Quickly Edit Your Photos with the Best AI Photo Editor Tools in 2024

Srishti Panwar
best ai photo editor

“I like my pictures grainy, poor quality, and blurry.” – Said no one ever! 

Everyone likes having perfect pictures with those wide creaseless smiles and bright shining eyes. However, not everyone can have them, there are bad days when the photos just do not turn out to be good, or maybe they are just not as per your expectations. 

That’s exactly when you need AI tools for photo editing which can elevate your photo with just one tap. But, how do you find an ideal AI photo editing software in this very saturated market? It is easier to find a needle in a haystack than finding an AI photo editing app. 

Well, please start sending me thank you notes because I have done the unthinkable and have found the best AI photo editor tools. 

Here comes the list of best rated and most efficient AI photo editors along with all the reasons why they made it to my list out of the thousand available tools in the market. 

13 Best AI photo editor tools, apps, and websites 

If you want a perfect social media feed that catches the attention of your audience and makes them go ‘WOW’, then here are the AI tools for photo editing that will help you in achieving that. 

AI tools for photo editingAvailable on Web Available on App Store Available on Google Play Free Version Available 
Canva 👍🏻
Pixlr 👍🏻
Lensa 👍🏻
BeFunky 👍🏻
Skylum Luminar AI 👎🏻
Topaz Labs 👎🏻
Windy 👍🏻
PhotoFairy 👍🏻
Evoto 👎🏻
Phot.AI 👍🏻
Vance AI 👍🏻

Now that we have a crux of these AI photo editing tools and their availability it is time we get into the deets! 


Remove background in Canva using AI magic within seconds.
I removed the background of the image in one tap using Canva magic edit AI photo editing tool. [Source – Canva]

Canva does not need any introduction, afterall, who does not know about it! It is one of the best and one of the most affordable AI photo editor tools in the market. 

It was already a market leader but now with AI combined Canva is unstoppable. It is easy to use and yet gives you the same edits as any other AI photo editing tool with a complex interface would do. 

So, without wasting much time in introducing Canva, let’s get into its AI features which are making things simpler for photo editing. 

Why you should try Canva 

  • With its magic edit feature which is powered by Stable Diffusion, you can add your space elements in your photo with ease just by brushing over them. 
  • If you want to make your photo more minimalist removing the clutter from it, then give a try to its Magic Eraser that helps you bring your focus to the right element in the photo by erasing the clutter and distractions and seamlessly merging them in the background. 
  • Well, if even the magic eraser is’t enough then you can simply remove the background altogether with a transparent image background tool. 
  • When you upload your photo to Canva, its AI can automatically detect the background and the foreground for you and make the necessary adjustments to enhance your photo so you do not have to do it manually. 

Editing has never been as easy as it is now with Canva, all you have to do is just know how to use use the brush and you are good to go! 

Where can you find Canva 

Pricing of Canva

  • Free Plan – USD 0
  • Pro Plan – USD 48.16 charged annually
  • Teams Plan – 3 members, USD 137.25 charged annually
  • Enterprise Plan – Please connect with their team to discuss further 

Rating of Canva

  • 4.7 out of 5 stars on G2
  • 4.7 out of 5 stars on Capterra


Changed the backdrop of an image with Pixlr AI photo editing tool.
With Pixlr AI photo editor you can change the backdrop of your images to enhance your image and make it look better. [Source – Pixlr]

Pixlr is a distant cousin of PhotoShop with the same feature but easier to use and accessible on your phone. 

If you need a tool that can help you edit your photos like a pro but without a desktop and of course in way less time then Pixlr AI photo editor is the one.

A few clicks here and there, and you can edit your photo in no time. It is a tool which has a suite of several other AI photo editing tools within it and you can access all of them at your fingertips, quite literally! 

Why you should try Pixlr 

  • With its AI face swap feature you can replace the face of one person with another so seamlessly that no one would even be able to guess that the photo is edited. 
  • It has an AI background remover that gives you a lot of creative space to edit and have fun with your background by removing it. Add new or just leave your cutout as it is, whatever feels best. 
  • You can use its AI remove object to remove any element that you do not want in your photo. Make your photo more aesthetically pleasing by decluttering it.
  • With generative expansion, you can expand your photo as per the dimensions you need without losing the original quality of your photo. 
  • You can further enhance your photo by beautifying it using the touch ups provided within Pixlr. 

