10X your productivity with AI, automate tasks & workflows, brainstorm in mind maps & chat with AI.

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Taskade is your second brain, supercharged by AI! With Taskade, you can manage just about any type of tasks from your daily life to-dos to complex projects at work using its AI-powered to-do lists, sprints, boards, and mind maps. You can also use Taskade as your note-taking app, visualize your notes and chat with them using built-in AI assistant. You can also upload all your files and media related to your notes and projects in the Taskade's AI Media & File Manager which auto summarizes them and allows you to chat with all your docs and files using AI assistant! Simply put, Taskade is truly a superb AI task management app like no other and it can really 10X your productivity.

🎯 Get anything done without going crazy by creating and managing tasks in the form of AI-powered lists, boards, mind maps, and custom workflows.

🧐 Prioritize and organize multiple tasks with the help of AI and auto-convert big tasks into smaller subtasks to make them all less overwhelming and more achievable.

πŸ’¬ Ask the AI chat assistant anything and get instant answers from the knowledge base of your notes, tasks, lists, and everything else you have in your Taskade account.

🧠 Connect the dots and transform your scattered thoughts and big ideas into actionable steps with AI Brainstorm.

✍️ Never write and create alone! Use AI Expand & Rewrite to enhance your content, improve readability, and polish your ideas with the help of AI.

πŸ“ Process information faster by generating concise summaries of large notes, documents, and media with AI Summarizer.

πŸ€“ Work smarter and save hours by automating your repeat tasks and activities by building custom workflows and automations.

βœ… Stay organized and create different workspaces and teams to manage multiple tasks for different brands, clients, and your own side projects.

πŸ‘₯ Collaborate with your team members, guests, and clients by sharing any page or project and using built-in facilities for chat and video conversations.

πŸ™Œ Get inspiration to achieve any goals with thousands of free templates for a daily journal, habit tracker, mind map generator, sprint planning, and just about anything you can imagine!

πŸ’² With the free version of Taskade, you get 250 MB of storage and 1000 AI credits per month. With the Starter plan at USD 8 per month, you get Unlimited AI credits, 2 GB storage, and access to Custom AI agents. For more storage, you can upgrade to the Plus plan at USD 16 per month, which gives 5 GB of storage.

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