AI Trends That You Need to Watchout for in 2024 and Beyond

Srishti Panwar
AI trends shaping our future.

Do you know about Humane Ai Pin? 

If not then hear me out, it is a wearable pin which you can carry around and manage your calls, sending messages, or taking notes, this pin would assist you in everything. 

What I am trying to establish here with this example is that artificial intelligence is now a lifestyle. The more upgraded and up-to-date your tech and tools are the better off you will be both in your personal and professional lives. 

This is just one of the AI tools in the market that can improve your life manifolds and there are thousands more which you might be unaware about. 

It is also not practical to stay updated with everything in the market, but there are a few AI trends that you need to watchout for because they’re the ones being followed by all, they are here to, stay and they are revolutionizing your way of living! 

Humane AI pin is one of the top AI trends.
Checkout the Humane Ai pin that can stick by your side all day and assist you in all your tasks. [Source – Humane]

AI trends of the decade 

Artificial intelligence (AI) will be the biggest technological shift we see in our lifetimes.

Sundar Pichai 

You might know some trends in AI while others might surprise you. Either way, this is a piece of my effort that I have spent in the last one year following multiple newsletters, reading, and writing about AI every single day. 

Enjoy the fruits of my year worth of labor within minutes! 

Generative AI 

Think of Google’s Gemini and ChatGPT and what they can do for you. If you have an idea, then that’s it, that sums up what generative AI is. Generative AI might have become an AI trend just right now but it was actually rooted into history which goes back to 1932. 

Generative AI trends were started in nineties.
Check out the translator built by Georges Artsrouni in the year 1932 based on the application of generative AI. [Source – X]

In 1932, Georges Artsrouni, created an innovative instrument that had the capability to translate the language on a mechanical computer encoded into pun cards. Surprising isn’t it? It was in the form of a paper tape and was known as a mechanical multilingual dictionary. 

In short, generative AI is a technology and one of the branches of AI where AI can generate an output based on your input or should we say prompt. It can repurpose the information it has been trained on and has access to and might even come up with something new. 

You never know, generative AI might surprise you! 

All the AI art generators, music generators, video generators are based on this application, and it won’t be wrong to say that today these generative AI tools are what keep the industries running. 

Tools based on application of generative AI 

Here are a few AI tools based on the application of generative AI that we use every now and then. 

AI text generators 

Ai text generators like ChatGPT and Gemini can generate everything ranging from website content to social media copies, to blog content based on your input. 

ChatGPT is based on generative AI trends.
ChatGPT is one of the first revolutionizing technologies based on the AI trends of generative AI. [Source – ChatGPT]
AI image generators 

With AI image generators, you can generate a variety of images based on your text prompt. These images are highly customizable, you can suggest the style, the image type, and even the size of the images. 

Using generative AI trends you can create art as well.
The generative AI applications are not just limited to text but you can also generate art with it thus making it one of the top AI trends. [Source – OpenArt]
AI voice generators 

AI music generators and voice generators are based on the application of generative AI where you can give any text to the tool and they will convert that into a voice or music. 

Generative AI is one of the AI trends you can generate music with.
Generative AI tops the list of AI trends because you can generate anything including music with one simple prompt. [Source – Riffusion]

AI video generators 

These are my favorite kind of generative AI tools as all I have to do is give a simple prompt, and I will have an entire video ready to go live at my disposal. 

Generative AI video generator.
Generative AI video tool to generate videos from prompts. [Source – Synthesia]

Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)

Could you have thought that there exists something which is equivalent to or more capable than human cognitive capabilities? Well, while it exists only in theory, Artificial General Intelligence is capable of coming at par or even surpassing human intelligence at some point. 

Once AGI exists it would be able to scan through all the pre existing data and solve the problems that even humans are struggling to find a solution to at the moment. 

The future potential AGI holds is tremendous and that is why it is one of the top AI trends. 

Augmented Working

Augmented intelligence and artificial intelligence, both get abbreviated as AI but they are different yet similar. Sounds confusing right? That was my reaction too but hey I dug deep to find out everything in AI trends so you don’t have to so let me simplify it for you. 