Where can you find Pixlr 

Pricing of Pixlr

  • Free Plan – USD 0
  • Plus Plan – USD 0.99
  • Premium Plan – USD 4.90 per month
  • Team Pack – USD 9.99 per month

Rating of Pixlr

  • 4.2 out of 5 stars on Google Play 
  • 3.7 out of 5 stars on App Store 


Expand photos with AI editing tool Picsart.
We expanded our photo with AI photo editor Picsart and the expansion looks very natural. [Source – Picsart]

You must have seen those influencers with perfect Instagram feeds where their theme colors are in sync, their photos are crystal clear, and they look like they are straight out of a scenery.

That is the kind of effect Picsart can give to your pictures as well. It is an AI photo editor with a toolset of 20+ AI tools that can do everything you can possibly think of if you need to edit your photos.

Why you should try Picsart

  • With its AI you can remove your background, remove an unwanted object,and even change the background with a new one. 
  • It has AI effects and filters that settle over your images like they are second skin and enhance your images.
  • You can sharpen and upscale your images as well and remove blur elements without losing the quality of your photo.
  • It has an AI photo enhancer that analyzes your photo and then finally adjusts the lighting, exposure, vibrancy, and other factors to make your photo the best version of itself. 

Where can you find Picsart

Pricing of Picsart

  • Free Plan – USD 0
  • Picsart Plus – USD 2 per month 
  • Picsart Pro – USD 2.83 per month 
  • Picsart Enterprise – Custom Pricing 

Rating of Picsart

  • 4.5 out of 5 stars on G2
  • 4.2 out of 5 stars on Google Play 


Enhance portraits with AI photo editor Lensa.
Take your image one notch up by enhancing it with AI photo editor Lensa in one tap. [Source – Lensa]

Beauty in one tap! –  This is what I believe should be the tagline of Lensa AI photo editor because you can quite literally change the aesthetics of your photo with one tap in Lensa. 

It has rich editing features that are supported by AI and do not require manual intervention or any extra efforts from your end. 

One touch and you have a beautiful photo on your screen! 

Why you should try Lensa

  • Its AI capabilities offer professional grade photo retouching where you just have to make one tap and it’ll enhance your photo for you making you look absolutely stunning.
  • The results you get from its one touch beautifying AI are very natural and do not look unrealistic as they don’t blur your skin or affect the quality of your photo. 
  • Let the aesthetics of your photo pop by removing all the distractions from your photo. Just click on the object, brush it, and instantly remove photobombers or unnecessary objects from your photo. 

Where can you find Lensa

Pricing of Lensa

  • Free Plan – USD 0 (includes limited features)
  • Annual Subscription – USD 29.99 per year
  • Monthly Subscription – USD 7.99 per month
  • Weekly Subscription – USD 7.99 per week

Rating of Lensa

  • 4.4 out of 5 stars on Google Play
  • 4.5 out of 5 stars on App Store


Edited the sky with BeFunky AI photo editing tool.
Look how beautiful that orange sky looks. BeFunky AI photo editor helps you in editing your photos in a hyper-realistic manner. [Source – BeFunky]

As the name suggests, BeFunkey is truly a funky AI tool for photo editing. It has all the features you could ask for in a photo editing tool but better since the features are supported by artificial intelligence. 

Imagine how fun it must be to selfie yourself into a professional looking photo with one click. Or maybe stir it up with a cartoon effect. Well that’s what BeFunky and do for you. Not just it, there is more, and you are about to find out. 

