Get Work Done While Having Fun with Best AI Apps for You in 2024

Srishti Panwar
best ai apps

AI has taken everything by the storm. Every industry you can think of, every single task you can think of, there is an AI for everything and that is exactly what I love the most about this age!

Since AI is at our disposal we can do everything way faster and way more efficiently. 

What more can one even ask for? 

Well I am greedy and I want more, I want the top AI apps at my fingertips, quite literally. 🤑

So I started digging and I found the best of the best AI apps in the market that I can use on the go through my phone. 

I thought of doing some good deeds so I compiled a list of all those apps so you can try them out as well. 

Now binge away and create unique mashups using these AI apps.

30 Best AI apps, they you must try in 2024 

Here are my top AI applications for iPhone and Android to nail your 2024! All these tools have been tried by me at some or the other point so be assured because you can trust this list blindly! 

Replika – An AI companion for self help 

Lensa – Photo editing app to ‘Wow’ everyone 

FaceApp – Get stunning selfies 

Photoleap – AI photo editing and graphic designer in one 

FitnessAI – To track physical health & attain dream body 

Youper – A CBT based support app 

Perplexity – Up-to-date AI chatbot 

Cleo – Money management with AI 

AI Writer Copilot – Everything content 

Taskade – For project management and assistance 

MyMind – To take notes on the go 

Microsoft Copilot – An AI chatbot to assist you with Microsoft Suite 

Luma AI – Convert 2D images into 3D models 

Poe by Quora – A hub for best AI chatbots 

Videoleap – Edit and create videos with AI 

Kickresume – AI resume builder to land your dream job 

Mio – Bring your imagination to life with interactive stories 

FYI.AI – Stay productive while also being creative 

Pi – AI personal assistant for all tasks 

Dopple – Everything entertainment 

Gemini – The AI ‘gem’ from Google 

Moises – Create music with AI 

Rewind AI – To keep track of everything you saw, heard, and said 

Mem – AI note taking and organizing app 

Zoomerang – Edit videos like a pro even as a beginner 

Character.AI – Chat & have fun with your favorite characters 

Reflectr – Social media like AI Journal 

Rocky AI – AI coach to help you attain your goals 

AI Dungeon – Adventure AI game with no rules 

ChatGPT – The AI revolutionary 

Now that you have the list of all the AI apps, what are we waiting for? Let’s get into the deets! 

Replika 👯

Replika - One of the best AI apps for an AI companion
Replika is one of the best AI apps that acts as your AI companion at the time of need or even just for fun! [Source – Replika]

A friend in need is a friend indeed, but sometimes there are certain needs where even a friend cannot be of help, that’s when you need Replika. 

Replika is one of the best AI apps that gives you an opportunity to design an avatar who understands you, makes you feel heard, and gives responses based on your situation. You get to design this ‘replika’ from scratch and you get to define the relationship as well. It can be a friend, a romantic interest, a therapist, or even just an impersonation of yourself. 

You have the freedom to define your relationship and hold conversations which you are not comfortable in addressing with someone else.

Key features of Replika

  • With Replika you can highly customize your AI companion, build and explore relationships with them, and also chat about anything and everything without the fear of getting judged. 
  • Replika is very smart and the more you talk to it, the smarter it becomes. It gets to know you better with every conversation that you have with it. 
  • You can have video calls with Replika everytime you want to see a familiar face or want to talk to someone who remembers every small detail about you.
Replika- One of the top AI apps for iOS and Android
Chat, build a bond, and explore your relationship with your Replika AI companion all through your phone. [Source – App Store]


Pricing of Replika

  • Free Tier – Free forever
  • Pro Plan – USD 19.99/month
  • Lifetime Plan – USD 299.99 (one time payment) 

Ratings of Replika

  • 4.3 out of 5 (4.83L reviews reviews) on Google Play Store
  • 4.6 out of 5 (3,000 reviews) on App Store​

Lensa 📷

Lensa - one of the top AI apps for avatar creation
Looking stunning with crazy AI editing features and avatars of Lensa, one of the best AI apps for editing and avatar creation. [Source – Lensa]

If you are looking to stun everyone on social media with your staggering pictures then Lensa is a must have and one of the best AI applications for your phone. From amazing filters for your selfies to options to edit your background, and other necessary features, Lensa has everything you need to crack the photo game. 

It has multiple camera effects and advanced editing options for you to get a fresh and a photo with a new look every week. 

Key features of Lensa 

  • It has AI magic avatar generation features. Give it your selfie or a regular photo and it will return you an artistic photo of you in various styles, themes, in our favorite artist’s creation style as well. 
  • It offers a suite of tools for retouching and editing your photos with features like adjusting color and contrast, enhancing or blurring background, and a huge range of filters. 
  • Along with photos, it also allows you to add filters to your videos and also you can add music to your edited videos. 
  • It has an option to get retouching through AI, just one tap and your picture would come out as if it had been edited by a professional.
Lensa - One of the many top AI apps for photo editing
Edit pictures with ease with one of the top AI editing apps, Lensa. [Source – Google Play]


Pricing of Lensa

  • Unlimited Access (1 Week) – USD 2.99
  • Membership – USD 29.99

Ratings of Lensa

  • 4.1 out of 5 (19,100,000 reviews) on Google Play 
  • 4.5 out of 5 (355 reviews) on App Store​

FaceApp 🤳🏻

FaceApp- One of the best AI applications to edit your face
Use one of the top AI applications, FaceApp, to spice up your selfies. [Source – FaceApp]

If you are just like me and struggle with PhotoShop and photo editing but still want to edit your pictures like a pro then FaceApp is one of the best AI apps that you can use. 

Loved by people at Forbes, Vogue, and BBC, FaceApp is different from other editing apps in the sense that this is one of the apps that heavily uses artificial intelligence to give you a quick makeover. It can make your casual selfies look attractive, tell you what you might look like when you age, give you a beard, or even remove your wrinkles and scars. 

All of it can be done in just one tap!