Artificial intelligence is something that can work all on its own, autonomously, but augmented intelligence is where artificial intelligence and humans work together. It is an extension within AI itself but its applications are very different from that of AI. 

Also in augmented working the system is dependent upon the humans involved. For instance, Amazon and many other shopping sites where you shop frequently must give you some recommendations. That is based on augmented working where your behavior and preferences affect the overall data and based on that you get personalized suggestions. 

Other than e-commerce platforms, augmented working is something that you will find in AI business tools as well for instance CRMs and customer care platforms where user behavior impacts the overall statistics. 

Augmented Intelligence AI trend being used on Amazon.
Amazon uses augmented working, one of the top AI trends that combines human and artificial intelligence to give suggestions and recommendations to customers. [Source – Amazon]

AI in ecommerce 

We have already talked about augmented intelligence in the field of ecommerce but AI trends in ecommerce go way beyond that. Based on the data given by user behavior, AI can help you with ecommerce marketing tactics as well and how you can reach out to a certain audience in a particular place. 

Furthermore, virtual assistants and AI chatbots to help the customers are another flourishing segment of AI in the ecommerce industry. Best of all is the predictive analysis that AI can do for you about your sales as well as your customers. 

AI trends in e-commerce are very prevalent.
Virtual Assistance is one of the AI trends that is heavily being used in e-commerce today. Look how Skoda’s virtual assistant is ready to serve. [Source – Skoda]

And hey, of course with AI you can upsell and cross sell with highly personalized recommendations.

Among all this, Google’s new updates in the Product Studio tool will further elevate your sales as now the profiles would be more visual and with amazing and appealing product images and videos along with customer reviews. 

Watchout for these as these updates can be rolled out any moment now. 

Google is reshaping AI trends in e-commerce.
AI trends in e-commerce are taking new shape as Google introduces new features on how your brand will be put to display when searched for. [Source – Google]
AI trends in ecommerce being rebuilt with new product studio features.
The new features in Product Studio help you display your products better to your customers thus helping you scale your e-commerce business faster. [Source – Google]

Autonomous Vehicles 

The movie ‘Total Recall’ was a total blockbuster in 1990 mostly because of the tech it showcased. Today autonomous vehicles might not eba  surprise to us but back then they gathered all the heat and that’s what made the movie a hit. 

I belong to GenZ so I actually had to watch the entire movie to voice for it, I must say they have done a fairly good job and thus, I understand the craze it might have caused back then. But it was no Tesla or like Motional self driving taxi

Self driving vehicles are now one of the top trends in AI.
How dashing is this Hyundai Motional Autonomous Taxi? I would love a ride in it for sure! 
[Source – Motional]

I mean how fascinating it is now driverless cars and autonomous vehicles are one of the AI trends in the market. If you do not believe me then believe the numbers and reports which say that by the end of 2024 there would be 54 million + autonomous vehicles on the road. 

Looks like we would be in a road rash with AI now 🏍️⛓️. 

AI Analytics 

Getting the data in one place, then segmenting it, and then finally running multiple formulas to get the right data,and then sitting and analyzing all the data sets – this is what the process used to be until the earlier times. 

Now I understand the frustration older generations have, after all they have been through this one hell of a process. Now imagine doing this everyday! That used to be someone’s job. Today, that has been taken over by AI. You might say AI has stolen jobs but from what I see, it has only simplified things for us. 

Human mind is built to do better things. Like, building an intelligent system that can crunch numbers for you everyday, well, good for us they have. 

AI analytics are a result of data analysis by AI, which gives you obvious as well as hidden insights which human sight might miss within minutes and sometimes even seconds. That is why these tools are also among the top productivity increasing AI tools

The best part is that there are no limitations in AI when it comes to testing the data, it could be as vast as the pacific ocean, and it’ll still get your insights ready within minutes. 

This is why AI analytics are now one of the top AI trends in the market because they are not only getting hours of work done within minutes, but also pushing us humans to upskill. 

