DevRev AI

Resolve support, collaborate with teams, and deliver better customer experiences with DevRev.

DevRev is a cloud-based software platform designed especially for SaaS (software as a service) and tech companies. It aims to bridge the gap between development teams and customer support. By combining features for customer support, product management, and growth into one platform, known as OneCRM, Devrev allows teams to work together more efficiently. Moreover, Devrev is equipped with the tools you need to understand customer needs and translate the information into actionable development tasks, building a better customer-centric approach.

📈 Get real-time data updates on ticket statuses, project progress, and customer conversations with DevRev quick memory data processing.

🔍 Capture and analyze data that’s important to your business, focusing on specific details you care about, not just general information. Customize the data according to your business needs.

🤖 No need to build chatbots when you can automate resolution with an intent aware GPT-bot that is self-learning, requires no training, and provides complete answers from external scrap information.

🎫 Avoid missing out on customer tickets, as DevRev’s AI helps you cluster similar tickets, allowing support and product teams to gather insights from tickets. Giving you clarity in decision-making, reducing the time and effort needed to resolve tickets.

📊 Visualize data, identify patterns, and generate reports directly within the platform, eliminating the need for separate business intelligence software with Devrev’s built-in analytics dashboards and reporting tools.

✨ DevRev utilizes generative AI models to automate repetitive tasks like form filling, and report generation with pre-defined templates.

🖲️Track enhancements, measure customer impact, and plan strategically with its efficient roadmap tool. Visualize progress with list and Gantt views, prioritize based on customer needs, and dynamically adjust for optimal resource allocation.

🔄 Migrate your data from different apps and software such as Salesforce, Hubspot, and Jira into DevRev with its Airdrop features. And quickly track issues, prioritize work, and bring customer voice into development.

🚀 Eliminate manual effort by creating workflows with its drag-and-drop templates that don’t require any code and start execution with insights into how your sequences are actually performing in real-time.

🌐 Make data accessible to all, solve problems faster, and increase productivity. Empower your team with DevRev Turing AI, which lets them get instant answers from the stored data and enables them to interact with AI without writing complex queries.

💲DevRev offers a starter pack at USD 9.99 per month for platform license, plus an extra USD 9.99 per month for support license. The pro pack is USD 24.99 per month for platform license and USD 34.99 per month for support license, all of the prices are for a single user. Customized plans are available upon contacting the sales team.

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