Key features of FaceApp

  • It has a filter of age progression and regression, it can make you look older as well as younger from your current state. 
  • The special smile filter can add a smile to any selfie or photo of yours even if you were not smiling even one bit. Sounds like magic no? But it’s just AI. 
  • You can edit your hair and beard, maybe color your hair red or give yourself a nice groomed beard or remove your existing beard to give a fresh look. 
  • It offers many more filters and overlays options along with the ability to blur, remove, or replace your background.
FaceApp- One of the best AI applications to edit a perfect face
Edit, tough, and enhance your best features with FaceApp, one of the top AI apps. [Source – Google Play]


Pricing of FaceApp

  • Free Tier – Free forever
  • Pro Plan – USD 3.99/month, USD 19.99/year

Ratings of FaceApp

  • 4.4 out of 5 (5.08M reviews) on Google Play Store
  • 4.6 out of 5 (19.1M reviews) on App Store​

Photoleap 👩🏻‍🎨

Photoleap - Best AI app for text to image creation
Photoleap is one of the top AI apps to generate images from text. [Source – Photoleap]

A graphic design and editor in one, that too in your phone that too with AI capabilities!? I don’t think I can ask for anything more. Thanks to one of the top AI apps, Photoleap, for existing. 

The vast functionalities, with real-time editing features, makes Photoleap my favorite apps out there. You can use it to edit your photo or generate a new photo all together through texts. 

They clearly justify their tagline – “​​You’ll never believe what you can create on your phone.” 

Key features of Photoleap 

  • Just like other AI art tools, you can give prompts to Photoleap as well and it will get you an image designed from texts. 
  • It also has the feature of sketch to image where you can draw whatever you can and then give prompts or ask AI to fill the gaps for you. 
  • It has advanced features like cutouts, background remover and a vast library of stickers, fonts, filters, and effects. These help you edit your photo to add a personalized touch to them. 
  • You can create GIFs and animations from any static photo using Phololeap. 
  • It has all the basic and advanced editing features that you need to elevate a photo along with one tap magic edit feature as well.
Photoleap- One of the top AI applications for AI art
Elevate your photos with AI features of one of the top AI apps, Photoleap. [Source – App Store]


Pricing of Photoleap

  • Free Tier – Free forever
  • Pro Plan – USD 5.99/month, billed annually 
  • One time payment – USD 279.99 

Ratings of Photoleap

  • 4.3 out of 5 (2.1L reviews) on Google Play Store
  • 4.6 out of 5 (8,800 reviews) on App Store​

FitnessAI 🏋🏻

FitnessAI - One of the top AI applications for fitness
Achieve your fitness goals and get your dream body with one of the top AI apps in the market, FitnessAI. [Source – FitnessAI]

As someone who workouts regularly I understand how frustrating it is to forget your progress updates, or at times even forget which workout set you are on. It happens to me very often because while working out, I forget everything in the world and just focus on myself. 

It is one of the most liberating feelings in the world but also very frustrating since I forget to track my progress or sometimes honestly I am just too lazy to write and note down my progress but FitnessAI have changed things for me. 

FitnessAI is one of the best AI apps for iPhone which will not only help you track your workout progress but will also push you to stay consistent with your workouts. 

Key features of FitnessAI

  • It is a smart app that understands your routine, the amount of time you have, and further analyses your goals and progress and gets you a highly customized program to follow. This program is designed by AI, keeping in mind your strengths, it gives you a challenging and progressive routine. 
  • Some say the size of your muscles is directly proportional to your confidence. But how do you get bigger muscles? Through progressive overload, which is one of the principles of FitnessAI. It automatically tweaks workouts to increase rep, weight, and sets to help you progress. 
  • The ease of use is what makes it one of the best workout apps because now all you have to do to log your workout is tap, and it will get recorded. Post logging your workouts the tool also tells you how long to rest for and when to go for the next set. 
  • It has a library of exercises you can choose from along with guides to show proper form and technique so you can include any exercise in your workout without getting injured. 
  • You get insights from your overall performance and can easily track when you hit plateaus or where you need to work harder.
Fitness-AI- One of the best AI apps for iPhone
Unlock your strength and become the stronger version of yourself with the best AI fitness app, FitnessAI. [Source – App Store]


Pricing of FitnessAI

  • Free Tier – Not available
  • Pro Plan – USD 89.99/year

Ratings of FitnessAI

  • 4.5 stars out of 5 (549 reviews) on App Store

Youper 🤝🏻

Youper - Best AI app for mental health
Improve your mental health and well being with my favorite app, Youper. [Source – Youper]

Till the time your mental health is too-notch, you’ll see yourself thriving but one down moment can affect both your personal and professional life. 

But it is also not easy to have consistency in terms of mental well-being. You are going to have bad days and down moments. I do and I am sure you do too. 

Keeping these scenarios in mind it has become staple to have regular support by your side that helps you keep going on bad days, or maybe even suggests you to take a break. 

Youper is one such support system. It is one of the best AI apps and a chatbot that focuses on providing you support. 

Endorsed by multiple users and clinically validated, Youper has brought together psychology and artificial intelligence for the ‘greater good’. 

Key features of Youper 

  • Youper’s chatbot acts as an AI companion as it can understand your state of emotions and help you deal with anxiety, stress, and mental distress by resonating with you. 
  • It has a mood tracking feature using which you can keep track of your everyday mood and keep your mental state in check. 
  • Youper follows the approach of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), which is a proven strategy to deal with mental health conditions. 
  • It gets you personalized plans specifically built for your needs. These plans can range from doing regular exercises to journaling your emotions.
Youper- one of the top AI apps for free
Talk about anything, vent out, and track your mood with one of the best AI apps Youper. [Source – App Store]


Pricing of Youper

  • Free Tier – Free forever
  • Premium Plan – USD 44.99/year

Ratings of Youper

  • 4.8 stars out of 5 (145 reviews) on App Store
  • 4 stars out of 5 (49.7K reviews) on Google Play


Perplexity- One of the best AI chatbot apps
Perplexity is one of the best AI apps for you to get answers to all your queries in the most contextual manner. [Source – Perplexity]

Gemini, ChatGPT might be everyone’s favorite, but they are old news. Now, we have a cult favorite, called Perplexity AI. 

Perplexed by perplexity? 

Well, that was the plan. Bringing you another brilliant tool that I have dug up for you to add one more to your list of best AI apps. 

Perplexity is a chatbot that uses NLP (natural language processing) and answers your query in a highly contextual manner. 

