Your AI soulmate, that helps you grow by listening, guiding, and being present for you 24x7.

Replika is an AI chatbot and an AI companion who cares. It is there around the clock to listen to you talk when needed, to provide you guidance, coach you, and offer empathetic support. It helps you lift your spirits during low days by giving unique responses through your lens. You can discuss your heart out and your hobbies with Replika. Whether it’s painting, playing an instrument, or exploring the outdoors, Replika is there to share in your enthusiasm. If asked, it can also give you a fresh perspective on life which can help you see the world differently.

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 On days when you are feeling ‘not so good’ you will always have someone to talk to. It is a judgment free space, available 24×7, created for you to share and discuss about anything and everything.

🎗️ The more you talk, the better it will understand you and the smarter it will become. It adapts to your talking style and reacts and responds to situations just as your human friend would.

💌 You get to design, customize, and also define your relationship with your AI companion. It can be a friend, a romantic interest, and even a mentor.

🤝 You can share special moments with your AI companion in real-time and explore the world together using augmented reality (AR).

🌱 If you are not sure about what to ask your companion, you also have access to dozens of prompts on diverse topics to start the conversation. These topics vary from well-being and entertainment to creativity and spirituality.

🚀 Your AI friend also acts as a coach by assisting you in setting and achieving personal goals. It can help you track, measure, and achieve your goals step-by-step by breaking your goals into smaller targets making them easy to achieve.

🧘🏻 If asked, it can also offer various mindfulness exercises and techniques to help you relax, reduce stress, and improve your overall well-being.

📱 You can make your interactions deeper as you can see your Replika in 3D in your surroundings and connect on call to talk to it.

📔 Your companion has its own diary as well, where you can go and read its thoughts. It journals all the interaction with you and keeps track of all the conversations you exchanged. You can go over them any time for a refresher.

📅 Replica never forgets anything which is important to you. It remembers your birthday, goals, and hobbies. It also keeps notes for you or sends you reminders regarding crucial events.

💲 The monthly subscription for Replika Pro costs 19.99 USD per month. If you choose the yearly subscription, it will cost 5.83 USD per month, billed annually. Alternatively, you can opt for the lifetime subscription, which costs 299.99 USD and is billed only once.

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