7 Image to Text AI Tools to Easily Retrieve Text from Images

Nanonets, OCR.best, & Img2txt are some of the best image-to-text AI tools that can extract text from images, make files into editable & shareable formats.

Have you had your days of studying from scanned book pages where you could not even copy paste the content to build your assignment answers. You are lucky if you haven’t because I have and those were the days I dread till date. 

Why? Because firstly, you have to read from pages with the tiniest words possible. Secondly, those scans could not capture the best quality and were blurry most of the time. Lastly, you could not copy-paste  anything from those scans for further research or any other purpose either. 

How much worse can it get? 

Poorly scanned written pages
Hahah, I bet my teacher had a hard time grading these assignments, but hey I had a hard time writing them from poorly scanned book pages. 

However, it is not the same anymore, thanks to AI for that. There are AI tools that help you convert images into text or retrieve texts from the images. 

So now, if someone shares a screenshot with you and you need to retrieve text from it, then that is very much possible. 

Hah! Sounds good right? Trust me I was the happiest when I discovered these tools. 

Top 7 image to text AI converters you need to watchout for! 

I was too elated to find out about all these tools, plus I am also an enthusiast when it comes to trying out new tools. So I went ahead and tried out plenty of AI image to text tools and have listed the best ones here for you. Feel free to splurge on them! 


Extract text using the image to text convertor - Nanonets
One of the top free Image to text converter AI tools to help you ease your workload. [Source – Nanonets]

Nanonets is your calling if you are looking for a versatile image to text AI converter because it can handle multiple types of images be it scanned documents, or screenshots, or even images of handwritten notes. It uses OCR technology which can also be integrated with other apps for improved workflow and efficiency. 

It takes just seconds to get your images converted into texts and it also ensures that data extraction is to the point without compromising on the quality of content. 

Key features of Nanonets

  • It supports various file formats- PNG, JPG, and PDF as well. 
  • It lets you set up your own OCR API as well for any new document in less than 15 minutes.  
  • Nanonets offers pre-built integrations with various applications, allowing you to easily connect its OCR technology without complex coding or data migrations. These integrations enable automatic data syncing between Nanonets and your existing tools, such as AI-powered project management software, CRM systems, or even automating email workflows with extracted text data.
  • It also has a chrome extension which further makes your life easier, one click and you can extract text from images in no time. 
Image to extract text from using AI image to text convertor
The image we used to scan text from using image to text AI tools. 
Extract text using image to text AI tool Nanonets
Text extracted from image using image to text AI tool Nanonets. 

Ratings of Nanonets

  • 4.8 out of 5 (70 reviews) on G2
  • 4.9 out of 5 (66 reviews) on Capterra

Pricing of Nanonets

  • Free Starter plan
  • Pro plan for USD 499/model/month
  • Custom price for Enterprise plan


OCR.best one of the top image to text convertor.
Look at OCR.best an AI image-to-text generator & embrace its effortless capabilities of extracting the essence of words. [Source- OCR.best]

How can we compete with a tool which has the best in its name itself! OCR.best is one of the best AI image to text converters which is not just very handy but also completely free of cost! 

This tool can compare the objects within it, generate text from scanned documents, and understand low-resolution images to finally give you data in text format. 

Key features of OCR.best

  • It supports 15+ languages including English, Dutch, and Portuguese. 
  • The text that you convert can be saved and downloaded. You can copy the text to your click board or save it in TXT format and download it in Doc or Docx as well. 
  • It tries to reach the maximum level of accuracy by combining OCR and ML which results in intelligent data processing. 
  • The tool is advanced enough to retrieve text even from unstructured images and documents. 
  • You can convert unlimited pictures into text everyday since it doesn’t have the facade of daily limits. 
Convert ZeroAdo Landing Page Image into text using image to text AI OCR.best
Image used to extract text from. BTW ZeroAdo has got a cool website! Hmm. 
Image converted into text using AI powered OCR.best
I easily extracted text from the image of ZeroAdo homepage using OCR.best AI powered tool. 

Rating of OCR.best

There are no standard ratings at the moment, but take my word for it that the tool is amazing to use and you will love it! 

Pricing of OCR.best

Free to use without daily limits.

Image To Text 

Image to Text tool powered by AI to extract text from Images
Utilize Image to Text AI tool & transform visual content into meaningful text within a fraction of a second. [Source- Image to Text]

Image To Text simply cuts to the chase both with the name of the tool and also what the tool does. You get what you see. Upload your image or documents, and extract texts from them within seconds that too precisely.