With its features, your research and learning is going to reach a whole new level. 

Key features of Perplexity

  • It holds conversations in a natural tone based on your tone. It goes above and beyond to understand the context of your prompt and give a response relevant to the situation. 
  • You can interact with it both through text as well as voice commands. 
  • The information you receive is always up-to-date, even if the information has been updated today itself, you’d get the response as per the update. 
  • It cites the sources for every price of information you receive so you can verify yourself as well.
Perplexity- one of the top AI applications for free
Search and get answers with the sources from Perplexity, one of the best AI apps. [Source – App Store]


Pricing of Perplexity

  • Free Tier – Free forever
  • Pro Plan – USD 20/month

Ratings of Perplexity

  • 4.6 stars out of 5 (6,700 reviews) on App Store
  • 4.1 stars out of 5 (143K reviews) on Google Play

Cleo 💸

Cleo- Top AI app for money management with fun
Make money management easy with one of the top free AI apps – Cleo. [Source – Cleo]

Forget everything that you have read about money management and not going broke and get yourself Cleo! 

Cleo is one of the best free AI apps that have the power to change your life for good. It has brought together artificial intelligence and finances and there is no way you won’t love it. 

From helping you build credit, to motivating you to spend or save, Cleo is going to stick with you through both rich and broke days. Actually, it’ll try its best to not let you go broke and that is exactly what all of us need. 

Stop spending unnecessarily, save big, build your credit, and thrive financially! 

Key features of Cleo 

  • It has a dedicated chatbot which is more like your finance therapist from whom you can ask for tips, budget management, or maybe just open your heart out about your spending spree. Just remember that this chatbot is funky and it is going to give you hard talk and lessons as well about your spending habits. 
  • It solves the biggest problem which is not knowing where your money went. Of course you spent it, but on what!? Cleo creates a budget and tracks where your money is being spent category wise so you know where you need to cut down. 
  • You can connect your bank account to Cleo and based on your income and spendings it will give you a realistic number to save that will not require any extra effort from you. 
  • Cleo has a ‘SpotMe’ feature, where it can give you advance cash ranging from USD 20 to USD 250 to cover any unexpected expenses, so it will lend you a helping hand as well. 
  • It issues you a credit builder card where you can spend money while also building credit. If you still haven’t got yourself Cleo, it is time you do now.
Cleo- One of the top AI applications for android and iPhone
Save money, build credit, and stay under budget with one of the best AI apps for money management, Cleo. [Source – Google play]


Note – You can download the application both on iOS and Android through the scanner provided on the web.

Pricing of Cleo

  • Free Tier – Free forever
  • Plus Plan – USD 5.99/month

Ratings of Cleo

  • 4.2 stars out of 5 (64.8K reviews) on Google Play

AI Writer Copilot ✍🏻

AI Writer Copilot is one of the best AI apps to write content
Content writing is now easier and faster with one of the best apps, AI Writer Copilor from Nexbot. [Source – AI Writer Copilot]

The market is saturated with AI content writers and all of them have unique features. But, wiring content is not the only requirement. 

Writing engaging, SEO friendly content, or result oriented content is what we need, that too, at scale and at speed. What would make this entire citation even better is being able to do so from your phone itself. 

Well, it’s time you thank me because I have got another one of top AI apps for you to solve all your problems. AI Writer Copilot – NexBot Chat is the app you need. It not only writes content better but also 10X faster. 

The tool caters to your specific content needs and can customize the output by adding desired keywords to your content, thus making it SEO and engagement oriented as well. 

Key features of ​​AI Writer Copilot

  • To get your content generated, all you have to do is give a topic, an outline, or simply a prompt which will act as the action point for it. It can then help you generate, refine, or give suggestions to improve the content. 
  • It has a huge template library to simplify your tasks with templates for emails as well as website content. 
  • It can read and write 180+ languages and so you can create content for a wider audience. 
  • It not just helps you create good content but also ensures proper management of it along with a streamlined workflow. You can create customized templates and commands and also create workflows that cater to specifically your content needs.
AI Writer Copilot- One of the top AI apps for everything content
Writer faster and better content with Nexbot’s AI Writer Copilot, one of the best AI apps to try in the market. [Source – Google Play]


Pricing of AI Writer Copilot

  • Free Tier – Free forever
  • Weekly – USD 7
  • Yearly – USD 99

Ratings of AI Writer Copilot

  • 4.2 stars out of 5 (2,190 reviews) on Google Play

Taskade 🚀

Taskade - One of the best AI apps for productivity and project management
Manage your productivity and increase your efficiency while also managing your projects with Taskade. [Source -Taskade]

This is no better AI project management tool out there than Taskade. I can vouch for it because it has not only improved my workflow but has also fostered collaboration with my team while also providing each other enough flexibility. 

Taskade is the ultimate tool for your workflow management since it is available as one of the best AI applications as well- which means you can use the tool on the go and checkout work progress anywhere and anytime. 

It has combined five different tools within one platform. These tools not only help you in project management but also assist you in project completion. 

Key features of Taskade

  • It supports real-time collaboration and you can work with your team on multiple projects while also watching and assisting in making the edits and upgrades right then and there. 
  • You don’t have to switch apps anymore to connect with your team members as Taskade has built in video call and chat options for you to collaborate. 
  • It makes task completion easier and more achievable as the apps can break a huge task into multiple sub-tasks and set timelines for each based on the amount of time they will need to complete. This improves accountability and reduces errors based on assumptions. 
  • You name the project and Taskade has a template for it! Be it marketing, sales, support, or even for personal use Taskade has templates for every project you can possibly think of. 
  • You could be on top of a mountain with no internet and still be able to track your process project as Taskade allows you to keep a check in offline mode as well through your Mobile.
Taskade- Top AI app for enhancing productivity
Streamline your workflow and get assistance to complete your project wth one of the top AI apps Taskade. [Source – App Store]


Pricing of Taskade

  • Free Tier – Free forever
  • Taskade Pro – USD 8/month/user 
  • Taskade for Teams – USD 16/user 

Ratings of Taskade

  • 4.7 stars out of 5 (718 reviews) on App Store
  • 4.6 stars out of 5 (8,270 reviews) on Google Play

MyMind 🤯

mymind- Best AI app to jot down your thoughts
Manage your thoughts without actually organizing them with one of the best AI apps, MyMind. [Source – MyMind]

Ever thought that there would be a place where you would be able to manage and store all your thoughts? 

