’ 

Key features of ChatGPT 

  • You can get answers to anything and everything using ChatGPT. Just pose your question and it’ll give you the answer in the easiest language possible. Fair warning it might even give a better explanation than your teachers! 
  • It generates answers in the most human way possible and you won’t feel like you are talking to a ‘non-human entity.’ It can also mimic your way of talking and use your tone to make conversations more personalized. 
  • It is multilingual and thus it can generate results in multiple languages for you. 
  • It can also do your research for you, you can  give it a detailed prompt about a topic you want to research on and it will find and generate answers for all the things that you need. 
  • Not just text but it can also generate images for you by clubbing with another top generative AI tool for image generation, DALL – E. 

Pricing of ChatGPT

  • Free to use! 

Rating of ChatGPT

  • 4.7 out of 5 stars on G2

Github Copilot 

Github Copilot - generative ai tool
GitHub Copilot is one of the top generative AI tools in the market for developers. [Source – GitHub Copilot]

A note to my developer friends – “I sympathize with your plight of having to run codes worked upon for days just to get an error in the end because you forgot to add an asterisk or a period.” 

I’d stop being dramatic now, because the problem with all developer problems is here and GitHub Copilot is here to support you through all your problems. 

GitHub is a generative AI tool that is specifically designed for developers to assist them in code writing and finding solutions to any problem that comes with it. 

Key features of GitHub Copilot 

  • Doesn’t matter if you are testing a bug or designing a new feature, if you get stuck, involve GitHub Copilot and it will help you get through it. 
  • While you are working on your code, it gives you suggestions in real-time and can also help you in autocompleting your code without you having to manually write it. 
  • You get highly personalized answers to your queries based on your company and project’s database and also on your vision about what you are intending to build. 
  • You can also increase the capabilities of your work ecosystem by connecting multiple third-party tools to GitHub. 

Pricing of GitHub Copilot

  • Fre – USD 0 
  • TeamPlan – USD 4/month 
  • Enterprise Plan – USD 21/user/month

Rating of GitHub Copilot

  • 4.5 out of 5 stars on G2


Synthesia - best generative ai tool
Generate videos with realistic Avatars with Synthesia AI video generator and one of the best gen AI tools in the market. [Source – Synthesia]

Gone are the days of having to sit in front of the camera to film videos for your business to scale or fod training purposes because today your AI avatars can do the same for you. 

Synthesia is a generative AI tool that generates videos from text prompts with AI avatars that are hard to tell if they are AI generated or not. 

If you are looking to scale video production and want to do it fast as well then Synthesia is your go to solution. 

Key features of Synthesia 

  • You can create studio quality videos with its AI avatars which are hyper realistic and also diverse so you can reach out to your audience in a much more relatable manner. 
  • It offers voice overs in 130+ languages making it one of the best generative AI tools to use for video production for a global audience. 
  • You can also create your own AI avatar or more like your digital twin and it would seem like you yourself are talking in the video while it is just your avatar. 
  • Along with your face you can also clone your voice making your videos as real as it can get. 
  • There are 160+ avatars and 200+ templates to choose from for your videos and even after that you have the freedom to customize your videos as per your needs. 

Pricing of Synthesia

  • Starter – USD 22/month 
  • Creator – USD 67/month 
  • Enterprise – Custom Pricing

Rating of Synthesia

  • 4.7 out of 5 stars on G2


Gemini - one of the top generative ai tools
Gemini is one of the top generative AI tools that answers your queries in multiple formats as voice notes, images, and texts. [Source – Gemini]

Post ChatGPT’s release, Google had to release their generative AI tool as well and thus Gemini, Google’s most capable AI model, came into existence. 

Gemini’s functionalities are very close to that of ChatGPT yet I prefer it over the other because of the tone of responses and the overall approach of Gemini to answer the questions. 

It makes things highly personalized for me and most importantly it includes mostly all the aspects of my prompts in its responses. 