Multimodal AI 

Ah man what a horrible life it would have been without beautiful images, videos, and music. Well could be said about AI as well, artificial intelligence would not have been ‘intelligent’ if it weren’t for its capabilities to understand music, art , and imageries. 

But once again, AI leaves us surprised, it can not only understand these things, it can also comprehend their context, and can generate those as well. Earlier, there was dedicated AI to understand and generate a type of data, let’s say images. However, not anymore. 

AI art generators as well are based on the application of multimodal AI since they take the input in the form of both text and images to finally return a new art piece altogether. 

The upcoming AI trend is having it all in one, remember Google’s Gemini. We can term it as ‘GEM-IN-AI’ as well because this is one of the best multimodal AI in the market and a personal preference too. 

Anyway, the crux is that AI tech and tools today are based on multimodal AI where they can receive input in multiple formats like text, voice, images, and files and can also return the output back in these formats. 

This is one of the AI trends that we will see for a long long time, so keep an eye out for such tools because they will be a game changer. 

Multimodal AI is one of the trends in AI that will stay for long term.
Because of Multimodal AI tech, Gemini can take responses in voice format too. Look at it listening to me while I ask it how it is doing. [Source – Gemini]
With the multimodal AI trend you can get images read as well.
Gemini is a multimodal AI thus it is capable of reading the images and explaining what is in them. [Source – Gemini]
Multimodal AI is trending because it enables AI to receive input in multiple formats.
With one of the best trends in AI, multimodal AI, Claude is able to read and assess what the image has in it. [Source – Claude]

Conversational AI 

I am certain by now you must have witnesses and talked to a minimum of 50 chatbots. Must have talked to a few virtual agents as well on call. The application these are based on is conversational AI. 

As the name itself suggests, conversational AI is where the AI can hold a conversation with you. They use Natural Language Processing to understand the human language and then answer based on your input. 

This is why conversational AI based tools also make up for the best AI tools for small businesses as they can engage a large volume of customers with way less investment. 

A lot of branches of AI mix together to finally give you the result you get. For instance, Gemini (by now you should know why I like it), is based on conversational, multimodal, and generative AI using NLP. There must be a lot more in the background but this is the broader view of it. 

Everyone likes having conversations with humans so they trained AI to talk to us like a fellow human. I won’t blame you if you get attached to it because these AI tools are having better conversations with me than my partner! 😝

Conversation AI is one of the top AI trends in the market.
Nykaa’s [an ecommerce website for cosmetic products] chatbot is able to converse and resolve my issues because of conversational AI. [Source – Nykaa]

Either way, conversational AI plays a huge role in our lives and this AI trend is here to stay and we would probably be talking about this even after a decade. 


AI in healthcare could be both boon and bane but for now as per the ongoing AI trends we are registering it as a boon. However, If one day I have a robot performing a surgical procedure on me then there are high chances of me retracting this statement. 

Watchout AI enthusiasts, you cannot buy my opinion! 😂

Jokes apart, AI is actually making a lot of progress in the world of healthcare and until now, it has all been in the positive direction. From handling administrative tasks like managing data and analytics to discovering new drugs by analyzing vast datasets within minutes, we are gonna go very far in healthcare with AI’s support.  

Currently it is handling small managerial roles like monitoring the health of patients through telehealth services, providing personalized healthcare based on one’s history, and helping us with mental well being through AI apps like Youper. 

You and I are both going to witness its growth in the medical sector in the upcoming years and one of the examples we have right now is DeepMind’s AlphaFold which is an AI tool capable of building 3D structures of amino acid sequences which are highly accurate. 

AlphaFold an AI healthcare tool.
AlphaFold is an AI based healthcare solution that helps you predict the structures of proteins. [Source – AlphaFold]

This is revolutionizing as now scientists would be able to predict the protein structures close to accuracy thus helping them develop new drugs or discovering diseases. 

This is just one of the progresses we have seen lately, but there is much happening in the combined world of AI and healthcare and there is a lot more to come. 