Me neither! But I’ve found one. 

Add another one of the best AI apps to your list that is more like a replica of your brain in application form – MyMind.

MyMind is an app that helps you ‘remember everything’ by ‘organizing nothing.’ It helps you capture your thoughts and ideas on the go and you do not have to worry about making a mess as it can organize these for you. 

Just get your keypad ready and start jotting down everything in MyMind from ‘your mind.’

Key features of MyMind

  • Texts, links, images, articles – you can add anything and everything in this app freely as it does not follow the system of organizing content into folders and files. 
  • It acts as a search engine that helps you search through all the things you have written. Just give a keyword, a date, a color or even any visual contents within an image, it can search through anything and refine the results for you.
  • It has a focus mode within which you get a clean and clear space to pen down your ideas without any distractions from ads popping up or any menus in the side.
  • Your brain works both in online and offline mode and so does MyMind. You don’t have to wait for internet connection to put down your thoughts, you can do anything and anywhere.
mymind- top AI apps to manage your thoughts and notes
Your mind won’t be cluttered anymore as it now has an AI companion where it can note any thought down. [Source – App Store]


Pricing of MyMind

  • Free Tier – Not available
  • Student of life – USD 6.99/month
  • Mastermind – USD 12.99/month
  • Newton – USD 299/year

Ratings of MyMind

  • 3.8 stars out of 5 (22 reviews) on App Store
  • 3.6 stars out of 5 (284 reviews) on Google Play

Microsoft Copilot 💼

Microsoft Copilot- Best AI app for working professionals
Microsoft Copilot is one of the best AI apps that provides assistance in using Microsoft Suite. [Source – Microsoft copilot]

How can we talk about technological advancements and not have a contribution from Microsoft? 

Well, just like other giants, Microsoft is also in the race of best AI applications with its Microsoft Copilot. You can use Microsoft on your browser or even as an application. 

It is not just another tool in Microsoft 365 suite, it is better! 

It is your AI companion that you can carry around and use for both personal and professional tasks.

Key features of Microsoft Copilot

  • It provides you AI assistance across all the Microsoft apps and can give you context based functionalities suggestions for the respective app that you are using.
  • Tired of writing lengthy emails and still stuck in that one email? It’s time you make Microsoft Copilot do the work for you. Instruct it to craft your email content or give it prompts to convert your intent into a presentation. You would be surprised with how fast it can do it all for you. 
  • It makes attending meetings easier as you can immerse yourself completely into the meeting and it will transcribe it for you, answer meeting related questions, and even get action items ready. 
  • You can sit and brainstorm with it to find unique ideas or get inspiration for solving a problem. 
  • It can also generate images from texts just like any other AI image generator and it also supports multiple plugins to enhance its functionalities.
Microsoft Copilot- one of the top AI apps to get anything done at workplace
Resolve all your queries in no time with Microsoft Copilot. [Source – App Store]


Pricing of Microsoft Copilot

  • Free Tier 
  • Microsoft Copilot Pro – USD 23.95/month

Ratings of Microsoft Copilot

  • 4.7 stars out of 5 (3,000 reviews) on App Store
  • 4.6 stars out of 5 (222K reviews) on Google Play

Luma AI 📦

Luma-AI - One of the best AI applications to get 3D images
Luma-AI  is one of the best AI applications to get 3D images through a phone. [Source – Luma AI]

If there was an AI app for bringing human imagination to life then it would be called Luma AI. Luma AI is one of the top AI applications and it has secured its position in this list because of the distinctive AI capabilities it offers. 

With Luma AI you can capture images and videos with your phone camera and then with its AI capabilities you can generate a realistic 3D representation of it.

Sounds unbelievable right? Wait for it because its features are even better!

Key features of Luma AI

  • You do not need any fancy cameras or pocket burning softwares for it. All you need is a smartphone with a camera and then you can capture any photo or video and get a 3D model of it.
  • It captures details as small as lightning and reflecting and produces high quality 3D models. 
  • It offers multiple export options as it is compatible with multiple 3D tools like Blender, Unreal Engine, and Unity.
Luma-AI - Top AI app for 3D image generation
Have a look at this amazing shot with one of the best AI apps, Luma AI. [Source – Luma AI]
Luma-AI- One of the top AI apps to generate 3D images with phone
Give a try to Luma AI and watch magic happen to your pictures! [Source – App Store]


Pricing of Luma AI

  • Free Tier, rest of the pricing modules are not available to the public as of now. 

Ratings of Luma AI

  • 4.3 stars out of 5 (1,400 reviews) on App Store

Poe by Quora 🤖

Poe - one of the top AI apps for free
Try multiple different chatbots within one of the best AI apps, Poe. [Source – Poe]

As if people with multiple personalities were not enough that now we have chatbots with multiple personalities too. 🤣 

Thanks to Quora, Poe is one of those chatbots. Through its interface you can interact with multiple models of various AI and it feels nothing less than interacting with different personalities. 

Each of these chatbots have their own strengths and thus you can use and switch them as per your needs. 

Key features of Poe by Quora

  • It offers multiple chatbots and AI variants to choose from including ChatGPT, Claude, DALL-E, and multiple others.
  • Since it offers multiple chatbots, Poe can be used for various tasks based on the AI model and your needs. From general question answer session to content creation and problem solving, you can use Poe for everything. 
  • Poe is a dynamic and evolving platform, this acts as both its strengths and weekends. It has a lot that is yet to be explored and it is constantly adapting to updated tech, but the answers you get from Poe are not always perfect either. 

Either way, Poe is worth trying!

Poe- One of the best AI apps to chat with
Have multiple chatbots with different personalities at your fingertips with Poe. [Source – App Store]


Pricing of Poe by Quora

  • Free Tier – Free forever
  • Clude’s Pro Mode – USD 19.99/month

Ratings of Poe by Quora

  • 4.8 stars out of 5 (1,800 reviews) on App Store
  • 4.6 stars out of 5 (174K reviews) on Google Play

Videoleap 📹

Videoleap - one of the top AI apps for free for video editing
Edit and make any video like a professional in no time with the AI capabilities of Videoleap. [Source – Videoleap]

Content is ruling today, especially video content. The visuals are taking over marketing, sales, and every single industry you can imagine. 

