15 Best AI Code Generator Tools for Programmers to Generate Code in 2024

Soubhagya Kumar Jena
Best AI Code Generator Tools for Programmers to Generate Code

If you are here then you might be an aspiring programmer or someone who wants to improve your coding skills or development skills. If we are responsible for developing something we have to be updated with time-to-time trends as well as people’s preferences. 

So coders and programmers have to keep themselves updated with recent trends and tech updates to be able to be good coders. To stay ahead in today’s competitive landscape, being faster is key, and that includes the pace of your coding. AI code generators significantly enhance coding speed, providing a crucial edge in the fast-paced world of technology.

How AI code generators can help you become a better coder or programmer?

In simple terms I would say it will make you faster and more efficient by which you can aim for better productivity and the development of the product can be completed easily and ready to be in a GTM stage. Doesn’t that sound like you are ahead of your competitors? 

Absolutely Yes!

Do remember AI is here to assist you in your development cycle not to replace you, it can only help you in some of the below ways: 

  • Formatting, such as reducing syntax errors in the code.
  • Documenting the code
  • Writing an efficient code
  • Keeping yourselves updated in terms of day-to-day updates in the technology field 
  • Making the code easy to understand and readable
  • Debugging the code 

Above mentioned points might be the challenges you have faced if you are a coder and if not you will face these challenges in the coming days if you are aspiring to be one. This is not the case if you are using AI tools as your assistance. They will make each of the above challenges easier to face and can be tackled at a better pace. You can also explore AI tools that will help you automate your application and software testing.

Copy and paste the generated code and your work is done.

No, we would say. It would just give you a boilerplate code which coders can make changes with the help of tips and also apply their knowledge in the field so as to eliminate time in writing the code from zero. As mentioned earlier it will save time in different stages of the development cycle of a product.

15 best AI code generators for coders and programmers 

If you are strong with the fundamentals of the stack involved in the development of your product let’s start with writing effective prompts to the AI code generators to start generating boilerplate codes. Let’s discuss some of the top AI code generators to make you Flash while writing the code.

GitHub Copilot

GitHub Copilot best AI code generator
This AI code generator is the most widely used GenAI tool which could give you efficient code.
GitHub Copilot]

All AI tool’s performance depends on the amount of data they are trained with and as the name suggests it is back with the public codes on GitHub and also uses OpenAI Codex to help you write efficient codes at a great pace. 

Key features of GitHub Copilot

️ This AI code generator can work on various IDEs such as VS Code which makes availability for you easier.

️ This AI code generator is termed as best in the market to help you with debugging

️ GitHub Copilot code generator also identifies security weaknesses in your code

️ GitHub Copilot AI code generator helps in completing the accurate code faster by analyzing patterns while you code.

Pricing of GitHub Copilot

Copilot Business – $19 per user per month

Copilot Enterprise – $39 per user per month

Copilot Individual – $10 per month

Ratings of GitHub Copilot 

  • 4.5 out of 5 stars (129) in G2
  • 4.8 out of 5 stars (312) in Product Hunt 

ChatGPT (GPT-3.5/4)

GPT Code assistance
Chat GPT-3 generating code in Python language for making a game with a concept like flappy bird. [Source- ChatGPT]

Hope you are expecting this name in this list as when it comes to GenAI tools the first tool that comes to our mind is ChatGPT. GPT-3.5 is the open source version of it and GPT-4.0 is the premium version of it which seems to give you 10 times more accurate answers. 

ChatGPT’s both versions generate accurate and efficient code but the prompt given to them should be efficient enough. Let’s see ChatGPT building an app for us by using the prompts we give to it in the below video.

Key features of ChatGPT (GPT-3.5/4)

️ Generate efficient code by giving suitable prompts

️ Can be useful for documentation of the code

️ Can help you in debugging the code.

️ The best performance of this AI tool is observed in the Python language.

️ Can help you in learning various concepts.

Pricing of ChatGPT-4

$20 per month

Rating of ChatGPT-4

  • 4.7 out of 5 stars (447) in Product Hunt
  • 4.7 out of 5 stars (430) in G2


Replit code writing AI
Replit is an AI code generator which is a browser based IDE. [Source- Replit]

This AI code generator is an online coding platform mostly popular because of its browser-based IDE. It allows you for collaborative coding and its interface makes it a really interactive platform. It allows you to code within documents and native hosting too. It is a collaborative platform that allows you to learn new languages as well as space to code.

