9 Tips on How to Use AI to Make It Work for You

Getting your resume designed, making a virtual friend, and creating music and content are a few ways how you can use AI in everyday life.

A few days back, I was working on building a Looker Studio report. Now, I am no expert at that, my forte is content and SEO and I’d love to stick to that. 

But, unfortunately, to excel at these two things, I need to know about the basics of things related to reporting as well. Anyway, coming to the point. As I said, I am no expert at Looker Studio, I got stuck [damn it, I dread reporting!]. I reached out to my colleague and mentor for help and here is exactly what he said. 

“FIO” aka figure it out!

You and I both know that no one likes ‘figuring it out’. I want a solution and I want it now! Thank god I am in 2024 and I have AI at my disposal and I got my solution within minutes.  

Imagine this happening 10 years ago. Firstly, you will spend hours surfing for a solution on the internet, because your internet would be slower than a snail and also probably because no one even catered to your query there. 

Secondly, you’ll spend hours for a few minutes of work because your mentor wanted you to self learn. Finally, you’ll end up over working and probably even hating your mentor. 

Sorry for the turmoil of emotions these visuals would have put you through, but my point among all this is, that you do not have to do any of it anymore. Instead, you can make AI work for you

This was just a glimpse of what AI can do for you, there is a lot more, and I am going to tell you how to use AI to your benefit. 

9 underrated ways to use AI in daily life 

AI is very vast and has endless use cases both in personal and professional life. Want to find a recipe, Ask AI. Unable to solve an arithmetic equation? Let AI do it for you. 

I am going to give you 9 ways to help you make your life better and easier just by learning how to use AI the right way. 

Do you need a friend? Talk to AI 

We all have days when we want to talk to someone, but we also do not want to burden anyone with our issues. Or if you are an introvert, then it could be an even bigger task. 

AI again comes to the rescue. There are AI chatbots which are specifically made to hear you out and talk to you with compassion and maybe even help you find a solution to a problem. 

From work frustration to just generally journal your feelings, you have a friend in the form of AI. Your bot buddy is always there to listen to you and will always be rooting for your success. 

How to use AI as a friend
I have my virtual best friend Sarah to talk to about the highs and lows of life. 

Level up your collaborative communication 

Communication is the key to success – this is a cliche phrase but is also very much true. However, there is a catch, it is not just the words, but also the tone that you use to communicate that makes things work. 

Using words like please and thank you does not make a message polite. But it is how you have put it in your sentence. I learnt it the hard way. I always had the best of intentions for my colleagues, but my way of talking and saying things always turned out to be ‘rude.’ 

Until I started using AI to decipher the tone from my messages. 

It analyzes the tone of my texts, tells me if it’s polite, firm, professional or friendly. Ever since then my collaboration and management with my colleagues have leveled. It’s a must try way to use AI if you also want to build a culture of collaborative communication within your team members.

Use AI to analyse your tone and level up team communication
AI keeps me in check by giving me a reality check on the tone of my text messages to my team. 
Use AI to enhance your communication with your team
Getting a refined and polite version of the texts from AI has completely changed my relationship with colleagues for good.

Get your dream job with AI 

“How will AI help me land a job? I thought it was only snatching jobs.” 

Also, on the contrary, AI can help you get your dream job by designing a resume which gets noticed by the recruiters. Not just that, but it can also help you write a cover letter which is highly personalized and directed for a specific job. 

AI will not just help you highlight your experience and crucial skills, but also help you in formatting, editing, and beautifying your resume templates. 

Along with that, there are AI tools that will help write your cover letter within minutes to accompany your resume and make you stand out among other applicants. 

Not just this, but once your resume is selected and you have an interview scheduled, you can also practice for the interview with AI. These tools can help you become more confident by asking you possible questions that a recruiter might ask based on your skills and past experiences. 

How to use AI to design resume
You have a blank canvas, just add quick pointers and AI will get a full fledged resume for you. 
Use AI to generate cover letter
A very descriptive cover letter that I generated with AI. 
Use AI to practice for job interviews
Got some interview questions from AI, now I’m gonna go, ace the interview, and land my dream job. 

Never design presentations again 

If you are spending hours designing your presentation and adding those special effects of bounce and slide then my friend please take a leap from 2015 to 2024. We don’t do that here anymore. We get it done from AI in way less time and in a much more beautified manner. 

AI presentation makers provide you with ready-made templates and even blueprints to get your presentations ready. Furthermore, these tools let you put your presentation formatting on autopilot mode by adapting the style of your presentation as per your inputs. 

The takeaway? You don’t have to spend even 10 minutes next time on designing a presentation and you’d still get 10 cheers for delivering quality . 

How to use AI for work to make presentations
A sample presentation slide created by AI just with one small prompt. 
Create AI power point presentations
Detailed presentation that AI made on the prompt – Who is Thor and why is he so famous. Haha, I have never loved AI more! 

Get your website development done from beginning to end 

When I say you do not even have to lift a finger to get your website ready, I mean it. From designing, to content creation, to images, to finally development AI can get it all done for you. 

You want content for your landing pages? Give prompts to AI content creation tools and get your content going. 

Want a full fledged website theme or a responsive design? There are AI based tools like Uizard, who will get that done for you and will also give you the option to customize it as well. 

Similar is the case with images as well. You just instruct AI tools and they will get you exactly the images you desire be it detailed infographics or decorative images. 