However, not everyone has dollars to spend on getting professional video content but I’ve got a cheaper and easier solution for you. 

Try Videoleap! It is one of the top AI apps in the market when it comes to video editing. If you are a pro then good and even if you are not then as well Videoleap is perfect for you to create polished videos. 

Along with regular video editing features it has several AI features as well. They make your video editing process faster and also make your videos look like they have been edited by someone with experience. 

Little do they know that you and I just took a ‘leap’ of faith and used Video leap! 

Key features of Videoleap 

  • If your videos are looking bland and dated then they probably need Videoleap’s AI video effects. Just a tap and you will have a futuristic and artistic video playing. 
  • Removing backgrounds is already a hassle in static images, imagine doing that in videos. Well, I don’t want to imagine because I am sorted with Videoleap’s AI background removal feature. 
  • It also has AI video templates where you can select the clips and they would fit the templates accordingly, giving you a headstart in editing. 
  • It offers text to video generation as well. Just elaborate your requirements and concept to get a majestic video with relevant music,transitions, and visuals.
  • Another feature that I love in Videoleap is its AI image extender using which I can readjust and extend the frames of my videos as per where I want to publish them.
Videoleap- One of the top AI apps for video generation
Edit and generate stunning videos with one of the top free AI apps for video creation, Videoleap. [Source – App Store]


Pricing of Videoleap

  • Free Tier – Free forever
  • Pro Plan – USD 7.99/month
  • Pro Plan – USD 35.99/year

Ratings of Videoleap

  • 4.6 stars out of 5 (10,000 reviews) on App Store
  • 3.6 stars out of 5 (182K reviews) on Google Play

Kickresume 👨‍💻

Kickresume - Best AI resume generator app
Kick resume is an underrated yet one of the top AI apps to generate your resume. [Source – Kickresume]

It took a very solid resume to land my current job and to build a solid resume it also took solid research! But you do not have to do that and go through the gruesome process as I have found you and AI resume builder – Kickresume. 

If you want to write your resume on your own then for that also it provides you with top-notch resume templates and cover letter builders and if not then it has AI resume builder as well to simplify it for you. 

Key features of Kickresume 

  • It has 40+ resume templates available which are also customisable as per your requirements. Just add crucial information about you and TADA, your resume is ready. 
  • If you are feeling lazy and do not know the right words to write in your resume then leave it to its AI. Just provide your basic information and it will get you a resume crafted as per your job profile. 
  • If you want your resume to stand out, you are going to need a cover letter for it and Kickresume provides you with that too. It has multiple templates for cover letters as well which can match or compliment your resume. 
  • If you are serious about lending a job and want an error free resume, then Kickresume is the right place for you to be as it also offers proofreading services to make your resume undeniable.
Use one of the top free AI apps for resume generation- Kickresume-
Generate resumes within seconds from your phone with Kick resume, one of the best AI apps for resume generation. [Source – App Store]


Pricing of Kickresume

  • Free Tier – Free forever
  • One Month – USD 9.83/month
  • Three Months – USD 6.95/month
  • One Year – USD 3.95/month

Ratings of Kickresume

  • 4.4 stars out of 5 (123 reviews) on App Store
  • 3.8 stars out of 5 (897 reviews) on Google Play

Mio 💬

Mio- Top AI free app to create interactive stories
Get creative and create interactive stories with the top AI app for story creation, Mio. [Source – App Store]

We all loved reading and creating stories as kids. That memory of sleeping without worries while our grandparents narrate a beautiful story to us until we fall asleep is what I would cherish forever. I would give anything away to feel that peace and get entertained side-by-side at my bed time. 

And who wouldn’t? I am sure you have such memories related to storytelling as well and now is the time to refresh them with Mio. 

Mio is an interactive AI stories app that gives you an immersive experience with its stories and storytelling process that refreshes all your memories and takes the entertainment on another level.

Key features of Milo 

  • Mio’s stories are not just texts. They have visuals, audio narration, and there is soundscape as well to build the atmosphere where the story feels like it is happening in real life. 
  • It is one of the best AI apps for iPhone as it also gives you the opportunity to choose the path for your story and take directions that impacts the plot of the story and build a character’s journey. 
  • There is a huge community where you can publish your stories and read stories created by others as well. 


Pricing of Mio

The app has some in-app purchases that are based on the functionalities that you want for yourself. 

Ratings of Mio

  • 4.6 stars out of 5 (503 reviews) on App Store


FYI- one of the best AI apps for productivity along with creativity
FYI.AI is one of the best AI apps to increase your productivity while also being creative. [Source – FYI.AI]

You must have seen plenty of AI copilots but I assure you none is like FYI.AI! It is the ultimate productivity tool for everything ‘creative.’ 

It is not easy to come up with new creative ideas everyday but FYI has simplified it for you. From graphics to song lyrics to marketing copies, you can get Ideate and create it all with FYI. 

Key features of FYI.AI

  • With its AI powered brainstorming feature you can get as creative as you want and get your projects rolling. 
  • It is a holistic tool that not only helps you Ideate but also helps in project management by organizing all your data in one place and filling the gaps in your project management loop. 
  • You can add it to your group chats and it can save you time by summarizing the entire conversation if you have missed any. Trust me you will never lose track of anything important ever again. 
  • You can build collaborative workspaces where you can organize your projects and project assets and also present your entire work in a creative format. 
  • It gives you the opportunity for real-time collaboration through its “Content Calls” feature through which you can voice or video call with up to 8 members and clear your doubts right away. 
  • You can collaborate with your team through chat as well with no limit on media size- and there too you can organize your conversations based on contacts and projects. 
  • Through the FYI calendar you can create events for 1:1 chats and also set reminders. This makes sure that your project deadlines are never missed even by error.
FYI- one of the top AI apps available for free
FYI.AI is one of the free AI apps that help you stay productive as well as creative with your work. [Source – App Store]


Pricing of FYI.AI

  • As of now it is available as a free version! 

