Generate your personalized beats in different genres, moods, tempo, and themes in just a few clicks.

SOUNDRAW is an AI based music generator that helps you custom build your music for your videos, social media content, movies, podcasts, and to even monetize your songs. You can customize all the elements of your music be it tempo, the genre, themes, and further personalize it as your mood. Not just this, it also has its API that allows you to integrate its functionalities with your product as well. You get to customize the length of your music as well and finally, you get multiple options of AI generated music to choose from.

🎶 You have full control on the length of your music, the longest you can select is up to 5 minutes and shortest up to even 10 seconds. Whatever length you select, you get a complete fulfilling tune regardless. 

🎵 You have 25+ genres to select your music beats from including hip-hop, trap, accusing and rock. You can select one or combine multiple genres as well. 

😊 Unable to decide what mood you want your music to be in? SOUNDRAW solves your problem by providing you 20+ moods to choose from. Create your music in one mood or blend multiple moods as your ‘mood’ pleases. 

🎸 Just like genres and moods you have multiple options in themes as well as instruments too. You can mix and match all 4 aspects of your tune and create your dream tune. 

🎼 Get access to personalized, licensed, and unlimited music by integrating SOUNDRAW’s AI music generation API with your software. Which will also give a fresh digital experience to your product users too. 

✂️ If the generated music is not yet satisfactory then you have the option to edit it as well. You can edit the Melody, Backing, Bass, and Drum, and Fill of your music and further fine tune it by customizing Volume and Keys. 

⏱️ It lets you customize your Beats Per Minute (BPM) thus regulating your music tempo accordingly. The tempo could be slow, normal, and even fast paced. 

🚀 You can generate unlimited music tracks with the tool. In SOUNDRAW’s own words – “The sky’s the Limit.” 

💰 They own their music so you do not have to pay a penny for whatever music you use, no matter where you use it be it on social media sites or your ads. Thus, making the music ‘royalty free.’ 

🎤 As an artist, once you have bought the Artist plan, you get the complete freedom to distribute your music as you please also keep 100% royalties that you make by streaming it.

💲 With the free version of SOUNDRAW, you get access to it for an unlimited period of time. With their Creator plan at USD 6.99 per month, you get royalty-free and unlimited downloads. Within their music Industry Professionals plan you get three separate plans starting from USD 29.99 and going up to USD 49.99 on monthly basis.

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