Key features of Replit

️ Its stand-out feature is Ghostwriter, which will provide you with auto-complete suggestions after analyzing your code and its structure.

️ Its AI coding assistant Ghostwriter makes you and your code efficient and fast by giving you tips and suggestions.

️ It helps in debugging the code.

️ If you are looking for a tool that can help you in hosting your apps online then Replit is a go-to place for you.

Pricing of Replit

If you are new to the coding environment then you can use their free plan

Replit Core – $120 Per year

Rating of Replit

  • 3.8 stars out of 5 (6) in Product Hunt
  • 4.5 out of 5 stars (12) in G2  


Tabnine AI code generator tool
Get your generated code personalized with help of this AI code generator that will make you much quicker. [Source- Tabnine]

This AI code generator will help you improve your productivity by making your code faster with its super cool features that help you avoid errors in your code. It gives suggestions when an error arises as you code and that would help you in saving time in finding errors and debugging it later.

Tabnine Code generator works in a neural network that helps in crawling through all the open source codes that are the backbone of it. This AI coding tool analyzes your code and understands its structure so it gives you personalized suggestions as per your project mission.

Key features

️ It understands you, and that’s the key to giving useful suggestions for you.

️ It enables you to train their AI models as per your business data which will help in giving personalized recommendations.

️ It can help you in code completion, thus making you faster.

️ It can be integrated with various IDEs such as VS code, Android Studio, Eclipse, IntelliJ.

️ It is one of the most robust AI code tools right now as it supports various coding languages such as Python, Ruby, Java, and JavaScript.

Pricing of Tabnine

Basic – Free for everyone

Pro – $12 per user per month

Enterprise – $39 per user per month

Rating of Tabnine

  • 4.1 out of 5 stars (33) in G2 

Amazon CodeWhisperer

Amazon power code generator
Integrate this powerful AI code generator with your IDE for real time suggestions to make your code more efficient. [Source- Amazon CodeWhisperer]

This AI code generator, backed by machine learning and a vast dataset of open-source code, suggests recommendations to make your code safer and more efficient within IDE. It will help you in making your code safer as it suggests as per the updated industry standards.

Key features of Amazon CodeWhisperer

️ Automates repetitive tasks thus making you faster

️ Suggests real-time suggestions while you code in IDE which helps in saving time later in making changes as per the need.

️ Makes your code secured by its updated recommendations as per the industry standards.

️ Helpful in generating documentation of the code.

Pricing of Amazon CodeWhisperer

Free for the individual user 

Professional plan – $19 per month per user.

Ratings of Amazon CodeWhisperer

  • 3.5 out of 5 (1) in G2

OpenAI Codex

openai codex generate code from prompt
OpenAI Codex, is your go to AI code generator if you want to make the development process of your product faster and efficient. [Source- OpenAI Codex]

If you have a budget-conscious team then this AI code generator might be one of the best options. It will generate code for you just by receiving natural language prompts from your end. It has the capability of commenting on the code and also converting comments into code. You can find useful APIs and libraries and have various languages supported on them. It performs best in Python. It provides you with a user-friendly interface allowing you to be quick.

Key features of OpenAI Codex

️ It can help with improving the readability of the code

️ This code generator will help you in translating a code from one language to another

️ You can train AI models in this so that the code generators would provide answers as per your need 

️ It can help in debugging the code and making it much more accurate and efficient.

Pricing of OpenAI Codex

It’s an open-source platform, you don’t have to pay for it unless your tokens are exhausted.

Rating of OpenAI Codex


snyk secure your code
Write secure and efficient code with Snyk AI code generator for making your code safe. [Source- Snyk]

If you want to write clean and secure code then Deepcode will be the best option for you. It analyzes millions of codes from open-source projects to study the common errors made by developers and gives you suggestions as per the study. It will help you in writing safe and secure code in an efficient way.

Key features of Snyk

️ This code generator is backed by hybrid AI which enables you to find matches in your code.

