Put your branding on autopilot mode by generating logo, website designs, and branding kit with AI.

Looka is an AI powered solution that helps you convert a business into a brand by generating brand names and logos that align with your objective. It has simplified designing and launching your business into the market as it puts your branding on autopilot mode. It helps you design not just a highly branded website but also business cards, social media templates, merches, email signatures, and even marketing material. It can also help you build your brand from scratch by generating you a business name as well based on your idea.

🎨 Give your business a unique identity and attract your target audience by generating catchy logos that are congruent with your brand’s mission which you can refine by adjusting the size and symbols and generate 100s of mockups.

🖌️ Unable to decide what your business needs to be called? Generate your business name using AI based on industry or even abstract ideas using its Brand Name Generator.

🔖 The logos you generate are very accessible as you get 15+ logo files for various mediums in high resolution formats like SVG, PNG, EPS & PDF. Also, available in black, white, and transparent backgrounds.

🚀 Establish your business in the market using your brand kit which includes 300+ branded templates which are personalized with your logos – invoices, flyers, email signatures, you name it and you’ll find it.

📱 Slay your social media game with branding as you get a ton of templates ranging from profile photos to cover photos sized according to different platforms.

🏷️ You get 20 quality templates for your business card designs as well which you can customize further by choosing your favorite fonts and colors that work for you.

📀 You never have to customize your presentations for branding ever again. With Looka’s brand kit, you get access to your marketing toolkit using which you can customize presentations or build and download new designs anytime.

📦 To help you maintain consistency in your work, you also get a ‘Getting Started’ guide with your brand assets, the colors, and font of your logo thus helping you build an unforgettable brand.

🤑 You can save over USD 3000 with the exclusive partner offers which you get with your brand kit. From customer success to CRM tools, and payroll management to finance tools you get access to exclusive offers on all.

💭 If no logo design is striking to you and you need to look for inspiration, then you get access to a huge library as well with multiple style logo colors, styles, and ideas to learn from.

💲 Elevate your branding game in two ways. First, get a logo generator and access to the brand kit at USD 96 per year or USD 129 per year if you want a subscription for brand kit web, which are billed annually. Secondly, get just a logo package whose basic package will cost you USD 20 and premium will cost USD 65, which are one time purchase.

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