Why you should try BeFunky

  • Like other tools, you can of course crop, resize, add filter effects, and overlays but along with that you can also add frames, graphics, stickers and texts to make your photo ‘funky’. 
  • You can elevate your photo by removing, clearing or adding new background to it. Make the background clear, add a gradient color, or simply just replace it with something better in a few clicks. 
  • It has an Artsy effects feature, just like an AI art generator, with which you can convert your photo into an art piece, make it a sketch or maybe even a digital painting. You can add effects of mosaics, poly art, watercolor, or even an oil painting giving an absolutely new look to your painting. 
  • Literally no one wants to sit for hours and adjust the lighting, exposure, vibrance and other 100 things to elevate a photo. I am sure you don’t either, so use BeFunky’s autoenhance to level up your photo in one click and adjust all these photo essentials in one go. 
  • If your amazing photo got photobombed by someone or an object then don’t worry because with its AI object removal you can remove people and objects. Just select and isolate the object and AI will do the rest. 
  • Low resolution images are neither good on the sight nor social media or anywhere else. So to upscale those images, all you have to do is just one click and you can upgrade their resolution up to 4k where even the finer details are crystal clear. 
  • Not liking the current sky aesthetic of your image? Don’t worry, you can swap one sky for another with BeFunky and make your photos more aesthetic. 
  • With its portrait enhancers you can elevate your already beautiful picture in one tap. It keeps your portrait natural looking and just enhances it by adjusting the lighting, shadows, and brightness to bring out the best of your facial features. 
  • Blur photos used to be aesthetic once but today they are just ‘meh’. So for all those stunning blur photos that you clicked to be aesthetic once can be elevated with the Deblur AI tool, that clears the photo without ruining the quality of it. 
BeFunky AI photo editor’s interface.
With BeFunky AI photo editor, you can edit your photos in one clicking and refine them, to look better. [Source – BeFunky]

Where can you find BeFunky 

Pricing of BeFunky

  • Free free free!!!! 
  • Plus Plan – 6.99 USD per month or 83.88 USD per year

Ratings  of BeFunky

  • 4.3 out of 5 stars on G2
  • 4.5 out of 5 stars on Capterra

Skylum Luminar AI 

Beautify portraits with Luminar Neo AI photo editing app.
Luminar Neo AI is one of the best AI photo editor tools that he;ps you enhance your photos and portraits without having to use an expensive camera or lens. [Source – Luminar Neo AI]

If you are a professional photographer and looking for the best AI photo editor which will not only help you edit photos quickly, but also without having to learn to use it, then Skylum’s Luminar Neo AI is for you. 

This AI photo editing software has an almost negligible learning curve, you do not have to spend a minute trying to learn to use it, that’s how easy it is. What is even better is that the features it offers are very advanced and they clear the myth of having a ‘better’ or ‘expensive’ lens to get good photos. 

Luminar Neo AI photo editing app has presets available to edit photos.
Use the presets provided by Luminar Neo AI photo editing after analyzing your photo to simplify and speed-up the photo editing process. [Source – Luminar Neo AI]

Most importantly, it is available both as an app for macOS and Microsoft Windows and also as a plugin, thus, simplifying your work process. Use it as it fits in your processes without disrupting your workflow. 

Get beautiful photos within seconds without unnecessary manual effort with more than 20 AI based photo editing features and effects. 

Why you should try Skylum Luminar AI

  • If you are not liking the scenic view that the sky is adding to your photo, then you can replace it with a different one. Just use Sky AI, it will identify the sky and replace it in one click. These sky reflections look so realistic that you cannot even guess it is AI magic. 
  • Their one single slider – Accent AI holds the power to flip your photo upside down and change its aesthetics altogether as it controls multiple features under one slider. This slider includes contrast, shadows, highlights, exposure, saturation, tone and dozens of other things.
  • If you are in the mood to change the vibe of your photos then you can do so with Atmosphere AI. This allows you to add mist, haze, or fog to your images in a very realistic manner without compromising with the quality of the image and without manual masking. 
  • With its Relight AI feature you can fix your badly lit photos by adjusting the lighting. It creates a 3D map on the image using which you can fix the lighting and exposure and upgrade your photos based on the depth. 
  • Luminar’s Portrait Bokeh AI feature helps you get stunning portraits for your subjects without spending on an expensive lens. With one click it puts the background out of focus and puts all eyes on your subject making it the perfect portrait. 
  • That is not it, you can further elevate your subject photos with its Skin AI which smoothens the skin by reducing texture and fine lines while also keeping the natural and realistic look. 
  • With its AI chatbot-like assistance feature you can also find presets for every image based on what the image requires and get an instantly elevated photo. 

Where can you find Skylum Luminar AI 

Pricing of Skylum Luminar AI

  • Monthly Plan – 5.99 USD per month
  • Yearly Plan – 33.60 USD per year 
  • 24 months – 48 USD one-time payment

They are running crazy offers right now, so go grab them! 