️ It gives you suggestions for fixing the errors in your code in IDEs so that the quality of the code can be improved

️This AI code generator makes sure to protect the code so that developers can build at a better pace.

️ Great AI code tool for autocomplete the codes.

Pricing of Snyk

Free – if you have a small team and looking out to be safe and secure this option might be the best for you.

Team – Starting at $25 per month per product

Rating of Snyk

4.5 out of 5 stars (116) in G2 


Codiga AI code generator to help you be super efficient in writing codes
Become a super efficient coder by analyzing static code using AI coding tool. [Source- Codiga]

This AI coding tool is a customizable static code analysis tool that analyzes your code and helps you write better and much more efficient code in a faster way. It is compatible with various IDEs such as VS Code, JetBrains, and VisualStudio. It has access to various open-source repositories like GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket. 

Key features of Codiga

️ It supports multiple languages such as Python, JavaScript, SQL, and Java.

️ It gives you suggestions in real-time so that the errors can be solved in a quicker way

️ You can optimize your code by using the information in the report generated by the Codiga AI coding tool.

️ It will help you keep your code up to date with recent tech updates to prevent performance issues.

Pricing of Codiga

Basic – Free to use with Cody analysis 

Premium – $14 per month

Rating of Codiga

  • 4.6 out of 5 stars (21) in G2
  • 5 out of 5 stars (2) in Product Hunt 

Sourcegraph Cody

cody ai writes code
AI code generator Cody is your best source to complete your code quicker as it auto completes the code. [Source-  Sourcegraph Cody]

Sourcegraph Cody stands out as an exceptional AI code assistant designed to streamline your workflows and enhance your understanding of code. The flagship product of Sourcegraph, Cody serves as a robust code base assistant, aiding you in code searches and updates across various sections of your project, including branches, repositories, and code hosts.

Cody leverages Sourcegraph’s advanced code graph and Language Model (LLM) to deliver insightful responses to your coding tasks. This AI program not only comprehends your instructions but also creates or elaborates on existing code.

Key features of Sourcegraph Cody

️ Enables you to find code files quickly by using file names, function names, or your simple language descriptions.

️ It can help you improve your code efficiency by providing you with code snippets.

️ This AI code tool will help you in debugging your code effectively

️ Can generate unit tests for you and detailed reports of your code.

️ Will help you in completing your code with a better speed as it will generate code as per your instructions.

Pricing of Sourcegraph Cody

You can access basic features for free.

Enterprise – you can contact them so that they would be able to customize a plan as per your needs.

Rating of Sourcegraph Cody

  • 4.7 out of 5 stars (5) in G2.
  • 4.5 stars out of 5 (6) in Product Hunt


Ak codi Code generator tool
Speed up your coding process with this AI code generator. [Source- AskCodi]

This AI code generator tool is powered by OpenAI Codex. It can be downloaded on various IDEs such as VS Code and PyCharm. It is a great AI coding tool to speed up your coding process. If you are a beginner in coding this can help you understand how various programming languages work and make you strong in fundamentals.

Key features of AkCodi

️ Its standout feature is the WorkBook tool which offers you an interactive environment where you can ask for an explanation for a particular snippet of code

️ The WorkBook tool can be a great AI code assistance tool as it can automate your documentation process.

️ It has a user-friendly interface.

️ It is backed by OpenAI Codex which can help you in streamlining your coding experience.

Pricing of AskCodi 

Basic – gives you 50 credits for free

Premium – $9.99 per month

Ultimate – $29.99 per month which will give you access to ChatGPT-4

Rating of AskCodi

  • 4.8 out of 5 stars (82) in G2
  • 4.9 stars out of 5 (19) in Product Hunt 

Google Bard

bard ai coding assistant
Generate accurate code with this powerful AI code assistant. [Source- Google Bard]

This open-source GenAI tool didn’t start well but ended up being a great AI tool. Its Gemini model seems to be overpowering it from the rest of the AI tools present right now. Its code generator is backed by the power of AlphaCode which has proven its capabilities by solving competitive coding problems. It just didn’t solve it, it also came in the top 57% of the world’s competitive coders in its beta phase.

Key features of Google Bard

️ Capable of giving you answers in various languages.

