Mem AI

Mem AI

An AI note-taking and organizing app to create, search, and refurbish content from your notes.

Mem is an AI-powered note-taking app that lets you capture ideas on the fly, whether it’s a text snippet, website link, or even research articles. It also organizes your notes based on the similarity within the content to simplify finding information when necessary. You can also import your emails, SMS, calendars, and other data to your workplace to further organize your work. Brainstorm, note, and ask Mem AI to summarize insights, dig information, and draft unique content based on your notes.

🔗 Become more productive by bringing all your tasks to a centralized dashboard. Import emails, calendars, SMS, and even from other note taking apps to one place and improve your workflow. 

🧠 Your brilliant ideas need to be shared with your team. Easily collaborate with your crew by creating a shared brain space where everyone can validate or give feedback to your idea. 

💬 No matter how deep your notes are buried, Mem Chat will find it and summarize the content and also give answers to any question you might have based on your notes. 

🗒️ You don’t have to remember complex folder and tag structures, it organizes your notes based on your notes’ content. 

🔎 Never struggle to find a note again, just use the smart search option and find the exact note you need in a second. 

🚫 No internet? No problem! You can still capture ideas and edit notes, even if you’re offline. 

🕵️ Stop manually organizing your notes, just go to the related notes section to find everything related to your current work. 

🔖 Easily save your ideas in various ways – jot down quick notes, bookmark web links, or save research articles. 

📋 Create new content with your note. From converting transcript and notes into blogs, to drafting unique pitches from your collection of ideas to creating quarterly presentations based on your notes – You can do it all with Mem. 

🎨Get personalized work experience with a workflow that suits your needs. Its interface is highly customizable and you can design your workflow as you please to optimize it for speed and efficiency.

💲 Mem AI offers an Individual plan at $8.33 per month for personal use with unlimited notes and AI-powered features. On the other hand, the Team plan, priced at $15 per user per month, is designed for collaborative work and includes all the benefits of the Individual plan for team members.

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