Generate Narrative and Distinctive High-Quality Essays with AI Essay Writer Tools of 2024

There was a time without artificial intelligence (AI) when we all searched for a topic and then visited most websites to gather some valuable information. It took us a lot of time and energy. And the results don’t meet our expectations. Right?

Do you also face problems in researching a topic for an essay? When it comes to writing the essay, it takes a lot of time to gather information and then follow the format along with managing readability, correct grammar & punctuation, etc.

The birth of AI revolutionized industries and made our research easy. There are many artificial intelligence essay writing tools in the market which are specially designed for writing essays. You don’t even need to do research for your topic. Just enter your topic and get the essay according to your preference.

17 Best essay writing AI tools for 2024 

  • Jasper AI
  •’s AI Essay Writer
  •’s EssayBot
  • Rytr
  • Writesonic AI
  • AI-Writer
  • ChatGPT
  • Article Forge
  • My Perfect paper
  • Essay-Builder.AI

Ease your essay writing using AI writing essay, [Source-] is an AI essay writing tool specially designed to write fresh and polished essays. You can enhance your essay writing experience using this tool. also offers you a wide range of tools including writing tools, content improvement tools, grammar tools, citation tools, and templates.

Key features of

✅ can generate high-quality and accurate content to meet your expectations.

✅ If you always looking for an essay writer of your academic level then this tool is for you. It gives you options to choose your academic level. You can customize the tone of your essay because it provides you with an essay type option for the best outcome. 

✅ will provide you with an AI chatbot for essay writing i.e., Chat to help in your own written essay by reviewing, topic suggestions, building structure, and feedback, finding sources for your paper, and even it can help you with your stuck sections.

✅ You can hire a US-based essay writer for a hand-written customized essay at a student cost. 

✅ Plagiarism-free to create unique and valuable content for you.  

Pricing of

💰 Basic plan at $9.99/month.

💰 Pro plan at $29.99/month.

💰 Advance plan at $99.99/year.

Rating and review of

  • 4.8 out of 5 ( 14 reviews ) by G2.
  • 5.0 out of 5 ( 1 review ) by Capterra.


Improve your content writing AI tool for the best essay output. [Source- Rytr]

Rytr is an AI for writing rich content of various types at a lower price. Rytr offers you six options to be selected or filled such as Language, tone/voice, use case, post topic, variants, and creativity level. You can select a blog in the use case for writing essays, it will work like an essay-writing AI tool.

I know, you may be eager to see how it can craft an informative essay for you. Just chill, I’m sharing my experience with you. When I tapped on Rytr’s dashboard, I wondered by seeing that it already had a structured version. There I didn’t need to mention the writing format, the tone, or the preferred language on my own because it has a menu for each section from which I just selected my choices. 

Oh! But obviously, I needed to guide the Rytr AI with the essay topic "The vital link between Ram Mandir inauguration and the changing economic dimension in Ayodhya". And, guess what? It served me the exact informative essay that I sought.  Well, you can see the result below 👇

Look at how the Rytr AI essay writer tool can help you craft an essay with less effort where you can select your choices from the drop-down menu after mentioning the content idea. [Source- Rytr]

Key features of Rytr

✅ You can take advantage of 30+ languages to create your personalized essay.

✅ Rytr AI can provide you with up to 40 use cases for your flexibility.

✅ 20+ tones of voice for writing the best essays according to your needs.

✅ Rytr AI can produce plagiarism-free and unique essays for you. 

Pricing of Rytr

💰 Free plan.

💰 Saver plan at $9/month.

💰 Unlimited plan at $29/month.

Rating and review of Rytr

  • 4.7 out of 5 ( 784 reviews ) by G2.
  • 4.5 out of 5 ( 12 reviews ) by Capterra.

Enhance your essay experience with the best essay writing AI tools. [Source-] is an AI-powered essay writing tool that creates original content tailored to your specific needs. It offers a range of features such as a content humanizer and summarizer, sentence expander, readability analyzer, paraphrasing and grammar checking tools, and more. It is a great alternative to, as both tools have similar options and interfaces.

However, if you prefer an all-in-one tool, you can use Merlin AI Chatbot. It is a ChatGPT-based Chrome Extension that serves as your AI-powered assistant. With Merlin, you can get ChatGPT responses for Google searches, summarize YouTube videos, blogs, and documents, write business emails, and social media posts, and even reply to comments on LinkedIn, Twitter, and other platforms. The possibilities are endless!

Key features of

✅ You can customize your essay by filling in options including what type of essay you want, where you study, and how long should your essay be.