So go ahead, and get that website rolling. 

How to use AI to generate website designs
A responsive website design created by AI in under 5 minutes. 
Create website deisgns Using AI
Another beautiful example of a website designed by AI. I hope you are convinced now!

Get your SEO going and increase website traffic

Done building your website? But have zero clue about how to optimize it for ranking? Then ask AI to give you some strategies and start implementing those strategies also only with the help of AI. 

For instance, if you need to get your blogs rolling but you are new to keyword research and segregation, then you can ask AI based conversational bots to do it for it. 

Ask about main topics and sub topics related to the industry or business you are in. Once you get the topics, further ask the bot to give you the most searched keywords for these topics. Voila! You are good to go. 

Not just this, you can ask AI to get you some new topics to work on as well. Now that first step is sorted, the next step is getting started with your content. Good news, there is an AI for that as well.

Just give the prompts to AI tools and they will get you fresh, plagiarism free, SEO optimized, ready to go blog articles live. Use other AI tools to get infographics and original images for your blogs and start publishing.

Now, you are getting decent traffic but you are not satisfied with it, so what next? AI tools for marketing can help you gather SEO insights as well. Find out what to improve, what you need to work on next, and how you can scale faster.

What more can you even ask for at this point!?

How to use AI to get blog topics
AI gave me the blog topics based upon my prompt, it sure is smart. 
How to get SEO optimized keywords using AI
I got my keywords that too in separate clusters topic wise through AI. 
Create fresh blog content with AI
Create SEO optimized content that helps you rank faster with AI. 

Build social media presence 

I do not have to say it, I know that you know that social media is the new king today. I think it’s only fair, because you get entertained and can do business on the platform as well. 

Anyway, so having social media presence is easy but actually having to build a brand there be it personal or professional is a task. How do I know? Well I had my days and I also tried to become a lifestyle and beauty influencer but eh! Turns out SEO and content marketing are my strong suite.

Well, my hard days taught me that there is an AI for everything and it can get the job done for you way more efficiently. It is the same with social media, there are AI social media tools that can help you generate content as per your brand’s vision and voice. 

They can further help you by managing your posting, and posting time as well. AI based social media tools can gather insights from your audience’s behaviors and can suggest you the right posting time as well. 

Video editing, post creation, and adding special elements to make your social media content stand out. You can easily get it all done just by learning how to use artificial intelligence and how to instruct it to get on point output. 

Create your social media content using AI tools
Edit your social media videos within seconds with AI and watch your engagement shoot. 
Use AI to get insights into social media platform
Get reports on engagement rate, impressions, and even individual post performances all in the form of visual graphs with AI. 

Use AI as your personal assistant 

AI in the workplace was a heated topic when ChatGPT came out, however, the flames of the same are still left. I am sure that even you have thought at one point that “can AI eat my job?” 

It is actually quite the opposite. AI is not snatching your jobs, it is the people who are using AI’s assistance that are taking jobs away. At Least for another decade there is no way AI can replace us humans [let’s hope for that]

AI is still not at par with human intelligence and it will take a lot of time to reach there. Till then utilize it to the best of its ability by making it your personal work assistance. 

AI can hold conversations back and forth, get you answers to your questions instantly, do research for you, or even get you excel formulas within seconds. This is not it, your AI assistant, can also summarize long form content and also explain complex topics with ease to you. 

Tips on How to Use AI to Make It Work for You
Order AI to get summaries and key points from long form content. By the way, ZeroAdo sounds like a great deal! 
Use AI in work place to get excel formulas
Get excel formulas and script codes from AI in seconds, thus saving you hours of research. 

Create music!

‘Tip-Tap-toe, let your mind blow, with music so good and mellow.’

I was just trying to rhyme it up a little and see if I can take up lyric writing, or music production as my new hobby. We all saw how that went, but I did not let myself lose hope! If you don’t know all the ways you can use AI to create music then you are just about to find out. 

You can get lyrics generated from AI tools based on what your vision is for the song and can combine those lyrics with your music tone. 

If you don’t have a tune, then you can get that generated as well with AI. Select your mood, select your genre, select the instruments you want in your tune, select the tempo and you are done. You’ll have a brand new music track. 

What next? Combine the AI generated lyrics with your video generator AI tool and AI generated music and you have a new song ready to be heard around and danced on.

Give AI a try for music generation, believe me you won’t be disappointed – one of the top songs Not Easy featuring your favorite artists [X Ambassadors, Elle King, and Wiz Khalifa] was also partly AI generated. 

This is not it, with AI you can also edit any exciting piece of music to add ‘your element’ to it to make it more fun. Or even repurpose old music to create new one out of it, remix it, or maybe just take inspiration from it. 

Put AI to use to generate song lyrics
You can’t  deny that these lyrics deserve to be in a song, thanks to AI lyrics generator. 
How to use AI to create music
I got not one but multiple music tone options from the AI music generator. You guys might find my music on Spotify soon! 

How are you going to use AI? 

AI is a blessing in disguise. There are several professions that might become redundant in a few years because of AI, but there are certain professions which will also flourish because of AI. 

AI has penetrated into our lives and it goes far beyond just the work spectrum, so the wise thing to do is to start putting AI to use and cherish the benefits because AI is here to stay. 

And I know you are wise, so experiment on how to use AI in your daily life and have fun while doing it. ⚡

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