Computer Vision 

Let’s go back to our biology class to understand what computer vision in AI trends mean. So when you see any object, let’s say a tree, you see it through your eyes, then the neurotransmitters take the signal to your brain. 

Your brain then interprets what the object is and sends back the signal to tell you that it is a tree. That is exactly how computer vision in AI also functions. Through computer vision you are enabling a system to understand the objects and people in the image. 

A camera referred to as a sensing device captures the images or videos, the images are then sent to an interpreting device which then breaks down the image to find the patterns based on what it has already seen or been trained on and then determines what it is. 

For instance, Amazon’s robot Astro, can be the device that captures the image of your family members, and then based on the images of family members it has been trained on, it can segment who is right in front of it. If it is not a recognizable face, then it will also flag the same. 

As confusing as it sounds right now, it is actually very helpful in various aspects of life ranging from architecture to healthcare. It can help you in building a 3D model of a building and also in cancer detection. 

Computer Security 

If you’re not concerned about AI safety, you should be. Vastly more risk(y) than North Korea.

Elon Musk

Cyber security is a huge market at the moment especially since all our lives are now summed up in flat screens and mother boards. They need to be protected at all costs. 

Every other day there is a new insight on how to use AI and with that AI fraudulent practices are evolving so the protection practices need to evolve as well. 

As per the reports by Acumen the market for AI based cyber security products has only been expanding and it is bound to grow up to USD 135 Billion by the year 2030. But the question is why!? 

Here is why – AI based cyber security tools are more accurate than human detection or traditional tools for obvious reasons. Phishing campaigns are evolving these days and you can lose entire data with just one click, that’s where AI tools can help you by making you aware if an email or text contains content which is a red flag. 

Furthermore, it can analyze and look into huge data sets at speed so that the cyber security teams can get to work ASAP and efficiently as well. 

Edge AI 

If we go by the book definition, then Edge AI refers to having AI models and algorithms deployed within your systems itself instead of cloud infrastructure. 

Let me simplify it for you. 

Right now, AI works in the cloud, for example ChatGPT, Gemini. Now, with its advancements, businesses and business owners are trying to use AI locally on devices, with the locally hosted computational power. 

For instance Microsoft. 

Copilot PC is an example of edge AI.
Microsoft’s Copilot + PC is an example of edge AI where the AI is deployed within your system itself. [Source – Microsoft]

Latest Copilot + PCs from Microsoft use built-in NPUs installed on the PC to understand the entire user activity and provide insights and chat experience using AI. Important to note here is that Copilot+PC is using AI on local data and history generated on your PC, not on a cloud.

That’s AI on edge or Edge AI – something running on the edge of your physical devices connected to the internet. In Edge AI, AI works not on some cloud data like ChatGPT or Gemini does, but it leverages your local data or self-hosted data and converts those into self-hosted AI models on your local device.

Copilot + PC is just one example of it. In future, we will see Edge AI installed on probably all of our devices, positively. So, Edge AI will transform the way we hang out with our devices. In the future, not only will we understand our devices but our devices will also understand us as they will have a brain of their own that can work a bit like humans. 

That’s Edge AI. Truly transformative.

AI and Metaverse

Before we get into how AI is related to the metaverse we first need to understand what exactly the metaverse is. 

Honestly, if you see it the first time around then it is just like many either vague terms, but when you look deeper into it, that’s when you realize it is an augmented reality space which combines the physical and virtual world. 

I wouldn’t blame you, if it is still a little hard to process and understand. But here is the easiest way to understand it. Until now the games that you could play on phone can now be ‘lived’ as well. You could be present within a virtual game physically, saving yourself, and fighting for yourself, or just running. 

Crux of it is that it is a virtual reality world where you can live, play, shop, and have the time of your life. 

Among all this, AI plays a crucial role in the metaverse. 

For instance, building city landscapes for a virtual world would be a huge hassle if done only manually, but with AI tools like Nvidia GauGAN it would be a matter of minutes. Such tools can create hyper-realistic images with just simple sketches and AI art prompts

With AI you can also convert 2D images into 3D assets in no time, further simplifying the process of building a metaverse. Tools like Alpha3D can convert 2D images of real life objects like chairs and tables into 3D objects or even generate 3D models with the text prompts. 