Key features of Gemini 

  • Gemini personalizes the conversations based on your prompts. For instance, if you have asked for an answer in two lines it would sun it up within two lines itself and would not ignore that aspect of your prompt.
  • It can talk to you in multiple languages thus it can come in handy as a translation tool as well. 
  • It can understand images as well and what they are trying to convey, so you can upload an image and ask Gemini to tell what it is trying to say and you’ll get detailed answers about the same. 
  • You can talk to Gemini in multiple ways, send it texts or audios or even images and it would be able to assist you in all the ways. 

Pricing of Gemini 

  • Free to use! 

Rating of Gemini

  • 4.4 out of 5 stars on G2

Imagen 3 – Highest quality text-to-image generator 🌅

generated by Imagen 3 - AI generative tool
Image generated by one of the top generative AI tools Imagen 3. [Source – DeepMind] 

The very newly launched Imagen 3 is one of the most capable generative AI tools in the field of image generation. The tool has been launched by Google and it is no surprise that the tool is already making its name in the market especially when it was built from ground zero, with red teaming, and SynthID. 

Google proudly revealed this generative AI tool for the extensive AI capabilities it has. It can understand the prompt given by you just as a human would and can generate an image with extensive details as small as a detail of a “blue bird in the large sky.” 

createion of best AI generative tool - Imagen3
Hyper-realistic image with crucial details created by generative AI software Imagen 3. [Source – DeepMind].

Not just that, the images generated are hyper-realistic and can even look like the photos captured through camera. 

It generates images without any visual distortions and also minimizes the distractions within the image to make it more precise as per your prompt. Not just this, this is one of the most capable generative AI tools for rendering texts as well which most other tools struggle with. 

So now you can generate personalized occasional greetings or your presentation titles.

Text rendering by generative AI software - Imagen 3
Text rendering done for a comic book like view by image-to-text generative AI platform, Imagen 3. [Source – DeepMind].

Currently, the tool is not publicly available so you can sign up for a waiting list or exclusive access on ImageFX

Music AI Sandbox – Create music with AI 🎵

In my opinion, this is one of the most creative generative AI tools that has been recently launched by google. The tool is capable of taking the music industry on another level as shared by musicians and song writers namely – Grammy-winning musician Wyclef Jean, Grammy-nominated songwriter Justin Tranter and electronic musician Marc Rebillet. 

Google shared that this generative AI platform is inspired from their earlier music  generator tool Lyria, which they refer to as their most advanced model for music generation. 

Jean, Justin, and Marc have all created demo music videos with Music AI Sandbox tool and the results will blow your mind. 

The tool is capable of so much from creating hip-hop music, to getting lyrics done, to creating electronic music along with creating new instrumental sections, and much more. 

The tool is capable of transforming sound in new ways and instead of taking my word for it, go ahead and listen to the music generated by it. 

Veo – Text to ‘quality’ video generation 📹 

Another fantastic generative AI tool recently launched by Google has become the talk of the town because of its AI video generation capabilities

Veo is that tool, and it can create high quality, longer than one minute videos with 1080 resolution in multiple cinematic and visual style effects. 

What makes it Google’s most advanced video generation model is that you can generate such a quality video just through texts and add effects to it by adding words like ‘time lapse,’ ‘aerial shots,’ and more like it to your prompt. 

Veo can create coherent video footage consisting of animals, people, and objects moving in a hyper-realistic manner. 

They also worked with filmmaker Doland Glover to experiment with the capabilities of Veo and the results have been nothing less than commendable! 

Veo is capable of understanding your prompts, the concept, and finally the vision behind them and has multiple controls for the filmmaking and video editing process as well. 

It enabled masked editing while supporting consistency in video frames as well. 

Veo is a generative AI platform that you need to watchout for so keep a close eye on it for Google to release. 

Codeium – Coding made easy 👨🏻‍💻 

Codeium- one of the free generative AI tools
Codeium is one of the best generative AI tools to fulfill all your coding needs. [Source – Codeium]

If you are a coder, working as a freelancer or even with a large team then Codeium is the tool for you. Among the generating AI tools for coding, Codeium stands out because of being free and yet providing quality assistance. 

You can enhance and level up every aspect of your coding be it unit testing or data science, it can support you in everything and help you complete your project faster with the highest possible quality standards. 

Furthermore, it cares about your privacy and does not train its AI on the non permissive code, thus, protecting you from any legal issues as well. 

