Use AI to automate functions, craft content, analyze data, and summarize big info all inside Sheets.

Introducing SheetAI, your solution for streamlining tedious tasks within Sheets. With SheetAI, get the power of GPT-3 prompts to automate your workflows, think of it as having your own ChatGPT right within your spreadsheet. Say goodbye to cumbersome formula writing and effortlessly generate formulas for seamless calculations. Save time with quick text summarization directly within your sheet. Take your marketing efforts to the next level with SheetAI by easily generating bulk marketing and promotional content, simplifying your copywriting process. Revitalize your existing spreadsheets by letting SheetAI rewrite text and content using AI, breathing new life into your data.

🚀 Enhance your Sheets experience by using generative AI for boring tasks like sanitizing the data, using formulas, and much more.

✒️  Amp up your marketing and branding game by quickly creating descriptions, social media posts, and marketing copy using GPT3 inside your Sheet.

💡 Brainstorm creative ideas in Sheets. Auto-generate lists and multiple answers for your questions and projects.

👋 No more headache of getting formulas wrong! Just tell SheetAI what you wanna do and it will write the function for you.

👋 Say goodbye to the headache of getting formulas wrong! Just tell SheetAI what you want to do, and it will write the function for you.

✂️ Process hours’ worth of information in minutes by generating bite-sized summaries from any long content and big data right within Sheets using AI intelligence. 

⚡ Give a new life to your old content by rewriting the text to get you polished and refined content automatically with AI.

✏️ Easily craft customized thank you cards, and greetings to quickly write the content with specific names in seconds using AI.

🖼️ Make your Sheets interactive by adding visuals and engaging images with DALLE integration in the Sheet to generate images from text.

📌 Clean data effortlessly by eliminating duplicates, format inconsistencies, and missing values using Data Cleaning.

⏳ Save your time on repetitive tasks of populating data by automating adding information to the list or table using AI.

💲 SheetAI offers a basic free plan that can give you 5 Sheet formulae generation per month. If you want unlimited formulae generation then you can go with a monthly plan at ₹657 per month.

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