Auto resolve 75% of customer inquiries, provide 24x7 support, & cut onboarding time by 50% with AI.

An AI-powered customer service bot, Ada helps you automate your customer support. Give real-time response and no waiting hours to your customer with 24/7 support using the Ada AI chatbot. For personalized support to your customers, you can train Ada bot with your product and service descriptions, customer data, and your knowledge and support resources. Using its generative responses on chat and calls, you can delight your customers with instant support and zero wait times. Also, Ada smartly transfers complex queries to your human agents. That way, your customer gets the best of both worlds, AI + Humans!

🚀Automatically resolve up to 75% of customer inquiries automatically with Ada’s AI-powered customer service bot.

📈 Cut response time for your customers with 24/7 generative support and ensure minimum to no waiting time.

🧲 Expand your business globally with customer service and support in 50+ languages. 

🕵️ Provide human-like support and personalized responses to customer queries by training your AI agent.

👾 Onboard new clients 50% faster with instant access to account, subscription, and onboarding guides, all managed by AI.

📈 Increase your sales and revenue by responding to pre-sales inquiries in real-time and generate higher ROI. 

🦾 Make Ada work with all your business tools with one-click integration and use Ada chatbot on your websites, social media, and help center.

❓Provide best of both human and AI-powered support to your customers by auto transferring  complex inquiries to human agents.

📢 Reduce cost per ticket with AI agent involving little to no human intervention for resolving up to 3/4 of total customer inquiries. 

🤝 Boost your customer retention with insights on customer behavior and fixing gaps in your customer experience before it’s late!

💲 Ada doesn’t offer public plans. To check their pricing customized for your business requirements, you can request a quote from their official website.

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