A holistic AI-powered social media growth tool to increase your account performance by up to 10X. is your AI social media growth tool that helps you drive your growth by generating reels, ads content, posts, carousels, captions and even hashtags. You can also generate your e-commerce product videos and convert your product catalogs into social media posts within seconds. Using it, you can publish your social media content on all your channels in one go and also keep an eye on their performance. Not just that but you can track your competitors’ performance as well and adapt the best practices in your social media strategy.

📹 Generate and customize scroll-stopping reels, TikTok, and video ads, and even product videos using one-line text, or blogs. Further enhance your videos by giving voice overs in 400+ voices and 18+ languages.

📌 Ensure your branding is always on point as it creates content in your brand colors and logo. Use existing templates or import your own template from Canva and Figma to ensure consistency in brand content.

🚀 Create ready to use static posts within seconds with product catalogs, quotes, and one liner texts. You can also generate memes and special days’ posts based on the event or your input.

📈 Generate ads that convert just by giving one line inputs and watch magic happen. Along with that you can generate your ad videos, captions, and hashtags too and make them even more engaging using 5000+ multimedia options to add to your videos.

⏳ Plan and schedule your posts all in one place using its content scheduler and publish content on multiple accounts and channels in one go. Saving you both time and effort.

🔍 Know what your competitors are doing and dive into their performance analytics. Grab the best performing ideas and implement them in your social media and get ahead of your competitors at an accelerated speed.

📱 It offers integration with multiple social media platforms from Tik Tok and Pinterest to Google My Business to Shopify thus, easing your process of publishing and tracking content performance.

It has a free tool kit including tools like color palette generator, video thumbnail picker, hashtag generator, and free stock images.

💡 You never have to worry about creative block again because you will never be short of content using its in-built chat AI Chat. You can ask it to generate post ideas well as content and create posts in a click.

🔗 Streamline your team and client collaboration. Instead of heavy files just share post links with your teams and clients and they can approve and give feedback within the app itself.

💲With the free version of Predis.AI, you can generate 15 posts and add 1 brand. With the lite plan at USD 32 per month, you can generate 60 posts, and add 1 brand. With a premium plan at USD 52 per month, you can generate 130 posts and add up to 4 brands. With an agency plan of USD 249 per month, you can generate 600 posts and add unlimited brands.

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