Ratings  of Skylum Luminar AI

  • 4.7 out of 5 stars on Capterra
  • 4.4 out of 5 stars on G2

Topaz Labs 

Enhance photo quality manifolds with Topaz Labs AI photo editing software.
Topaz Labs is an AI photo editing tool that is built to help you edit photos like pro and remove noise, dehaze photos, and make them look crystal clear. [Source – Topaz Labs]

Every shot has potential. Make it perfect.

That’s what Topaz Labs says, and make you believe in it as well by taking your photos to the next level. Topaz Labs is that AI tool for photo editing that will leave you flabbergasted with the results. 

It will leave you with the thoughts, “oh that was also possible, I never thought so.” 

Well, I am not bragging about it just like that, there is enough evidence out there proving that it deserves all the bragging! 

Topaz Labs is an AI photo editing tool that can be used by photo editing novices like you and me and also by professional AI graphic designing tool connoisseurs. A few clicks here and there is all that you need to edit your photo and make it look stun-ing (pun intended 😁)!

Why you should try Topaz Labs 

  • Every single pixel of your photo can be perfect with Topaz Labs. Be it reducing or removing noise from low light, or stabilizing the motion blur, sharpening the pixelated subjects, or upscaling a low resolution photo – you can do everything with a few clicks. 
  • Once you are done enhancing the quality of your picture the next step is to make it look more balanced and cohesive. Cropping, rotating, adjusting lighting and color helps you do that. With Topaz’s Photo AI 3 you can do it all but better with AI. It can analyze the photo and edit it or suggest editing based on what the photo needs. 
  • You can save and preserve the text in your images by dehazing them and removing the distortions caused by noise. 
  • It has an entire AI modal just to recover the faces in the photos which helps you in recovering the details of the face in your photos down to every pixel, at least that’s what they claim! 
  • With the remove objects feature you can remove anything from your photo. Camera obstructions and scratches have no place in your photos anymore as the AI is smart enough to reconstruct them into the photo instead of vaguely covering them. 

Where can you find Topaz Labs 

Pricing of Topaz Labs

  • Yearly payment with unlimited upgrades to run in 2 systems – USD 199

Ratings  of Topaz Labs

  • 4.6 out of 5 stars on Capterra
  • 4.5 out of 5 stars on G2


Windy AI photo editing app offers several photo editing tools in one interface.
Photo editing is not easy with the Windy AI tool for photo editing as it offers multiple AI based editing tools within one platform for free! [Source – Windybot]

Windy AI photo editor app is the AI copilot for everything image editing. 

It combines generative AI with AI editing and gets you the most staggering images that go even beyond your imagination. With Windy, you can edit your images to make them better and at the same time also enhance them by adding elements with generative AI. 

Windy gives the support you need to edit your picture and brings your imagination and creativity to life but better. 

Why you should try Windy 

  • You can remove the background from the images and switch the background with a new photo which you upload, or simply describe your vision to AI and it will generate a background for you. 
  • You can resize and upscale your image up to 4k resolution without losing the quality of the image. Along with resizing it also reconstructs the blur section or grainy parts of the image and further enhances it. 
  • You can easily remove the objects from your images with one brush stroke and further improve by repainting the object and your picture by describing in AI art prompt texts and the generative fill will take care of it. 
  • You can also extend the image to fit your desired dimensions by letting AI imagine the pieces from the image and out paint the edges of the images. 
  • With its face enhancement feature you can level up your quick selfie or a portrait with a few taps here and there and improve your complexion and get rid of pimples, scars, and wrinkles with face magic features. 
Edited photo to upscale the photo with windy AI photo editor.
Utilized Windy photo editing AI to enhance and upscale one of the photos that I took from my basic Android phone camera. [Source – Windybot]

Where can you find Windy 

Pricing of Windy

  • It is absolutely free to use as of now! 

Ratings  of Windy

  • 4.5 out of 5 stars on G2


Enhanced my selfie with PhotoFairy AI photo editing software.
I used PhotoFairy AI photo editor website to enhance my selfie to make my skin look blemish free and improve the lighting. [Source – PhotoFairy]

All the best AI photo editor tools on one side and then PhotoFairy is on the other. It might not be better than the best, but it does give them a tough competition because of how easy to use it is. Also, it is so fun to use and hey we gotta give it to the founders, it has a fun name too and it lives up to it! 

