AI Rudder

AI Rudder

AI voice assistant that can hold two way conversation in many languages and accents with customers.

AI Rudder is a customer support solution that provides assistance to your customers through AI voice assistants and chatbots. It uses technologies like automatic speech recognition (ASR), natural language understanding (NLU) and text to speech (TTS) to make the interaction more human. It can smartly recognize what the customer is trying to convey, interpret it, and give a response accordingly. You can automate tasks like lead qualification, payment reminders, and telemarketing so you can scale your business at speed while AI Rudder manages essential but repetitive tasks.

🕰️ Save time for your human agents to put it into things only humans can do as it can manage your repetitive calls with similar questions. Save up to half of your agents’ customer support efforts.

🈹 Comfort your customers by interacting in their preferred language. It is a smart voice assistant that can understand various accents, dialects, and languages including Thai, Mandarin, English, and Vietnamese.

🗣️ Make your customers feel like they are talking to a human as AI Rudder’s voice assistants are capable of understanding human emotion, intention, and context and respond with the most effective reply while staying 100% compliant.

📞 Serve more customers in lesser time with fewer agents as it can handle thousands of calls concurrently without any hassle.

📈 Make your workflows better by integrating its open API within your already existing system. From call centers to CRMs it can integrate with all at different levels within your workflow.

🤝 Give a consistent experience to all your customers by keeping a close track of individual agent performances, highlighting strange behavior, and filtering generic reviews in the form of KPIs and scorecards.

🚀 Boost your team’s productivity with the predictive dialing system that automates bulk calling and filters out all unanswered calls, busy lines, and voicemails. Your agents only have to attend to the answered calls.

💸 Find out the missing aspects in your calling strategies. Get insights based on tone assessments and make behavioral changes, script updates, and any necessary changes you need to make to improve your ROI.

♾️ Provide omnichannel support by deploying its smart chatbot that provides automated support and swift response in the most human way possible. So your customers no longer have to wait in queues for assistance.

🧲 Centralize your customer support system with the all in one call center that brings all services under one umbrella. From managing calls to monitoring to sharing real-time updates you get it all in one solution.

💲 Well, they are a little sneaky about their pricing, so you need to connect with their tem for the same. But here’s the good thing, no matter what the pricing is you won’t be charged even a penny in the name of setup or integration fee.

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