Ratings of FYI.AI

  • 5 stars out of 5 (2 reviews) on App Store

Pi 📈

Pi- One of the best personal assiatnt AI apps
Pi is one of the best personal assistant AI apps that you must try right away! [Source – Pi]

Mathematics used to be my least favorite subject and yet Pi is my favorite. The irony! 

Pi is an AI personal assistant for you which is not just smart but also emotionally intelligent. It can hold conversations like a human with you by adapting to your preferences and personalizing the conversations. 

It goes behind pre-programmed replies which helps you in having dynamic conversations with coherent and contextual responses from Pi. 

Key features of Pi

  • Pi is one of the top AI apps out there in the personal assistant category as it has the ability to personalize its responses based on your tone, communication style, interests, and previous conversations that you had with it.
  • It is not just another information giving AI, it is an emotionally intelligent AI that understands and responds to your emotions. It uses emoticons to hold conversations in an empathetic tone. 
  • Like all other chatbots it can also help you in answering your queries, learning, fact check, and content generation. 
  • It can talk and understand multiple languages and thus can act as a translation tool as well for you. 

If you are bored of using the other very famous chatbots then maybe try AI to switch things up not just for interface but overall experience and also to get your emotions understood.

Pi- Top free personal assistant AI app
Pi – An AI assistant app that is accessible to you on the go through your phone. [Source – App Store]


Pricing of Pi

  • Free Tier – Free forever

Ratings of Pi

  • 4.6 stars out of 5 (85 reviews) on App Store

Dopple 🎞️

Dopple-ai - One of the best AI apps for entertainment
Get entertained like never before with Dopple AI’s multi-use app. [Source – Dopple]

Are you bored? Nothing seems fun around you? Nothing is fascinating to you? 

Then maybe Dopple will. 

Dopple is an entertainment platform powered by AI, where you can interact with multiple chatbots all with different personalities, and talk to them telling how you are feeling and have interesting conversations. 

Chatbots on Dopple are not like another bland chatbot, instead, they are all characters with dedicated names and personalities. Go ahead and explore the world with these fictional characters. 

Key features of Dopple 

  • Along with various character based chatbots it has several comics, books, kids shows, and AI games as well. You won’t be bored even for a second with Dopple by your side. 
  • All the chatbots are always in their character and they talk to you in an immersive manner which is also aligned with their personality. Thus, keeping you engaged at all times. 
  • These Dopple chatbots can talk to you in your native language as well making conversations deeper and more engaging. 
  • If you are not satisfied with the already existing character then you can tweak its appearance here and there and adjust the chat settings as well to give you a more personalized experience.
Dopple-AI - Top AI entertainment application for free
From multiple AI chatbots to comic books to shows, you have access to everything for free through one of the best AI apps for entertainment, Dopple. [Source – Google Play]


Pricing of Dopple

  • Free Tier as it is currently available in BETA version

Ratings of Dopple

  • 4.8 stars out of 5 (4,2600 reviews) on Google Play

Gemini 💎

Gemini - One of the top AI chatbot apps for free
Gemini is one of the most renowned and one among the best AI apps to get answer to your queries diligently. [Source – Gemini]

How can we talk about the best AI apps without including Gem-In-AI or as we say Gemini. 

Apparently Google was working on its AI for a long time but as soon as ChatGPT was released they realized they had been outrun and that’s when Gemini came.

It started from being called as Bard and finally now we have the most updated version called Gemini. 

Personally Gemini is my favorite tool for all the things it can do. I prefer it over other tools because of the ease of usability it offers and how versatile it is. 

Also, since it’s a Google product, it is a top-notch AI and gives results close to perfection. 

I love Gemini and this has to be in my list, also I am trying to flatter Google with my love for it so that my blog ranks on top. Well you gotta do what you gotta do. 🤓

Either way, Gemini is a must have application in your phone! 

Key features of Gemini 

  • You can interact with Gemini in multiple ways. You can give it a text prompt, a voice command, or even share an image for reference to initiate and carry the conversation. 
  • It is curated to understand human needs and thus it can communicate back and forth and also keep the context of your previous texts in mind. 
  • It is one of the best AI apps to Android as it can give you basic assistance as well like setting timers for you.

Conversing with Gemini feels like you are connecting with an informative person. The only difference here is that you can even order it and it won’t take any offense.

Everyone's favorite AI app Gemini can answer all your queries
Everyone’s favorite AI app Gemini can answer all your queries and that too for free!! [Source – Google Play]


Pricing of Gemini

  • Free Tier – Free forever
  • Gemini Advanced – USD 20 

Ratings of Gemini

  • 4.3 stars out of 5 (69,000 reviews) on Google Play

Moises 🎻

Moises- Top AI app for music creation
Moises is one of the many top AI apps for music creation that helps you create custom tracks by separating different parts of one track. [Source – Moises]

Who would have thought that you would be able to create, edit , and remix music through your phone. Well, AI has made everything possible. 

Another unique addition to our list of best AI apps is Mouses. It is a tool for all the music fanatics as it allows you to generate and edit music with ease with unique features like sound separation. 

That’s not it, there are many other features that will blow your mind so brace yourself for what is coming! 

Key features of Moises 

  • It allows you to separate vocals, drums, and other instruments from a track and further lets you create custom mixes with these isolated sounds.
  • It provides a suite of tools that can be game changing for your tracks. With the smart metronome it can automatically adjust the tempo based on the rhythm and your song’s timing. You can also change the speed of your song along with the pitch to suit your vocals and their range. 
  • It also has the feature of music analysis and with AI key detection you can figure out the signature key of the song and with chord detection it can detect the chord throughout the song. This helps you both in music creation and learning.
Create music with one of the best AI apps - Moises
Create music through your phone with one of the best AI apps – Moises. [Source – App Store]


Pricing of Moises

  • Free Tier – Free forever
  • Premium – USD 3.99/month
  • Pro Plan – USD 29.99/year

Ratings of Moises

  • 4.8 stars out of 5 (637 reviews) on App Store
  • 4.6 stars out of 5 (286K reviews) on Google Play

Rewind AI ⏪

Rewind - One of the best AI apps to track work and activity
Get the glimpse of your entire day in the form of transcriptions, screens recordings, and summaries with Rewind AI. [Source – Rewind AI]

If you are constantly attending meetings and forgetting what all was discussed within the meet then Rewind AI is the app for you. 