PhotoFairy is truly a fairy that helps you level up your photos with editing that requires only a few clicks or selecting your image elements to enhance it. 

Just so you know, other than me there are many more who love PhotoFairy AI ​​tool for photo editing. 

Why you should try PhotoFairy

  • It has the feature of AI cutout and background remover. You can select anything with precise control and edge refinement and remove the background with ease. 
  • With object removal features you can easily select the image and seamlessly fill the space with AI. 
  • The tool allows you to selectively add to the parts of your photo by applying filters and transformation to selected regions. 
  • It offers one click immersive blending where you can blend your image with the background and vice-versa. 
  • You can beautify your own pictures as well with one click. The AI can level up your image by improving lighting, exposure, and facial features. 
  • Using the inpaint feature you can add, remove, or change objects in your photos. Or use the outpaint feature to extend images or merge two of them. Here, like generative AI tools, PhotoFairy can create edges as per your photo and seamlessly blend the outpated edges to extend the photo. 
  • You can pick up different elements from different images using the copy paste feature and combine them all into one cohesive image using AI. 
  • You can also recover your old photos using the upscale feature which can improve the image resolution, colorize the images, and do the face enhancement in those photos. 
  • Which magic mirror you can map someone else’s image over your face as well, you could be looking like Angelina Jolie or Tom Cruise in your photos. 
  • You can also convert your photo into an art painting, sketch drawing, and also a cartoon so hey, go have fun with it. 

Where can you find PhotoFairy 

Pricing of PhotoFairy

  • Free, free, and free!! 

Ratings  of PhotoFairy

No standard ratings available as of now, maybe you could be the first one to share your experience with the tool. 


Evoto photo editor AI tool helps you manage multiple aspects of photo editing in one place.
Evoto photo editor AI tool helps you manage multiple aspects of photo editing in one place.
[Source – Evoto]

Evoto is the AI photo editing app that has centralized the work of photo editing by bringing all the features and tools you can ever need for the process. 

Along with that, it further helps you speed up your editing process by saving your editing setting so you don’t have to do repetitive work over multiple pictures. From enhancing your portraits to recoloring your pictures to apple effects you can do it within a few clicks with Evoto and its AI. 

What further makes it one of the best AI photo editor apps is that you can edit, save, and manage your photos all within its dashboard like an AI project management software

Why you should try Evoto

  • You can do bulk edits and apply your saved editing settings to a batch of photos at once with one tap. 
  • It has multiple effects and overlays to beautify your photos. Just one click and you are done! 
  • It has portrait retouching where the AI can detect the details of the face easily including the gender. Through this you can remove any imperfections on the face, apply realistic digital makeup, and also retouch the body.
  • With AI assistance, you can do advanced color editing as well and darken, brighten, and make colors more vibrant as you see fit  for your photos. 
  • No need to manually remove the background when you can do it with the Evoto AI photo editing app. Replace the skies or any imperfections you see in your background. Or maybe change the mood of your photo by changing the background altogether. 

Where can you find Evoto 

Pricing of Evoto

  • 1200 Credits – 83.99 USD 
  • 3600 Credits – 227.99 USD 
  • 9000 Credits – 515.99 USD 
  • 24000 Credits – 1,199.99 USD 
  • 75000 Credits – 3,499.99 USD 

Ratings  of Evoto

  • 4.5 out of 5 stars on G2


Edit photos within seconds with AI photo editor - Phot AI.
Add, remove, and elements from your photos using AI photo editing tool Phot.AI. [Source – Phot.AI]

If you are a regular in reading my articles and findings in AI I am certain you already know how much I love this AI image generator and editing tool. 

I mean how could I not!? There is everything you can ask for in terms of photo editing and enhancement. The best part? Most of these features are absolutely free and ready to be used right away. 

What else I and many others love about this tool is that even while offering photo editing features in such huge quantities the quality has not been compromised even one bit. 

Every individual feature in Phot.AI photo editing tool serves you with quality results. 