Codeium is being loved by thousands of engineers across the globe and it is time you start leveraging its features as well. 

Use it with its free extension or try it out in your browser, it is ready to be used in both the formats.

Key features of Codeium

  • Do not waste your time and write the entire code manually instead use its  AI auto-complete feature that can complete your code faster and also without errors while also providing advanced suggestions. 
  • No need to skim through dusty pages of regexes for complex codes. Instead, use its smart search feature and find the code of your intent within seconds. 
  • With its AI powered chat, you get answers to all your queries from bug fixing to generating boilerplate, and refactor code, this AI chat feature has answers to all your questions. 
  • Even though it is a standalone generative AI tool, it is still compatible with working in 40+ Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) like Jupyter Notebooks, Visual Studio Code, and Vim / Neovim. 
  • It has been trained in 70+ coding languages, thus any code or any language you can think of, Codeium will probably be able to support you. 
Codeium- A generrative AI software
Codeium, generative AI software, can be integrated with multiple IDEs in the form of an extension.  [Source – Codeium]

Pricing of Codeium

  • Free Plan – 0 USD per month
  • Pro Plan – 12 USD per user per month

Ratings of Codeium

  • 5 out of 5 (2 reviews) on G2
  • 4.8 out of 5 (28 reviews) on Product Hunt

Murf AI – Voice overs that sound like humans 🎤

Murf- one of the best generative AI tools
Use Murf AI, one of the top generative AI tools, to add voice overs to your content. [Source – Murf AI]

“A good voice is the one, which makes an impact and is hard to not listen to.” 

Says who? Well me, I say that, and I am certain you would agree considering how we all remember good voices, be it in a song or maybe of a professor, or maybe even our manager’s polite tone (highly unlikely though 😂). 

So the crux is that voices are important in any industry, especially today, when audio and visual content is what is thriving the most. Be it a creator’s quirky reel or a learning video’s robotic tone – voices today hold the power to define the user’s experience. 

That is why you need Murf AI, one of my personal favorite AI generative tools that convert text into speech. I have got a hoarse voice and frankly I expect no one to enjoy that but I am also in the field of content creation. Quite an irony! 

That’s when I discovered Murf AI, to give a voice over to my videos. From professional sales presentations to casual podcasts, to fun social media videos, Murf is useful for all. 

Why? Well here are all the reasons you need. 

Key features of Murf AI

  • The voiceovers Murf gives you are very realistic, and they sound very close to human voice, so say goodbye to those robotic voices that make everyone’s ear bleed and watch your content soar! 
  • It has 120+ text-to-speech voices to choose from and in 20+ languages in different accents. 
  • The voice you choose can be customized in terms of pitch, the tone, emphasis, and also the speed. 
  • You can integrate it with tools like Google Canva, Google Slides, and Adobe audition, and keep your work in sync. 

Once you add the voice to your video, presentation, or any content, you can get a preview as well and make the changes right then and there without having to waste the time in rendering the content and then checking it for the feedback. 

Pricing of Murf AI

  • Free Plan – 0 USD per month
  • Creator – 23 USD per user per month (billed annually)
  • Business – 79 USD per user per month (billed annually)
  • Enterprise – reach out to their sales team for a customized solution

Ratings of Murf AI

  • 4.7 out of 5 (817 reviews) on G2
  • 4.5 out of 5 (4 reviews) on Capterra

OpenArt – Image & art generation 🎨🖌️

OpenArt - one of the free generative AI tools
Create any art or image with one of the top generative AI tools for image generation, OpenArt. [Source – OpenArt]

I cannot stress enough how much I love OpenArt. There are plenty of generative AI tools for art and image generation but for me it is still on the top because of the wide array of features it offers, free 100 credits for image generation, and of course customizations as well post generation. 

I am certain this will become your favorite too, especially if you are looking for a generative AI platform that is capable of incorporating even small details from your prompts into image and art generation. 

Just give it a quick prompt, and get variations of images generated in no time! 

