10 Best AI Music Generators to Help You Make Amazing Tracks and Videos in 2024

Soundraw, Jukedeck, Diffusion, and Soundful are a few of the many music AI tools that help you create fresh tracks or tweak the existing ones easily.

Imagine how dull life would have been without music. What would it feel like driving in traffic without your favorite songs blasting, how bland the showers will feel without your favorite music, and how boring it would be to work out without heavy tunes. 

Music has always been there, it’s a medicine from nature. The birds chirping, the bees humming, and even the mosquitoes buzzing, it is all music in one or the other form. 

As easy it is to enjoy the music it is equally tough to create it. But! Not anymore. Today you can not only listen to melodious choruses but also create new ones and remix the existing ones as per your taste.

How so? With none other than music AI tools. If you think this is relatively new and is not convincing enough then let me break your bubble because this has been in the market for a long time. Even top songs and everyone’s favorites ‘Not Easy’ were also touched by AI. 


Well, this was just the starting. I am going to blow your mind with the best AI music tools and all the things they can do for you. 

Best music AI tools to get your personalized beats rolling! 

Whether you are a novice or a connoisseur there is an AI music creator for everyone. You just need to start using it. 

Music AI Sandbox by Google 

Once I put music into the tool, I have no clue what is about to be spread out, and this is what excites me.

Wyclef Jean (Musician, Producer, Composer)

Music AI Sandbox is a suite of AI music tools which can create new instrumental sections from scratch, or transfer styles between tracks, transform sound in new ways, and it will be doing much more once in the market. 

Google is working in collaboration with YouTube to enhance the creativity of the artists in the music spectrum. For Music AI Sandbox’s progress they have credited ‘Lyria’ their current most capable music generation model. 

To test Music AI Sandbox, they have been working closely with famous musicians, songwriters, and producers including Grammy Winner Wyclef Jean, Grammy nominated Justin Tranter and electronic musician Marc Rebillet. 

All the artists have released their demo videos of the music that they created and all the Music AI Sandbox demos are a must watch because they will blow your mind! 

All the artists were fascinated by what the tool could do and their journey of working with Music AI Sandbox have been captured beautifully. It is a must watch to both understand the capabilities of the tool and to know what more exciting things are coming! 🙀😻


Soundraw- one of the top music AI tools
Generate unlimited music tracks till the end of time with one of my favorite music AI tools – Soundraw. 
[Source –

Soundraw is one of the most loved AI music generators out there which is loved by even the most renowned artist! It is mine and many others personal favorite music generator tools as well mostly because of how easy it has made the music creating business now! 

Soundraw is flipping the market out there especially ever since Fivio Foriegn’s Doin Me came out there which features Soundraw. 

The music generated with Soundraw combined with the artist’s voice is just a treat to your ears. 

Key features of Soundraw 

  • It has several genres, themes, and moods to choose from to create the music of your vibe. 
  • You can make your music racks as small as 10 seconds and as large as 5 minutes while also customizing the tempos to add an element of ‘you’ to your track. 
  • You get to hear your music previews and also the freedom to edit them until you are satisfied with the tune you have created. 
  • Additionally, the tool comes with royalty-free music capabilities to save you from copyright strikes.
Soundraw AI music tool
Create customized music tracks with various moods, genres, tempo, and themes with AI music production tool Soundraw. [Source – Soundraw]

Pricing of Soundraw 

  • Absolutely FREE! 
  • Creator Plan: USD 16.99/month
  • Artist Plan: USD 29.99/month


Jukedeck - Easy to use AI music generator tool
Master music composition with Jukedeck, one of the top Music AI tools in the market. [Source- Jukedeck]

If you are tired of getting copyright strikes on using the existing music, then it is time you check out Jukedeck. It sia  solid tool that will take away your copyright headache by helping you create top-notch music which is also original. 

From cinematic scores to altered background music, Jukedeck caters to all your needs within very few clicks.

Key features of Jukedeck

  • Jukedeck offers you a huge collection of every type of soundtrack, which can be customized according to your choice.
  • You can anytime alter the length and tempo of music tracks, and turn a slow music track into a pop or techno one.
  • Additionally, with Jukedeck, you can save your favorite track, follow your favorite music artists, and create your own playlist, all you can do from one single stack.

Pricing of Jukedeck

They are keeping their pricing a secret yet, but go ahead and create music while you can. 


Riffusion for AI music production
With Riffusion AI music generator produces trending riffs at your fingertips. [Source- Riffusion]

Stable Diffusion and AI art generator has released another masterpiece and this time it is for the art of music – Riffiusion. Riffusion is an AI music generator that comes with a user-friendly dashboard that you can handle without any prior experience. So you don’t need any experience neither with music nor with Riffusion. 

