Fireflies AI


Record, transcribe, summarize, & analyze meetings & automate note-taking with AI meeting assistance.

Fireflies.AI is an AI assistant that helps you record, transcribe, summarize, search, and analyze all your meetings and voice conversations. Fireflies can even attend meetings on your behalf when you are busy and can also take meeting notes for you. You can integrate Fireflies with all your meeting apps, including Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams, and automatically invite Fireflies to all meetings added to your calendar. When a meeting starts, the Fireflies bot automatically starts recording and note-taking for you, wisely segregated into Summary, Action items, Tasks, and Questions.

👥 Automate your meeting notes with AI-powered recording, transcribing, and summarizing for all meetings and voice recordings. 

✨ Never miss a meeting again! If you can’t make it to a meeting, just add your Fireflies Bot to the invite and let it attend the meeting for you!

🎯 Catch up on missed meetings in minutes and not hours by going through notes, action items, tasks, questions, and other key metrics auto-generated for each meeting. 

✅ Import and share meeting recaps and tasks in one click in your favorite collaboration and project management apps, including Slack, Notion, and Asana.

😊 Improve communication skills of yourself and your team members by analyzing tone, sentiment, and other elements of speech using AI conversation intelligence. Think improving sales pitches, customer messaging, team interactions, and overall communication.

💥 Make sales and marketing easy and reduce manual efforts by automatically syncing meeting notes and tasks in the CRM of your choice. 

🧐 Quickly look up and revisit any point from any meeting with an AI-based Smart search option and get immediate clarity on what was discussed and what needs to be done.

🎧 Stop wasting time typing long texts and repeating meeting points just to help your colleagues understand! Clip Soundbites from recordings to send an action item or important point as an audio snippet.

📧 Automatically craft follow-up and update emails for your team members or colleagues and save hours that’d otherwise be spent drafting “notes from meeting” emails!

💬 Chat with your meeting notes using AskFred, a built-in AI assistant within Fireflies that can answer any questions you have related to your meeting.

💲 With the free version of Fireflies AI, you can attend up to 5 meetings per month and store up to 800 minutes of meetings. With the Pro plan at USD 18 per month, you can attend unlimited meetings and store up to 8000 minutes of meetings. With a Business plan at USD 29 per month, you can attend unlimited meetings and store unlimited minutes of meetings.

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