Key features of OpenArt

  • Along with image generation, it also has many AI powered editing features like in painting to fill color in the blank area of an image, or the feature to generate multiple variations of a single image. 
  • With its newly launched upscale feature you can upload any poor quality images and get it back in 2k or 4k resolution without any pixelation or Visual distortions. 
  • For advanced art and image generation, it also has model training features, where you train the AI with image examples to help not understand the artistic style you want your image to be generated in. Honestly, it cannot get better than this! 
  • Just like prompt to image, it also has the reverse feature, where you can upload the image and get a prompt as per the visuals of the image. 
  • It has a style palette with 100s of art styles to choose from along with a prompt book to help you create precise and result oriented AI art prompts.
OpenArt- free generative AI platform
Image generated from text prompt with generative AI platform OpenArt. [Source – OpenArt]

Pricing of OpenArt

  • Free Plan – 0 USD per month
  • Pro Plan – 9.99 USD per month

Ratings of OpenArt

  • 4.8 out of 5 (2 reviews) on G2
  • 4.5 out of 5 (30 reviews) on Product Hunt

Hour One – Create Avatar videos for business success 🎞️

Hour One AI, one of the best generative AI tools
Hour One is one of the top generative AI tools to create avatar videos for business growth and success. [Source – Hour One] 

I am an expert in content marketing and managing the entire content pipeline is such a task. I can only imagine what it is like managing a video content pipeline where first the video is ideated, then created, and then managed, until publishing. 

Seems like a gruesome and tedious job to me. While feeling sorry for all the video content creators and managers, I came across a solution which can help you in the entire video pipeline and manage all the cycles of it all in one place. 

Ideation, creation, and management all through one generative AI platform – Hour One. It is a solution that can be used within all branches of a  business for video creation, from marketing videos to sales and customer success videos, it is an ideal tool to create all! 

Personalize your outreach, boost engagement, and win all your deals with Hour One! 

Key features of Hour One

  • You can create videos through your text prompts within no time and finally customize them as well, for instance, adding background music or new video style as per your business. 
  • You do not have to sit in front of the camera to record your videos, rather you can use its AI avatars which are highly realistic and can mimic emotions as well. 
  • It supports 80+ languages, and can create voice overs in traditional dialects as well for your videos. 
  • It has a feature of voice cloning as well, where it can close your voice to make videos more personalized for your audience in your own voice. 

Pricing of Hour One

  • Lite Plan – 25 USD per month
  • Business Plan – 95 USD per month
  • Enterprise – Please connect with their team for custom plan

Ratings of Hour One

  • 4.5 out of 5 (120 reviews) on G2 – put social media on autopilot mode 🌐🚀 - one of the top free generative AI tools is the only generative AI tool you need to ace your social media marketing game. [Source –]

If you are looking for a generative AI software that can do everything for your social media marketing and growth then is the tool for you. 

It is one of the best AI tools for social media that can elevate your social media game by 10X. 


Well it provides you a centralized platform for all things social media and acts as your copilot in your growth in the same spectrum. It is a suite of multiple tools within it, that will help you in creating social media creatives, your strategy, as well as the content. 

Do not waste your time anymore on multiple tools, this is the only generative AI tool you need for growth on social media so get started right away! 

Key features of

  • It can create your social media creatives through your text prompts in multiple formats. Be it videos, single images, or carousels, you can generate anything with 
  • Along with creatives in different formats you can also create them for multiple use cases like ad creatives, ecommerce product posts or quote posts. Just input what you need and the results will surpass your expectations. 
  • It helps you in content management as well by building a content library and then automating your post scheduling process as well all through one centralized calendar. 
  • You can get deep insights into your competitors’ social media strategies as well. It gives you a detailed analysis of your competitor and helps you in rebuilding your strategy as well by finding out the loop holes. 
  • Along with creative generation, it can also generate content copies for your ads as well. 

Pricing of

  • Free Plan – 0 USD per month
  • Lite Plan – 32 USD per month
  • Premium Plan – 59 USD per month
  • Agency Plan – 249 USD per month

Ratings of

  • 4.8 out of 5 (82 reviews) on G2
  • 4.7 out of 5 (181 reviews) on Capterra

Chai AI – Chat with AI and have fun 🗣️💬

Chai-Chat-AI- one of the top chatting generative AI tools
Chat + have fun with AI with one of the free generative AI tools Chai. [Source – Chai AI]

Chat + AI = Chai. 