With it you can write, record, or choose lyrics from a pre-made library and additionally, instruct the AI to create a melodious note that can match your favorite tone. The results it gives you are mind blowing. 

I think I have found my hobby now! 

Key features of Riffusion

  • Riffusion has a pre-built library of music where all the trending tunes are covered and you can explore it all to make your customized music.
  • You can ask the AI to write lyrics for you and also describe the tune you want. Making it one of the top text to music AI tools. 
  • Accelerate your work speed by creating a 12 second tune and then instructing AI to do the rest of music composition. 
Riffusion - one of the best text to music AI tools
Rifussion is ruling the text to music AI tools with its ability to create music out of any prompt. 

Pricing of Riffusion

It is a FREE music AI tool! 


Moises- The AI music creator
Elevate your artistic creativity in music video production with AI music software Moises. [Source- Moises]

If you’re one of the music artists who wants to brainstorm lyrics creation on AI, then Moises’ AI lyrical writer is for you. With Moises, you not only can create any type of musical tracks but also sync those with your favorite songs in just a few shots.

Key features of Moises

  • You can change pitches at any time to meet your preferred vocal ranges from high to low.
  • It allows you to tweak the speed while giving you control over tempos because this tool can easily detect and showcase the BPM of any musical note.
  • The chord finder application of Moises allows you to learn, practice, and create different melodious arrangements while detecting chords effortlessly.
  • One of the most fascinating features of Moises is it comes with a vocal remover where you can segment different vocals and play with it for creative instrumental tracks.
  • Its integration with Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) saves your time in creativity with the innovative VST plugin and collaborative workspace.
  • Also, the AI lyrics transcription feature of Moises enables you to transcribe multiple languages including French and Spanish, thus making music more accessible. 
Moises- AI music tools
Edit vocals, bass, rhythms and everything you want to customize in your music with Moises’s AI music app. [Source- Moises]

Pricing of Moises

  • A free version to start with
  • Professional – USD 25/ monthly 
  • For business and enterprise use please connect with their team 


AIVA - On of the best Music AI tools
Crack the code of amateur music production with the help of AI music generator for creators, AIVA.

AIVA is an AI music generator that has been there since 2016. Well, you’re not too late to explore it as even now, you can utilize AIVA to compose music and play with creative music videos. 

Its technology is flexible and allows you to explore this tool at your own pace to create amateur musical notes. This is one of the reasons why it is loved by everyone. 

Key features of AIVA

  • AIVA offers a wide range of genres as it creates music based on your selected mood and style and it could be both orchestral and contemporary. 
  • With this AI for music, you can create more than 250 different styles with different types of songs at any time.
  • AIVA’s AI learning capability allows you to produce realistic music that precisely emphasizes different instrumental tones.
  • It offers various creation options. You can either upload any audio and MIDI file, or you can utilize its pre-built library and download the tracks in multiple file formats including MP3, MIDI, and high-quality WAV files. 
AIVA - free AI music tool
Search library, and create a new track or edit an existing one with my personal favorite generative AI for music, AIVA. [Source- AIVA]

Pricing of AIVA

  • FREE Forever! 
  • Standard Annually – USD 11.74/month + VAT
  • Pro Annually – USD 35.22/month + VAT 


Soundful - Ai tool for music
Master music composition with Soundful, music production AI, while creating unique music clips from your favorite artists’ playlists. [Source- Soundful]

From YouTube to Instagram, and podcasting to live broadcasting, wherever you are, Soundful takes center stage to expand your outreach with creative musical notes.

The tool comes with a vast collection of trendy music, playlists of global artists, and playful loops and styles. If you want some quick beats without copyright issues then remember that Soundful has got your back. 

Key features of Soundful

  • Its pre-built library is full of genres including hip-hop, EDM, Pop, Latin, Ambient, and RnB while implementing your creativity.
  • The tool always updates itself with the latest music tracks whichever is released so that you can stay on trend.
  • With Soundful AI music creator, you can explore different types of styles according to your mood, be it for relaxing, meditating, or anything else.
  • The tool comes with a huge collaboration with global music producers and songwriters so that you can follow anyone and enjoy their collections in a single snap.
  • Soundful’s loop library of drums, instrumental, FX, and ambiance allows you to recreate an ear-soothing melody while repeating specific lengths frequently throughout the chorus.
Soundful - AI music creator
Create music loops in the easiest way possible with AI for making music, everyone’s favorite, Soundful. [Source- Soundful]

Pricing of Soundful

  • FREE Forever version! 
  • Content Creator – USD 29.99/year
  • Music Creator Plus – USD 59.99/year


Boomy- One of the top music AI tools
Explore the music production with Boomy AI image generator & create amazing melodies. [Source- Boomy]

If you are looking for a music creator AI then you can stop your search because you’ve just found Boomy. Be it for reels, animations, self expression, and even professional music, the Boomy effect can help you elevate it. 

