Originality AI

Make content plagiarism free, factually correct, and test if it is AI generated before publishing.

Only publish content that helps you rank and gets you click by utilizing Originality AI. Find out if your content was written by a human or if it is AI generated and save yourself from getting penalized on Google. Ensure that your content is plagiarism free and factually correct as well with its plagiarism and fact checker tools. With up to 99% accuracy in AI content detection, that too in 15 languages, the tool helps you publish your content with integrity.

✍🏻 Ensure that your content is human written with its AI content detector that can easily tell if the content has been generated through tools like ChatGPT, GPT-4, and even Google’s Gemini. 

🦾 No need to prove your content’s credibility anymore, just use its free AI detector chrome extension that visualizes the entire human writing process for you to share with your team or clients. 

📖 Do not let your content become a victim of AI hallucinations. With its automated fact checking you can be assured that you are not publishing false facts as you get fact source links along with context in real time. 

🔏 Never publish repurposed content or falsely claimed ‘original’ content ever again. Ensure every piece of content is plagiarism and paraphrasing free by running it through plagiarism detection. 

🤓 Increase chances of your content ranking on the first page by improving the readability of content. You can compare the readability of your content with other top ranking pieces with the readability detector’s tests and scores. 

㊗️ Publish original content in multiple languages as it has multilanguage AI detection capabilities and can detect content in 15 languages including Russian, French, Spanish, and Turkish as well. 

👫 Make team and content management better. You can add, remove, and manage access levels of multiple team members and also see their work history. Furthermore, you can confidentially share links of your AI detection scans with your clients as well. 

🚀 Level up your content auditing process by integrating AI detection within your workflow itself using AI content detection API for streamlined work process.  

🗂️ Never lose any piece of content scan results for both human written and AI generated content. It stores the results of all scans in history for each member of your team. 

🛠️ Improve your content’s quality and increase its chances of ranking by using Originality AI’s suite of free tools which has everything from character counter to blog title generator to even conclusion generator.

💲 The base subscription is for USD 14.95 monthly with 2000 credits and access to all the features within the tool. The pay as you go one time subscription is for USD 30 with 3000 credits but feature access limited to AI, plagiarism, and readability scan with access to 30 day scan history and shareable reports.

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