Chai is also a word in Hindi language and it means tea. Well, it is funny how on Chai AI as well you will get a lot of tea! Some that you will spill, some from what your AI companion will spill! ☕

Unlike other chatbot tools, Chai offers you multiple AI personalities to talk to and talk about diverse topics within a swipe and chat interface like dating apps. You can chat and swipe until you find a companion you vibe with and can have an engaging conversation with. 

Along with entertainment purposes, this generative AI platform also provides an opportunity to budding developers to create their own AI chatbots. If you are one then go explore chaiverse! 

In short it is a generative AI tool that uses conversational AI capabilities to help you kind with your AI companion. 

Key features of Chai AI 

  • You can explore different bonds like AI friends, AI mentors, and diverse AI characters to have conversations on anything and everything based on their personalities. 
  • It also curates a personalized AI feed for you with chatbots and AI companions that might be relevant to you based on your earlier preferences. 
  • It has various AI personalities to choose from and you can choose the one you like based on your mood. 
  • In chaiverse, you can build, train, and submit your own AI chatbots for conversations and keep fostering the environment for collaborative AI development. 

Pricing of Chai AI

  • Premium Subscription – 13.99 USD monthly/ 134.99 USD yearly 
  • Ultra Subscription – 29.99 USD monthly 

Ratings of Chai AI

Beautiful.AI – Never design a PPT again 🖥️ is one of the best generative AI platforms
Make data fun in your presentations using Beautiful.AI, an AI generative tool for creating presentations. [Source – Beautiful.AI] 

No one likes making powerpoint presentations and I can vouch for it. If you enjoy making them then I would suggest you to skip this generative AI tool since it is for those who want to automate and speed up their presentation making process. 

If you want to create presentations ASAP, with the least amount of effort, and yet make them look beautiful then look no further than Beautiful.AI

It is one of the best generative AI tools when it comes to creating presentations as it gives you a headstart in creating stunning PPT presentations. 

With its crazy templates and integration with tools like Slack, Dropbox, CRM softwares, and Microsoft PowerPoint, there is no way your presentation would go wrong! 

Key features of Beautiful.AI

  • You don’t have to sit and ponder what designs to use as it has a huge library of customizable slide templates. All you have to do is select one and get started with filling the vacant template. 
  • Don’t worry about the aesthetics and designing of your presentation as it can automatically adjust the font, spacing, and overall formatting to make your presentation aesthetically pleasing as per the layout. 
  • Maintain your brand’s image and consistency in design by using themes, images, and millions of icons that convey your brand’s identity. 
  • You can collaborate with your team in real-time. They can give you feedback or edit simultaneously with you. 
  • With their designer AI bot, you can get an entire presentation designed in no time. Just give it a prompt to explain your vision and needs and voila, you have a presentation ready! 
  • It provides viewer analytics and engagement with your presentation, thus helping you analyze the performance of your presentation. 

Pricing of Beautiful.AI

  • Pro Plan – 12 USD per user per month (billed annually)
  • Team Plan – 40 USD per user per month (billed annually)
  • Enterprise Plan – Custom pricing

Ratings of Beautiful.AI

  • 4.6 out of 5 (177 reviews) on G2
  • 4.5 out of 5 (88 reviews) on Capterra

Riffusion – Create AI music with text 🎧ྀི

Riffusion - geneative AI platform for music generation
Create music from text using one of the best generative AI tools available for free – Riffusion. [Source – Riffusion]

Riffusion is a distant cousin of Stable Diffusion from Ohio and I assure you both the sisters are amazing at what they do but Riffusion is just a little better. 

Riffusion is an generative AI tool for music creation that can generate music based on your text prompts. How awesome is that! 

It can create a tune from anything and everything, I tried it myself and the results left me spellbound!

I won’t say much myself, instead, I’ll let its features do the talking for it. 

Key features of Riffusion

  • All the melodies, harmonies and music that you create with Riffusion is original, generated by its AI. 
  • You can customize various aspects of your generated music like length, tempo, instruments, music style, and even the overall vibe and mood of it. 
  • If you want to further customize your music then it allows you to download individual music stems as well, like bass, drum, and the melody itself. 
  • You can create your music and share it with the Riffusion community as well and get recognized for your work. 