Create, sell, and become a part of the music community with Boomy! 

Key features of Boomy

  • It provides you with the easiest digital audio workstation to turn your simple music into a ready to be used format. 
  • With Boomy, you can choose from different instrumental styles to explore different kinds of emotions, likely, electronic dance, rap beats, slow music to meditate and so much more.
  • It allows you to create lyrics from your given prompt and provides you with infinitive ideas. 
  • You can create a ready to go track with it. Add your cover photo, edit the audio quality, and do it all with Boomy without needing any third party software. 
  • It can manage your released music’s streams as well and you get your royalties paid too within 2-3 months. 

Here’s a crazy track for you created by a reddit user using Boomy. 

Pricing of Boomy

  • FREE forever subscription 
  • Creator – USD 9.99/monthly 
  • Pro – USD 29.99/monthly 

Magenta Studio

Magenta-Studio an AI music app
Ease your music creative tasks with Magenta Studio’s Ableton Live plugin. [Source – TenserFlow]

Magenta Studio is an AI music generator for creators. It is a cloud-based software thus, you and your team can work collaboratively without facing any glitches or losing your work. 

This tool comes with multiple musical plugins and Ableton Live is one of the most standard ones which are based on open source tools and models. This plug in gives you access to 5 different tools – Continue, Groove, Generate, Drumify, and Interpolate, which further help you customize and create quality music. 

Key features of Magenta Studio

  • The integrated ability with the Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) of Magenta Studio allows you to adjust your melody creation while working with your team on cloud. 
  • It enables you to explore instrumentation control where you can explore a diverse range of sounds and compose from the given track.
  • A huge range of music plugins are readily available with this AI for music production. It helps you in music composition, adjust with the chorus, and implement different elements including harmony, rhythm, texture, and even vocals. 

Pricing of Magenta Studio

They are keeping their pricing a secret as of now, but you can always contact their team for it. 

#MadeWithMagenta is a popular hashtag that you can use to promote your music that you created with the tool. The users are having fun with it, go ahead and you do it too! 


Mubert - Top Music AI tool
If you are looking for an AI for making music then stop your search at Mubert and go create a track on it. [Source- Mubert]

This is one AI text to music generator that I love with all my heart! 

Wonder why? I’d tell you why not! 

I was just playing around with it and it understood all my music creation needs. It offered several options to choose from like genre, moods, music track length, and even type of music. But my favorite part is yet to be shared. 

Out of curiosity, I just experimented if it can create music based on my prompts or not and to my surprise, it got me exactly the music I wanted to hear! 

Do not believe me? Then believe all the others who have tried out the tool and are loving it! 

reddit - mubert music ai tools
Mubert music AI tool is getting love across the world, so what is stopping you? Create your own customized track now! [Source – Reddit]

Key features of Mubert

  • Mubert’s royalty-free music comes with a new installation feature with Adobe After Effects to not only help you with soulful music creation but also edit creative videos hand-by-hand.
  • This music production AI has a huge collection of different moods, genres, and themes so you don’t need to explore any external site to add variety to your musical beats. 
  • To help you play with melodious tones, it provides you with various instrumental notes from acoustic and electric guitars, drums, piano, synthesis, drums, and much more! 
  • Also, you can chill out with any of your favorite artists’ playlists while navigating through the dashboard of Mubert.
Mubert - one of the best text to music AI tools
Mubert is a text to music AI, that can create music on anything and everything that you suggest in your prompts. I got my track, you try for yours too. [Source- Mubert]

Pricing of Mubert

  • Ambassador – It’s FREE!
  • Creator – USD 14/month
  • Pro – USD 39/month
  • Business – USD 199/month

Create viral tracks with music AI tools 

Everyone is creating amazing music and most of them are doing it with the help of AI and also commercializing it. Now is your chance to try your hands on the AI music tools. 

All these tools have been thoroughly tried and tested by me and I also dug deep to find others who did the same to share their creations with you. So, you can take my word and try any of these tools without thinking twice. 

You never know you might become the next music sensation!

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