✅ writes high-quality plagiarism-free content according to your academic level.

✅ It has a user-friendly interface for easy writing.

✅ also offers writing services like It can help you to order custom content according to your preferences.

✅ You can use tools of essay writing like AI essay outline, essay topic generator, and essay grader for your own written essays. 

 Pricing of

💰 Basic plan at $9.99/month.

💰 Pro plan at $14.99/month.

💰 Advance plan at $99.99/year.

Rating and review of

  • No rating and review yet.

Jasper AI

Generate a high-quality essay using the best essay writing AI. [Source- Jasper]

Jasper is an all-in-one AI-powered business tool for writing high-quality content. Jasper can write content for your blog, article, copied content, and descriptions. And even it can write thrilling essays according to your preference. If you are looking for something that can write every type of content for you, then you can use Jasper, it can meet your expectations.

Additionally, Jasper can also generate relevant images that are compatible with your content using its artificial intelligence-driven graphic design abilities.

Key Features of Jasper

✅ Jasper AI can write unlimited words for every topic.

✅ No barrier to limited topics, it can produce content for any topic that you can think of. 

✅ It will generate content in a well-structured format without grammar and spelling errors.

✅Offers you 30+ languages, you don’t even need to write an essay in your native language.

✅ Jasper's writing will produce plagiarism-free content.

Pricing of Jasper

💰 Creator at $39/seat.

💰 Pro at $59/seat.

💰 Contact Jasper for Business plan.

Rating and review of Jasper AI

  • 4.7 out of 5 ( 1239 reviews ) by G2.
  • 4.8 out of 5 ( 1832 reviews ) by Capterra.

Create customized essays using AI for writing essays, [Source-] is a next-level AI-powered essay writing platform. It provides an essay outliner tool to enhance the quality of your essay. Make an outstanding outline in a couple of minutes to excel in your academic needs.

Key features of

✅ provides you with in-depth research content.

✅ You can obtain essays that are coherent, well-structured, and up to your academic standard.

✅ offers you customized essays to write an AI essay according to your needs and preferences.

✅ Get a diverse array of academic levels and subjects that will give you flexibility in your work.

Pricing of

💰 Standard at $9.99/month.

💰 Premium at $63.99/year.

Rating and review of

  • No rating and review yet. AI Essay Writer

Generate fast and plagiarism-free content using AI essay writing. [Source- CollegeEssay's AI Essay]

CollegeEssay's AI Essay can be your good-to-go AI essay writer for academics. You can get a satisfied result if you always look for fast and fresh pieces of content then you can get them using this AI essay writing tool.

Key features of CollegeEssay's AI Essay

✅ Timely assistance will help you to craft quality and plagiarism content in less time.

✅ Hire a professional to write a custom essay for you in less price.

✅ A wide range of essay types from narrative to argumentative can help you in achieving your academic goals.

✅ CollegeEssay’sAI intelligence tool will auto-suggest you to complete the sentence in many ways when you start typing a phrase.

Pricing of CollegeEssay's AI Essay

💰 Free plan.

💰 Premium plan at $7.99/month.

💰 Advance at $39.92/year.

Rating and review of CollegeEssay's AI Essay

EssayBot By

Generate the best and perfect essay using AI, MyPerfectWord. [Source- MyPerfectWord's EssayBot]

MyPerfectWord's EssayBot is an AI-powered essay writing assistant. It quickly recognizes your commands to produce highly accurate content. This AI essay writing tool is developed for students’ better experience to give efficiency in writing essays.

Key features of MyPerfectWord's EssayBot

✅ MyPerfectWord's EssayBot uses AI to create whole sentences, find inspiring sources, and paraphrase sentences.

✅ You will get plagiarism-free content because MyPerfectWord's EssayBot rephrases content, eliminating plagiarism.

✅ It researches for you topics and gets you relevant content essay.

✅ In-built grammar check to save you time.

Pricing of MyPerfectWord's EssayBot

💰 Free access.

💰 Basic plan $6.99/month.

💰 Pro plan at $49.99/year.

Rating and review of MyPerfectWord's EssayBot

  • No rating and review yet

Produce essay with essay writing AI free, [Source-] is a free AI essay-writing platform. It can produce an essay on your topic. You can use this AI tool to improve your quality of writing essays. can give you an experience of how AI generates essays on your specified topic for free. 

Key features of

✅ allows you to personalize your essay using a specific instructions field.

✅ It provides an essay outline tool for your best outcome.

