Generate high-converting copy, build automated lead pipelines, and level-up your sales.

Supercharge your sales and marketing strategy. is your go-to AI tool for all your marketing needs. From crafting catchy headlines to nurturing leads with personalized outreach, covers every stage of the marketing funnel.Β  Generate high-converting content, automate workflows, and gain valuable data-driven insights, all within a single platform. Stop wasting time on creative roadblocks and achieve your marketing goals faster. Because isn’t just a tool, it’s your marketing co-pilot. Take your marketing approach to the next level and get started with today!

🧠 Brainstorm ideas, outline your content structure, generate introductions, conclusions, and even full drafts with its variety of templates, and save a number of hours on your blog writing process.

πŸ”Ž Gain deep insights into any company’s industry, news, size, products, and services instantly with its company insights feature, which compiles web data into concise, digestible snippets that will save you hours of manual research. 

πŸ§‘β€πŸΌ Generate headlines, CTAs, product descriptions, and landing page copy that can convert your visitors into customers with its website copy feature. 

🌐 Create four different versions of Facebook ad copy by adding personal data and a target URL. This makes your ads more personal and interesting for different groups of people, making your marketing efforts more effective.

🎯 Its LinkedIn profile enrichment feature summarizes your leads and contacts with key details from their LinkedIn profiles to give you valuable insights into their background, skills and interests. So you can personalize your outreach and build stronger relationships.

βŒ› Automate critical sales tasks like lead enrichment, opportunity analysis, and CRM maintenance with AI Sales Manager. This saves you time, and allows you to concentrate on closing more deals.

πŸš€ Level up your global outreach without language barriers. Translate any content, understand the intent within it, and smooth your interaction process with global audiences.

πŸ’  Get detailed insights into your competitors’ strengths, weaknesses, and market strategies with G2 competitor analysis. Understand what sets them apart, how customers feel about them, and what makes them successful.

πŸ€– Let AI sales OS capture accurate sales call recordings and provide you with meeting insights, enabling  better decisions-making and help your team members improve sales pitches for effective deal closures.

πŸ” Build a smooth workflow and stay aligned on tasks, projects, and goals. Share the credentials with your team members, work in a collaborative space, make use of ready-to-go templates, and control multiple projects in one go.

πŸ’²The free version of offers 200 credits and 2,000 words per chat session. The Pro plan is designed for entrepreneurs or small teams with up to 5 users simultaneously, starting at $49 per month, providing unlimited words and 500 credits. The Team plan is for 20 users with unlimited words and 3000 credits starting at $249 per month.

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