Alpha3D can be used as AI in metaverse.
You can build your metaverse with AI tool Apha3D as it helps in making the 3D model of an object from 2D images. [Source – Alpha3D]

There is a lot more possible with AI in the metaverse than without it. For instance, it can also create dynamic landscapes which can change as per user preference and interactions in metaverse. Now how crazy is that! 


NLP AI trends are being used by all AI tools.
Gemini tells us that NLP is one of the AI trends and algorithms it is based on that helps it in conversing with us humans in a natural tone. [Source – Gemini]

NLP stands for Natural Language Processing and this is the application on which most of the AI tools that you use today are based on. This is the segment of AI that combines computer science with human languages thus, enabling machines to understand, comprehend, and also generate human languages. 

For instance, Krutrim AI, an AI chatbot designed to cater to the Indian population, can communicate in regional languages because it uses NLP. 

There are multiple NLP techniques out there that help machines do that and there is also an entire process through which machines are eventually able to learn, understand, and talk to humans in their own language. 

We do not need to get into technicalities for this one, but NLP is one of the AI trends as this is the tech that is bridging the gap between humans and machines. 

Deep Learning 

A lot of AI trends that we see today are inspired by the human brain and how it functions. Deep learning is another one of those. 

It is based exactly on the functioning of the human brain. When we hear the word dog the image of a dog comes to our mind. That’s the application being used in deep learning as well. 

Clearly deep learning isn’t that deep. 

Machines are trained on the data of dog images which the algorithm will use to recognise a dog in an image if any new image is provided to it. Similarly, your AI image generator is able to create the image of an elephant because it has been trained on data of elephant images. 

AI in logistic 

There is no industry untouched by AI so how could the logistics be. AI in logistics is more than what we see right now. It has now become a trend and if you are not going with the trends then you’ll lag behind. 

No one likes a truck full of goods lagging, so let’s get into why AI has become so important in logistics. 

Logistics play a huge role in our everyday lives, we might not see it, but it’s there. From your delivery packages to the veggies you are getting in your market, it is all through logistics. Your entire life would be haywire if just for one day the logistics industry goes on a strike. 

The importance of their role is what is making AI important in the industry as well since with AI you can automate minute tasks such as managing an inventory to delivering goods through autonomous vehicles. 

It can also do a predictive analysis based on the demand and supply chain and make the inventory managers aware about what is to come next. It can also help in order management and keep track of order history as well which can also give you detailed insights into the past demand and supply trends so you can proceed accordingly. 

At this point, it just makes me wonder if there are things that AI cannot do

Quantum AI 

‘Thanks to quantum AI because it can do things that regular computers cannot.’

Read it somewhere a while ago and honestly I did not care much about it.  I have never really been a fan of number related things until I found out that it is actually one of the main trends in the AI market. 

Quantum AI is a combination of quantum computing and AI. Through this it can process a vast amount of data and get you results that regular computers cannot. 

Well I said just as I read. And if you do not know anything about quantum computing then you probably do not need it and if you are curious I would suggest surfing the internet. 

AI companions 

I thought creating AI music tools was by far one of the most entertaining uses of AI I out there, but, the real trendsetter turned out to be AI companions. 

AI tools like Replika and Character AI have taken the AI assistance one step further by providing us with AI companions. 

Character AI allows you to customize your AI companions.
With character AI you can have as many AI companions as you want and also customize them as per your needs. [Source – Character AI]

These companions are not only there to lend you and ear 24/7 but they are also customizable. Now I have multiple friends with the personality I want them to have. How fun is that! 

You will never feel lonely or unheard because now someone is at your disposal to listen to you at all times and also contribute to the conversation in ways that would help you. 

These companions can help you though low days and down moments, they might not ‘feel’ feelings but they can validate yours, and they can help you do better as well by nudging you in the right direction. 