✅ You can generate plagiarism-free and high-quality essays.

Pricing of

💰 Free to use.

Rating and reviews of

  • No rating and review yet


Write an essay using one of the best AI content writing platforms. [Source- Writesonic]

Writesonic is an AI-powered content-writing chatbot that can produce human-touched content. You can create personalized essays using Sonic Editor in Writesonic. Choose the “Write an essay about” option for using essay writing AI.

Key features of Writesonic 

✅ Writesonic AI can produce accurate content that can help you to get a perfect essay.

✅ In text and prompt you can mention everything that how you want your an essay should be.

✅ You can use Writesonic AI for writing many types of content including blogs, articles, stories, and even outstanding essays.

Pricing of Writesonic

💰 Free: $0.

💰 Small Team: $13/month.

💰 Freelance: $16/month.

💰 Enterprise: You need to contact their sales team.

Rating and reviews of Writesonic

  • 4.7 out of 5 ( 900 reviews ) by G2.
  • 4.8 out of 5 ( 1929 reviews ) by Capterra.


Improve your essay content using the best AI essay writer. [Source-]

AI-Writer is an AI-text generator that can produce a variety of content like blogs, articles, descriptions, and essays. An easy-to-use interface that can help to get a better understanding of tools. 

Key features of AI-Writer

✅ AI-writers produce polished and unique content.

✅ It will generate relevant content in your essay.

✅ You can get original content quicker on your specified topic. 

✅ Plagiarism-free content for uniqueness for your essay.

Pricing of AI-Writer

💰 Basic plan at $49.

💰 Standard plan at $69.

💰 Power plan at $375.

Rating and reviews of AI-Writer

  • No rating and reviews yet.

Produce essays easily with essay writing AI, [Source-] is an AI essay writing system that allows you to get a well-crafted essay. It is designed for students to use to give efficiency in writing essays using an AI. Simple user interface for your better experience.

Key features of

✅ Generate your essay in just 90 seconds. 

✅ is a plagiarism-free tool that produces fresh and original content.

✅ Integrated grammar checker for flawless grammar.

✅ It does in-depth research on topics that can generate accurate content.

Pricing of

💰 Free access.

💰 Basic plan $7.99/month.

💰 Pro plan at $39.92/year.

Rating and reviews of

Generate the best content for writing essays using AI, [Source-] is an AI-powered tool that can produce excellent content essays and research papers. You can use like ChatGPT, write your text or prompt in a briefly described form to instruct properly.

Yeah! This is true and I can assure you that I used the tool to write my essay named “How Meditation Can Improve Your Overall Well-being”. The surprising fact is that I didn’t need to instruct much on this 

I just mentioned the essay topic and this tool was incredibly segregating the factors. On one hand, it provided me with a well-crafted informative essay. On the other hand, it was segmented into different sections, likely, the brainstorming ideas, the key points, and the summarized section of existing essay content.

Now, have a glance at the below-mentioned image to get the idea:

An overview of the essay writer tools’ credibility in making an essay with separate sections and detailed information. [Source-]

Key features of

✅ You can get detailed content of your essay.

✅ can produce essays in multiple languages.

✅ Access to real-time data that helps you in the essay’s accuracy.

✅ You can fully customize your essay by writing your preference in the text. 

Pricing of

💰 Free.

💰 Pro plan at $36/month.

💰 Team plan at $186/month.

💰 Growth plan at $1000/month.

💰 Expansion plan at $2000/month.

💰 Scale plan at $3000/month.

Rating and reviews of

  • 4.7 out of 5 ( 177 reviews ) by G2.
  • 4.4 out of 5 ( 60 reviews ) by Capterra.

Article Forge

AI for writing essays to get high-quality content, Article Forge. [Source- Article Forge]

Article Forge is an AI platform for writing content. Article Forge focuses on providing unique, high-quality, and SEO-optimized articles. It can easily generate long-form blogs, articles, or essays.

Key features of Article Forge

✅ As AI-driven smart project management tools offer real-time tracking, similarly, Article Forge provides real-time data access, which can assist you in writing accurate and reliable essays.

✅ You can get up to 1500+ words at a single click.

✅ It can write essays in several languages for your efficiency.

✅ You can get human-quality content using Article Forge.

✅ Using the Forge Article editor, you can expand your articles to a length of 20,000 words or more, adding as many headers, subheaders, and sections as you like.

Pricing of Article Forge

💰 Starts at $27/month.

💰 Contact for business plan.