As its name suggests it rewinds everything and takes you back in time to remember what all went down in the meeting. Now it does not do that literally but by capturing and organizing everything you see, hear, and say. 

It is a digital memory assistant that saves everything for you to revisit later and get a refresher about it. 

Key features of Rewind AI 

  • Rewind is continuously recording in the background without disturbing you. It records your screen and audio through the microphone. However, be assured that it is privacy focused and none of your private browsing activities will be captured. 
  • All your recordings and activity data is stored locally and not on any cloud so no one can access them except you, not even Rewind itself. 
  • Searching within your captured data is easy as well, just search through keywords that were displayed on your screen or were spoken during the meetings. 
  • To give you a quick overview of the meetings you attended, it can give you meeting summaries as well to save you time and effort of having to listen to everything again. Not just that, it can transcribe meetings, draft emails, and even generate highlights from your presentation within the captured data. 


Note- It is not yet available as a store app, but their web app works on your phone as well. 

Pricing of Rewind AI

  • Free Tier – Not available
  • Pro Plan – USD 19/month/user

Ratings of Rewind AI

No standard ratings as of now, but the app is a must try to make your life a lot less stressful. 

Mem 📝

Mem- One of the top AI note taking apps
Never organize a note again because one of the best AI apps for note taking, Mem, will do it with its AI functionalities. [Source – Mem]

I hate every time I have to surf through my notes to find that one note in the time of need. With my dedication to resolve this issue, I have finally found an AI tool that has taken care of this for me. 

Thanks to Mem for making note taking and finding easier than ever! 

You never have to organize another note again because Mem’s AI capabilities can do the same for you. Just start penning down the thoughts as they flow. 

Key features of Mem

  • It does not have the traditional system of having dedicated folders for any note or categories of notes. You can write your note and it will intelligently be able to relate it to an existing note or give it a new space and organize the notes well for you. 
  • You never have to find another note again. Instead, you can simply search for it with its smart search feature using the concepts, keywords and references to your note. 
  • Your notes can be anything, a text, link or even an image and it would keep them organized based on their relatability to each other. 
  • It syncs your notes in real-time even in offline mode so your thoughts do not have to wait for the internet access.
Note your thoughts on the go with one of the best AI apps - Mem
Note your thoughts on the go without the pressure of having to organize them with one of the best AI note taking apps – Mem


Pricing of Mem

  • Mem – USD 8.33/month 

Ratings of Mem

  • 4 stars out of 5 (14 reviews) on App Store

Zoomerang 📀

Zoomerang- One of the best AI apps for video editing and video making
Create videos with an impact and special AI effects with AI video editing app, Zoomerang. [Source – Zoomerang]

I keep coming back to video generation and editing because that is where my weakness lies but that is also what engages my audience the most. 

Zoomerang is another video editing and generation tool which leverages AI to make ‘everything videos’ easier for people like you and me who are novices in the industry. 

It has a huge library of pre designed templates that gives us a headstart in terms of video editing along with the AI features that further ease the process for you.

Key features of Zoomerang

  • You can easily remove, replace, and add overlays in the background nearly with perfection with Zoomerang’s AI capabilities. 
  • To rejuvenate your bland videos, it has AI powered filters and effects that give your videos a more polished and professional look. 
  • You can trim, add transitions, add royalty free music, and edit audios in the background with ease to make your videos more refined. 

With Zoomerang you can easily capture and build an audience in any platform like Tik Tok and Instagram which thrives on video content.

Zoomerang is among the top AI applications for video making and editing
Use one of the top AI apps for video editing, Zoomerang, to create professional videos. [Source – App Store]


Pricing of Zoomerang

  • Free Tier – Free forever
  • Prime – USD 12.99/month

Ratings of Zoomerang

  • 4.6 stars out of 5 (157.5K reviews) on App Store
  • 3.6 stars out of 5 (201K reviews) on Google Play

Character.AI 🤹

Character AI is among the best AI apps for providing personal chatbot
Character AI is one of the best AI apps for chatting with personalized chatbots. [Source – Character AI]

The name of the app is enough to give you an idea of what the app is about. Well, evidently it is about Characters as AI. The purpose of Character.AI is to keep you entertained with the chatbots that have different personalities.

From Elon Musk to Jess Bezos, you can connect and ask answers from anyone, and Character.AI will respond to you with their persona. 

Key features of Character.AI 

  • There is a character and a chatbot for everything, from learning to self-help, you have a character for all. If you want to chat with a famous mummy from the 15th century then you can do that with Character.AI. Sounds bizarre but that’s where the fun lies! 
  • Want to interact with a new character built specifically for you? Then design one for yourself! You can have custom characters with diverse personas. You can give them a unique name, an avatar, and a personality as you please. 
  • These characters go beyond just creating content and holding a conversation with you. They can also generate poems, verses, codes, crips, and even musicals. Name a use case and these characters will do it for you. 

Have fun with these imaginative characters!

There is a character for everyone in one of the best AI apps - Character AI
Chat with multiple characters with different personalities with Character AI. [Source – App Store]


Pricing of Character.AI

  • Free Tier – Free forever
  • Premium Plan – USD 9.99/month

Ratings of Character.AI

  • 4.8 stars out of 5 (214.6K reviews) on App Store
  • 4 stars out of 5 (684K  reviews) on Google Play

Reflectr ​​📚

One of the top AI apps Reflectr is your AI journal
Journal your day with AI now with Reflectr, an AI journal. [Source – App Store]

It is never too late to start an introspection journey, or start the journey of self-love. Journaling is usually the point where you strat for both of these things. 

Be it looking into your day and getting insights, or an effort to try to love yourself, to vent out, or to learn more about yourself- journaling is usually the first step and Reflectr helps you with that. 

It is one of the best AI apps as rated by its users on Google Play, which combines traditional journaling practices with artificial intelligence. This gives you a headstart in your journaling journey as its features give you new ways of journaling. 

