AI-powered LinkedIn Copilot to generate ideas, write LinkedIn posts, craft cool content in minutes.

Buzzli is a comprehensive AI-powered tool to maximize your LinkedIn presence. It offers expert writing, post generation, content planning, and detailed analytics. Buzzli helps you create posts quickly that are well-written and strategically planned. Simply input your post topic, and it generates a great post for you. You can share your posts directly from Buzzli to your LinkedIn or can also save them for posting later. Whether you’re looking for ideas, inspiration, or help with writing, Buzzli is all you need. Get ready to streamline your LinkedIn content creation process and keep engaged with your network.

πŸ’« Stay organized and informed by saving topics that catch your interest. Simply bookmark them and access them later from the ‘Saved Items’ section.

πŸ—“οΈ Ensure a consistent and timely delivery of engaging content to your audience by taking control of your LinkedIn content calendar. Plan and schedule your posts in advance.

πŸ’‘Improve your LinkedIn profile visibility and attract relevant people and businesses with its personalized advice and insights.

πŸ” Get relatable posts available on LinkedIn by filtering according to your niche, whether it’s copywriting, finance, blogging, or any other area of interest.

πŸ–‹οΈ Boost your creative content with Buzzli’s improved post feature. See a preview of how your post will look when it goes live on LinkedIn, ensuring it meets your expectations.

πŸ“ˆ Expand your reach and increase the visibility of your LinkedIn posts with AI-generated hashtags and attract a wider audience.

🌟 Draw inspiration from top LinkedIn creators. Access insights, strategies, and best practices through Buzzli’s inspiration feature and learn how to increase your own content and engagement.

πŸ”„ Manage and switch between accounts, streamline your posting schedules, and stay organized with personalized analytics for each profile with Buzzli Pro’s multi-account management features.

πŸ”” Get instant and real-time notifications about any new connections you gain on LinkedIn. This feature helps you stay on top of your network and build quality relationships with your connections.

πŸ“£ Keep tracking brand mentions and engagements on LinkedIn, this helps you gain valuable insights to manage your brand reputation and effectively respond to feedback and interactions.

πŸ“š Transform your content into attractive carousels. Simply enter your topic, and Buzzli will generate beautifully designed carousels with strategically placed content across each slide.
🎯 Last emoji point about pricing in max 2-3 lines

πŸ’² Buzzli has a free version that gives you 500 free credits to begin with and allows up to 5 posts each month. If you upgrade to the Pro plan, you get 2000 credits for USD 5 per month and can make up to 10 posts. For even more features, there’s the Premium plan with 3000 credits at USD 9 per month, letting you post up to 15 times monthly.

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