Why you should try Phot.AI 

  • You can remove unwanted objects from your images and AI will merge the space seamlessly with the background. Or you can replace an existing object with a new one. 
  • You can edit the entire mood of your photo by removing and replacing your background with something new. 
  • You can upscale your low resolution images with ease as Phot.AI doubles the number of pixels making sure your photos are then clear and blur-free. 
  • You can restore your old photos with an AI restoration tool. It edits the photos to remove scratches, reconstructs the blur areas, and also color the photo as and where needed. 
  • If your photo is poorly lit photos by adding them light according to the depth with its AI light fix that elevates your photos by adjusting exposure and contrast. 

Where can you find Phot.AI 

Pricing of Phot.AI

  • Free!!
  • Pro – 18.57 USD per month
  • Unlimited – 93.38 USD per month

Ratings  of Phot.AI

Vance AI 

Apply effects on your photos with AI photo editing software Vance with one tap.
Apply effects on your photos with AI photo editing software Vance with one tap. [Source – Vance AI]

A good photo editor not just helps you elevate your photo, but also makes you productive by reducing the time you need to work on and retouch a photo. Vance AI helps you do just that. 

It has made photo editing so simple with all the AI tools it offers that now under 5 minutes you can create a new picture from an existing photo 

The best part about this AI app is that you do not need the internet to edit your photos, it works the same both online and offline. 

Why you should try Vance AI 

  • You can remove the background with ease using AI that to with accuracy and clear edges. There is a manual mode as well to do it with even more precision. 
  • You can enlarge your photos by 2x and 4x and enhance their quality while simultaneously reducing the noise and blur in your photos. 
  • You can do a picture clean-up as well by reducing the unwanted objects and watermarks in your images within a few drags and merge the cleanup with the background seamlessly. 

Where can you find Vance AI 

Pricing of Vance AI

  • 100 credits – 4.95 USD 
  • 200 credits – 7.95 USD 
  • 500 credits – 12.95 USD 
  • 1000 credits – 17.95 USD 

Ratings  of Vance AI


YouCam AI photo editor can enhance your photos with just one click.
Using YouCam AI photo editor feels so crazy because in just one tap my photo can go from zero to hero! [Source -YouCam]

Crappy photo editing is not our jam at Unrola anymore because we use YouCam AI photo editing app. All of us have aesthetic social media feeds with us looking gorgeous and our feeds looking cohesive.

Well, it could be the same for you with YouCam, one of the best AI photo editor tools out there. YouCam is the no bullshit edition of photo editors. 

You want a beautiful looking picture of yourself with your hair looking perfect, the background looking unreal, and your face enhanced? Then you get exactly that with all the features it has to offer. 

Why you should try YouCam

  • With its AI photo enhancer you can improve the image resolution and quality by up to 2x and make blurry and grainy pictures clear without losing the quality of the original photo. 
  • It has an AI hairstyle generator and plenty of hairstyles to choose from which you can apply in real time to add a new look to your photos and shock your friends on social media. 
  • With their AI image extender you can enlarge your image into the available ratio presets that too in high definition quality. 
  • You could be standing in front of a tree but make it look like the Eiffel Tower using YouCam’s AI replace through which you can swap the unwanted details and elements in your photo with something new. 
  • You can illuminate your dark photos, add life to low-lit landscapes, and even boost your product photos by adding light to them with AI image enhancer. 
  • You can revitalize your old black and white photos with AI photo colorizer and refresh all your memories. 
  • Using the AI object remover, you can remove any object from your photo, with the background remover you can remove and replace your entire background altogether. Oh wait there is more, you can even blur your background using the background blur feature. 

Where can you find YouCam

Pricing of YouCam

  • Free Plan – Free
  • Subscription – 6.67 USD per month 
  • Pay as you go – 23.99 USD per month 

Ratings  of YouCam

Stun everyone with your photos with AI tools for photo editing!

I love a good compliment every time I upload a photo – be it a random photo showing off my photography skills or maybe a photo of me looking splendid. 

And who doesn’t? 

Especially in the digital age photos are all that sells and they have to be nothing less than perfect. You might be picture perfect but your ‘pictures might not come out perfect.’ Or your work might be spotless but that little noise on your perfect photography might be ruining your entire effort. 

You can reduce the headache caused by these trivial issues in one tap with the best AI photo editor tools. You have access to an entire list of them, so start using them right away. 

And next time, don’t fret about resolving these problems manually, instead, make AI work for you!

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