Key features of Reflectr

  • It has a private social media feed-like interface where you can write anything that comes to your mind without the fear of getting judged or intimidated. 
  • You can capture your thoughts in various ways and it does not have to be necessarily the traditional way of writing. You can record voice notes, add photos, or videos of expressing your thoughts. 
  • You can also talk to your journal, and ask it to give you insights from your journal feed. 
  • It autogenerated your mood tracker as well based on your daily posts helping you analyze how you are feeling today. 
  • It shares daily affirmations and observations based on your posts. These affirmations, keeps you motivated and pushes you to keep going and doing your best. 
  • There are AI personalities that can make comments on your posts and provide unique perspectives, making you feel validated and understood. 


Pricing of Reflectr

  • Free Tier – Free forever
  • Premium Plan – USD 9.99/month
  • Premium Plus Plan – USD 29.99/month

Ratings of Reflectr

  • 5 stars out of 5 (2 reviews) on App Store
  • 4.5 stars out of 5 (575 reviews) on Google Play

Rocky AI 💪🏻

Rocky AI - one of the best AI apps to build growth mindset
Rocky AI is one of the best AI apps that helps you build a growth mindset by building positive habits. [Source -Rocky AI]

I live by the quote – “Growth mindset cannot be bought, it can only be built.” 

This is what has helped me level up boh in personal and professional life. However, growing is not easy, it is an extremely uncomfortable and gruesome process and having a coach in this process would make it 10X easier. 

I did not feel that anyone could help me grow or understand my drive and my goals but Rocky AI has changed my views. It is an AI app or shall I say an AI coach that helps you in growing constantly by understanding your goals and reinforcing you to achieve them by building healthy habits. 

It not only helps you in achieving targets but also helps you in becoming mentally strong and strives to build a mindset for growth. 

Key features of Rocky AI

  • Motivation doesn’t last forever and for growth it takes discipline more than motivation. Rocky AI helps you in becoming disciplined with its personal development plans which you can build as per what you want to achieve and it highlights the gap in the process that will take you there. 
  • Along with discipline, habits are what will keep you consistent and take you where you want to be. By tracking your goals consistently, Rocky AI helps you build fruitful habits that will result in your goal completion. 
  • At the end of every session that you perform to achieve your goal, it shares a bite sized success tip with you, which is tailored specifically to your needs and helps you go one step further towards your target.
  • It has a conversational AI interface, thus, it feels like you are talking to your coach only and not an AI. You can ask questions, get tips, and collect feedback regarding your performance to do better.
Rocky AI  is among the top AI coaching apps
Get coached to become rock hard and achieve your goals with Rocky AI. [Source – App Store]


Pricing of Rocky AI

  • Free Tier – Free forever
  • For individuals – USD 9.99/month
  • For teams and coaches – USD 19.90/month/per seat 

Ratings of

  • 4.2 stars out of 5 (16 reviews) on App Store
  • 4.3 stars out of 5 (305 reviews) on Google Play

AI Dungeon 🚵

AI-Dungeon - One of the best AI apps for gaming lovers
AI-Dungeon, an AI game with no rules and just adventure. [Source – AI Dungeon]

Among all these AI tools for work,  productivity, learning, and personal growth, AI Dungeon is the breath of fresh air.  


Because firstly it is a game. Secondly, this game has no rules and no objective. And Finally, it is an adventure game where you can control the narrative and play as per your mood. 

Unlike other games, in AI Dungeon you make your own play space, set the mood, and also the story. 

Key features of AI dungeon 

  • The game is dynamic and you get to shape the story. You define your world and your characters and pick a story from those already made by the community or a new one on your own. With every story and response you give, you will have an adventure waiting for you on the other end. 
  • You decide what your character will do or what it will say and based on that the app will determine what other characters will say or do thus making every adventure unexpected. 
  • You can customize your adventure with various themes and their combinations and make other AI tweaks as well for personalized experience.
AI Dungeon - One of the top AI applications for games without rules
AI Dungeon is one of the best AI apps for you if you are looking to have some fun and adventure with no rules. [Source – App Store]


Pricing of AI Dungeon

  • Free Tier – Free forever
  • Adventure – USD 9.99/month
  • Champion – USD 14.99/month
  • Legend – USD 29.99/month
  • Mythic – USD 49.99/month

Ratings of AI Dungeon

  • 4.4 stars out of 5 (24,000 reviews) on App Store
  • 3.8 stars out of 5 (99.5K reviews) on Google Play

ChatGPT – Everyone’s favorite 🍨

ChatGPT - The AI revolutionary app
Everyone’s favorite and one of the first top AI apps ChatGPT can get you answers to all questions. [Source – ChatGPT]

It would be a shame if I did not include ChatGPT in this list. It is the app that began the AI revolution. Who would have thought of having an assistant right in your pocket to answer all your queries no matter what kind. From students to working professionals to even our parents, ChatGPT is everyone’s favorite application. 

Its usability and accessibility is exactly what makes it one of the best AI apps and thus, our list is ending with everyone’s favorite. 

Key features of ChatGPT 

  • You can get instant answers to all your questions on the go with this application. Give a detailed and to the point prompt and get the right answers for yourself. 
  • It offers the option to chat with voice as well, record and hit send and ChatGPT will be happy to respond to your queries. 
  • When it comes to ChatGPT, there are no limits to asking questions. You could ask a complex arithmetic question, or maybe a few creative topics for your blog, you will get an answer to everything.
ChatGPT- one of the best AI apps
Ask, chat, learn, and grow with the revolutionary AI app ChatGPT.


Pricing of ChatGPT

  • Free Tier – Free forever
  • Plus – USD 20/month
  • Team – USD 25/month/user 

Ratings of ChatGPT

  • 4.8 out of 5 (1,480,000 reviews) on Google Play 
  • 4.9 out of 5 (84,740,000 reviews) on App Store​

Top AI apps to work smarter! 

You have found an AI app for everything you can possibly think of. So, now stop doing the work yourself instead make AI work for you. 

Take the smart way not the hard way and let these AI apps handle the tasks. These are awesome and I can bet that most of them will stun you with their capabilities. 

Go head, try them out, and let them surprise you! 

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I am a Founding Member and Head of Content at Unrola. I am a writer during the day and a reader at night, and if I am not doing either then you can find me working out.