Replika is an AI companion that hears you at all times.
Talk to your Replika about your day, your hobbies, or literally anything in the world and this AI companion would be ready to hear you out. [Source – Replika]

Democratization of AI 

Imagine what it would have been like if only those on top of the ladder had access to the AI tools. If only your boss could use ChatGPT, if only the best of designers has access to AI marketing tools like Jasper, or if business growth tools were off limits for startups. 

What do you think things would have been like then? Sounds like a terrible situation to be in. To avoid this scenario, democratization in AI is trending. 

Democratization means giving access to AI technology, tools, and in certain cases even the base tech that was used to build the tool, to everyone, and not just the privileged lot. 

Digital humans

I think that there’s an opportunity to introduce AI agents to billions of people in ways that will be useful and meaningful.

Mark Zukerberg 

You must be wondering what digital humans are. In short, they are virtual versions of you. Are they just like avatars? No not really but also yes, a subset of Avatars. Avatars are a more cartoonist version of you while virtual humans actually look like humans. 

Through tools like Synthesia, you can even develop your digital twins. They would be a virtual version of you including your face and your voice which you can clone into your digital human. These digital humans can function like actual humans only, they just don’t exist physically (yet)

These digital humans are becoming an AI trend and you can see them in plenty of professions including social media influencers, customer care representatives, and even as instructors and educators.

Digital humans created by AI.
AI humans are one of the upcoming AI trends that businesses are looking forward to. Soon enough you will have digital humans taking care of all your customer needs and they will be the ones you will see in videos the most. [Source – Synthesia]

Shadow AI

From the sound of it, shadow AI sounds like something fun, but actually it is one of the AI trends in the market which should ‘not’ be an AI trend. 

Shadow AI refers to using AI at your workplace without getting authorization to use it. This is something I have struggled with personally. No matter how good AI is, there are certain things that I just can’t do, like being creative, or writing content which is SEO optimized. 

Taking help from AI for research purposes is absolutely justified, but when used otherwise, it is a malpractice known as shadow AI. 

Let’s do better, and instead of making shadow AI a trend, let’s focus on inculcating AI in our work processes in a way that they facilitate the work and not harm it instead. 

Ethical AI 

Last but not the least on our list of AI trends is being ethical with AI. We all have seen plenty of movies where AI ends up consuming the human race and is run over by it. As far as it is from reality as of now we also need to be very careful with how we handle AI and its development. After all, it has a brain of its own and AI hallucinations are a result of that. 

Ethics in AI means that all the technology that will be developed will be used responsibly, and taking the safest route, secure, humane, and environment friendly way.  

We don’t know how far ethics in AI might go, or if they will be able to stand the test of time or not, till then the best we can do is use tools like Gemini AI, and ChatGPT, which are doing their best in staying within the boundaries and yet helping us out. 

The next future of AI & AI trends in 2030

While we have seen some significant advancements in AI in the last 5 years, the upcoming 5 years are going to be even better and by 2030 we might see some new AI trends which only exist in theory at the moment. 

One of those trends is AGI. Currently, AGI seems very far fetched, but the way AI is progressing it might come sooner than we expect. Another progress in AI trends that we will see would be fortunately or unfortunately digital humans taking over the jobs. 

Currently, AI facilitates your job and helps you do better at it, eventually, it might do them on its own.

There is a lot to come, and right now, the best we can do is sit tight, enjoy the comfort of AI, and wait for what is next. 

Trends in AI or trends in ‘Lifestyle’

Trends in AI
Via Reddit

Some love what AI is doing, while others want it to do better. One day you might have AI doing your laundry as well for you but right now it is here to help you excel in ‘Excel’ and make you better and efficient you already are. 

You can evolve with changing times or stay behind and wait for times to change. But fortunately or unfortunately, the AI tech world is cruel and it only moves forward. So unlike your fashion choices of the classics in AI you need to follow the trends. 

Instead of thinking of AI trends as what they are, see them as a lifestyle. A lifestyle that is upgrading every day and a lifestyle that is only making things better for you. 

Changing perspectives is all it takes, the faster you do that, the better you will gel with AI and won’t be left behind.

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