Go ahead and get wild with your ‘riff’ from one of the best AI generative tools – Riffusion. 

Pricing of Riffusion

  • Free Plan – 0 USD per month
  • Premium Plan – Custom pricing (details not publicly available)

Ratings of Riffusion

No standard ratings as of now because it is a hidden gem which I have now shared with you! 

Phot.AI – AI suite for all things image and image editing 🏞️

Phot-AI- Best generative AI tool for image generation
Bring your creativity to life through visuals with one of the free generative AI tools – Phot.AI. [Source – Phot.AI]

Phot.AI is one of the free generative AI tools for ‘everything images and art.’

It is an AI tool hub with multiple tools within it for image and art generation, editing, and training. If you need one tool that can do it all for you then Phot.AI is that tool. 

Do not believe me? 

Then checkout its features and what it has to offer and then try it out yourself all for free! 

Key features of Phot.AI

  • You can create unique product images with its AI product photography tool where you can add quirky backgrounds and make your product shine. 
  • With its AI vector generator you can generate an intricate vector with details through a text prompt and then further fill your vector with colors using its AI generative fill tool. 
  • With its AI background remover you can remove the current background and replace it with a new one altogether or use its AI object remover to remove unwanted objects from your images. 
  • You can add text effects also with its AI tool or maybe generate a funky tattoo with its AI tattoo generator tool
  • You can restore your old photos with its AI photo restoration tool and also improve the quality of the images using the AI upscale tool. 
  • What’s left? Oh how can I forget, they have an AI image generation tool as well using which you can generate art and images through prompts. 

Pricing of Phot.AI

  • Free Plan!! 
  • Pro Plan – 18.57 USD per month
  • Unlimited Plan – 93.38 USD per month

Ratings of Phot.AI

  • 4 out of 5 (1 review) on G2

RenderForest – Videos? Animations? Logos? Create everything with AI 🎬

RenderForest- One of the best generative AI tools for video generation
From videos to animations to your product mockups, you can create everything with the top generative AI tool, RenderForest. [Source – RenderForest] 

All things design are now available at one place and that place is RenderForest! 

RenderForest is a generative AI software for creating animations, videos, logos, product mockups, graphics, presentations, and even website designs. 

Among all these functionalities, RenderForest is widely known for its AI capabilities in animation and video creation. From cartoonist animations to realistic videos, you can create everything with RenderForest. 

It’s one of the most loved generative AI tools among animators and video creators, it is time you leverage its AI features as well. 

Key features of RenderForest 

  • One of the major features that RenderForest has is text-to-video conversion. It acts as an AI video generator as it can create an entire video from your text prompt. Just provide a script and share the vision for your video and you will be good to go. 
  • It has an automated video editing feature where its AI can suggest edits, transitions, and scene optimization within the footage, thus saving  you time from manual edits. 
  • It offers smart scene selection where its AI can suggest to you about what could be the next relevant scene and shares recommendations from its own library based on your video’s concept and themes. 
  • Its AI can help you create relevant logos by suggesting you designs based on the keywords you provide and the industry you choose. 
  • You can add unique artistic styles to your videos and graphics with its AI style transfer feature or remove background from your videos or images using AI background remover tool. 

Pricing of RenderForest

  • Free Plan – 0 USD per month billed annually
  • Lite Plan – 10.78 USD per month billed annually
  • Pro Plan – 20.38 USD per month billed annually
  • Business Plan – 29.98 USD per month billed annually

Ratings of RenderForest

  • 4.8 out of 5 (400 + reviews) on Capterra
  • 4.7 out of 5 (430 reviews) on G2

Generative AI tools to make your life simpler!

Gone are the days when you would put in manual effort to get quality work done and do it in your time. Today the work has to be of the highest quality possible and in the least possible amount. 

That is not an expectation just from employers but today as an employee you need to focus on smart work as well since working smarter is just as important as harder. Generative AI tools are what help you do that. 

You have the list of all my favorite generative AI softwares, you can use each one of them blindly as I have tried and tested all of them on my own and I love each one! 
So get started and instead of working yourself, make AI work for you!

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Srishti Panwar