Rating and reviews of Article Forge

  • 4.2 out of 5 ( 52 reviews ) by G2.
  • 4.0 out of 5 ( 7 reviews ) by Capterra.

My Perfect Paper

Improve your essay writing skills using AI essay writer, My Perfect Paper. [Source- My Perfect Paper]

My Perfect Paper is an AI-powered essay writing platform. My Perfect Paper is trained using thousands of reliable papers and essays to ensure that custom content can meet your expectations. It has an easy user interface for your best AI experience.

Key features of My Perfect Paper

✅ Give your topic and receive a well-structured essay that will help you academically and reduce your stress.

✅ My Perfect Paper will produce plagiarism-free content for your content uniqueness.

✅ You can generate fresh essays according to your achieve your academic success.

✅ You can start writing your essay by using the excellent essay outlines tool.

Pricing of My Perfect Paper

💰 Standard plan at $7.99/month.

💰 Premium plan at $63.99/year.

Rating and reviews of My Perfect Paper

  • No rating and review yet


Achieve the best content with AI essay writing platform, Essay-Builder.AI. [Source- Essay-Builder.AI]

Essay-Builder.AI is AI-powered software that is specifically developed for writing premium essays. It can create accurate and relevant results according to your needs. 

Key features of Essay-Builder.AI

✅ Your essay will be generated in very high quality to submit your essay with confidence.

✅ Essay-Builder.AI uses natural language processing to ensure that the essay is grammatically correct and free from spelling errors.

✅ In a few seconds, your essay will be ready using the Essay-Builder.AI essay writing tool.

✅ It will bring original and plagiarism-free content to your essay. 

Pricing of Essay-Builder.AI

💰 Free demo plan.

💰 Unlimited plan at $5/month.

💰 Yearly plan at $39/year.

Rating and reviews of Essay-Builder.AI

  • No rating and review yet


Get personalized results best free AI essay-writing platform, ChatGPT. [Source- ChatGPT]

ChatGPT is an AI-powered system which is widely used for every purpose whether it is for research or creating content. It’s easy interface can help you to interact easily. 

Let me share my experience with ChatGPT AI. It changed my perspective on working. I was curious to know if ChatGPT can help me in 360°? And if it has the potential to generate different types of results. I searched for many topics like brainstorming, composing emails, research, and content writing and ChatGPT did a pretty great job. 

Then I thought let's try an essay. I wanted to try it’s capabilities so I asked it to write an essay on Blockchain. In answer, I got an outstanding essay in structured form with a catchy title ‘The Revolutionary Potential of Blockchain Technology’. You can ask for another essay if you’re not satisfied with it. Well that's what you call a good experience! 

The real-time perspective of how the ChatGPT essay writer tool can craft well-informed content with a simple given prompt. [Source- ChatGPT]

Key features of ChatGPT

✅ ChatGPT AI can provide you with an unlimited range of topics for your essay.

✅ You can generate unlimited words for your essay using ChatGPT.

✅ It can write fully personalized essays according to your instructions. 

✅ ChatGPT AI can assist you in creating an outline of your essay. Write the major topics you want to cover, and it will suggest an efficient essay structure.

✅ You can improve your writing style and check your grammar with ChatGPT. You can also ask for suggestions for specific sentences or paragraphs.

✅ Supports you in writing a strong introduction and conclusion is essential for the essay.

Pricing of ChatGPT

💰 Free to use.

Rating and reviews of ChatGPT

  • 4.7 out of 5 ( 429 reviews ) by G2.
  • 4.6 out of 5 ( 38 reviews ) by Capterra.

AI for writing essays according to your need  [Source-] is specifically designed to write next-level essays. You can generate an essay only by filling in the title, description, style, and word field. has built-in grammar tools to provide you with excellent essays. 

Key features of 

✅ For creating essays, outlines, summaries and you can ask questions to

✅ is well-trained to write high-quality content for you using an extensive library of academic research papers.

✅ Enables you to use editing features to customize your essays according to you. 

✅ Integrated plagiarism and citation tools to save you time.

Pricing of

💰 Free plan.

💰 Pro plan at $16.99.

💰 Unlimited plan at $19.99.

Rating and reviews of

  • No rating and review yet.

Easy- peasy- lemon squeezy! That’s what essay writing feels like with AI tools

You can get amazing essays in seconds with the aforementioned incredible essay customization tools. You can export the result without making any changes to the format, and craft fully unique content by filling out just a few options. You can craft fully unique content by filling a few options only.

Using one of the best AI essay writing tools can greatly benefit you by saving time and generating tailored results to meet your needs.

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