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What data do we collect and how do we keep it private?

We collect data as allowed by your browser cookies. If you choose to contact us or subscribe to Unrola, we collect your name and email address as well to let ourselves get back to you. We keep your data private and safe on our secured systems and we never share your data with any person or organization outside Unrola.

What do we expect from you?

Be respectful: We are so pleased to welcome you here at Unrola. We work hard and smart to keep Unrola up and running and make it a place where everyone feels safe, respected, and valued. To help us keep Unrola that way, please be respectful of our intellectual property and maintain ethical decorum while interacting with any person in the Unrola community.

‍Be ethical: Use Unrola only in good faith. That’s all.

Cancellation & refund policy.

Due to the digital nature of products and services provided by Unrola, we are not able to issue any refunds after a product or service is sold. Before buying, please consider if Unrola products and services are a good fit for your business. For any questions and support, you can always contact us on before or after buying Unrola products and services.

Additional considerations.

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Disclaimer statement.

At Unrola, we publish all the content and do every activity in good faith, and we don’t take any liability for any unintended results therefrom.