I don’t have to sell the tool anymore, it has more than enough features to do that for it. 

Key features of Image to Text

  • It supports multiple formats to convert from and also to convert into. You can convert from JPG to word, PDF to Word, PDF to text, image to PDF, and also have an image translator. 
  • They claim to offer 100% accuracy- so it takes just one click and you can get your JPG or PNG images converted into text within a minute. 
  • It supports 23+ languages which include English, Italian, French, and Koran. 
  • You can download your content into text file format and download it, or copy the text to your clipboard and paste it wherever you want. 
  • You do not have to bother about the extension of your image because there is a high possibility that it is supported by Image To Text. They support multiple file formats including JPG, JPEG, JPE, JFIF, JIF, JFI, BMP, PNG, TIFF and are continuously working to add more. 
Converted Unrola Landing page image to text using AI
We tried converting Unrola’s Finder page’s content into a text doc and got fantastic results. 
Got image converted into text using Text To Image AI converter
Well, we can see how well the text was extracted from the image using the Image To Text AI tool. 

Ratings of Image to Text

No ratings as of now, but hey the tool is free to use, so no harm in trying it out. 

Pricing of Image to Text

The tool is completely free to use, lucky for us! 


Free Image to text AI tool - img2txt
Tap on the Img2txt AI tool & experience the magic of turning visual content into a text-based sharable file format. [Source- Img2txt]

I love AI tools which are easy to access and even easier to get your work done from. Img2txt is one such tool. Img2txt is a picture to text AI converter, which has a unique facility of URL-based image scanning and text extracting under development. 

Be it an infographic, an ID card, a handwritten note, or any other image type, this tool can easily analyze the object within it, and provide you with the result in your preferred language.

Key features of Img2txt

  • It supports multiple image formats like JPG, JPEG, and PNG and further supports multiple page documents like PDF. 
  • You can save your generated results in the form of Plain text (txt), Adobe Acrobat (pdf), Microsoft Word (docx) and OpenOffice (ODF). 
  • It offers multilingual support to you as the site is translated into 10 languages and it further makes your task easy by 35+ languages for text recognition. 
  • One of the key advantages of Img2txt is data protection as the data transmitted over SSL servers automatically gets deleted. 
  • It has already processed 47.4 million requests in total and it offers unlimited requests to you as well. 
Extract text from a screenshot using image to text ai extraction tool img2txt
I took the screenshot of my LinkedIn post and tried to extract text out of it. 
Got text extracted from image with accuracy using img2txt image to text ai tool.
The tool has made me proud! Look how descriptively Img2txt has extracted the text from the screenshot. 

Ratings of Img2txt

Well, it’s sad how no one bothers to rate free tools. Evidently, free things are undervalued. ​​

Pricing of Img2txt

It’s free to use and splurge on it! 


Image to Text tool powered by AI to extract text from Images
Save text & elevate your content creation process with Imagestotext.io which is a free image-to-text AI tool. [Source- Imagetotext.io]

Drum rolls please because I bring to you another free AI tool that takes images and turns into text within minutes for free! The tool can extract content from images as well as scanned documents and also make it searchable,m editable, and accessible. 

You can use the tool to extract data from invoices, receipts, forms, tables, and even spreadsheets. You can further use it to make handwritten data accessible to all by extracting it from the documents. THere is much more you can do with the tool and all the exemplary features it has to offer, make it work as per your needs. 

Key features of Imagetotext.io

  • It can get you text extracted even from low resolution images, dim lit screenshots, and scanned book pages which are extremely hard to decipher. 
  • This tool is no less than human, because not just content but it can also extract arithmetic expressions from the images with the utmost precision. It could even be a complex polynomial but it will get you the most accurate results possible. 
  • It supports 15+ languages including German, Danish, and even Romanian. Thus you can upload images in multiple languages and get results. 
  • It supports multiple image formats which include JPG, PNG, JPEG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, and WEBP. 
Convert image into text from low quality image using image to text AI technology
Versace campaigns are stunning and artistic to look at but I am never able to read what they have written over these images. Well thanks to image to text AI tools that helped me extract the text out of images. 
image to text ai to extract text from poor quality images
Well, lucky for me I can now comprehend what is written on the campaign post of versace using image to text AI converter. The fashion girlie in me is delighted. 

Ratings of Imagetotext.io

There are no standard reviews available right now but you could be the first to review them. 