️ Has access to real-time data or the internet which is a great feature for learning and updating yourself with recent changes.

️ Can help in writing code as well as debugging it accurately and effectively.

️ Can be a great tool for assisting you in learning.

Pricing of Google Bard

It is an open-source tool

Rating of Google Bard

4.6 stars out of 5 (23) in Product Hunt

4.3 out of 5 stars (39) in G2 


mutable.ai develop software using AI code generator
Frontend made it easy with this AI code generator by converting raw files into HTML/CSS code.
[Source- MutableAI]

MutableAI stands out as a formidable AI-powered coding assistant for you if you want to get into the web development niche, tailor-made for effortlessly transforming raw design files into functional front-end code. 

Its standout feature lies in its capability to translate your design team files into HTML/CSS code, serving as a catalyst in bridging the traditionally distinct realms of designers and developers.This breakthrough functionality significantly streamlines the process of you turning intricate designs into fully functional websites, fostering efficiency and collaboration in the development workflow.

Key features of MutableAI

️ Save your time in developing the front end by converting raw design files into HTML/CSS code

️ Code generated by this AI tool is compatible with all devices which saves your time in writing code for various screen sizes

️ As it counters the gap between the design team and the developer team, this AI code generator can be a superhero for saving time in the development cycle.

Pricing of MutableAI

FREE – will be giving you manual suggestions to improve your code.

Codebase Pro – $25 per month 

Codebase Elite – $50 per month

Enterprise – you can get in touch with their sales team for customized plans as per your need.


mintify automate your code documentation
Automate your documentation of codes using this AI coding tool with out of the box designs. [Source- Mintlify]

Have you started your journey in the corporate world? Minify might be a great choice for you if the answer is yes. This AI code tool helps you in documenting your code which is ready to be publicly faced. This AI tool aims for maximum user engagement so yeah high conversions.

Key features of Mintify

️ Does documentation of the code in out-of-the-box design

️ Documents are easy to maintain so updating is easier

️ Content has markdown alongside the codebase for easy markup

Pricing of Mintify

It starts free of cost giving you simple and great documentation

Startup – $120 per month per project

Growth – $400 per month per project


CodeWP WP generator AI tool
Create responsive WordPress sites with ease because CodeWP will take care of generating code. [Source- CodeWP]

If you are looking for a tool that will help you in developing WordPress sites by making the process faster and more convenient along with security then this AI code generator is your go-to place. This is a cloud-based tool that makes WordPress website development convenient for you in terms of various functions such as crafting custom post types or extending the core function of a WordPress product.

Key features of CodeWP

️ It generates code with high accuracy and ensures the security of the site

️ Get your personalized code for your site by giving an efficient prompt to CodeWP

️ Generate code with ease for the purpose of plug-in development and extending core functions of WordPress.

Pricing of CodeWP

It starts with a free plan giving you 100 actions per month

Pro – $18 per month, billed annually

Agency – $48 per month, billed annually

Rating CodeWP


SQLAI generate queries
Data Analysis made easy with this SQL query generator. [Source- SQLAI]

It’s time to get rid of manipulating and managing datasets by writing queries manually. This is a query generator that will be a great coding assistant for you by generating accurate queries after getting suitable prompts from you. It generates queries for you and explains them too so that you will be assured whether the query is working or not.

Key features of SQLAI

️ Helps in optimizing the backend by generating suitable queries for data management.

️ Queries can be saved for future use

️ Great tool for beginners starting with SQL as it explains the queries generated by it.

️ Generate Dashboard effortlessly using generated queries

Pricing of SQLAI

Starter – $5.00 monthly

Pro – $9 monthly

Advanced – $19 monthly

Rating of SQLAI

No rating as of yet as it is a young tool.

Lets be a super efficient coder or programmer, after being a good one

Let us consider coding and programming to be a tall building that has a huge learning curve, the only way to be efficient and fast in it is by making the foundation of this building super strong. AI code generators will give you the plate code and will also suggest and debug the code, but these things can only be done in an efficient way by knowing and practicing fundamentals. 

AI is just there to make your work easy, not to eliminate any word, unless something is still done manually. So keep learning and practicing, as well as developing too. Who knows a future GenAI tech builder might be learning this blog .

Happy coding!!

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