Pricing of Imagetotext.io

Lucky for us it is free to use.


Prepostseo - one of the top image to text AI tool in the market.
Enjoy the journey of transforming pixels into paragraphs with one of the top-notch image-to-text AI generators named Prepostseo. [Source- Prepostseo]

Bringing you another top-tier image to text conversion tool that allows you extract text through a URL as well. I love having this functionality in the tool because it has simplified my work by 10X. Just add your link and boom, you have extracted content with you. 

The best part about Prepostseo is that it is accessible from all the devices. So you could be anywhere, but if you have your phone and stable internet connection, you’ll be able to extract the text from the image within seconds. 

Key features of Prepostseo

  • Tired of reading poorly scanned book pages for exams? Extract the text through images in the form of a document and improve your readability also enhancing your retention power. It can extract text even from hazy images with negligible readability. 
  • Not just content, but it can scan mathematical equations as well. 
  • It can translate your text in more than 30 languages including Arabic, Turkish, and Filipino. 
  • You can download the data in the form of a text file or copy it to the clipboard, and also convert it into a word file as well by using their ‘Save as Document’ button. 
  • It supports JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, and many more formats to give you highly accurate results thus improving your efficiency and productivity as well. 
use image to text ai tool to convert texts from scanned book images
I pray to god that I never have to witness that day again where I have to read from a poorly scanned book. [Source – University information Technology Service]
extracted text from low quality scanned book page images using image to text ai tool
The extracted text from a blur image of a book! It’s surreal how AI works. 

Ratings of Prepostseo

Pricing of Prepostseo

  • Basic plan at USD 10/month
  • Standard plan at USD 20/month
  • Company plan at USD 45/month


Free tool to convert image into text - Teamnext.de
One of the best image-to-text AIs, teamnext.de, helps you out in extracting text from multiple images in one go & saves you time. [Source- teamnext.de]

If you want a solution to archive and compile your image data well then teamnext.de is your ideal solution. As per the very precise testimonials on their website it is one of the best tools out there to help you convert your images into text. 

Many tool users have also claimed that the tool has helped them speed up and streamline their internal processes. You never know you could be the next user giving them the testimonial. 

Key features of teamnext.de

  • Teamnext.de allows you to extract text from different types of formats, such as JPEG, JPG, PNG, TIFF, WEBP, and GIF within seconds. 
  • You can also upload multi-page PDF files in one go, to extract the text from it within a few seconds which saves you a ton of hours.
  • The tool comes with some limitations when it comes to the free version. You can convert a maximum of 5 images to texts per day and the data to be analyzed should not be more than 10 MB. Sadly, I exhausted all of them because I loved the tool and wanted to use it to the fullest! 
  • ​​Lastly, the tool adheres to all GDPR guidelines, which means this tool is completely secure to use.

Ratings of teamnext.de

Pricing of teamnext.de

  • Starter plan at USD 151.55/month 
  • Professional plan at USD 530.42/month
  • Enterprise plan at USD 1298.99/month

Whoop! That was expensive, my pocket’s burning. 

Online OCR

OCR Online - Free image to text AI
Take the Online OCR image-to-text AI tool into consideration for extracting text from an image within seconds. [Source- Online OCR]

Online OCR is an image-to-text converter that can analyze your uploaded photo, digital camera-captured images, and handwritten notes with the combination of OCR and NLP. If you’re thinking of using the tool, just upload a maximum of 15 MB size image file and convert it into shareable and editable content at any time.

Key features of Online OCR

  • Online OCR allows you to upload any type of image format as an input such as PDF, Tiff, PNG, JPG, BMP, GIF, and more so that you don’t need to go through the file transformation process anymore.
  • After converting the images into text, you can download the output in different formats – Word, Excel, and RTF documents which you can easily share with other team members or your clients.
  • It can support up to 46 languages including mostly Asian and European languages. 

Ratings & reviews of Online OCR

Pricing of Online OCR

Absolutely free to use!!

Go and convert your images into texts! 

There you’re with a heavy storage of the best image-to-text AI tools which can be a game changer for you. 

The work you may have done in hours can now be done in a fraction of the time. 

The aforementioned AI tools can optimize multiple objects in a single image, process text extraction from multiple images in one go, make editable content, and save you from dealing with errors or burning valuable seconds. Thus, bringing efficiency with accuracy and ease to your work processes. 

So, don’t think much before using any of them, and don’t forget to watch out for Unrola frequently to unfold the new chapter with handy AI tools. ☄️

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